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Environmentalism chapter 1 January - 2013


Cannabis or Marijuana as it is better referred to is a botanical species of plant that is grown on the earth since around 2000 BC from which it was more of an aggressive shrub to small tree that lived and thrived all over the world provided it has adequate sunlight, water, heat and nutrients which is the four basic necessities which our botanical species require to live and thrive.

Cannabis is the correct botanical term of this plant which had a growth height of six to twelve feet depending on continental area and climate with a spreading distance of roughly eight feet. The largest recorded girth of such Cannabis tree was estimated at 103cms that had lived for approximately sixteen years with a height of just under thirteen feet although this has yet to be fully confirmed as factual by botanical historians.

The Marijuana plant was used by the ancient Chinese indigenous people as a psychoactive herb back in 2000BC to smoke, eat and drink as well as dress making although consumption of the plant in raw form was what the Chinese tribes known as Gushi’s preferred to use the plant for using the other psychoactive plant Opium or better known as the Poppy for medicinal use too.

There is vast botanical history with regards to the Cannabis plant just like millions of other species of plant life that have thrived on the earth then and still today, the Indian tribes that came across Cannabis are the real first users within of the plant dating back to around 1400 2000 BC which they referred to the Marijuana plant as the food of gods however it was used more in liquid form as a drink and not “substance” due to the stomach being able to absorb the hypoactive chemical properties of the drug much faster than smoking it.

Cannabis was also mixed with Opium that gave an all-time round “natural high” due to the strong carcinogenic and relaxing chemicals within the plant. The main fundamental chemical was found by the ancient Chinese two thousand years ago as tetrahydrocannabinol, at this time no other synthetic drugs were formed and the remaining five chemicals and two synthetic laboratory chemical’s was not located as science hadn’t progressed to where we are today.


Cannabis contains exactly 483 chemical compounds with 80 of these cannabinoids that are used within the research of cannabis. Tetrahydrocannabinol is the “one” of the main active and powerful ingredients from the other five within the Cannabis plant although it wasn’t until the late 1990’s that the true pain reliving active ingredient was isolated within the structure of the plant’s chemical make-up. 2012 now sees a new study being undertaken of which will see primate and rodents researched on to trial new synthetic “non tetrahydrocannabinol related medicines” or (synthetic analgesia cannabis) which we are totally against.

Once the main active properties where truly understood and discovered within Cannabis this then led to high intense analgesics produced for mainly cancer sufferers and those that suffering from neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis, to Glaucoma and extreme behavioral problems, Fibromyalgia, Premenstrual Tension and Premenstrual Syndrome PMS and PMT.

The 1990’s though was not when this plant’s pain reliving chemicals where located and used. If one goes back to some 2000 years then one can see that it was used as a medical herb to treat an array of illness from nausea, vomiting, headache, diabetes, gallstones to aiding depression. I must state as a Botanist Traditional Chinese Medicine does not cure diabetes, or aid depression to many other illnesses that the Chinese quoted to curing via TCM. This is utter nonsense.

The main “active properties of Cannabis” where truly not fully understood nor was the main compounds of the Cannabis isolated to even made in to the synthetic form that it is today named as Marinol which was field tested in the last century on mainly Chimpanzees, Bonobos, Gorilla’s and Orang-utans as they shared more or less the same weight, fundamental behavioral patterns as us along with sharing exactly 97.9% of our Deoxyribonucleic acid or DNA. There are another 4 synthetic Cannabis medicines used to date too.

The main five chemicals that have been isolated out of the other 80 from exactly 483 are;

  1. Tetrahydrocannabinol - a compound, C 21 H 30 O 2, that is the physiologically active component in cannabis preparations (marijuana, hashish, etc.) derived from the Indian hemp plant or produced synthetically.
  2. Cannabidiol - is a cannabinoid found in cannabis. It is a major constituent of the plant, representing up to 40% in its extracts. It has displayed sedative effects in animal tests. Some research, however, indicates that CBD can increase alertness.
  3. Cannabinol – is a therapeutic compound found in Cannabis Sativia and Cannabis Indica that relaxes the central nervous system, it also acts as a week antagonist of the CB1 and CB2 receptors within the brain and central nervous system. This chemical is used mainly for opiate withdrawal for narcotic and prescription opiate misusers.
  4.  Caryophyllene – This compound is normally isolated for tissue destruction, neurodegenerative diseases to glaucoma and light skin cancerous diseases. As it contains a vital BB2 reflector it aids not just humans but animals to that are suffering from chronic pain.
  5. Cannabigerol – similar to Cannabidiol it’s not psychoactive thus reducing hallucinations, nausea and vomiting once taken in “synthetic medicinal form” this fifth compound has been linked to reducing eye cornea and intraocular that’s especially useful for glaucoma sufferers and has been proven to work (whilst a solution is located and then the patient is relived of this debilitating disability) although this is not the case always of which the patient is then weaned of the drug and then placed on a more alternative NSAID.
  6. Pharmaceutical Tetrahydrocannabinol  or (THC) in short along with THC derivatives have all been investigated, trialed and then tested of which the USA gave permission for the use of the “synthetic” forms of THC and its alternative “derivatives” more or less the same as (THC) but a man-made secondary substance which is a lot weaker. Those synthetic forms where approved in 1985-1997 and are still being used to this very day in the United States of America with some very few doctors using them outside of the states. However it is mostly illegal in this form as well as the non-synthetic form to use in most European nations simply because it has not been investigated and documented on adequate and there is also the fear like “alternative opiate antagonist receptive” medications like Subutex to Methadone that are the equivalent to Opiates being abused and sold on the streets.



The diagram above shows the difference between heavy usage and “controlled usage” or control group

So going through some of the basic but in-depth points here and leaving the hippy non-factual jargon “out” one can see that Cannabis has been around for some thousands of years, has been used by ancient Indian and Chinese indigenous people and has been used by many as a medicinal plant withing “medicine”. Cannabis has been known to be used as an analgesic in Traditional Chinese Medicine thus then used into today’s world as a more practical medicine. BUT WAIT!

We have already known that most of our medicines derived from the tropical forests and are being used today although they are under attack from climate change the paper and pulp trade plus illegal logging.

So what’s the fuss about? We have Opium that is made in to Codeine, Pethidine, and Morphine http://www.worldwidehealth.com/health-article-Unlocking-the-opium-poppys-biggest-secret.html   we have the Taxus that’s made in to Taxanes producing Taxotere that fights breast and other cancers http://www.nationaltrust.org.uk/what-we-do/what-we-protect/gardens-and-parks/knowledge-bank/view-page/item739329/  we even have the Hypericum vulgaris which on the Hamilton Depression Score showed is at least as effective as paroxetine the “synthetic” antidepressant http://www.bmj.com/content/330/7490/503 like with all medicines one must also include the downsides to Hypericum as it does posses some side effects. You can read the studies here http://www.psychologytoday.com/files/attachments/51610/hypericum-nmj-article-december-2010-bongiorno-logiudice.pdf  and here http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/11939866


Whats the fuss about? why are people complaining about it not being legalized - Because Cannabis in non medicinal form is being abused hence why it is illegal to own the substance in many countries but “just legal” for roughly one to two rolled joints of Cannabis with tobacco. Its also only being used as “medicine with the main THC reduced or removed” to stop prescription abuse and psychological addiction.

Cannabis has many good points that many other botanical species of plants have to, however it is being used and abused and those that are abusing it are not only placing their own health in danger along with others through passive smoking and mental illness they are also not considering the damage they are causing to those that need the medicine in “synthetic form” as of its high natural analgesic and nausea reducing properties.

In a recent 2012 study by the United Kingdom Home Office the study stated;

“Cannabis use is now the biggest single cause of serious mental disorders in the UK, a leading expert warned yesterday. Up to 80 per cent of new patients at many units have a history of smoking the drug, said consultant psychiatrist Professor Robin Murray. The stark message comes just three weeks before the Government officially downgrades cannabis to Class C, putting it on the same level as growth hormones and prescription painkillers.

Doctors fear the change will wrongly lead young people to believe the drug is harmless and that more people will try it as they are unlikely to be prosecuted. Professor Murray, head of psychiatry at the Institute of Psychiatry, said the vast majority of psychotic patients - those who lose contact with reality and are unable to function in their daily lives - have used cannabis.

The Government has a duty to warn people of the “possible downside” after pressing ahead with plans to downgrade the drug despite widespread concern, he said, adding: “There is a terrible drain on resources. “Not only are there people suffering from psychosis who would not be in in-patient beds if they were not using cannabis, but the drug also drastically reduces recovery - people who improve go out on the street, meet their dealer, use the drug again and relapse. “I would say this is now the number one problem facing mental health services in inner cities. “In South London, the incidence of psychosis has doubled since 1964.”

About 3.2million people in the UK use cannabis regularly and a third of all 15-year-olds have tried the drug, according to official figures. Professor Murray, a consultant psychiatrist at the Maudsley Hospital in South London, said there were no experts in psychosis on the committee that advised the Government on cannabis classification.

He added: “Since then, there have been at least four studies that show the use of cannabis, particularly in young people, can significantly increase the likelihood of the onset of psychosis.” Professor Murray himself led a study last year which showed that cannabis users are seven times more at risk of developing mental illness than the population in general.

Experts believe the figures reflect the fact that cannabis typically contains ten times as much tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) - the crucial ingredient which induces the feeling of being “high” - today as it did in the 1960s and 1970s. THC disrupts the chemical balance in the brain. This may result in memory loss and anxiety and cause excess levels of dopamine, a symptom associated with schizophrenia.

Cannabis also causes cancer and lung disease and doctors say it could be responsible for 30,000 deaths a year in the UK. It will be downgraded from January 29, after which those caught in possession for personal use can expect the police simply to confiscate the drug and issue a routine warning. A Home Office spokesman said: “The point of the reclassification is to allow police to target class A drugs like heroin and crack cocaine, which cause the most harm to families and the community.

“The view of the medical experts on the advisory council that advised on the reclassification remains unchanged.”

In a another report 1999 by Borges, Walters, and Kessler the report on to chirp;

“The question of suicide and cannabis use is considered by Borges, Walters, and Kessler who examined whether cannabis use heightens the risk of suicide or attempted suicide. Cross-sectional data from the US National Comorbidity Survey indicated that cannabis-dependent individuals were 2.4 times more likely to report a suicide attempt than non-cannabis-dependent individuals, after controlling for socio-demographic factors, psychiatric disorders and other drug use.  Beautrais et al. (1999) examined 302 hospitalized cases of suicide attempts and found that 16% screened positive for cannabis abuse or dependence, compared with 2% of a random community sample. After controlling for depression and social disadvantage the study found this translated to a twofold suicide attempt risk for those who had a cannabis use disorder.

In a 2012 August report the report goes on to state (factual evidence) from a twenty five year study;

The new study followed participants from birth till the age of 38. Researchers administered cognitive testing (that measures intellectual abilities such as IQ) at two time periods: when the participants were 13—before they began regular marijuana use, and when they were 38 years-old. Participants’ marijuana use was ascertained via interviews at four other time periods as well; when the subjects were 18, 21, 26, and 32 years-old.

The researchers assumed that because the teenage brain is still developing, regular marijuana use would affect the brains of teenagers and adults differently. Their data allowed them to compare any cognitive/intellectual changes that occurred in chronic marijuana users who began smoking in their teens to changes that occurred among chronic users who started smoking pot as young adults or adults.

The Findings

Researchers found that participants who began chronic marijuana use in adolescence showed significant cognitive and intellectual declines by age 38, with heavy users dropping as much as 8 IQ points. Chronic users who began later in life showed significantly smaller declines across all measures. In addition, the more persistent their marijuana use was in adolescence, the greater the cognitive declines the participants exhibited later in life. Further, ceasing marijuana use in adulthood did not fully restore these declines among users who started in their teens.

The Conclusion

Although these findings need to be replicated by other studies, they contribute to a growing body of research demonstrating the vulnerability of the teenage brain, in this case, to the neurotoxic effects of chronic cannabis use. The study does not suggest regular marijuana use has no detrimental affects for adults, only that cognitive declines were more significant for users who began smoking in their teens.

Since developing dependence might have extremely damaging and non-reversible affects in adolescents (especially when chronic use persists into adulthood), parents, educators, and especially teenagers should become informed about the potential harm of initiating marijuana use at young ages.

Cannabis is also the top number one “illegal” drug used in “high quantities” to date with Heroin, Amphetamine, Ecstasy, and Cocaine being the next in line report published http://www.testcountry.co.uk/info/Top_5_Most_Abused_Drugs_in_the_UK

There are then also again the major agricultural and climate problems that are going to become even worse should the go ahead be given to farm yet another crop in all parts of Africa to even more continents for Hemp consumption.

Industrial hemp as it is better known is still the same “species” as the “psychoactive Cannabis plant”. The hemp plant just has less Tetrahydrocannabinol than that of its cousin of which in total there are 2000 species of the Cannabis plant with literally 150-200 being used for the use of heavy narcotic abuse to professional usage in the medical world producing pain reliving and relaxing medications.

The hemp plant is used to date in “many” nations to produce Paper, textiles, clothing, biodegradable plastics, construction (as with Hempcrete and insulation), body products, health food and bio-fuel. Hemp is thus legally grown in many countries across the world including Spain, China, Japan, Korea, France, North Africa and Ireland. Although hemp is commonly associated with marijuana (hemp’s THC-rich cousin), since 2007 the commercial success of hemp food products has grown considerably.

Hemp is one of the faster growing biomasses known, producing up to 25 tonnes of dry matter per hectare per year. A typical average yield in large scale modern agriculture is about 2.5–3.5 t/ac (air dry stem yields of dry, retted stalks per acre at 12% moisture). Approximately one tonne of bast fiber and 2–3 tonnes of core material can be decorticated from 3–4 tonnes of good quality, dry retted straw.

Hemp like the palm oil plant that are both still relatively new to the agricultural world hence now the use of them in foods are warming the planet’s ozone, causing soil erosion loss that is more than evident and proven all throughout the world and scientific journals, is adding up to more land use with more green natural forests and natural medicinal plants being wiped out this in turn = more animals displaced which = hunting to move animals that have been moved on to other land by over farming and usage of “alternative agricultural crops” = “Flora and Fauna Endangerment” (The hunter calls this though land invasion) what the hunter doesn’t realize is it that he (part of the human race) is actually responsible for this catastrophic vicious circle just like every other human.

In 2008 the Royal Society for the European Commission stated;

(The report had to be criticized by uneducated media as usual)

The Royal Society, the European Commission and the UK government have all managed, in the last few days, to take the wind out of the sails of the bio-fuel industry, publishing reports that suggest bio-fuels could be causing more harm than good, the crops not being as environmentally friendly as first thought, with the Commons environmental audit committee calling for a moratorium on bio-fuel targets until more research can be done.

Last year, the Conservative MP David Maclean tabled a question to the then environment secretary, Ian Pearson, asking what assessment had been made about the potential to grow hemp as a bio-fuel crop in England. Pearson responded: Research into the potential of hemp as a bio fuel crop suggests it is not currently competitive compared to other sources of biomass. However, hemp does have a number of high-value end uses. For example, as a fiber crop it is used in car panels, construction and as horse bedding. In addition, hemp-seed oil is used in food, cosmetics and various industrial applications. As a result, there is little interest in this country at present in growing it for bio-fuel production.

The arrogant most likely Dope smoker goes on to state -

So the government cannot point to ignorance of hemp’s uses, which makes hemp’s omission from any of the recent reports even more perplexing. The fact that hemp does not need to have land cleared to grow it, grows faster than any of the crops currently used and leaves the ground in a better state when it is harvested should surely be enough for it to be considered a perfect crop to offset the carbon currently produced by fossil fuels and by the less efficient bio fuels currently being so roundly criticized by the various official research bodies. (WRONG HEMP DOES NEED LAND CLEARED) by growing hemp and harvesting one is adding more damage to the ozone, more carbon, more soil erosion, more soil evaporation more land needed as of “customer demand”


The influential Bio diesel magazine reported last year on the cultivation of hemp as a bio fuel and it too could only point to its lack of economic competitiveness (due to its minimal production) as a reason for not seeing it as a viable bio-fuel  But surely if it was mass-produced, this one drawback could be overcome and its many benefits as an efficient bio-fuel could be harnessed. As far as research and implementation of hemp for bio-fuel  the US is way ahead of Europe and there are a range of websites dedicated to the use of hemp as a fuel for cars.

In the UK, companies such as Hemp Global Solutions have been set up very much with climate change and the reduction of carbon emissions in mind, but there is little, if any, research in this country that has looked into the viability of the hemp plant as a fuel for cars. So why was there not a single mention of this miracle crop, that, in addition to being able to be used as fuel, can also be used as paper, cloth, converted into plastic and is a rich food source containing high levels of protein?

What we see and many other environmentalists is just another answer to the “symptoms” and not curing the actual problem here with climate change. Not wishing to move “too much of the Cannabis issues here” one does have to understand though like when treating a human with an illness if one continues to mask the symptoms then the underlying problems i.e. climate change will only become worse.

In today’s modern world we have rape seed, palm oil, corn, switch grass and wildflowers. We also have to take into account the arable farms becoming by far greater as of families wanting “more” on the good side though family size has been “decreasing” since early 2001. Take America the average family size for the Census of 2010 showed a dramatic drop of the big families lowering considerably http://baltimore.cbslocal.com/2011/05/26/census-shows-average-md-household-size-stabilized/ however what the governments seem to be forgetting is that although the family sizes are lowering immigration and illegal asylum is increasing thus = more homes, schools, and hospitals constructing to cope with the vast influx of immigrants and illegal immigrants.

It’s already a fact that Palm oil is here to stay as the RSPO www.rspo.org has now demanded along with governments to press ahead for “sustainability of palm oil agriculture” which is a sustainable compulsive lie.

We have ethanol and other fuels, now the governments are wanting, “more” agriculture from industrial cannabis hemp farms. This is not the answer and is only destroying more fragile forest green-land, more botanical species, displacing more people and animals = human and animal habitual destruction and loss.

Palm oil and rape seed oil are the number one Bio fuels at this moment BUT there are other alternatives such as algae and this is fantastic as it does not need vast forests to be ploughed down, on a monthly basis, algae doesn’t need to be dug up and then replanted again = soil erosion and agricultural fumes = carbon footprint. Algae grows from water waste in vast tanks of which is used for “bio fuel” the number one answer “for all bio fuel and arable feed to more” and the governments are pushing for this at last (but not fast enough).

Advantages of Algae fuel to palm and Industrial Cannabis Hemp are;

No need to use crops such as palms to produce oil. Algae oil extracts can be used as livestock feed and even processed into ethanol. High levels of polyunsaturates in algae bio-diesel are suitable for cold weather climates. Grows practically anywhere. Can reduce carbon emissions based on where it’s grown.


“Vertical farming using algae is already in the system and outweighs on the good factor most everyday farming including hemp farming that it just going to cause more problems in the long run to the environment and more displacement” 

Now this is new up to date research, 2012. Yes it needs to be on a vast scale. In the long run but there is no slashing and burning of trees + massive reduced animal displacement and habitual destruction + can be grown at just about any location on the earth rather than that of the palm oil tree that has to be grown in the tropics along with Corn, Hemp and Rape seed that need warm stable climates = Algae = Less environmental destruction, very low carbon output, and no need to soil tilling = Less soil erosion, dust storms, soil evaporation, and over usage of water.

We have a long way to go yet as humans to fully understand what is good and what is bad for us, however if we keep masking the symptoms and not treating the problems then by 2050 the world’s climate temperature will heat up by another 3-4oc that’s 1-2 oc more than the safe recommended level.

The further this goes on generations of our children to flora and fauna will suffer dearly.

Cannabis plantations for farming to using cannabis for recreational use is just tantamount to more human misery for our teenagers along with our climate suffering more as of negligent idiotic governments and propagandist’s swaying the public because they want to make a quick buck.

Dr J C Dimetri V.M.D, B.E.S, Ma, PhD , MEnvSc

To be continued ………….


Global Carbon Emissions - Killing the Famine Stricken and Poor


Normally at Speak Up For the Voiceless we concentrate on international global and current affairs that involve wildlife, environmentalism, marine biology to domestic welfare and healthy eating plus lots more. However what we haven’t written about for some time now is how global carbon pollution effects “others” to famine’s and those that are less fortunate than ourselves within third world continents that’s affecting millions of women, children and fathers that just require on honest day’s pay to clean water supply and a roof over their heads.

We are becoming rather frustrated at the lack of public, and governmental help to cure these main fundamental yet critically important issues that see’s high disease rates, high mortality rates, inadequate food supplies, to poor water to basic sanitation levels, inner crime, rape and to still high Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) levels.

The main problems that are causing such high poverty levels in third world nations is civil disobedience and international conflicts that displace millions of once homed people into other peoples nations that cannot cope with such high influx of peoples thus leading to their own nations becoming bogged down with high unemployment, high crime rate, increased immigration and asylum levels to murder and basic fighting for survival. Those “asylum seekers that YOU call are stealing your living, well that’s something that YOU have brought on yourselves. Please don’t blame them. This is where YOU need to (OPEN) your EYES and READ!.

congo M99 displace thousands

An asylum seeker displaced by civil conflict and famine, famine caused by over consumerism in the western world FAMINE that can be stopped by understanding how to live in today’s world.

Furthering on from this we cannot just lay the blame to international conflicts, civil warfare and uprisings of civilians that just crave a non-corruptive dictatorship, or freedom of expression to rights.

It’s also more than apparent that our planet’s climate is changing dramatically thus causing agricultural problems for many farmers in mainly Africa and Asia to the Americas wiping out whole generations of hard work in one summers month. (Caused by YOU)

Soil erosion, decreased rain fall, to a complete catastrophic loss of cereal and basic fruit and vegetable crops is becoming far more apparent.  Arable farms are seeing animals left with no feed no water to children and mothers having to trek up to twenty miles a day three times a day just to obtain basic water from bore holes that are becoming scarce to even being taken over by gorilla militia units forcing these families to pay for what’s actually free in the ground.


Soil erosion cased by climate change - The poor and homeless in Africa are the ones suffering from our mistakes of over obsessive  consumerism which we must now decrease rapidly 

One cannot when viewing heart moving images and videos on the television blame everything on the governments and civil militia we now have to start taking the blame for what we have done to this planet which is raising temperature levels, increasing flash floods, wiping out whole communities, to killing innocent families all because we require more within our life style from electrical, to food, and basic living materials to STILL fossil fuels. WE DO NOT NEED FOSSIL FUELS!

Shocking video of the WORLDS mistakes - Are you starting to understand the story yet of why we fight for environmental welfare?


Your donations to charities such as the red cross and OXFAM to UNICEF are just helping with basic medications, vaccines, nutritious liquid foods for children that haven’t been seen a decent meal in months, to water holes being dug for the local indigenous people as well as some basic clothing. A lot of aid that is going to nations abroad is actually being taken by militia to then being redistributed “at a price” or used to feed their uprising armies”.

September 9th 2012 some food aid that was raised using your funds for the Niger floods was stolen then sold on http://www.timeslive.co.za/africa/2012/09/09/international-food-aid-stolen-in-niger-minister then in Africa again the M99 rebels where caught stealing thousands of tons of aid which had been an undetected problem on-going for some years which was only discovered in November 2012 http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2234236/UK-pulls-plug-11m-Uganda-aid-Minister-acts-fears-YOUR-cash-stolen.html although this was a one year deal that would of seen some £23 million ploughed into Uganda it’s now regrettably been ceased by the Rt Hon Prime Minister David Cameron amid fears of massive fraud.  The only people to suffer from this now are the families that needed food with children that crave a basic education.

August 2011 in Mogadishu Somalia stacks of food grain was stolen which was intended for the aid companies working in Somalia a dangerous war torn country that see’s millions starving for food and water. http://ethiopiaforums.com/food-aid-for-starving-somalis-stolen-un-agency-investigating/7873/


Corruption is extremely rife in Africa - http://theinfrastructurenewsng.com/?p=333 

The most chilling and concerning worries though was the news on climate change reported on November 16th 2005 of which explained third world nations will bear the tragic brunt of our own selfish arrogant environmental failings through complete negligence of wanting more to “obsessively over sustain” our families that do not need 70% of the items within our homes, and yet again we have seen in Africa to Asia and poverty stricken states of Europe and non-European nations children and families suffering because of our over obsessive consumerism.

The report went to quote “Temperature fluctuations may sway human health in a surprising number of ways, scientists have learned, from influencing the spread of infectious diseases to boosting the likelihood of illness-inducing heat waves and floods.


Temperature fluctuations from 1912 to present show a shocking and worrying trend of now severe carbon output that is placing third world nations in more danger than they was before. 


We believe these emissions to be inaccurate although are the closest that one could find to the truth. The % of inaccuracies we would state based on scientific climatological and meteorological knowledge are roughly 3-4% based on the actual world findings and weather pattern disruptions based on the largest polluters. This now has to decrease as it is severely effecting third world nations. 

Now, in a synthesis report featured on the cover of the journal Nature, a team of health and climate scientists at UW-Madison and WHO has shown that the growing health impacts of climate change affect different regions in markedly different ways. Ironically, the places that have contributed the least to warming the Earth are the most vulnerable to the death and disease higher temperatures can bring.

“Those least able to cope and least responsible for the greenhouse gases that cause global warming are most affected,” says lead author Jonathan Patz, a professor at UW-Madison’s Gaylord Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies. “Herein lies an enormous global ethical challenge.”

According to the Nature report, regions at highest risk for enduring the health effects of climate change include coastlines along the Pacific and Indian oceans and sub-Saharan Africa. Large sprawling cities, with their urban “heat island” effect, are also prone to temperature-related health problems.

Africa has some of the lowest per-capita emissions of greenhouse gases. Yet, regions of the continent are gravely at risk for warming-related disease. “Many of the most important diseases in poor countries, from malaria to diarrhoea and malnutrition, are highly sensitive to climate,” says co-author Diarmid Campbell-Lendrum of WHO. “The health sector is already struggling to control these diseases and climate change threatens to undermine these efforts.”

“Recent extreme climatic events have underscored the risks to human health and survival,” adds Tony McMichael, director of the National Centre for Epidemiology and Population Health at the Australian National University. “This synthesizing paper points the way to strategic research that better assesses the risks to health from global climate change.”

The UW-Madison and WHO assessment appears only weeks before global leaders convene in Montreal during the first meeting of the Conference of Parties to the Kyoto Protocol, which came into effect in February 2005. Patz will also deliver the keynote address at a parallel WHO/Health Canada event.

The United States - the world’s top emitter of greenhouse gases (2008) - has yet to ratify the Kyoto treaty. Patz and his colleagues say their work demonstrates the moral obligation of countries with high per-capita emissions, such as the U.S. and European nations, to adopt a leadership role in reducing the health threats of global warming. It also highlights the need for large, fast-growing economies, such as China and India, to develop sustainable energy policies.

“The political resolve of policy-makers will play a big role in harnessing the man-made forces of climate change,” says Patz, who also holds a joint appointment with the UW-Madison department of Population Health Sciences.

Scientists believe that greenhouse gases will increase the global average temperature by approximately 6 degrees Fahrenheit by the end of the century. Extreme floods, droughts and heat waves, such as Europe’s 2003 heat wave, are likely to strike with increasing frequency. Other factors such as irrigation and deforestation can also affect local temperatures and humidity.

According to the UW-Madison and WHO team, other model-based forecasts of health risks from global climate change project that. Climate-related disease risks of the various health outcomes assessed by WHO will more than double by 2030. Flooding as a result of coastal storm surges will affect the lives of up to 200 million people by the 2080s.

Heat related deaths in California could more than double by 2100. Hazardous ozone pollution days in the Eastern U.S. could increase 60 per cent by 2050. Aside from research and the needed support of policy-makers worldwide, Patz says individuals can also play an important role in curbing the health consequences of global warming.

“Our consumptive lifestyles are having lethal impacts on other people around the world, especially the poor,” Patz says. “There are options now for leading more energy-efficient lives that should enable people to make better personal choices.”

So when you view your television whilst eating your meal and an advertisement shows the suffering of children suffering from extreme malaria infection, water borne illnesses and severe malnutrition please don’t think for one minute that civil and international conflicts have caused their pain and suffering to displacement. It’s you, the person that is reading this article that has also “contributed greatly” to their suffering.

How many items do you own in your home that you actually don’t require, and what are doing to aid the environment to help “reduce” human displacement, poverty, agricultural damage to severe droughts and flooding in third world nations?

The world’s forty poorest nations to date are listed below, in order from the United Nations 2010 Human Development Report.

Zimbabwe, Congo, Niger, Burundi, Mozambique, Guinea-Bissau, Chad, Liberia, Burkina Faso, Mali, Central African Republic, Sierra Leone, Ethiopia, Guinea, Afghanistan, Sudan, Malawi, Rwanda, Gambia, Zambia, Côte d’lvoire, United Republic of Tanzania, Djibouti, Angola, Haiti, Senegal, Uganda, Nigeria, Lesotho, Comoros, Togo, Nepal, Papua New Guinea, Mauritania, Madagascar, Benin, Yemen, Myanmar, Cameroon, Ghana, Bangladesh, Kenya.

Since 1970, there has been some encouraging news emerging from developing countries. According to the UN’s 2010 Human Development Report, life expectancy in developing countries has increased from 59 years in 1970 to 70 years in 2010. School enrollment climbed from 55% to 70% of all primary and secondary school-age children. Also, in the last forty years, per capita GDP doubled to more than ten thousand U.S. dollars.

The World’s average Human Development Index (HDI), which combines information on life expectancy, schooling and income, has increased 19% since 1990 (and 41% since 1970). This reflects large improvements in life expectancy, school enrollment, literacy, and income.

Almost every country has benefited from this progress. Only three countries have a lower HDI in 2010 than in 1970. Those three countries are Zimbabwe, Zambia, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Some poor countries are catching up with the wealthier countries but with high corruption this is still to be seen, but not all countries have made fast progress. For example, the countries in Sub-Saharan Africa have progressed slowly, largely due to the HIV epidemic. Countries in the former Soviet Union have been held back by an increase in adult mortality.


A scientist in Franceville, Gabon, removes hair and blood samples from a cooperative chimpanzee. Researchers believe that an evolving AIDS virus first spread to humans from wild African chimpanzees, which suffer from a similar virus called SIV.


Although the 2010 report has stated that “some countries” are improving in comparison to others there are still depressing facts of life of which when you pull these reports apart and separate the diplomatic jargon of what they “are wanting to feed to you” the facts below indicate a much different table of worrying concerns.

  • 1.75 billion people live in multi-dimensional poverty, meaning extreme deprivation in education, health, and standard of living
  • 1.44 billion people out of the developing world’s 6.9 billion people live on $1.25 per day
  • 2.6 billion people are estimated to be living on less than $2 a day
  • Multidimensional poverty varies by region from three per cent in Europe and Central Asia to 65% in Sub-Saharan Africa
  • 803, 00, 00 children die a year due to poverty. And they “die quietly in some of the poorest villages on earth, far removed from the scrutiny and the conscience of the world. Being meek and weak in life makes these dying multitudes even more invisible in death, the total amount per day is 22,000 children
  • Around 27-28 per cent of all children in developing countries are estimated to be underweight or stunted. The two regions that account for the bulk of the deficit are South Asia and sub-Saharan Africa
  • Less than one per cent of what the world spent every year on weapons was needed to put every child into school by the year 2000 and yet it didn’t happen
  • Africa accounts for 90 per cent of malarial deaths and African children account for over 80 per cent of malaria victims worldwide
  • 2004 - Infectious diseases continue to blight the lives of the poor across the world. An estimated 40 million people are living with HIV/AIDS, with 3 million deaths in 2004
  • 2010 – Saw some progress of which, HIV/AIDS killed 1.8 million people, 1.2 million of whom were living in sub-Saharan Africa
  • Sadly though - 14.8 million children in the region have already lost one or more parents to the disease. In South Africa alone, nearly one in five children were orphaned by 2010, exacerbating a social dynamic that is already deeply challenged by crime, violence and unemployment.
  • 2011 - More than two-thirds of the estimated 34 million people living with HIV/AIDS worldwide are in developing countries, and nearly three-fourths of the 2.5 million “new HIV infections in 2011” occurred in these countries.
  • In mainly Africa In 2009, about 2 in 5 of all new infections occurred in people aged 13 to 29, About 19,000 people aged 13 to 29 were infected in 2009
  • The dysfunction in India’s child food program, called Integrated Child Development Services (ICDS), is just one example of how malnutrition ravages the country. More than three-quarters of the 1.2 billion populations eats less than the minimum targets set by the government. The ratio has risen from about two-thirds in 1983
  • Corrupt politicians and their criminal syndicates have looted as much as $14.5 billion in food intended for public distribution to families in Uttar Pradesh alone. Food Minister K.V. Thomas cut short an interview and asked a Bloomberg reporter to leave when asked about corruption in the nutrition- distribution system
  • 2012-12 India - When it comes to the children’s program, the national government and six state governments have failed to act even after repeated warnings that the relief food was failing to arrive or was substandard. A government-commissioned study said in 2011 that about 60 per cent of the food meant for children was being siphoned off along the supply chain. Non-corrupt Politicians and external governments in the United Kingdom and America “knew this was happening since 2004” YET IGNORED IT seeing millions of children starve.
  • India has the highest percentage of malnourished children in the world except for East Timor, according to the 2012 annual Global Hunger Index. The report said 43.5 per cent of Indian children are underweight. It is compiled by a group of non- governmental organizations including the Washington-based International Food Policy Research Institute
  • Catastrophic corruption - About $540 million of food meant for children was stolen or registered as delivered via faked paperwork in 2009, according to a 2011 internal review of the program by the New Delhi-based National Council of Applied Economic Research (NCAER). In Uttar Pradesh state, so much was siphoned off that each severely malnourished child received food worth less than a penny a day. In both Uttar Pradesh and Maharashtra, India’s most populous states, most of the money has gone to private firms.
  • Great Value Foods has held the largest ICDS contract in Uttar Pradesh for the past seven years, according to a program document obtained under India’s Right to Information Act. The biggest stake in Great Value Foods was owned by a company belonging to a liquor baron named Gurdeep Singh Chadha — until he was shot and killed by his brother last month.
  • Great Value Foods (FAILED) - The food in both states failed to meet all but one of the government’s prescribed nutritional standards, samples of the powder tested by the Supreme Court commissioner’s office found, according to court records. In Uttar Pradesh, one of the two samples had no vitamins, the other had no iron. In Maharashtra, none of the packets contained any vitamin A or C. All the packets tested were between 15 per cent and 35 per cent short of the required calorie content.
  • Great Value Food that was taking YOUR donations (FAILED AGAIN) - The food being produced was inedible — and even cows appeared to refuse to eat it, the report said. The Supreme Court’s orders on banning contractors from the tender process were being violated, and a full investigation should be carried out by the state government, the report concluded.
  • Approximately 790 million people in the developing world are still chronically undernourished, almost two-thirds of whom reside in Asia and the Pacific.


Contained panic shrouds the face of a mother whose child is suffering from malaria in Niger. Younger children are at higher risk of dying; their bodies have not developed enough immunity to fight the disease, which can infect their brains and kill them. Each day malaria claims the lives of about 3,000 children in Africa—one every 30 seconds. Researchers predict that in 2007, malaria will strike up to a half billion people worldwide. About a million—most under five years old and living in Africa—will die.


You can contact Great Value Foods here and demand why they have failed and why they fed children with food that was inedible leaving them suffering in a third world nation from dysentery and vomiting thus later leading to excruciating death from food poisoning, dehydration and malnutrition - http://icra.in/Files/Reports/CPR/great%20value-cpr-222011.pdf  to read more in the GHI (Global Hunger Index) for the annual 2012 report you can view the report here http://www.ifpri.org/sites/default/files/publications/ghi12.pdf to read on the deliberate abuse, neglect and failings of Great Value Foods you can view here in brief http://www.globalpost.com/dispatches/globalpost-blogs/india/india-starvation-corruption

The list of failings and deliberate abuse is endless yet no one seems to take notice of this in reality. Great Value Foods although now has closed down its domain is still operating somewhere within India under a new identity that we will locate and will expose as one of the world’s largest kingpins in donation money laundering and child abuse ever seen within India.

Both the United States President and Prime Ministers cabinet knew this was happening back in early 2005 yet did nothing to cease it or contact main stream media to alert anyone to at least save children’s lives.

Unless we now cease obsessive consumerism, reduce our environmental discharge of carbon and help these children and families internationally more in the correct manner then there will be more failings as listed above.

With the top forty countries suffering greatly from starvation, malaria, HIV/AID’S (although lowered) by some 1.2 million. However how many children are still going without basic sanitation and water as of our selfishness to the environment, civil disobedience/wars corruption and international conflicts? PLEASE don’t state conflicts are caused for oil theft, this is utter nonsense. They are caused because we “humans” are psychologically programmed to destroy yet protect” which is undertaken in the wrong fashion.

The startling and upsetting reports are highlighted below;

  1. Each year unsafe water, coupled with a basic lack of sanitation kills at least 1.6 million children a year under the age of five years. That’s MORE than EIGHT times more people that died in the Asian Tsunami of 2004
  2. 84% of the populations that reside in African rural areas do not have access to improved water resources however this is now starting to increase slightly it’s still not good enough
  3.  Diarrhoea kills more children every year than AIDS, malaria and measles combined.
  4. Diarrhoea is the third biggest killer of children in Sub-Saharan Africa. (CHERG, 2012)
  5. Every year, around 60 million children are born into homes without access to sanitation.
  6. (Unicef, 2006 www.unicef.org/publications/files/Progress_for_Children_No._5_-_English.pdf page 3)
  7. At any given time, nearly half the people in the developing world are suffering from one or more of the main diseases associated with dirty water and inadequate sanitation such as diarrhoea, guinea worm, trachoma and schistosomiasis. UNDP: Human Development Report, 2006
  8. Half the hospital beds in developing countries are filled with people suffering from diseases caused by poor water, sanitation and hygiene
  9. 1.1 billion People live more than a kilometer from their water source and use just five litres of unsafe water a day (no thanks to YOUR palm oil usage, carbon footprint, and obsessive consumerism, pollution and general wanting of more electrical goods that increase more global carbon emissions), walking that one mile to take the children to school or cycling to work, or just keeping simply turning your television of at the wall and not leaving it on standby will eventually if 1.1 billion people took this action every year would decrease these women having to walk further. Why? As it would decrease temperature thus lowering evaporation thus lowering the need for more water, and not needing as much water for crops due to lack of soil evaporation to feed their families.
  10. FACT - The average person in the UK uses 150 litres of water a day. In Australia it’s around 500 litres and in the USA, over 570 litres.






FACT - Lack of water, sanitation and hygiene costs Sub-Saharan African countries more in lost GDP than the entire continent gets in development aid.

FACT - The 2015 goal to halve the proportion of people living without sanitation is running over 150 years behind schedule in Sub-Saharan Africa. (WHO/UNICEF Joint Monitoring Programme for Water Supply and Sanitation 2010)

FACT - Achieving universal access to safe water and sanitation would save 2.5 million lives every year. (WHO, Global Burden of Disease 2004 Update, Geneva: WHO, 2008)

FACT - Funding for water and sanitation infrastructure is lacking by US$115 million a year in Sub-Saharan countries.  (AICD)

FACT - enveloping countries need to spend up to US$58 billion more each year to meet the Millennium Development Goal targets on water and sanitation. (WHO 2008, Gleick P H et al, 2009)


You may think that we International Animal Rescue Foundation © are nagging, going over the same issues that you see time again on the television, or hear on the radio, you may think that being a 100% vegan to vegetarian is helping the earth. YOU ARE WRONG

Veganism and vegetarianism helps only you and releases animals from slavery, it cuts down by not even 0.001% of carbon output into the ozone. Our world is dying and we at International Animal Rescue Foundation© have a duty to repair and make aware as well as fixing the damage that everyone including ourselves has made.

There are many projects and organisations that you can work with, one good point of interest to take up is going to university like most of us at International Animal Rescue Foundation © have or college.

Study to be a nurse, a doctor don’t just sit there and think “well it’s not happening to me and but I’ll just donate every year” – DONATIONS are not just the answer. Millions of children and families in the top forty nations of the poorest need YOU.

If you would like to find out more on how we help children and families, to working within Africa to construct new homes for those that have been hit with floods or just ravished by civial war then please email us at;

info@international-animalrescue-foundation.org.uk or


Or just simply visit our site and click the general enquiries box and we will get back to you within the allotted time.







Dr J C Dimetri V.M.D, B.E.S, Ma, PhD , MEnvSc Founder and CEO International Animal Rescue Foundation

Environmentalism 2013-2050 - Change or Suffer - Whats your new future resolution?


Environmentalism is a subject that today’s human must  now start taking seriously with regards to climate change, over population, habitual destruction, pollution, deforestation, and veganism and vegetarianism, natural resource depletion, and habitat fragmentation.

Humans are not protecting Mother Nature enough within our society to date and although one can argue “I’m a vegan or I’m a vegetarian” so therefore I am saving the (world) that is complete and utter nonsense unless you’re also going to adopt the same methods as those that are trying to prevent man-made and natural environmental disasters.

Adopting a healthy vegan and vegetarian diet is roughly contributing to environmentalism by 0.001% unless you are prepared to cease the following main fundamental environmental destructive points listed below and take into account the alternatives as well as then consuming a healthy vegetarian and vegan diet.

Taking these methods on board would then increase one’s global welfare thus reducing your carbon output which in turn then adds up to reducing the damage we have contributed to global warming which unfortunately is now “climate change”.

What does one do to now cease climate change? Well you cannot cease climate change as the damage and destruction was clearly highlighted and done in the middle of the last century and increasing profusely in the 1980’s.

Climate change then increased dramatically rising air temperate, sea and river water levels to destructive weather patterns.  So in reality it’s not what we do to cease this change it’s now adapting the change and slowing this destruction down.

The points listed below are just some of which you can adopt along with a healthy vegan and vegetarian life style of which your then contributing the earth and future generations vastly, through lowering hospital admissions, lowering the usage of synthetic medicines that are researched on animals, reducing cattle agricultural pollution, and more.

  • Reducing fossil fuel usage such as, natural gas, coal, and oil.
  • Reducing Carbon output by almost 80% or more such as automobiles, and heavy good’s vehicles.
  • Recycling all waste including biodegradable waste.
  • Reusing as much as possible such as plastic and paper carrier bags, bottles, containers, to clothes, bath water, school books and factory restored electrical equipment and more.
  • Reducing our waste output, water output, chemical and electrical usage, paper, and wood.
  • Adopting the use of more public transport, thus reducing carbon by even more.
  • Using renewal energy.
  • Reducing birth rates thus reducing over population.
  • Purchasing “used” homes that have been fitted with renewable energy resources, (we don’t need to keep re-building if we reduce our birth rates and under age pregnancies)
  • Adopting Eco cars that are powered on natural fuels such as “used” vegetable, and sun flower oil, to rape seed oil and now algae that’s still within the experimental stages but removes the usage of massive agricultural lands being used, loss of soil erosion, and reduced agricultural emissions from tractors, combine harvesters, and other machinery.
  • Reduced home heat loss by 85% through insulating our homes.
  • Learning to “ Eco drive” for example using the accelerator smoothly and progressively. Always avoid harsh acceleration. When you can, stop pressing down on the accelerator and let the momentum of the car take you forward. Travelling down a hill with your foot off the accelerator can save a considerable amount of fuel. Roof racks, bike carriers and roof boxes will affect your car’s aerodynamics and reduce fuel efficiency. If you have to use them make sure you remove them when not in use. Driving with the windows or sunroof open will also decrease your car’s aerodynamics.
  • Reducing vehicle usage for example, if you live one or two miles from your place of work, or your children’s school is only one mile away then (WALK) your contributing to noise and air pollution which has a considerable effect on our botanical life to even increasing respiratory diseases of those that suffer from acute Asthma, Bronchopneumonia, Bronchitis and other lung infectious diseases to breathing problems within our younger and older generations.
  • Ensuring that we use Eco friendly electrical equipment to its true potential for example a family sized refrigeration units needs to be kept full thus reducing more electrical usage that’s only freezing the air within and not empty space.
  • Turing our electrical equipment of at night and not leaving it on standby, example a television, cooker, to the top of the range games consoles that now use massive quantities of power, they also “whilst on standby” are still using the same power plus more because it’s simply turned on in sleep mode generating “stored energy for next usage”.
  • Rain water can be re-used to even sterilised to be used in cooking, watering the garden, to drinking or taking a shower, does that sound unhealthy and dirty to you? come back in 2100 and say that it’s dirty or view what our tribal elders do when they bathe you will be shocked at how non-dirty rain water is if you sterilize it.
  • Cease the bath, and use the shower FACT - If your home was built before 1992, chances are your shower heads put out about five gallons of water per minute (gpm). Multiply this by the number of minutes you’re in the shower, and the water adds up fast. An average bath requires 30-50 gallons of water. The average shower of four minutes with an old shower head uses 20 gallons of water. With a low-flow shower head, only 10 gallons of water is used. Your PAYING HOW MUCH?
  • Do we need to live in concrete homes? We can now actually live in completely environmentally friendly homes that are fitted with wind mills, solar panels, made from recycled materials, etc. Although this is an “extreme solution  why are many people still ignoring this GREEN fact (please view the picture below) even top footballers are living in them
  • Holiday locally and not abroad, of course one may wish to take the family car but did you know four people sharing a car would collectively be responsible for emitting only 104 kilograms of CO2, while the same four people taking up four seats on a plane would generate some 736 kilograms of carbon dioxide. FACT - Flying from San Francisco to Boston, for example, would generate some 1,300 kilograms of greenhouse gases per passenger each way, while driving would account for only 930 kilograms per vehicle. So, again, sharing the drive with one or more people would lower each individual’s carbon footprint from the experience accordingly. (please don’t hitch hike, its dangerous and can lead to your life being placed in danger)
  • Purchase offsets which you can purchase here - http://environment.about.com/gi/o.htm?zi=1/XJ&zTi=1&sdn=environment&cdn=newsissues&tm=274&f=20&su=p284.13.342.ip_p504.6.342.ip_&tt=2&bt=1&bts=1&zu=http%3A//www.terrapass.com/  Consider purchasing carbon offsets to balance out the emissions you are generating with cash for renewable energy development. TerraPass, among others, makes it easy to calculate your carbon footprint based on how much you drive and fly (as well as home energy consumption), and then will sell you offsets accordingly. (Monies generated through carbon offsets fund alternative energy and other projects, such as wind farms, that will ultimately take a bite out of or eliminate greenhouse-gas emissions). :O) (smiley face, you got to love that one at least)
  • Sustainable living from growing one’s own fruit and vegetables, nuts, seed’s, herbs to even tropical vegetables that can be germinated in a simple 8×12 glass house with fitted with ventilation, and green house heating and hot water tubing via the use of solar panels.
  • Ceasing all palm oil including sustainable palm oil products that is found in 80-90% of all domestic and non-domestic products which would reduce deforestation greatly, illegal logging, river and sea bed pollution, and masses of carbon being released in to the environment from peat bed swamps that store all carbon output thus reducing massive plums of pollution released into the air. Stopping palm oil usage also reduces forest fires that are set to make way for palm oil plantations you’re also lowering inner city smog levels, and helping to preserve the natural fauna and flora such as the critically endangered Sumatran Tiger, Pygmy Elephant and Orang-utans. By cutting our palm oil intake we are also helping to conserve the green forest land and our natural medicines that are located deep within the heart of Brazil, Indonesia, Malaysia, Africa, Peru and the Americas. Cutting palm oil will also close down these colossal environmental abusive factories that are the size of 1000 soccer pitches.


Please read what this family created -  http://www.telegraph.co.uk/earth/greenerliving/9032738/Build-eco-friendly-homes-and-save-money.html (there is no such word as cant in our eyes) The picture above is not linked to the link within. The picture above shows a typical ecological, environmentally safe home

Palm oil is not listed on my grocery shopping ingredients, how do I know if it contains palm oil?

Correct not all continents have yet adopted the rules which is confusing many people and concerning environmentalists, climatologists, scientists, vegans and vegetarians  So we have listed the chemicals below that can be sourced in candy, crisps, cereal’s, to soap’s, shampoos, cooking oils to even tobacco.

Should you purchase any produce and wish to know if it contains palm oil then it will be listed in the ingredients panel as shown below. Please note these are just “some” and not all as palm oil is also mixed with many other ingredients from flavourings to preservatives and even car fuel.

Ingredients/chemicals that contain palm oil

Sodium Laureth Sulphate (can also be from coconut) Sodium Lauryl Sulphates (can also be from ricinus oil), Sodium dodecyl Sulphate (SDS or NaDS), Palmate, Palm Oil Kernel or Kernal, Palmitate Elaeis Guineensis, Glyceryl Stearate, Stearic Acid, Steareth -2, Steareth -20, Sodium Lauryl Sulphate Sodium lauryl sulfoacetate (coconut and/or palm), Hydrated palm glycerides, Sodium isostearoyl lactylaye, Cetyl palmitate (and anything with palmitate at the end)

Products containing palm oil. Palm Oil plantations are responsible for massive deforestation in Indonesia.

These products are just some that contain (green) palm oil - There is no such thing as sustainable green palm oil (Green palm oil is just the same as non-green) - companies are just a little more (regulated) which means nothing it’s a sustainable LIE! RSPO need’s to now fine these companies that are breaking rules every day. Asia Pulp and Paper are one the largest offenders along with PT-KAL  - Indonesia 

Veganism and vegetarianism is not saving the world it’s just merely contributing to a healthy life style, reduced animal slaughter and abuse rate. Unless one adopts the above then we are all going to eventually see more destructive weather patterns like the floods of this year 2012 August to December, Typhoons, Hurricanes, landslides, soil erosion, repository borne infections from air pollution’s plus increased breathing problems.

Although this all well said and “written” it is actually harder to adopt these changes in an instance however there are many fundamental changes that can be changed almost instantly within the points listed, its more a case of have YOU got the willpower or are you PREPARED to see your children’s future and theirs a living misery?.

Weather patterns across this year for 2012 from the months of August to December and now as predicted from December 2012 to May 2013 have increased aggressively which is no thanks to everyone’s living life style whether it be vegan, vegetarian, or carnivore and the principals of how we live.

Over population, increased birth rates non-expected pregnancies, to habitual fragmentation, housing construction, deforestation and illegal logging, sea grass destruction, increased pollution rates, excessive vehicle usage to still not recycling in accordance with environmental laws of first world nations that are contributing to gargantuan overloads of carbon.

Carbon pollution is more evident within our botanical world today 2012 than it was fifty years ago within the 19th century, with browning and discoloration of leaves and stems in urban and now more rural districts, die back of sub shrubs and entire vegetable and cereal crops due to acidic rain pollution, soil erosion, flooding, to dust storms and intense summer heat climatological patterns to winter plants from the Narcissi, Anemones, Hellebore’s  Forsythia, Snow Drop, to Verbena sprouting to flowering prematurely thus being killed off by any severe winter storms.


Dust storm - 2012 July - many more of these will be seen caused by over farming, drought, soil erosion, and weather fluctuations becoming more violent as predicted for 2050 - Phoenix, USA -

“July 24, 2012 – PHOENIX — A dust storm, or haboob, enveloped the greater Phoenix area in a cloud of yellow-gray blowing dust on Saturday night. The dust storms are becoming more frequent. For the second time since Saturday, a dust storm muscled its way into the Valley, just in time for the afternoon commute. National Weather Service meteorologist Charlotte Dewey said the storm was moving northwest and was first spotted between Eloy and Tucson. The dust storm covered cities in the metropolitan Phoenix area such as Scottsdale, Gilbert, Mesa, Apache Junction, Santan Valley, Chandler, Casa Grande and downtown Phoenix. There were no official estimates of its size, but Dewey says spotters estimated it was around 2,000 feet tall. She says there were also reports of 35 mph wind gusts in the area, and a report of a 50 mph gust at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport. Above are photos of the event from The Associated Press and our iWitness Weather contributors. –KPHO“

It would be an advantage if one thousand people worldwide that read this within the winter went into their gardens and parks and documented on any plants that are growing prematurely so that we and other conservationists and botanists can gauge and assess how much more damage has been done to our sensitive horticultural world and climate to estimating climatological advances and temperature changes within the next fifty years to river level rise so that flood defenses  barriers and better home construction to the correct education can be relayed to our younger generation thus helping our environment more as well as aiding environmental scientists and more.


Air pollution is one massive threat that still is not really recognised by international “governmental researchers” of which provide fundamental evidence for others to look into that’s  rarely conveyed to the general public to the public not even noticing which if it did would increase alertness and awareness. to advanced weather warnings thus reducing casualties, land and home damage.

As the years passed, air pollution has got worse, and yet it was still not widely recognized as a threat to human health. Although there were some scientists and health professionals who recognized air pollution as a public health problem, most of the early control efforts were targeted at the aesthetic or welfare effects of air pollution. In the late 1800’s and early 1900’s, many smoke control ordinances were enacted in England and the United States. These laws were some of the first uniform statutes enacted for the control of air pollution. Our modern air pollution control program can be said to have evolved from these early ordinances.

The delay in recognizing air pollution as a health risk was partly a result of the nature of air pollution. Air pollution is usually not recognizable as is water pollution; therefore, it can be ignored as a health threat until the problem reaches crisis proportions. Air pollution episodes from the build-up of pollutants in the air influenced the development of air pollution programs in the United States.

March 2012 an international meeting of 154 nations took place regarding pollution levels of which scientists, climatologists, meteorologists and environmentalists explained in great detail by 2050 our planets sea level and environmental destruction is going to increase rapidly that has alarmed us and many other doctors and scientists.

More marine and fresh water fish are going to suffer and die along with waters contaminated as of large nuclear power plants still discharging masses of used hot water back into the river’s and seas, however the main concern highlighted is that of warmer summers and sea levels which regrettably the power plants are not going to able to discharge as much if any waters meaning our “air environment” will suffer greatly as the power plants will have to cool this used “nuclear water” within via other cooling processes of which is what one view’s the “clouds of steam” when travelling past these large chemical industrious chimney cooling plants, thus leading to more environmental  warming. We are all to blame as we are using excessive amounts of electric and still not using the power given to us accordingly.

A warmer but more turbulent climate has been predicted that’s going to decrease our distribution networks along with warmer summers decreasing our efficiency with stormier weathers causing by far more destruction to our domestic and commercial properties.


Were all ready for the increase ? it’s happening already, problem is the arrogant push it to one side. 

The EDF report then went on to quote “more customers have been using air conditioning units thus seeing more demand for electricity in the summer which in turn again increases climate destruction” The report then went on to quote “more electricity is being used in the summer via cooling, refrigeration units, showers, and air conditioning units which has NOW reversed the historical trend” that has worried ourselves International Animal Rescue Foundations Climate Research greatly and now needs to be addressed drastically.

The predictions for future energy demands and supply make for bleak reading: the world’s energy demands in 2050 are expected to increase by a further 80 per cent, and the OECD believes that 85 per cent of this energy will still be reliant on fossil fuel based energy. Renewables are forecasted to make up just 10 per cent and nuclear the remaining 5 per cent. All this could lead to a 50 per cent increase in greenhouse gas emissions and worsening air pollution, especially in built up urban areas.


Urban air pollution will become the top environmental cause of mortality worldwide by 2050, ahead of dirt water and lack of sanitation, the OECD said. The number of premature deaths from exposure to particulate air pollutants leading to respiratory failure could double from current levels to 3.6 million every year globally.

Worryingly, the global average temperature will exceed the internationally agreed warning limit. The OECD report stated that temperatures by 2100 will rise by 3 to 6 degrees Celsius, the globally agreed limit is 2 degrees Celsius. This will be due to the continued reliance on fossil fuels, which will cause carbon dioxide emissions from energy use to grow by 70 per cent.


On land, the OECD forecasts global biodiversity to decline by a further 10 per cent, with significant losses in Asia, Europe and Southern Africa. Areas of mature forests are projected to shrink by 13 per cent. About one-third of biodiversity in rivers and lakes worldwide has already been lost, and further losses are projected to 2050. Yet despite this, the report adds that global water demand will increase by some 55 per cent, due to growing demand from manufacturing, thermal power plants and rising domestic use.

These projections highlight the urgent need for new thinking, says OECD Secretary-General Angel Gurría.

“We have already witnessed the collapse of some fisheries due to overfishing, with significant impacts on coastal communities, and severe water shortages are a looming threat to agriculture,” said Gurría.

“These enormous environmental challenges cannot be addressed in isolation. They must be managed in the context of other global challenges, such as food and energy security, and poverty alleviation.”

To avert the grim future painted by the Environmental Outlook to 2050, the report recommends a cocktail of policy solutions; including using environmental taxes and emissions trading schemes to make pollution more costly than greener alternatives; valuing and pricing natural assets and ecosystem services like clean air, water and biodiversity for their true worth; removing environmentally harmful subsidies to fossil fuels or wasteful irrigation schemes; and encouraging green innovation by making polluting production and consumption modes more expensive while providing public support for basic R&D.

International Animal Rescue Foundations staff and board of directors are all vegetarians and vegans, although it’s seen as positive to outline the importance and advantages of a healthy vegan and vegetarian diet it must be seen within our mission statement to that environmentalism and climatology is top and main priority over everything with healthy eating seen as the not so top importance of to do lists.


We either change now and take notice of the drastic effects that we are causing to the environment that includes “everyone” or we just give up. Vegan and vegetarianism doesn’t save the planet FACT, nor does it make it a much better place for us all to live in. YOU save this planet by not just adopting a “healthy eating programme” but “addressing the main fundamental environmental points around us”

Calculate your carbon footprint here http://environment.about.com/gi/o.htm?zi=1/XJ&zTi=1&sdn=environment&cdn=newsissues&tm=274&f=20&su=p284.13.342.ip_p504.6.342.ip_&tt=2&bt=1&bts=1&zu=http%3A//www.terrapass.com/


Ignorance will only see our children suffer more - You are that ignorant individual if you carry on abusing the environment



Solar storms and how they effect the earths weather system - heliophysics

Written by Dr J C Dimetri V.M.D, B.E.S, Ma, PhD , MEnvSc

Botanical Activism - Be the CHANGE you want to SEE in this world


A topic that we don’t normal speak about is botany Botanical conservation preservation is one of the most highly important subjects that actually goes amiss on many conversational pages to conferences internationally which is rarely spoken about in vast detail.


Botanical conservation is just as important as mammal and non-mammal conservation which is being destroyed by habitual destruction, over population, pollution, and logging on a daily basis at a gargantuan level which is concerning ourselves from which we have our own botanical welfare unit that trained at Writtle College in London, Essex United Kingdom where most to many famous botanists trained that now help to preserve our delicate species of plant life globally.

Carl Von Linnaeus - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carl_Linnaeus although didn’t train at Writtle educated many botanical conservationists in the 1700’s on a great deal of knowledge within the plant and arboretum world.

Professor Linnaeus then went on to classify each individual plant with what we now know as the “generically bionomical naming system that’s used to identify one singular family of “plant” as in “species” to “genus” then X or “cultivar” for example a simple Birch tree to you would just be that!. Professor Carl Von Linnaeus changed this naming “the incorrect common naming system that misidentifies many plants to the human eye” of which the Birch is and should be named as Betula.


  Carl Linnaeus was an 18th Century scientist who is considered the father of modern taxonomy, the classification of organisms.

The naming system goes in to great detail though in pure Latin that would then again for example rename the common Birch down to what its appearances was, so those that see little girl wigs on the end of Birch’s budding deciduous stems would then explain to us that we was not just looking at a Birch but in fact a Betula pendula that’s height is roughly forty foot is deciduous and has the most beautiful pendulating stems an “almost entire correct classification of one singular species of tree in one simple name”. The same generically naming system is also used within medicine, mammal and non-mammal identification.


Botanical horticulture to arable agriculture and forestry management is extremely important, and without small shrubs, trees to medicinal plants and vegetables then we the human race would not be able to survive on today’s copiously destructive planet, and that is regrettably a misfortunate fact of life.

Plant life is used for many things that you the human aren’t even aware of, from non-synthetic medicines and synthetic medicines to boost the power of the active properties, to vegetables, rape seed fuel to palm oil that’s now being grossly used en-masse which is seeing vast amounts of plantations planted ripping up many medicinal plants, displacing Orang-utans, to filling our environments sensitive atmosphere with humungous amounts of carbon from the agitated peat swamps.

See more here.  http://www.greenpeace.org/international/en/publications/reports/palmoilexpansion/ the palm oil tree is indeed a spectacular plant http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elaeis  however it’s being over exploited  as it possess “gold” and unfortunately in today’s society where there is money there is happiness even if its destroying our precious Orang-utans and their environment along with the Sumatran Tiger and Ramin Tree http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gonystylus

We don’t just rely on plants such as vegetable crop to keep us alive we actually require them for natural medicines that are found mostly in the tropical rain forests of Brazil, Asia, Africa and the Americas from which habitual destruction from logging, pulp and paper trade is playing a vast role in the catastrophic destruction of our medicinal plant life.



Many narcotic cartels also work within these heavy foliaged forests that is also a underlying problem which see’s many opium and Marijuana crops grown on a massive scale http://www.drug-aware.com/articles/157/cocaine-and-the-destruction-of-the-rainforests/ although narcotic units are trying their hardest to break these plantations down what they seem to forget is when destroying them on locating such criminal forestry networks they simply set them ablaze killing surrounding plant life thus making that singular or group of very important plants life harder to then spread their seed’s and/or pollenate.

Cities and vast populated areas need green life to, to clean the air from exhaust fumes that build up within inner city limits and sprawling urban districts. You may think that when you drive your vehicle in to the local town or city that you’re doing your legs good however you’re making the surrounding trees and plant life’s a living misery even if your car is fitted with a catalytic converter.

You can see some of the impact of air pollution botanical species when you look at damaged plants. Pollution enters the plant and oxidizes its tissues, leading to discolored leaves and speckled leaves that often look like they are burned or bleached.

Less visible but still important is the fact that plants grown in polluted areas have fewer leaves and a smaller root system than do plants with healthy air. They also have reduced yields and often drop their leaves earlier in the season than healthier plants and tress do.


Air pollution from carbon output is more than evident on this Spruce that will eventually die 

Similar problems can be caused by soot and other air pollution problems, not to mention the unpleasant aspects of gardening in polluted air from the gardener’s point of view.

Plants that are sensitive to this type of pollution are listed here below I have included only the common names so one can familiarise oneself with these plants and know what to grow and not what to grow on urban city limits.

  • Red and speckled alders
  • Groundnut
  • Dogbane and spreading dogbane
  • Mugwort
  • Tall, swamp and common milkweed
  • Redbud
  • American hazelnut
  • Green and white ash
  • Black huckleberry
  • Sweet Gum
  • Evening primrose
  • Virginia creeper
  • Sweet mock orange
  • Ponderosa, Pacific, Jack, Jeffrey, Monterrey, Loblolly and Virginia pines
  • American sycamore
  • Black cherry
  • Allegheny, thorn less and sand blackberries
  • Sassafras
  • Goldenrod
  • Huckleberry
  • Northern fox and European wine grapes and
  • Buckeye

Plants that are pollutant lovers and will consume it then spit it back out I have listed below in brief detail using the generically listed naming system.

  1. Amelanchier Canadensis
  2. Aucuba japonica
  3. Berberis
  4. Ligustrum ovalifolium
  5. Olearia haastii or Osmanthus burkwoodii
  6. Syringa vulgaris
  7. Tamarix tetrandra
  8. Weigela florida


Madagascar Periwinkle is located in many arid Rain Forests - Used to fight Malaria which is sadly being destroyed at an ever increasing rate by illegal logging and the paper and pulp trade.  

Plant life though is not just used by us for keeping out chemical pollution’s they are also ideal for noise and wind breaks. Noise pollution’s I shall detail more of rather than that of wind breaks of which you can read more on here - http://www.extension.umn.edu/agroforestry/components/selecting-trees-and-shrubs-in-windbreaks.pdf

Noise pollution kills much wildlife and can interfere to with our way of life vastly thus pushing us in to rural areas. Many cities to new apartment blocks and factories contain at least some species of tree life that help to filter out noise pollution which does have a considerable impact on one’s health.

Noise pollution affects everyone, yet this problem is largely ignored by most people. Upon hearing loud noises and sounds, we might be irritated but feel at a loss to do anything about it. Noise pollution comes from various sources including traffic, airports, industries, factories and highly populated urban areas. However, these are not the only ways we can be affected by noise pollution. A loud musical event such as a rock concert, occupational noises, and large crowds are just as detrimental to humans, especially with repeated exposure.

The effects of noise pollution on humans are being studied all over the world. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency recommends a “safe noise level” of no more than 55 decibels. Decibels are units that help to express how loud sounds are. For example, sounds that are inaudible range from 0 to 10 decibels; noises that are loud enough to damage your hearing are 150 decibels.


Noise pollution affects sleep, eating habits, mood, concentration and body functions such as respiration and heart rate. When humans are unable to sleep due to noise, they get insomnia. Insomnia causes mood swings and can affect performance in all areas of your life, as well as negatively affect your health.

Loud noises cause stress, increasing respiration and heart rate. Then your body begins to secrete hormones such as adrenaline, which prepare us for fight or flight. This response puts unnecessary stress on the body.

As a result, your blood pressure increases, leaving you vulnerable to heart disease. Stress also contributes to lowered immunity, which can lead to infection and illness. Some scientists are now suggesting that psychiatric disorders are related to noise. This theory is still under investigation and is highly controversial.

The most significant way that people are affected by noise is through hearing loss. This is easy to measure and widely studied. It is known that young people today experience hearing loss at early ages because of the loud music they listen to while wearing headphones and attending concerts. Therefore, teenagers are likely to hear 25 per cent less than their parents or grandparents do.

The effects of noise pollution are also relevant to each individual. Some people are not bothered by particular sounds as much as others might be. This is because some are more sensitive to auditory stimulation. It is not understood why certain people become more aggressive when exposed to loud noises, but it probably has to do with how much noise you are used to hearing. For example, a rural dweller who is used to the quiet sounds of nature would probably be agitated if he to spend the night in a city.

The EPA regulates businesses and areas for noise pollution. However, there are ways that you can control your environment. Noise-blocking devices such as earplugs and headphones cut out sounds that may affect your sleep, work or personal time. You can also buy CDs that play monotone- or nature-type sounds and use this as soothing background music. Another way to reduce noise is to get involved with local organizations that shape new business development and regulate present industries and noise problems in your area.




The Taxus-baccata is actually used to treat breast cancer - and is one of the most powerful anti-cancer NATURAL medicines on the earth to date. The Taxus or common English Yew is used now daily in fighting cancer FACT.

PLEASE don’t try to make any medicines from the Taxus yourselves to even digesting it, it’s also one of the most poisonous plants in Europe and it’s berries are highly toxic.

May Flower, Yellow birch, Sweet fern, Pink ladies slipper, Indian pipe, are just some of the thousands of plants that occupy our planet that simply go amiss or are not really noticed by the busy human.

The more we kill of plant life the more natural medicines become harder to find. Hypericum vulgaris http://www1.agric.gov.ab.ca/$department/deptdocs.nsf/all/prm13955  is in fact used as a natural prescription anti – depressant that’s used by millions of citizens internationally.


The Hypericum vulgaris is widely used as an anti-depressant all over the European Union yet we call it a WEED? 

Should man continue to wreak havoc in the jungles destroying our most sensitive species of medicinal botanical life then more vivisection and medical animal research will be needed to sustain “ man-made synthetic medicines”, as we are more than aware of the usage of plants and their dangers to qualities to that of man-made medicines that are tested on many animals from canines, felines, primates, equestrian species, pigs and more.

We are concerned at the high destruction rate of our rain forests a day that hold many species of medicinal plants and trees, every seven days in the Malaysian, Indonesian and Brazilian Rain Forests there is in length a total for that seven days of destruction roughly 2,520 feet of forest land felled taking with it many species of plant life and mammal life to. That is roughly 131.400 feet in length a year which doesn’t include the full square width which is just under that total.


“Your paper, wood, KFC, McDonald’s  Burger King paper, wrappers, and more, to fuel come from forests such as this wiped out for YOU! killing many plants and tress that then aids more vivisection and animal medical research, we plants and trees that we need to sustain our medical world yet your wiping them out?”. 

By the year 2020 we will view a whopping 80% of our delicate green forest and plant life wiped out just for human usage. Newspapers, fast food outlets, the timber trade, palm oil, fuel trade and printers are all to blame yet we sit back and do nothing and still allow this destruction to go on daily.

Cinchona Tree: This tree is found in the Latin American and African rainforest and prominently figures in the list of rainforest plants used for medicine. An alkaloid, Quinine is extracted from the bark of the tree and is used to cure malaria.

Curare Lianas: This large poisonous vine is full of alkaloids used for treating bruises, fever, oedema and kidney stones. As it also helps to relax muscles, and thus, is used as an anaesthetic agent.

Saw Palmetto: Extracts from Saw Palmetto’s berries is used to treat certain urinary problems. This was first used by people in Florida. The fruit contains 5-alpha reducers that inhibit the production of prostaglandins (related to prostatic treatment).

Wild Yams: Extract of the tubers of Dioscorea wild yam, diosgenin is an active ingredient used in birth control pills. It is also used in many steroidal products like pregnenolone, progesterone, etc.

Trumpet Tree: A popular medicinal tree used extensively in traditional medicine in Central and South America. All parts of the tree; leaves, fruits, flowers, bark and roots are used to treat respiratory illnesses and rheumatism.

Pacific Bleeding Heart: This delicate plant comes from the forests of the Pacific Northwest. Tincture is extracted from its roots and used to provide relief from external bruises and sprains, and when taken internally, it is known to sooth frayed nerves.

Cocoa Tree: The cocoa tree is one of the few trees that is extremely high in medicinal value, thus, making it one of the most important medicinal rainforest plants. This one tree alone produces over 150 chemicals that can be extracted from its leaves, seeds, fruit and bark. The extracts are used to treat anxiety, fatigue, fever, coughs, kidney stones, and external cuts and bruises.

Clavillia: This perennial herb contains vital active compounds like proteins, triterpenes, flavonoids, alkaloids, etc. used to treat infections caused by viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites.

Mammosa: Member of the eggplant family, mammosa is used to treat sinus infections, and lesions caused by various skin cancers.

Periwinkle: Extracts of the periwinkle plant have two of the most active tumour fighting agents. It is used widely and very successfully in treating leukaemia and Hodgkin’s disease.

Sorosi: Sorosi is a vine whose extract is used to treat ticks or lice when used externally, and is used as an internal remedy for treating delayed or painful menstruation, and dysentery.

Lemongrass: Lemongrass has antibacterial and antifungal properties which aid is treating fevers, colds, and coughs. Lemon grass tea is a very popular herbal tea.

Annatto Tree: Oil extract of the Annatto tree contains carotenoids bixin, used for protection against UV rays. It also helps to lower blood pressure and serves as a powerful insect repellent

Despite the role they play in ensuring a healthy life for us, humans have shown a complete disregard to rainforests around the world. Today, less than 5% of the earth’s surface is covered with these forests. With the number of ever-increasing diseases and infections that are now prevalent among us, rainforest plants used for medicines are more needed than ever. Hence, it is up to us, to save the rainforests from turning into barren land.


Approximately 7,000 medical compounds prescribed by Western doctors are derived from plants. These drugs had an estimated retail value of US$43 billion in 1985. Seventy per cent of the 3000 plants identified by the United States National Cancer Institute as having potential anti-cancer properties are endemic to the rainforest. Tropical forest species serve Western surgery and internal medicine in three ways. First, extracts from organisms can be used directly as drugs. For maladies ranging from nagging headaches to lethal contagions such as malaria, rainforest medicines have provided modern society with a variety of cures and pain relievers.

We are all up for saving ANIMALS and HIGHLIGHTING the gruesome vivisectionists cruel and barbaric science however WE NEED TO STOP! THINK! And LOOK AROUND! And ask ourselves why the hell they are still using animals to such a great extent. SIMPLE because we are not paying enough attention to the rain forests and plant life within from which many of our plants provide much needed medicines for us.

Of course one has to remember to that the selfish human smokes, drinks and consumes fatty foods thus pushing hypertension up and tachycardia down, strokes, cardiac arrest, and much more of which our medicines are growing use to us which in turn means “more medicine research = more animals murdered worldwide every year!. I am sure it doesn’t take a genius to work that out.

The more we ignore this blatantly obvious fact of life the more were going to fight a losing battle against the vivisectionist’s and animal research experimental science. Please note that this does not include “actual research for neuron-degenerative diseases to birth defects, blindness and psychiatric illness which is by far more complex. This research will continue to go on as it’s not “inflicted” (as such) (it’s inherited by genes).


It is estimated by the World Health Organization that approximately 75-80% of the world’s population uses plant medicines either in part or entirely. For many this is out of necessity, since many cannot afford the high costs of synthetic pharmaceutical drugs. Growing numbers of American health care consumers are turning to plant medicines for many reasons - low cost and seeking natural alternatives with fewer side effects are commonly cited.


Synthetic medications provide by far 80% MORE side effects than that of natural herbal medicines used within the homeopathy trade or used as natural medicines.

Startling but true and yet we simply allow it to go on daily without cutting down our usage of paper materials, wood, or fast food waste. Reuse, Reduce, and Recycle are our three main important missions statements that we the International Animal Rescue Foundation © highlight every day, and by simply adopting these most significantly important roles of life then we will reduce the destruction of our medicinal plant world, tropical rain forests to mammal life destruction and extinction to plus reducing our CARBON FOOT PRINT = reduced climate change.

Dr Joseph Claude Dimetri Chief Executive Officer, BVetMed, MSc, MEnvSc, PhD, Ba



Whats with the paranoia and lies?


Re: Complaint/Court Action

Dear Directive Editor

My name is Joseph Dimetri I am the founder/Chief Executive Officer of the International Animal Rescue Foundation a 501 C 3 Registered Non-Governmental/Profit Organisation that’s not in no way affiliated with the International Animal Rescue located in the Uxbridge, United Kingdom.

On the 5th December a reporter by the name of Mr Brendan Roane that resides in Pretoria, Free town South Africa whom works for you the Daily Star printed a slanderous and ridiculously non-factual article on the 14th December 2012.

The libellous article has now caused vast damage to our “Chip In” fundraiser not to mention taking up many hours of online administrators time in deleting and banning hateful commentary from those your amateur reporter has misinformed.

Mr Roane contacted me through our comment box on our domain that is registered in the United Kingdom to our host, of which he asked the following that I have printed below.


My name is Brendan Roane from the Star newspaper in Johannesburg, South

Africa. We have allegations here that a man named Joseph Dimitri is soliciting donations, claiming he is associated with Charlie Warren (a

South African animal rights activist).Warren has warned that he does not know this man, nor is he associated.

A search of Joseph Dimitri shows that he is “the founder” of IARF. Furthermore, we could not find your organisation registered in the UK or South Africa.


Would you like to comment on the allegations made by Warren or why we could not find your organisation?




Brendan Roane


The Star

Independent Newspapers

011 633-2271


On the very same day the 5th December 2012 at just past 11:09am I responded to your colleague the following transmission please read below.

05TH November 2012



RE: Comment Request,

Dear Mr Roane,

I am the founder and chief executive officer of the International Animal Rescuer Foundation a 501 c 3 registered “non-governmental organisation” that’s more than registered and founded in 2010 which is not related to “International Animal Rescue”. The organisation is not a “charity” it’s a non-governmental organisation that does not under governmental law need a “charity number” to engage in asking the public to help with funding to preserving botanical, mammal and non-mammal life.

The organisations name is located on the internet however our units that are based in thirty four nations are not named “IARF” they are surveillance and rescue units of which we conceal all information deliberately to avoid attacks from well-armed and dangerous poachers, hunters and other. Should that not be to your liking then were sorry “but that’s how we work and will continue to work”.

We do not know a Charlie Warren although we have sourced him within the last five hours within two South African Facebook page “groups” that seems to do more talking rather than working within the field, I am a member within those two groups and since going back on their data he has only become talkative with regards to the Rhinoceros within the last few months.

Neither I nor my team have ever made contact with Mr Warren, nor do we wish to make contact with a keyboard activist “excuse the pun but we spend our time on the ground preserving species instead of engaging in mindless chat that neither conserves our delicate environment to ecosphere to, marine life and botanical preservation.

However should Mr Warren wish to concoct compulsive and repulsive deceitful narcissistic lies then we would be more than happy to sue him and any false misleading reports made by any reporter for slander and defamation along with seeking all costs that shall be flooded back into our preservation conservation programme that’s one hundred per cent legitimate for aiding Anti-Poaching Units with equipment, resources, and pushing monetary gain into securing land plus educating more individuals to help fight the aggressor that’s slaughtering the precious yet sacred Rhinoceros and other species of animals for Asian counterfeit pharmaceuticals.

With regards to soliciting funds and or donations, we are not under any circumstances committing no such crime of which yet again “whoever Mr Charlie

Warren is” is spinning you a web of deceitful lies, slander and fairy tales. We would be more than happy to accept Mr Warrens email to prove to him that his allegations are in need of a brush up with the truth of which we keep “all evidence and proof” of our work for data history analysis and data collection should we have to go back to another rescue that’s in dire need of help.

We have as of the start of October 2012 now founded our second African “only” organisation cause named as F.A.W.S (Funding African Wildlife Survival) of which

we are currently waiting for the process of that “non-governmental organisation” to be registered that we will be without interference raising over $50,000 to then moving that to as close to the R1 million mark for African wildlife, education, and what we are really looking to is creating a small wildlife education and teaching unit within Pretoria, South Africa which your more than welcome to report on once we have the funds and builders in place.

F.A.W.S is for Africa that we in the European Union, Americas, and further afield are funding from our own pockets to secure Africa’s conservation. We have even donated ourselves to our mission F.A.W.S fund raiser including all administrative staff a total of over $300 (estimate) that one can donate to via our Chip In seen here http://benuezoofaws.chipin.com/benue-zoo-faws

< " rel="nofollow">http://benuezoofaws.chipin.com/benue-zoo-faws>  and sign the petition here

http://www.change.org/petitions/trade-tourism-nigeria-benue-state-government-close-the-benue-state zoo?utm_campaign=friend_inviter_modal&utm_medium=facebook&utm_source=share_petition&utm_term=13242898

http://www.change.org/petitions/trade-tourism-nigeria-benue-state-government-close-the-benue-state-zoo?utm_campaign=friend_inviter_modal&utm_medium=facebook&utm_source=share_petition&utm_term=13242898 of which all funds go to the “domain registrar” account that is our Horticultural Administrator and team nation delegate located in the United Kingdom (Wales). Once the fund raiser is ceased on the 10th December 2012 then the funds shall stay in “situ” until we then transfer them to the South African or Nigerian rescues that have helped us to source for Benue the help the Benue inhabitants so badly need.

There has been no other account, fund raisers or Chip Ins created by ourselves or anyone else working with my organisation of which is strictly prohibited and should I know of any such breaking of rules and procedures then those persons shall be suspended with fill statement placed within the public domain. I trust each and every one of my team though that works professionally, proactively, with intelligence and integrity to maintain a strong balanced professional relationship with the public and other organisations to conserve animals from domestic too wild to marine or captivity.

Our first mission in regards to Funding African Wildlife Survival was that of Benue Zoo that is located in the Federal Republic of Nigeria, 400 kilometres from Kano situated next to the Benue River that we have worked tirelessly on from the October 21st 2012 to gain as much monetary donations for wildlife rescue, and now conservation rehabilitation of these animals that have been deliberately neglected and starved that’s left Benue Zoo in the most horrendous dilapidated conditions ever imaginable thanks to the trade and tourism minister and of Benue and the Governor that wishes to not help us or the teams we and others organised to move into Benue on the 20th to the 23rd of November. Would you wish to see evidence on this?

Funding African Wildlife Survival is separate from that of the International Animal Rescue Foundation as we still do not under that name wish to under any circumstances take monetary donations however we shall promote mission F.A.W.S. and the chip in fund raiser that’s entirely for the animal’s welfare, rehabilitation, medication and re-homing plus temporary zoo husbandry until rescue is sought. You can read our mission statement here



(Please note we don’t just promote and make aware our work we promote and make aware every ones work that you can view here) -


We have so far amassed a total of almost $2,000 which shall be placed to the rescue teams from which we have sourced using limited communications. We again have all proof and evidence of our work with regards to Benue Zoo that shall be released on our newsletter site www.speakupforthevoiceless.org <http://www.speakupforthevoiceless.org&gt; in due course of which you’re more than welcome to scrutinise and/or ask questions to even interviewing myself to those that have been involved with the rescue from start to finish that are all respectable African organisations. So in regards to Mr Warrens comments I would advise him to stay tuned to that news site. We have more than a duty of respect like most European individuals/organisations to conserve our children’s heritage not to mention keeping animals moving from

extant to extinction out of “museum artefacts” but keeping them in the velds and grass lands from which they so rightfully deserve to live within their land undisturbed by poachers, to illegal hunting outfits, and the Asian counterfeit pharmaceutical trade. Funding African Wildlife Survival is not a business it is in fact our first

fundraiser that is needed to help our South African friends to conserve their environment, their future but most importantly their heritage of which we will not fail but bend over backwards to help as many organisations along with Anti-Poaching Units to purchase the much needed resources and equipment they desperately require. Mr Warren has neither dealings nor medalling’s with International Animal Rescue

Foundation or Funding African Wildlife Survival nor has he come to us to even question ourselves or raise concerns of which should he truly believe we are taking monetary donations by fraudulent deception then one can under the internet piracy fraud and SOPA act 2011-12 report us to the IC3 at http://www.ic3.gov

http://www.ic3.gov  or the United Kingdom’s Metropolitan E-crimes unit that will then investigate ourselves from which they will not locate or source no such proof of Mr Warrens absurd and ridiculous yet outrageous claims that are more than slanderous but tantamount to a fully blown libel court case against himself.

We have since 2010 worked effortlessly yet professionally without taking a single donation, however as quoted we feel now that Africa needs more than awareness and moral support, they need and require funding as of the governmental failings with regards to the Rhinoceros and Elephant poaching. We

like many other organisations to individuals of which you can view daily are set upon by a pack of human hyenas that wish to try and discredit our work, disrespect our objectives yet call themselves “animal rights activists” do you Mr Roane truly believe that this is the correct attitude for a “keyboard activist” to undertake?

“Attacking one’s work is in reality only attacking those that we are trying to save, that being our precious wildlife” We shall be informing our attorneys that shall seek for crimina injura along with a slander and libel case should “we find your report to be factual” and not that of an internet troll that’s trying to cause trouble bringing Mr Warrens name in to disrepute.

Should it be true though that Mr Warren has quoted this (from which I highly doubt he has) then we will sue and I do hope he has an extremely professional attorney as we keep all evidence and data to prove our work. I do not wish to have any more of my time consumed by fantasists most likely suffering from Stockholm syndrome or more Münchausen’s that wish to claim some credit for their own sordid agenda.

I have explained myself more than enough and apologise profusely if you yourself feel that we are concealing data or trying to mislead others. Our work is strictly confidential along with who works for us. That’s how we wish to work and that’s how we will continue to work as we do not under any circumstances wish for anyone of our staff to be attacked, harassed, victimised, intimidated or other by those we are trying to cease from destroying our quite unstable environment. We will from time to time reveal our work to rescues undertaken of which should we truly be deceitful then we wouldn’t advertise our work in such a wide public spectrum. We are not fraudulent nor have we committed any such crimes.

Mr Roane I thank you for your queries raised however I wish to waste no more of my time continuously going back and forth with regards to a handful of people trying to cause unrest just because a few internet trolls that have had their noses pushed out of joint by our vast organisation that wishes to conserve and preserve our delicate Flora and Fauna. These trouble makers will go to great lengths to try and score some type of “response from us” which we have neither the time nor the patience in dealing with.

Should you wish to view the a Pay Pal statement to prove that all monies are still within the Chip In then please do ask, and should you require evidence of the monies that we are going to hand over then please respond back to me and I shall place that evidence to you once our very first fund raiser is concluded.

Kind regards

CEO & Directive Team Managers

International Animal Rescue Foundation



Together we can stop abuse, together we can heal our environment


I personally sent to your reporter more than enough evidence of which he then set about to publically smear my organisations name and the extremely professional work that we all as professional conservationists, botanists, ecologists and veterinary officers undertake by placing the following article below even though I made it more than evidential that I have never known a Mr Warren nor have we had any formal or non-formal contact to communications with this man. From which we have now located here https://www.facebook.com/charlie.warren.50?fref=ts from which we now know whom is working with “in regards to smearing our good name” that being of Wild Cats World” that removes surplus animals from Africa, takes them to Europe then breeds them for hunting.

The link to the very poorly written and now utterly damaging article you can view here http://www.iol.co.za/the-star/beware-of-fake-animal-rights-charity-scam-1.1440945#.UM3VFGJLtIk of which he has tilted that “Beware of fake animal rights charity scam”.

Do you know how much damage that has now caused to our first fundraiser from which we are trying our utmost hardest to secure the inhabitants at Benue Zoological Gardens located 400km from Kano, Federal Republic of Nigeria? Its caused tremendous damage of which our administrative teams have had their time wasted dealing with your reporter’s copiously slanderous article.

Furthering on from this he has now placed the lives of the following in danger as many members of the public have been confused and lied to by your reporter and also a Mr Charlie Warren. Please view the animals that he’s placed in great danger below.

1 Chimpanzee

3 Tantalus monkeys

1 severely malnourished Lioness   (that we have saved from near death)

1 Mona Monkey

3 Forest Duikers

3 Critically endangered Tortoises

2 Ostriches

2 Crowned Crones

2 Peacocks

1 Endangered Dwarf Crocodilian

1 Nile Crocodilian

We was the first rescue to start working on Benue Zoological Gardens 21st October 2012 of which a Mr Apir asked for immediate help to sustain wildlife perseveration within the zoological gardens and provide to him a qualified zoologist and help with nourishment and professional zoo husbandry.

We bent over backwards for Mr Apir to help of which we have since sourced the correct teams being that of highly respected and professionally trained PAZZAB members along with the Kano Zoological director now communicating to the Benue State Governor to accept our funding offer to place temporarily a professionally trained zoologist into Benue Zoological Gardens until we seek new homes for all remaining species of life.

We have now lost over $100 a day in funding donations because of this fabricated and utterly ridiculous article that bear’s no proof to even the correct data. What it does contain is slander and personal attack along with attacking out organisation that we are now going to take imminent legal action.

Damaging and slanderous paragraphs below;

“Charlie Warren, an animal activist from a group called Tracking and Conservation, said a friend had warned him that there were messages online saying that a man was soliciting donations in Warren’s name. These requests were from someone called Joseph Dimetri, who said he was connected to Warren”.


No one within the organisation has ever known of a Mr Warren nor have I myself had any communications with this 66 year old male that works within a Facebook group named as OSCAP. We have never nor ever will “illegally obtain by defrauding others” donations. Our first and second Pay Pall chip in is more than evident and more than legal which mentions neither Mr Warren nor askes for his help.

“Several websites and online forums accuse Dimetri of using a fake animal rights charity to ask for donations. He apparently uses several pseudonyms including Jean Marie, Claude Roberto, James Williams, Jonas Alf, Claude Marcel, Claude Joseph Marcel and Jon Grotes”.


There has never been several domains accusing myself or my organisation of using a fake animal rights charity to ask for donations, and considering that we are NOT a charity, and have only asked for funding to sustain life in Benue Zoological Gardens then this accusation is more than absurd is tantamount to now killing the animals within Benue. The names listed he has only managed to obtain two correctly that being Jean Marie (Co- Founder) James Williams is in fact the SON of one of our administrative personnel. 

“A blog, created and written by a Jean Marie, said Dimetri is a co-founder of the International Animal Rescue Foundation (IARF). The blog states that the two started another animal rights group on Facebook before launching IARF”


We have had dealings with three nuisance callers and stalkers upon Facebook all of which are violent non-animal rights activists as they all consume meat and sit at their computer screens everyday key board fighting with others of which one is within a Canadian Prison the very man that we are in fact trying to now locate as he has been mimicking ourselves to cause unrest.  

We know of no such blog and Mr Marie has not nor ever will make such lurid and non-factual data up. We possess one educational group upon Social Media that contains 1,050 members along with a youth educational group, healthy eating awareness, botanical education, foie gras and circus trade that we are trying to cease within the European Union and America.

“The link for information is a Facebook page, which offers no information and the only contact detail are a link back to the IARF website”.


The link of which Mr Roane clearly cannot even explain takes you to the community page that offers you the chance via the email box to communicate with the administrative team as well as emailing ourselves direct. We are at no liberty to place personal contact telephone numbers upon our Facebook pages or names just to be harassed by trolls.

“However, an online search into the website’s domain details revealed that its IP address, which represents a device’s location, is in Karlsruhe, Germany. The search also said it was registered in October last year under the name Jon Summerfield”.


Mr Roane’s online search has showed up that of the host which is NOT registered within Germany.

The host is registered to the United Kingdom. He then furthers this by quoting “the search also said it was registered in October 2011 under Mr Summerfield”. The domain URL not the SITE was “up-dated” in October 2011 as required under statutory law of the domain holder and domain rules and regulations of the domain organiser. Every year to three years the domain “name” not the SITE has to be updated or paid for such as that of the site. The domain “supplier and the HOST” are two separate companies.

The domain registrar is in fact our United Kingdom’s horticultural advisor of which he is also now seeking legal “advice” along with myself seeking legal “action”.

“The IARF blog also uploads accusations of fraud made by others against the organisation, which are then denied”


The I.A.R.F doesn’t and never has upload accusations of fraud made by other’s which are then denied. This would be deemed as bringing the organisation into disrepute along with being highly un-professional to damaging our name.

The International Animal Rescue Foundation does though keep all historical data of its work that your “amateur reporter” has since attacked to even deliberately supporting the liar Mr Warren which is coincidentally friends with on Facebook.  One can clearly view Mr Warren as his friend which we find unprofessional to as well as very suspicious. - https://www.facebook.com/brendan.roane.9?fref=ts

“An e-mail was sent to the IARF’s address, given on the site, but no response had been received by the time of going to print”.


An email response was sent back in great detail of which Mr Roane deliberately ignored dated the 5th December 2012. Your reporter then states no email was received in time before going to press, yet the article was published on Friday 14th that’s nine days to respond which in our eyes he has deliberately ignored our email defending ourselves from which he hasn’t placed any information of that email on his publication of lies.

I then on the Friday emailed Mr Roane informing him and Mr Warren as well as now informing Ms Munroe that we will be taking legal action. Coincidently after notifying himself of imminent legal action of which Mr Roane answered my emails today on the 16th December 2012.

I asked for the legal department details of your news site and that of the editor to, so in all due respects Mr Roane has deliberately slandered and ignored myself and the organisation that’s now caused gargantuan abuse to us and members of the community wanting to know what this slanderous and damaging article is about that bears nor proof, no truth, and no evidence at all of wrong doings however what the very poorly typed article has created is now a court case as you have allowed your reporter to attack us using the simple words BEWARE OF FAKE ANIMAL CHARITY SCAM.

That is under South African law also tantamount to another charge of Crimen injuria which is a crime under South African common law.

Mr Roane continuously states in further correspondences that we are a charity. We are not a charity we are a non-governmental/NPO organisation that does not solicit and never has solicited funds using a Mr Warren’s name a 60+ year old ex-war veteran .

The difference between the both can be seen below;

https://www.charitycommission.gov.uk/officeforms/OLARPortal.ofml NOTE (Charity this under United Kingdom law one has to take more than £5,000 a year to qualify as a charity) we have never taken such funding which we can prove with bank statements. What we have done from the start of October is create a much needed Chip In to raise funds for the Benue Zoo inhabitants that we ceased on the 10th December of which we raised a total of £1,013 just over $1,622 that is for the Kano team to move back in the Zoological gardens to preserve life. We have since of yesterday started another Chip In to now ask for funding of a much needed zoologist to now travel into Benue Zoological Gardens and stay en-site.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nonprofit_organization NOTE (the difference between the two. Although we are a registered organisation we still do not under any circumstances “operate” to receive funds of which we choose to submit a “chip in” that can be created by any individual whether it is for their own moral gains, a simple fund raiser, or to raise funds for children to causes.

We have every right under law and our well within our rights to ask the kind member of the public for help to sustain life from which many other NPO’s to NGO’s or individual’s that use Pay Pall do every year.

We at International Animal Rescue Foundation are upset that Mr Roane has placed this article that will now be damaging our new “non-registered” organisation Mission F.A.WS (Funding African Wildlife Survival) which we aim to raise a total of R1 million for the preservation of the Rhinoceros, conservation preservation, education, to fund Anti-Poaching Units with equipment they so desperately need to even funding more Anti-Poaching personnel training that South Africa is in dire need of. You can view our mission statement here. - https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.381168178629759.94589.199685603444685&type=3

We are trying to help your nation of which we don’t expect an amateur reporter to publish such slanderous and libellous remarks that’s now only going to make funding to Anti-Poaching Units and the Benue Zoological Gardens inhabitants lives a misery. We wish to thank you for allowing this attack from which should the post not be removed in due course then we shall contact the SAP’s and then further our legal action.

A reply to this email is desired thank you.

Best Wishes



Sincerely with kind regards


Joseph Claude Dimetri and Directive team of staff.


International Animal Rescue Foundation


Brendan Roane can be pictured below



Mr Roanes owns word’s (cocaine?) really 

(I was born into a family of gypsies who taught me the lute, hair-braiding and macroeconomic stabilization policies. At 12, I ran away to the circus which then ran away from me the next day. With no money, no family and no circus, I turned to modelling. I had thousands of photo shoots, runway events, cocaine parties with models and rose to the top of the business. It was a long week. A major investigative story about Steve Hoffmeyer’s love affair in the YOU magazine inspired me into the world of journalism. I only hope I can one day reach those heights.


On the 17th November Cee4life that’s been attacking our fundraiser for the rescue and rehabilitation of the Benue Zoological Animals published this “so called email transaction  that oddly Mr Apir that we have since ceased working with as Cee4life wish to in our eyes bribe him with monetary - please view below.

Compulsive LIES

Mr Nat Apir stated that he has never had any support, nor has been in contact with ourselves even though we made it more than evident in emails however at that time we had to alter the addresses for as the trolls attacking the fundraiser wouldn’t cease their hatred filled remarks.

Mr Apirs emails with full contact details can be viewed below

YET he states “so this email quotes with details obscured he has never had contact”

Please view one of many email’s then one can make their own assumptions up on whom is telling the truth as we have nothing to hide.

Dear Dr Dimetri

Thank you for your concern and interest about the condition of the animals
at the Makurdi Zoo.
I will revert to you tomorrow afternoon and possibly post some pictures to
you at the same time. The nearest airport is in Abuja about three  and half
hours drive to  Makurdi the Benue State capital where the zoo is located.
The immediate need now is that of feeding and getting the animals some form
of medical intervention.

I have been doing the much I can personally to feed them but, the challenge
of getting medical attention still remains. We need the services of a
Veterinary Doctor with specialization in wild life.

Thank you for your kind intervention.

Nat Apir

On Monday, October 22, 2012, jonas wrote:

> **
>  *Dr Joseph Dimetri*
>  *United Kingdom Head Office *
>  *Tel: +(0)**************E-mail
> info@international-animalrescue-foundation.org.uk <javascript:_e({},
> ‘cvml’, ‘info@international-animalrescue-foundation.org.uk’);> *
>  *www.international-animalrescue-foundation.org.uk *
>  *www.speakupforthevoiceless.org *
>  *International Animal Rescue Foundation*
>    *Dear Sir,*
>   We have become aware of the crisis in which the animals are going
> through in the Nigerian Zoo - Benue. We are revolted at the conditions in
> which these animals are living in and we now must as an international
> animal rescue foundation agency act quickly and professionally to now save
> these animals and get them out of the Zoo and into loving reserves or other
> wild sanctuaries they need OR other forms of help to now make your appeal
> for help travel round the globe from which we have great media and press
> contacts with.
>   Please read below what we need first so we can now look into this and
> then start by helping you and these animals. We cover thirty two nations
> and have vast expertise in all fields of animal rescue. We will NOT FAIL
> you or THESE ANIMALS. They now MUST be saved.
>  * 1) we need photos of all the animals and the conditions they are
> living in*
>  * 2) anymore video footage that you can make please send this to us*
>  * 3) location of the nearest airport so that we can then speed up an
> evacuation of these animals*
>  * 4) any other animals that are in need of help within the area that you
> can think of *
>  * 5) names and contact details so that we can then deal with this
> quickly as of the number of contacts we have and power to to now place
> pressure on the government to help these animals*
>  * 6) any further information that you may have to help these animals*
>   You can find us on Facebook to or just on the web sites above, can you
> please e-mail me back as soon as possible so that we can now save these
> animals. Thank you sir. Below are some of our Facebook pages out of the 52
> we own that are all connected to our 501 C (3) Organisation.
>  https://www.facebook.com/IARFRhinoWelfareSA
>  *Dr J J Dimetri *
>  *CEO & Directive staff *
>  *info@international-animalrescue-foundation.org.uk <javascript:_e({},
> ‘cvml’, ‘info@international-animalrescue-foundation.org.uk’);> *

Furthering on from this we contacted before Mr Purfoy that coincidentally Ms Fox-croft and Ms Hoffman then friend-ed Mr Apir on the 12th November 2102 after we informed the public that the Fact Finding mission organised by the highly professional and trained zoo staff in Nigeria have now since secured the Zoological Gardens in Benue. Please view below further corresponding details.

Hi Christian,
I have beenin contact with Dr Joseph of the animal rescue foundation and
the outcomes have been very encouraging. Thanks for bringing the plight of
this animals to the attention of the international community.
I will keep you updated on all efforts and actions being taken to bring
succor to this animals.

On Monday, October 22, 2012, Christian Purefoy wrote:

> Dear Dr Joseph Dimetri,
> Thanks for your interest in BattaBox and our story on Benue Zoo.
> We have spoken to Nat Apir - who highlighted the problems at the zoo - and
> he has agreed that we can pass on his details. He can be reached on:
> +2348033218191
> natterwase@gmail.com <javascript:_e({}, ‘cvml’, ‘natterwase@gmail.com’);>
> Please let me know if any problems.
> Obviously, the animals take priority but we are very interested in
> promoting any follow-up done to help the Zoo and would be very grateful if
> you can keep me in the loop regards any help and rescue you can provide. We
> are a ‘video channel’ so any filming and video documentation that you might
> be put together would be much appreciated - again, just let me know if any
> problems/questions.
> Thanks,
> Christian
> —
> BattaBox.com
> From: Dr Joseph Dimetri <info@international-animalrescue-foundation.org.uk<javascript:_e({}, ‘cvml’,
> ‘info@international-animalrescue-foundation.org.uk’);>>
> Subject: Benue Zoo
> 21st October 2012 19:08
> Message Body:
> Good day, we are an International animal rescue agency of which we are now
> wanting to rescue all the remaining animals from the Benue state zoo that
> you published on your news feed We can ensure that they are given the love
> and the care that they need plus more. We have contacted two people so far
> in the state of Nigeria yet they have not contacted us back and time is
> running out for these animals. We need contact details for the zoo please
> so then we can visit and then contact the main ministry to ask for a
> rescue. Lions are already dead plus more.. Please can you reply with more
> information thank you
> WWW.INTERNATIONAL-ANIMALRESCUE-FOUNDATIIN.ORG.UK<http://www.international-animalrescue-foundatiin.org.uk/>

Best Wishes

Mr Apir then on the 24th October 2012 emailed to me on my request all 21 pictures of the Benue Zoo Inhabitants that showed catastrophic neglect and severe abuse. Mr Apir was still working with is along with myself phoning him daily of which I have still the recorded phone calls that we record for quality and training purposes, and for data checks if we have missed information that needs to be addressed. The following emails can be viewed below.

The lion is dead - 16/10/12 but the lioness is alive and getting better.

On Wednesday, October 24, 2012, jonas wrote:

> **
>  Dear Amir,
>  Hi I have just gone through the pictures, I am going to download them and
> then start contacting our other contacts as this is going to be a massive
> job to get this zoo back to how it should. Can you please tell me who owns
> this Zoo and why they are not providing the food, water, medicine, and
> other materials. These animals are in extreme need of help and this is what
> we are going to start of tonight. I understand that your internet is slow
> so what I will also do, is phone you as I and the rest of the team will
> need more information. The dead animals I would advise that they are moved
> away from the rest as this will start disease. We will now take over this
> and help you. Can you please confirm if it is ok to phone you. As I am
> going to need more information on this. Has anyone else been in contact
> with you about this too?.
>  Please try not to worry, do not stress we are an INTERNATIONAL rescue. We
> can place this on media to help to soon to push for more help. I
> shall also be in contact with London Zoo as you have endangered species in
> the Zoo that MUST be protected. Can you confirm if the Lion is still
> alive and what other cats you have as I did only see one male Lion.
>  United Nations Animal Rescue
>  www.international-animalrescue-foundation.org.uk
>  info@international-animalrescue-foundation.org.uk <javascript:_e({},
> ‘cvml’, ‘info@international-animalrescue-foundation.org.uk’);>
>  www.speakupforthevoiceless.org
> On 24 October 2012 at 17:23 Nat Apir <natterwase@gmail.com<javascript:_e({}, ‘cvml’, ‘natterwase@gmail.com’);>>
> wrote:

We asked Mr Apir if any other group or organisations had been in touch with him with regards to the Zoo crisis si that we could work more rapidly to solve this problem. CEE4LIE founder quoted they had been working with Mr Apir on the 17th October 2012. I will just re-iterate what we repeatedly quote. WE KEEP ALL DATA for future analysis or to show to third parties to help within our rescues.

17th October CEE4LIFE quoted they worked with Mr Apir - Please view the following correspondence.

Dear Jonas,
You are free to call me anytime. No group or persons have reached me. The
lion is dead, but the lioness is still alive. The Hynas are all dead. Crocs
are dying. Jonas, what I need right now is immediate help to keep this
animals alive.

Please view the screen shot and please zoom in on the DATE, the sender and receiver.

proof that Cee4life never had contact on the 17th October

Please note that we have only blacked out the personal account details of this email of which would lead to our account being compromised. One can clearly view the date, sender and the receiver along with Mr Apirs email stating ” no group or persons have contacted me” Yet Cee4life stated they had been working with Nat Apir since the 17th October of which had they then these animals would of been saved.

We was then called liars that no fact finding mission ever moved in to Benue. The fact finding mission moved into Benue on our request and that of the South Africans that were mortified at the pictures that Mr Apir sent to us on the 24th October that we then highlighted on the 25th on our Facebook page and that of our site http://www.international-animalrescue-foundation.org.uk

Please view the PROOF here - Please note we have only removed the secondary contact details as we don’t want these animals to come to any harm from trolls attacking one’s work to sustain life in Benue that we have succeed now thank to Kano.

—- Forwarded Message —-
From: Kanozoological Garden <**********************>
To: ********************* <*******************>
Sent: Monday, 3 December 2012, 23:02
Subject: Re: Benue Zoo : FACT FINDING MISSION

Dear MR.Dimetri,
International Animal Rescue Foundation,

Thank you very much for your letter.In deed i led a team to Benue Zoo for a fact finding mission between 20th to 23rd November 2012 and my team was terribly upset and disturbed with what we saw and observed.Animals enclosures are poorly manage and not conducive for the inmates.Only some few animals which are not properly taken care of remains.
The devastation situation in the ZOO needs an urgent rescue and rehabilitation to save the  very few species left before the situation crumbles.For detailed information i refer you to our report for the visit which we submitted to Dr.************** ( PAAZAB ) on 30th November 2012.

Please keep in touch through out.

Kind regards,

Hon. Ado Isyaku Daddauda,
Managing Director

Please view the report that is apparently forged !




We was then accused of “soliciting funds and STEALING THEM being called the most horrendous of all names THIEVES. Mr Charlie Warren quoted that “we have been stealing funds and that we are not in possession of them - PLEASE VIEW THE EVIDENCE BELOW.

proof of statement 16-12-12


Please note again to protect our accounts from compromising then we have only blacked out the following. The final tally in USD before we ended the chip in on the 10th December 2012 00:00 was standing at exactly $1,622 that is exactly £999.39 UK Sterling. We then after placing a chip in on the main educational domain then added another £25.00 from which now see’s the total at exactly £1.013.77 so with regards to stealing and or facilitating funds to being bogus and defrauding then your clearly very gullible to believe a single word that trolls misinform you.

Have we proved ourselves to be non-scammers? yes we have but how much more do these animals have to be denied just because one wants only one thing and that is the Lioness that Wildcats world requires of which we received this email only a few days in regards to wildcats world.

Please read below - we did trace the newly registered msn email that led to that of a “identical like Facebook” site that showed the sender was in fact some type of friends with Barbette.

Good day Jonas

i was informed you are checking on worlwide orgs who work with lions and other wildlife? i was just looking at some footage at youtube from a sanctuary in holland called stichting Leeuw, and they have just bought a new lioncub from a circus with which they are going to do shows and they have 5 other lions they bought and also tigers but they want to breed with them and briing them to suspicious places in their own habitat so Russia India and Africa. these are rich people but they are askiing funds and donations from people but they don’t feed and treat the animals right. i suspect they are bringing these cats back to their countries to have them poached and sold to dealers for the bones and fur.

could you please check on this place and these people who are connected to them, that is Robert Kruijff, Pieter Kruijff, Peter Kruijff (owner), Karel Geurts (caretaker who also kills lots of animals that are surplus or not needed anymore, also cats), Henk Gerber, Brigitte Furnemont. it is a bad place i tried to get info out of them for some time but they are only lying and people who don’t agree with them are all forbidden to come and see the place. the board of this foundation is the boardman, a bookkeeper and a lawyer.

the website is www.stichtingleeuw.nl and www.landgoedhoenderdaell.nl it is on a piece of land called hoenderdaell. i know some dutch foundations who tried to keep an eye on them but they have been sent away too. what is worse is that they are so rich and still ask money from people. and that they are asking money for interaction with wolves and the lioncub. they have liaisions with circus as well in fact they say they have their animals from circus but they are a part of and support circus.

let me know what you can do cheers ciao! *******

This is why we are being attacked, we don’t support the captive keeping trade and when we highlighted our concerns that these “trolls” where only interested in the Lioness they soon changed their minds and are now interested in ALL the animals from which they have not succeded in gaining any form of help just sending $200 to a man that’s only shown a handful of fruit and a bag of meat.

We have had our pictures stolen, some of work down to even more concerning OUR OWN WORDS.

Your choice to make up on whom is lying quite frankly we have proven ourselves here to a degree and that we will keep on doing in the most professional manner and not on some tacky blog. Please help us in securing Benue a zoologist by funding our chip in with what ever funds you can. Our fund raiser has been damaged enough by these repulsive trolling children.

The only living beings that are being harmed here is not us IT’S THE ANIMALS! and you Cee4life, Mr Warren, and whoever else should be ashamed of yourselves for spinning such lies when you knew damn well that you pushed us long enough we would eventually start to release more proof and more truth.

You call yourselves animal lovers yet you have done not one thing to preserve this zoo. We have been on this case since the 21st phoning all international rescue’s, working on this case day and night. You want to know the best news

WE SUCCEED AND THAT WE WILL CONTINUE   - Attack the animals and the funds going to them, it just shows to the WORLD what liars and animal abusers you are.

We will continue to update this if we feel we have to defend ourselves and trust you me Ms Foxcroft we have reams of EVIDENCE which can be backed up. Your notes to the news article is only attacking that of the animals and that we will sue anyone that succeeds in murdering them through lying and stealing our work to confusing the members of the public.

ONE LAST THING - Just to prove to you that we have secured the Zoo please read below. With of course screen shot and evidence. I suppose though that were still lying, have not done a single thing for Benue, have stolen funds and are non-registered. Pictures mean a million words BUT EVIDENTIAL EMAILS AND WORDS MEAN POWER AND SUCCESS

Dear J Dmetri,

Screen shot to PROVE this email which is quite childish really that we are being forced to show to those that you have lied to is below.

proof of Kano help

We have succeeded and we will not tolerate compulsive, repulsive and narcissistic lies slurred by fantasists and childish reporters that cannot even get their factual evidence CORRECT.

Information that us blacked out in the email above is to simply protect our contacts from harm and spam from the those that are stirring the cauldron of hatred.

Sorry for the delay in answering your correspondence,this happened because i was away for a retreat which took a couple of days.I write to assure that,kano zoological garden being the prime zoo and the only zoo registered with PAAZAB in Nigeria is willing to assist in rehabilitating Benue ZOO to bring it to appreciable standard if given the necessary material resources with the full cooperation of PAAZAB. A competent person with experience in zoo management can be sourced to take care of the place for a while and we will keep on monitoring.

Mean while we are trying from this end to persuade Benue state Goverment through the ministry concern to accept your offer of assistance in conserving the animals that remains.

Kind regards,

Hon.Ado Isyaku Daddauda,
Managing Director

Just to make ourselves clear to we don’t support those that facilitate funds that used violence against school graduates we are conservationists and not terrorists despite and regardless of what any other trolls wish to communicate. Continue to attack us and we shall defend ourselves



Need we say more.


Hi Jonas

Although I cannot answer any of your specific questions, I must point out that registering as a NPO in South Africa is relatively easy and is in no way a measure of credibility, nor is calling oneself a ‘sanctuary’.

WCW’s literature is a bit misleading. To the best of my knowledge they have partnered with a South African predator breeder who engages in captive breeding and human / animal interaction. WCW also seem to contradict themselves repeatedly. On the one hand they oppose animal exploitation, whilst their SA partner engages in cheetah walks and captive breeding! They also seem to be very poorly informed or misguided and on their Facebook page openly support a lion walking operation with probable links to the canned hunting industry.

Claims that their operations are somehow linked to conservation and saving species from extinction are disingenuous and border on dishonest.

Purchasing two lion cubs from a lion breeder can in now way be considered a rescue. What they have actually done is ask animal lovers to fund the purchase and enrich the very type of operation they claim to be opposed to! Putting money in a lion breeders pocket and then claiming a rescue is not only misguided, it also makes them part of the captive lion breeding trade, which is inexplicably linked to the canned hunting industry.

Much of their Facebook content is copied from other sources and the impression given that they are somehow spearheading or are involved in specific issues, some of it is even plagiarized from our website, I find it somewhat distasteful and a gross misrepresentation and would suggest they spend less time trolling the internet for material to give them credibility and more time doing research on the real issues relating to the captive breeding industry.

I can in now way endorse or support WCW or their affiliates.


Paul Hart
Tel/Fax: 27 21 8633290

Join us on Facebook

Saving one animal may not change the world, but surely for that one animal the world will change forever!

The information in this e-mail is confidential and it is the expectation of the sender that the intended recipient does not forward said e-mail to others or publish said e-mail in any format whatsoever.

If you have received it in error please contact the sender immediately by returning the e-mail or by telephoning the number contained in the body of the e-mail and please delete the e-mail and do not disclose any of its contents to anyone.

—- Original Message —-
From: jonas
To: info@lionrescue.org.za
Sent: Thursday, August 16, 2012 5:43 AM
Subject: Wild Cats World (Lion Cubs Rescue)

From International Animal Resccue Foundation

04:19am 16 August 2012


Dear Sir/madame

We are working on a complaint that we have been sent regarding a “Wild Cats World” that is claiming to be a game reserve in South Africa 1 mile from the air-port of Port Elizabeth.

Can you confirm if this is a “real 501 3 (c) Organisation” or if you have ever heard of these people. The owners are of Dutch descent however they are are claiming to be a 501 C 3 NGO that can not even provide a valid tax number only a KvK number as they state they do not need a tax code. They are though taking donations and also have a shop as they claim. they have also stated that they have rescued two lion cubs.

The problems we are having like many that are now questioning there validity is this,

1.. they can not provide a tax code number
2.. they have no registration details as in address (they just want to arrange a meeting at “a location”)
3.. they are a 501 c 3 NPO that are taking funds yet WILL NOT provide no tax code nor reciepts
4.. there website address has NO registar details “although it is a (sub-domain) if there taking moneies then they must by EU law provide a registered address.
5.. they have said they have rescued 2 Lion cubs YET will not provide proof nor pictures of any such resuce

WE ARE VERY CONCERNED THAT THIS IS A FRAUDULANT OPERATION ACTIVE IN SOUTH AFRICA - we now ask for your help. Their address is here of their Facebook pagehttps://www.facebook.com/pages/Wild-Cats-World/122586544451718 this is their website http://www.wildcatsworld.nl
http://www.wildcatsmagazine.nl they state that this is their KvK number yet we nor anyone can find them KvK registration # 50983962

We and others are VERY concerned and now require your help we was passed your address by a https://www.facebook.com/#!/ornella.d.rose.3 who replied to our message that is below -

International Animal Rescue Foundation World Action South Africa
6 hours ago
Has anyone ever heard of a Wild Cats World  - at this address here  You can visit our “Spotted Conservation Project” in South Africa to meet our leopards and other wild cats, and to see and learn more about our projects. We are situated in Eastern Cape, near Port Elizabeth (one hour drive from airport) and Addo National Park, 40km from Uitenhage, R75 to Kirkwood, Steenbokvlakte. If so please get back to me, they have a website blah blah but we are concerned about the welfare of 2 lions. Please e-mail us if you know this rescue or you know of the cats that have been rescued there. We would like to see them. They are 2 wild lion cubs

If you or anyone has information or could find more out about these cubs whilst we wait to see if they are a legit organisation then we would be most grateful.

Kind regards

Admin Investigation Unit


Ms Foxcrofts normal behaviors are rather bizarre to say the least, not only is she a keyboard activist but a keyboard terrorist to caught up in a fantasy tale of fake dramas and head spun Munchhausen compulsive lies. (Typical though from an unprofessional critic) that likes to gain 5 mins of fame that, or as she has done reveal herself online.

How does a professional work though (as she calls herself) well that’s exactly what we where thinking when we caught her siding with a terrorist that had been booted out of the United Kingdom of which is also now “in fear of ones life” with regards to NIO an online intimidation group of babies.

She states many things like -

Mel Ahrairah What an unbelievably sad day for ALL animals… (let alone the AR movement). A more appropriate time to use the old adage ”divide and conquer’ there never was. I cannot believe that anyone would think this is the place to air these comments.
48 minutes ago · Like · 2

Camille Marino ‎Tino — i HATE this. but while steve is using facebook sycophants to malign me, i need to defend myself. as soon as “dr.” steve best apologizes for this unconscionable treachery and sets the record straight, i will re-focus my energies on the abusers. for now, ANYONE who is trying to take me down is on notice…. the gloves are off.
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Sybelle Foxcroft Camille, I believe legal action is now being taken against you regarding all these accusations. I havent seen any FB or public slurs by Steve anywhere. What is this achieving? Please concentrate and your upcoming case, and stop this vulgar display. I am asking all of my conservation and animal friends to not involve themselves in this. There is one thing that I have learnt from years of fighting for animals, and that is that humans are the most dangerous creatures. This behaviour right now from you, is worse than any creature in the animal kingdom would ever do. Please stop this, please stop, it is spreading negatively about you everywhere. I dont care if you or steve fucked 50000 people or hang naked upside down in a bar… just stop it. It looks like shit, and it is damaging animal causes everywhere….. Please stop this.
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Tino Verducci Camille, you are wrong in this; you know Steve better than anyone else so; deal privately. Both of you are not children, there are many people that asking you (both) to do that, we cannot be all stupid? Please do for all the animals!
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Camille Marino listen, sybelle, steve told me you’re too “old and fat” for him. he likes 8-yr old girls. pls, don’t make me laugh. no one in the world knows him better than me and i have the emails and pictures to prove it — although most are with the FDLE at the moment. haha It amazes me that this movement is beholden to a fucking sexist trogolydite,but no matter…. i will be judged by my actions… and, if you really care about justice and ending this, Sybelle, then i have a statement that he needs to issue. as far as his legal actions, ask him to contact his comrade J. David Jentsch and maybe they can work together
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Why would anyone that call’s themselves a wildlife Biologist “caring for animals” be involved with two “terrorists” one in prison  and on that was kicked out of the United Kingdom both for Terror charges. Neither of which can spell or use basic grammar.


We are going to be updating this post and we will most certainly show Ms Foxcroft what LIES are, (her own lies) that she believes she can delete online.




We must act now


Imagine being born into a happy family with mother, father, and siblings all around you encouraging your growth and behavior  nourishing you and providing for your every need. You mother and father teach you the lie of the land, how to hunt for food, swing from the trees fly to grooming and caring for your environment.

Many mammals and non-mammals are born into this stable natural environment that Mother Nature provided for them. Marine to avian and land mammals live this way of life every day thriving among-st the natural canopies of our delicate arboretums to natural tropical rain forests or deep sea oceans.

Unfortunately though there is then the nightmare of being abducted from your natural living environment by man or woman for the illegal exotic pet trade or worst of all the captive zoo and circus trade from which you’re imprisoned for your entire life in a barred cage to enclosure that you the human pays to view.

Imagining is one thing though living this grotesque way of life is another just be gawped at, prodded, fed unhealthy virus laden foods, to having your picture taken with selfish and uncaring humans just to show their families and friends that they visited the Bengal Tigers to Elephants, Parrots to Dolphins and more. This isn’t Mother Nature this is captive imprisonment for profiteering and eye entertainment which very little education can be gained from as the life our most precious and delicate species of Mother Nature are living within is a man-made and synthetic type world.

Zoo is the short abbreviation for Zoological gardens or the “study of animals” that can easily be undertaken within the wild. Zoo in Greek derives from the Latin term “Zoon” which theoretically means “animal or study”.

The first recorded zoo was established in 1828 for scientific study from which many animals were abducted from the wild of many nations being that Africa, Brazil, America to Asia and North America the first public zoo then opened in 1847 for the public to peer at captive animals that were not under any circumstances then cared for as they are now although that is to be desired and still yet proven.

“The oldest “known” zoological collection was revealed during excavations at Hierakonpolis, Egypt in 2009, of a ca. 3500 B.C. menagerie. The exotic animals included hippos, hartebeest, elephants, baboons and wildcats”

The First zoo that was opened for the public was in the United Kingdom located within London named London Zoological Gardens that’s still open to this very day that has a wide range of tropical, non-tropical animals, primates, arachnids, reptilians, and more. Many zoologists have trained at London Zoological Gardens teaching some thousands of students to then become mature yet experienced zoologists that work in many internationally recognized zoological gardens in an array of nations.

The total number of zoological gardens totals around one thousand with eighty per cent of them situated within cites. London Zoological Gardens has a fairly good name and presents its self well however are we really educating our children correctly by allowing London Zoological Gardens to any international zoo’s to take our most delicate species of mammals and non-mammals from the wild to view and breed from which they live a depressive life, are peered at through glassed and barred enclosures just for immoral eye entertainment?




We are strongly against captive keeping to captive breeding and the circus trade however we will only support animals being kept in captivity for the following reasons listed below.

  • The animal[s] have been found sick or noted to unhealthy for them to live their life back in the wild from which is basic human kindness assisting the animal and ensuring that it’s not attacked by predators, or suffers any more than it should.
  • Orphaned infant’s that normally range from Bears to Primates, Lions to Tigers and more that can then be nourished, hydrated that can then be temporarily card for by other species thus then returning them back into the wild to lead the life their deceased parents wanted them to. If releasing back into the wild is not possible as of illness, disease of other then more suitable accommodation must be found for them that does not have public human interaction with the animals thus decreasing contaminations and infections to possibly if their is a chance “trying to at least place them back into the wild”.
  • Protective captivity of critically endangered animals to secure species long term survival from hunters, poachers, animal parts trade and tropical pet trade.

Animals do not benefit from being kept in enclosures, to cages or tanks. In reality the only possible gain that humans can obtain from animals kept in captivity is listed below.

  1. Brief slim insight and education into species habitual living.
  2. Species survival and mating (very slim in captivity)
  3. Anatomy
  4. Disease control
  5. Natural living (again this is severely decreased due to the species not living in its natural habitual environment)

We personally believe from education and field surveillance that the only benefits that animal’s gain from captive keeping is simply a longer life span although regrettably slower and if any mating is dramatically decreased as the zoo inhabitants are not within their natural habitats along with human interference being a vast benefactor to their slow mating rituals which in turn doesn’t gain anything for the captive animals within zoos.

Captive zoo animals just lead a depressive life of solitary confinement that are mostly forced to interact with the human from which they are then placed at danger of human to animal virus attack of which one sneeze from a human that releases millions of vapor particles can wipe out an entire captive species or reversing this the animals in captivity can pass on infectious diseases such as E-coli.

There are zoo’s though then there are circuses both of which we completely despise however the circus trade is one that we like many others are eventually going to close down with or without governmental force or immediate imminent direct liberation action.

A circus is commonly a travelling company of performers that may include clowns, acrobats, trained animals, trapeze acts, musicians, hoopers, tightrope walkers, jugglers, uni-cyclists and other stunt-oriented artists. The word also describes the performance that they give, which is usually a series of acts choreographed to music and introduced by a ringmaster. A traditional circus performance is normally held in a ring 13 m (42 ft) in diameter. This dimension was adopted by Philip Astley to enable a horse rider to stand upright on a cantering horse to perform a series of acrobatic manoeuvres and to more easily retain their balance. Most modern circuses have a system of tiered seating around the ring for the public and since the late 19th early 20th century the performance has taken place under canvas and more recently plastic tents commonly called “The Big Top”  



Pictured above is the abuse that Elephants are forced to endure - courtesy of Ringling Brothers 

That’s what the circuses wish to show you though to grab as much gold from you to keep them on the road performing in a whole host of nations mostly in America, Canada, Asia (being the worst offender of them all) and nations where animal welfare laws are not of “high standards” The circus though is by far a lot different than one could possibly imagine, the big top master doesn’t show you what is behind the real curtains that contains caged species of animals from wild horses, Lions, Elephants, Primates, Snakes and more.

Animals are left in cold, cramped and secluded cages to solitary confinement, they are beaten electrocuted, and seriously abused by many of the animal caretakers that have no real animal welfare qualifications just performance skills from which they have been FORCED to undertake for YOU.

“Last year 2011 we observed with the help of an independent animal abuse investigation unit a Bengal Tiger that had been so badly beaten the Ringland Brothers forced the Bengal to perform regardless of its injuries” “When questions were raised and a routine visit from animal welfare visited the circus the Ringland Brothers deliberately concealed the Bengal behind a curtain screen so that animal welfare couldn’t view her” “Fortunately ourselves and the independent external animal welfare investigations unit was recording and monitoring the circus for the one week that was then forced to show the Bengal Tiger to animal welfare after the video was shown to the visiting animal welfare unit” “The Tiger was later examined, however she succumbed to her injuries and passed away later the next day” “It later emerged after a post mortem she was also bearing a litter of five cubs”

The Greeks “Romans” where the first hold any circus attraction from which many people visited to watch an array of animals performing from Tiger’s, Lions, Primates, and the ancient horse and chariots that is still used today in some medieval style circus grounds. Staged battles, jugglers and acrobats were also present within the Greek abusive circuses along with humans to that had deformities that people would pay to visit that was called the “freak shows” hence the slang word deriving from this period.

The Englishman John Bill Ricketts brought the first modern circus to the United States. He began his theatrical career with Hughes Royal Circus in London in the 1780s, and came over from England in 1792 to establish his first circus in Philadelphia. The first circus building in the US opened on April 3, 1793 in Philadelphia, where Ricketts gave America’s first complete circus performance. George Washington attended a performance there later that season.

What the circuses don’t want you know (or wish for you not to view)


teaching to perfom



Image above is that of an infantile Elephant forced to “perform” this is what the Circus (does not SHOW TO YOU) YET YOU support it?





Although Zoological Gardens and the traveling circuses are by far a lot different to one another the fact stands at “captivity” and wild animals that are abducted from their homes that do eventually attack or suffer from extreme depression or in worst case scenarios will eventually die at the hands of their abusive captive keepers, or from sheer mental and depressive exhaustion.

Research from an array of University’s that studied animal behavior and the onset of captive “compromised” mental illness and physical suffering shows alarming evidence of what we can only describe as that of what humans would suffer that are abducted then entombed or incarcerated  within captivity or steel caged cells. The symptoms of captive confinement we have included below that do “show an upsetting catalogue of mental and physical suffering”. Please do note that captivity implies to zoos, circuses, domestic and the tropical pet trade.

  • Self-mutilation
  • Repetitive rocking/pacing back and to
  • Eating of feces and drinking of urine (this we have documented on within the domestic pet trade that indicates to us that canines to felines are not being cared for inline to the Animal Welfare Acts of most European and non-European nations.
  • Cognitive depression
  • Scratching of cells until claws are blooded
  • Cannibalism
  • Suicide
  • Foraging and feeding to fast  that the captive animals then end up vomiting
  • Regurgitating food to stimulate their brains into “keeping active and enjoyment”
  • Jumping against caged roofs to escapism
  • Head banging or rocking - http://dspace.carthage.edu/xmlui/bitstream/handle/123456789/147/Matt%20Oskielunas.pdf?sequence=1
  • Anti-social behavior
  • Whimpering to constant crying and grunting
  • Hair pulling
  • Aggression and bullying of same “typed species”
  • Obsessive Compulsive Behavior and Obsessive Compulsive Disease ( e.g.) one animal a polar bear was recorded via the “new scientist journal 2002 as retracing every footstep in its captive facility to even placing their feet in the “exact foot prints” it had left behind whilst completing the entire walk of the cage “within a hair’s breadth of 14 seconds”
  • Violent and harmful behavior to the captive keepers and members of the public
  • Psychiatric overload more commonly known in slang as “the red mist that incurs prominent violent attacks of which the animals are most likely shot dead or humanely euthanized
  • Nervous break down
  • Shaking
  • Biting

These are just a handful of the most extreme “Psycho-physiological bases of habitual routines” based on over forty species of animals that many universities and wildlife behaviorists have studied within the captive breeding and keeping world that does include all captive facilities whether it be for educational purposes to entertainment within the cruel circus trade which many have not the trained equipped and qualified zoologists to veterinary experts traveling with them.

There is no meaningful phrase as “good zoo’s to good circuses” captivity in the long term causes psychiatric breakdown that harms the species of animals for life until they eventually cannot take no more.

Stereotypical behaviors and movements

One likely cause of these abnormal behaviors is the lack of appropriate normal stimuli which contributes to boredom and the lack of exercise (inactivity). It has been suggested that stereotypic movements may also develop as “escape attempts that cannot be carried out completely because of the inadequate space in their environment”. As well, the proximity to other animals and to the public may play roles in the initiation of a stereotypic movement. One example of how a stereotypic movement may evolve is a scenario of the predatory animal waiting for the zookeeper to deliver its meal. At feeding time the animal is usually waiting at a specific location in its enclosure. While the animal is awaiting its meal, the animal may turn around in restlessness and follow a fixed path back to its original lookout. This sequence of events initiates a stereotypical movement that may occur at feeding time and may eventually occur whenever the animal is hungry. This in an example of how an insignificant behavior such as waiting for a meal (predatory animals for the most part do not wait for a meal to be delivered to them in the wild) can transform itself into a stereotypic behavior.

Abnormal behavior such as a stereotypic movement is very much a concern when it occurs in relation to animals held in captivity. From a behavioral standpoint, the behavioral and spatial requirements of non-domestic animals in captivity greatly depend on the species. For example, the behaviorism requirements of many species appear relatively simple when compared with the requirements of a highly specialized carnivorous species such a large cat. It is often in predators or primates that one observes abnormal behaviorism such as stereotypic movements that are uncommon or otherwise different than normally occurring by the species in its natural environment.

One very upsetting case that we viewed in South Africa of primates was in relation to Monkey Town that the conservation media  documented on. The video can be viewed below. Although Monkey Town is now under new management, we are talking about South Africa from which animals run and live freely.

Why was such a captive facility built for? Who knows, what we do know is Africa is its own zoo and no animals should be under any circumstances held in captivity for public eye entertainment within Africa when one can freely visit a game reserve where they live and run freely within Mother Nature. Please read more here on captive facility abuse at Monkey Town in South Africa that Stuart Beaman that worked for the facility documented the gross and repulsive deliberate neglect and abuse. - http://www.greatapeproject.org/en-US/noticias/Show/3147,alert-primates-mistreating-and-abuse-at-south-africa

Regrettably there are more captive facilities in more or less the same conditions as the above or in a complete state of disrepair to utterly dilapidated. One zoo that we have been working to now instigate an immediate temporary rehabilitation plan and then furthering that imminent rescue is Benue Zoological Gardens situated 400 kilometres north of Kano.

Benue boasted many animals from 1990 that ranged from Cheetah, to Leopards, Lions to Giant African Land Turtles, rare western Giraffes that are critically endangered and mostly found in Nigeria and Somalia to Elephants and more. Please view this link http://www.ajol.info/index.php/jrfwe/article/viewFile/80305/70567 Benue Zoological Gardens lost an enormous quantity of animals as the government simply couldn’t cope with its own affairs within the nation.

The Director of Zoological Services and the Trade and Tourism Minister then withdrew all funding of which we the rescues now have to pick the pieces up to save and rehabilitate these animals that’s going to be an extremely long process.  Benue is just one out of many Zoological Gardens in Nigeria that holds more “shanty town style zoological gardens”. The animals that mostly and still do “to a certain degree” that inhabit the zoo where abducted from the wild that all now show severe signs of incarceration, cognitive depression, and behavioral problems.

Benue Zoological Gardens one would believe that you couldn’t view worse deliberate neglect and abuse however this is not the case even in our modern first world societies.

Knowsley Safari Park – United Kingdom http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1345801/Animals-culled-left-rot-bins-Knowsley-Safari-Park.html

Durham Zoological Gardens - E coli outbreaks - http://barfblog.com/e-coli-scandal-at-uk-zoo-that-left-dead-animals-to-rot/

GuZoo – Alberta Canada – “The worst roadside zoo in Canada” - https://secure.peta.org/site/Advocacy?cmd=display&page=UserAction&id=4447

Manila Zoological Gardens – Philippines “Animals going crazy” - http://www.propinoy.net/2011/07/13/the-very-sad-state-of-manila-zoo/

Papanack Park Zoological Gardens – Canada - “Sorry full state of neglect and lack of maintenance - http://www.tripadvisor.com.my/ShowUserReviews-g154979-d207621-r117615976-Papanack_Park_Zoo-Ontario.html

Twycross Zooogical Gardens October 2012 – Elehants beaten with canes - http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2222877/Twycross-Zoo-keepers-sacked-arrested-beating-star-elephant-Tonzi-canes.html

Movie – Zookeeper – United States - http://www.peta.org/b/thepetafiles/archive/2011/07/07/animals-were-harmed-in-the-making-of-zookeeper.aspx

Female Zoo keeper killed by escaped Tiger - http://preciousjules1985.wordpress.com/2012/08/26/female-zookeeper-killed-by-escaped-tiger/

Stockholm Sweden - http://www.upi.com/Top_News/World-News/2012/10/16/Former-zookeeper-Animals-beaten-to-death/UPI-98171350409835/

Circus animal abuse - http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/08/09/circus-animal-abuse_n_1760034.html

Illegal exhibiter caught in the act - http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/08/09/circus-animal-abuse_n_1760034.html

A modern day slave TRADE - http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/2012/nov/30/animals-circuses-slave-trade-anne-elephant

Columbia “continued circus abuse” http://www.ad-international.org/animals_in_entertainment/go.php?id=2912&ssi=10

Benue Zoological Gardens – Nigeria - http://allafrica.com/stories/201210210292.html


No animal’s small, large, mammal or non-mammal deserve to be abducted from the wild to perform for humans. No animals deserve to be removed from the wild to educate ourselves on what we can find and locate in the wild.

Each year many cases of neglect and abuse to beatings and murders arise from zoo’s and circuses are that are not adequately run or left to rot and decompose with the zoo and circus inhabitants to. Circuses have years of abusive neglect and deliberate abuse, please stay away.

Please do not support the captive keeping trade or circus because your monies only go towards ensuring their life and those that are newly abducted from the wild to entertain live a life of misery, to beatings and neglect.

Please help us with Benue Zoological Gardens in shutting this hell hole down, you can view our own investigations at this link here form which also has the petition underneath.


“The wildlife veterinary expert quotes “these are wild animals there are domestic homes in the vicinity what do you expect us to do we have to kill them” - QUOTE “what do you expect us to do?” (WE EXPECT YOU TO LEAVE THEM IN THE WILD AND IN THE COUNTRIES THAT THEY ORIGINATED FROM - THAT’S WHY YOU HAD TO MURDER THEM)





You can donate to the Benue Zoological Gardens Appeal by Pay Pall to the Underneath address


Together we can stop abuse – Together we can make change happen