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Freedom and Support

Please support captain paul watson and demand a release now

For the first time, we will get more freedom and flexibility in what we can do as long as we continue to fight for it. That is exactly what Canadian born Captain Paul Watson of the Sea Shepherd has done for literally most of his life.

13th May 2012 saw Mr Watson arrested on suspicion of attempted murder in regards to the illegal shark finning on the Costa Rica coast that the Costa Rica President asked them to help in stopping. Unbeknown to the S.S.C.S crew and Captain Watson himself was that they were then heading in to what one can only describe as a set up.

As of yesterday it was announced that Captain Paul Watson born December 1950, was to face extradition proceedings to Costa Rica to face possible attempted murder charges. His crew and also many thousands of his supporters on Facebook, and fans from the Animal Planet show were horrified to hear this. Petitions and E-mails are being written and signed as I write the news out. We also have strong research to that Japan and Interpol were involved in this, in what can only be seen as a disruption to the Sea Shepherd Conservation societies’ plans against the illegal whaling that Japan claim they do not carry out.

Interpol was ordered by Japan to monitor Mr Watson via the military Japanese coast guard, and as the statement showed Japan does not have any extradition proceedings. So it is a possible likelihood that Japan and Interpol along with the Costa Rica government and Germany have all conspired to have Paul a devout vegan, and ex-Greenpeace skipper arrested.

The crew now face high court costs along with not knowing how long this is going to go on for. One thing for sure is, that if money has changed hands for favours with either of the governments that have plotted together then Mr Watson and his crew will be in this for a long haul to come.

There are many ways in which you can help please view the domains below. To pressure the German minister please write politely on her wall or send her a message via the wall message box at both these addresses on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/BMJustiz  and the other judicial minister is https://www.facebook.com/AngelaMerkel   To send donation support to help in the legal defence fund please visit https://my.seashepherd.org/NetCommunity/SSLPage.aspx?pid=574 .

This is a short extraction from the Sea Shepherd Conservation Societies latest update. The courts are going to extradite him, but there is still hope yet. Please read the notes then please contact the numbers and email the ministers too. Please be polite but strong and meaningful with your words in just a small short paragraph. Remember these people do not have time to read an email that is pages long. Your his voice its time for action now. The extraction is below with the address to contact.

“This is our final effort to ask the Honorable Ministers to intervene before the extradition process officially begins.  We only have hours to change the minds of the German officials who can make a difference and not only save the life of Captain Paul Watson, but also save the lives of Wales, dolphins, seals, and fish that he has spent his life courageously defending.

While visiting Captain Paul Watson in prison, Ship Operations Officer, Peter Hammarstedt and Director of Intelligence and Investigations, Scott West were able to obtain a handwritten note from Captain Paul Watson to his supporters, which you can read at the bottom of this article.”

Sabine Leutheusser-Schnarrenberger Federal Minister of Justice Deutscher Bundestag
 Platz der Republic 11011 Berlin

Telephone 030 - 227 751 62

Fax 030 - 227 764 02

E-Mail: sabine.leutheusser-schnarrenberger@bundestag.de

Federal Ministry of Justice Mohrenstrasse 37
10117 Berlin Germany

Telephone: +49 (030) 18 580-0

Telefax: +49 (030) 18 580-9525

Dr. Guido Westerwelle - Minister of Foreign Affairs FDP-Bundestagsfraktion Platz der Republic 1
11011 Berlin

Tel.: 030 / 22771636 Fax: 030 / 22776562

E-Mail: guido.westerwelle@bundestag.de

The shark finning incident that all this refers to goes back to 2002 from which the crew of the Sea Shepard intervened another smaller vessel that was illegally poaching sharks, removing the fins then discarding the carcasses back in to the ocean. Shark fin is a much wanted delicacy in Asia, China, and Thailand especially. The vessels skipper was asked to stop by Paul Watson from which they didn’t, after we viewed the filmed footage the crew [SSCS] then gently nudged the illegal pirates that inflicted no damage to their vessel harming not one person on board. The only damage caused to the illegal shark fining vessel was what they caused themselves by ramming the SSCS.

The skipper of the illegal poaching operation then agreed to be towed back to port for immediate arrest. However they had other plans and then called in the Costa Rica armed gun ship, claiming that Captain Paul Watson had attempted to kill them. No such incident was actually seen on that video. The only issue we can see is the illegal poaching of sharks that are protected under law in that area.

The S.S.C.S vessel owned by Mr Watson was then boarded by the law enforcement authorities from which the crew was then arrested along with the man they wanted [Captain Watson] from which they where then placed under house arrest. Later that day they then uncovered a mass [MAFIA STYLE] illegal shark finning exercise that was well organised and planned. The crew then left port hastily and sailed in to international waters for their own protection.

The Costa Rica government have known about this for a considerable amount of time, so they can not say they are blind to what the tape showed or what is ongoing in front of them. The video of this is located in the vod pod section right hand side of the screen. The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society are not able to take on such vast and well organised criminal gangs such as this that are armed and dangerous. So the moral question is why have the government of Costa Rica not dealt with this it’s self instead of calling in Captain Paul Watson’s vessel and crew.

Captain Paul Watson has also traveled to many other countries to since this event occurred, so why has it only taken until now for that arrest warrant to be issued. Well one can not rule out government back hander’s for favours here. Although Interpol could not arrest and extradite the Captain, they have been ordered to monitor him. The Japanese coast guard issued a warrant for information via the blue notice in 2010 that asks any police force to give the exact location of Captain Paul Watson’s whereabouts.

Brief History of Events.

The captain was asked to leave Iceland after disabling 2 ships and was given the persona non grata status [un-welcome] visitor, The captain was sentenced to 10 days in prison and fined $8,000 for his actions during a Canadian seal hunt protest in 1980. Along with a conviction for assaulting a police officer. Mr Watson was also found guilty under the seal protection act for painting harp seal pups red. He was later arrested in 1993 for actions against the Cuban and Spanish fishing boats along with another arrest in 1997 that earned him a conviction of 120 days in prison. He was convicted though in his absentee. The Dutch authorities refused to hand him over to the Norwegian government due to the attempted sinking of  the small-scale Norwegian fishing and whaling vessel Nybrænna on December 26, 1992 but he did spend 80 days in a detention centre.

There has been many attempts to arrest Captain Paul Watson after the Newfoundland events, along with visa applications canceled and now he faces the Costa Rica government again. The brief history though does not show a terrorist nor a man who has been hell-bent with his crew to cause terrorist activities. Captain Paul Watson has done what the International community should be doing and that’s protecting the high seas.

Had the friendly [vegan] pirate set out to deliberately cause trouble then I would see the arrests and charges above as a waste of my time writing this and would go for a full-blown out do not support this man as he is dangerous, but he is not. The captain is upholding the law which is what the authorities should be doing on the high seas. I would not call the Captain a hero as that is a negative example to quote. He is a legend and prime example of what the law should be doing on the high seas. He as a vast back ground to from working with Greenpeace to now Sea Shepherd his own organisation that is not just supported and honoured by thousand’s of adults but also thousands of children too. An inspiration he is, as well as having to, his own channel [whale wars] to broadcast on Animal Planet you nor anyone can say or quote that this prime example of the law is nothing but a legend that has built his animal and conservation career up from leaving Greenpeace…

The captain as he is better known, born in Toronto Canada, joined the Sierra club in 1969 to protest against the nuclear testing, he then became an early member of the don’t make a wave committee that is now known as [Greenpeace] He skipped and commanded much of Greenpeace although there is some confusion over who actually ran it, he later was opted out of the board with just one vote for which was himself voting in favour to stay the rest against. This was primarily due to Paul’s direct action approach that Greenpeace did not wish to be come involved in.

Both organisations do great work, but Greenpeace from which we are members of would have done a far lot better with a direct approach as well as opting in to animal saviour and conservation relief to. Instead of just documenting on environmental issues. Captain Watson then In 1968 to the 70[s] became part of the Canadian coast guard from which we played a pivotal role in search and rescue. Paul then served in 1969 with the merchant navy with the Norwegian consulate as deck hand on the 38,000 ton bulk carrier Bris. Paul has had 3 wives all of which have served with him in many of his regimes supporting animal rights and environmentalism, along with the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.

The firsts Sea Shepard vessel [SEA SHEPHERD] was then purchased in 1978 with assistance from [Fund for animals] http://www.fundforanimals.org/ Sea Shepard then got rolling as one of the most controversial direct action groups in the world to do battle on the high seas saving our marine life. What a battle Paul has and still will fight too. Watson uses the title “captain”, although he has never been licensed as a ship’s captain, Paul was also a field reporter for defenders of wildlife [link above]  from 1976 to 1978. Paul was also a co-founder for friends of the wolf and earth force environmental society.

In January 2008 Mr Watson was named as one of 50 people who could save the planet by the [Guardian] as of his amazing role with the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society from which he is the founder and also the president too.

Paul Watson has been part of the animal and environmentalist movement for literally most of his life. There is simply no mistaken that, he has had a writing back ground to on animal rights, and wrote his first book [earth force] from which he endorsed the acts of monkey-wrenching. you can find the book at any good literacy dealership or at Amazon on this link http://www.amazon.com/Earthforce-Earth-Warriors-Guide-Strategy/dp/0961601957

Monkey wrenching is a form of sabotage which focuses on creating serious economic damage, thus putting a temporary or permanent halt to activities which the monkey wrencher believes are undesirable. The activity is closely associated with the environmental movement, although other causes have embraced monkey wrenching as well. Different monkey wrenchers are governed by different ethical codes, and a number of guides to monkey wrenching have been published for those who might be seeking inspiration.

The concept of throwing a monkey wrench into a situation to confuse it dates back to the late 1800s. By 1918, the term “throw a wrench in the works” was used specifically in the context of industrial sabotage.

You can read more about Paul Watson in the books that we have extracted from Wiki below.

  • Sea Shepherd: My Fight for Whales and Seals (1981) (ISBN 0-393-01499-1)
  • Earth force! An Earth Warrior’s Guide to Strategy (1993) (ISBN 0-9616019-5-7)
  • Ocean Warrior: My Battle to End the Illegal Slaughter on the High Seas (1994) (ISBN 1-55013-599-6)
  • Seal Wars: Twenty-Five Years on the Front Lines With the Harp Seals (2002) (ISBN 1-55297-751-X)
  • Contributor to Terrorists or Freedom Fighters?: Reflections on the Liberations of Animals (2004) (ISBN 1-59056-054-X)

His love though for animals and his crew is beyond doubt the best one could imagine. It is plain obvious that Interpol, and Japan have worked together on this to jail him for a petty crime from which one did not commit. If the proof is in the video then I myself would doubt he will be in a dingy cell for very long as along as we all support and carry on supporting him. We have viewed the Costa Rica cells from recently dated text books and they do not just hold one man they hold many. The crime rate in Costa Rica is also high with an estimated 11.5 people murdered on the streets every day.

Please show you support in what ever way you can, demonstrations at the embassies, boycotting all asian and Costa Rica goods, produce, tourism, trade and agriculture. Find one of their best imports and highlight it as a non direct weapon to attack and reduce the income in to the country, Boycotts work and are working all over the world.

You can find out more here about boycotts of Costa Rica’s exports on this link http://findarticles.com/p/articles/mi_m3723/is_n5_v5/ai_13793754/ and http://strayreality.com/dir_exportb.htm Costa Rica coffee. One of their major exporters. Please view the captains crew at work Japanese ILLEGAL whaling fleet dealt a LEGAL blow by the SSCS and also in third link here The SSCS Work (via) Animal Planet) if Paul is sent to prison there is no one to stop this  We MUST all FIGHT to stop this battle and glorified hunting of a species that is slowly vanishing Please support the SSCS thank you…

We must now do this for the legend himself, Captain Paul Watson of the Sea Shepard Conservation Society. Please view the [SSCS] vessels and crew below plus a boycott poster of Costa Rica’s largest export coffee.

News today information update - Captain Paul Watson [Paul Watson] will be released once a bail bond has been set of e250,000 has been set. Please read the update below of an extraction from the SSCS for all European supporters that we are now calling on to action to boycott. Please remember this is not an official SSCS page and we take actions where we see they need to be taken and when fit.

[quote] “It is expected that Captain Paul Watson will be freed on bail on Monday, May 21, 2012. Sea Shepherd’s legal team says this is an unusual, but promising move on the part of the Higher Regional Court and is further indication that the international campaigning efforts for Captain Paul Watson’s release are being heard in the chambers of justice in Germany”. [unquote]

Should Mr Watson then be convicted or even sent to a jail then it is time the European lands knew just what is ongoing via the Japanese and Costa Rica ILLEGAL fishing ships that are now going to take part in illegal activities. We call on all EU activists to now join and close ranks. Direct action is needed to bring economic damage and shaming of the Asian government in what they are [allowing] their people to do on the high seas in what they call [RESEARCH]….

Please help to free Paul Watson @ http://www.seashepherd.org/

Sea Shepard_Bob Barker

Gojira - or Godzilla SSCS

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

Crew members from some recent missions

Captain Paul Watson


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