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Step 1-100: Bringing Charities And Individuals Into Disrepute!



Is this how charities in today’s day and age really work? Mrs Yang is, in our opinion, pleading for help. Yet the British Charity No To Dog Meat is continuing to side-track, bully, harass and allow their volunteers to attack anyone who dares ask a question - including those whom donated. 

Since we last covered the subject on unruly behavior, unprofessionalism and online cyber thuggery with regards to the British charity World Protection for Dogs and Cats in the Meat Trade, matters have gone from worse to embarrassing, which are now casting other organisations into disrepute.

We have not concealed any names or data on the following information which shows how the Charities Commission is neither acting on such unprofessional misconduct, or bringing it to an immediate halt.Even with  regulations and policies in place, you would think any registered charity would behave professionally or at least control their volunteers, trustees or related organisations, but sadly this does not seem to be the case.

We have been forced to write this article to highlight the gross misconduct that has ‘directly or indirectly’ brought other charities and organisations into disrepute. From the 21st June 2015, when the World Protection for Dogs and Cats in the Meat Trade began raising donations for Mrs Yang, disputes, anger, bullying and allegations have boiled over.

While one cannot necessarily control members of the public and their concerns other than blocking them on Facebook for example (a bad idea), any charity must take the appropriate actions when required to safe guard their own charity, other charities and organisations and keep trust within the public domain ‘intact.’

‘A’ charity or organisation must ensure that when communicating to the public whom have donated, or are merely inquiring in relation small or large sums of money, not to hurl abuse at them, belittle them, or indirectly attack other individuals whom have spoken out against them or question them.

Robbins (surname), is an active volunteer for the organisation ‘World Protection for Dogs and Cats in the Meat Trade.’ The two images below remain on a public server and have not been concealed or illegally lifted. The screenshots below neither constitute harassment either. The LinkedIn account proves that Robbins is a volunteer for the Charity, World Protection for Dogs and Cats in the Meat Trade.



One would expect any volunteer or trustee to show respect and honesty while demonstrating professionalism at all times, especially after making public to the world that you work for the charity World Protection for Dogs and Cats in the Meat Trade (WPDCMT),  and their Facebook, aka campaign arm (No To Dog Meat.)

Respect and professionalism has yet to be seen and is not only bringing the ‘World Protection for Dogs and Cats in the Meat Trade” into disrepute, Mrs Robbins behavior has had great impact on members of the public who acknowledge they now think twice about donating or supporting similar charities or organisations, after reading comments such as listed below. (Please refer to the images below that have been legally removed from a public server).


The image above refers to the Chief Environmental Officer’s dead brother, J. Dimetri. Mr Dimetri died while undertaking animal rescue duties and his death was not only tragic, but upsetting due to the nature of his injuries. Every member of the family were left shocked and heartbroken. We therefore find it deliberately hurtful and emotionally traumatizing to read on a public server, that a volunteer aligned with the charity above abusing the family of the dead brother.

Mrs Robbins states “You know damn well it wasn’t me who brought your dead brother into this” yet in the first paragraph contradicts herself yet again by stating “Dead brother or do you mean dead personality, your brother is alive moreover his name sure does not begin with a J nor ends in a D”.

We do question why anyone related to ‘World Protection for Dogs and Cats in the Meat Trade’ would want to be bringing dead family members into online squabbling debates, cyber trolling or discredit a deceased person. Mrs Robbins doesn’t directly or indirectly know anyone of the team from the International Animal Rescue Foundation, or the SayNoToDogMeat.Net organisation.  All she does is troll and use guess work online. Please view the image below, which we find rather disturbing:


The image (above), again shows the extent of intimidation, trolling and her admittance to trolling members of the public. This is prime evidence that a volunteer from the World Protection for Dogs and Cats in the Meat Trade, has been stalking the CEO of SayNoToDogMeat.Net, removing his images and then making threats to use those images within the volunteer’s own multiple blogs.

The image below, taken from a blog that Mrs Robbins owns and documents on, was taken in July 2015. The volunteer for the World Protection for Dogs and Cats in the Meat Trade, again discredits herself by stating she never brings the Chief Environmental Officer’s dead brother into “anything.” Mrs Robbins states she never sabotages or tries to sabotage any mission the SayNoToDogMeat.Net Australian organisation undertakes. Please view the image below:


Within the image above one can clearly view the name of deceased Joseph Dimetri, being used as a weapon by Mrs Robbins stating: “The very people who have me in their shi* blog has stated that I am nothing more than a mere troll who goes around sabotaging legitimate causes.” Lets take a closer look at this allegation where Mrs Robbins states she never goes around sabotaging or trolling legitimate causes.

The image below was picked up today and shows both Mrs Robbins and her friend Mrs Alice Susan Harding viciously attacking a member of the public whom donated to World Protection for Dogs and Cats in the Meat Trade (No To Dog Meat), fundraiser set up specifically for Mrs. Yang. Mrs Harding seems to be an unofficial spokeswoman for the World Protection for Dogs and Cats in the Meat Trade, displaying a very evil side:


The volunteer for World Protection for Dogs and Cats in the Meat Trade not only speaks harshly to a member of the public who has donated, but then rudely and disrespectfully states to Jenny Hearn ‘”Do you have a guilty conscious?” Who in their right mind would even make such a statement to a donator when representing a charity on an open public server.

The Chief Environmental Officer of the International Animal Rescue Foundation (IARF), placed an innocent link within the image (above), to shows members of the public how this charity works. The star rating guide provided on Facebook for companies and organisations, allows anyone to provide a rating in relation to their experience with an organisation or company. However anyone that dares speak their own mind is immediately hit upon by Mrs Robbins or No To Dog Meat’s unofficial spokeswoman Mrs Alice Harding. Please view the public screen shots below, which in our opinion brings the charity WPDCMT and non-related organisations into disrepute. We must point out the star rating guide on Facebook does need addressing as anyone can leave a good, bad or abusive rating of which cannot be removed.


Another member of the public who donated to the Mrs Yang fund, known as Miss Cheng, asks non-abusive and straightforward questions. Within minutes she is set upon by those whom support the charity, volunteers and those whom even discredit the last documented evidence, that we filed back in June. The fact they state the evidence we provided is nothing but lies certainly indicates they do not want to admit they are wrong.

The article linked below is neither slanderous nor discrediting any organisation. Rather, it shows how members of the World Protection for Dogs and Cats in the Meat Trade behave and abuse the public. Please read more below: > https://speakupforthevoiceless.org/2015/07/14/no-to-dog-meat-public-deception-and-disputes/

Mrs Cheng asked legitimate questions on a star-rating server, from which she was ‘ordered’ to remove her comments from the rating as its ‘not the place nor forum to be posting such questions’ In other words the ‘No To Dog Meat gang only want to see happy and supportive comments. That is wrong.


Star Rating is a system where customers can rate a business or brand, and/or their experience associated with it. Star Rating also incorporates the ability to write an actual review if the user so decides. Miss Cheng and Miss Hearn both left ratings and comments, or added a comment to another rating. Both ladies were slammed down with abuse, which in our opinion is gross misconduct and brings the entire charitable system into disrepute because members of the public read these reviews. There are some 1.32 billion users on Facebook so if you don’t like the fact someone has asked a question, abused, or deliberately spread lies, turn your Star Rating off.

Another member of the public ‘asks’ a ‘question’ but doesn’t accuse. Initially the question looks intimidating as its written in block capitals, but as many members of the public have eyesight problems, some use block capitals. The volunteer Mrs Robbins replies (in the image below), “Why don’t you be an adult and call instead of posting such dribble.” Hardly polite is it?


The image (below), depicts another innocent member of the public who has shown concern regardiing the £81,600 raised for Mrs Yang. Again in quick time, the lady is pounced upon, insulted and told to be an adult. Mrs Robbins (NTDM volunteer), and Mrs Harding (unofficial spokesperson), both seem to agree that international celebrity Mr Egan was never abused, persecuted and is wrong for criticizing. Please refer to the images below:


Volunteer Mrs Robbins states: “No one from this page has ever Persecuted Egan” and “No one is sitting on funds either”. Image (1) below shows direct insults aimed at Mr Egan sometime back in 2013 via the old No To Dog Meat page that is the campaign arm for World Protection for Dogs and Cats in the Meat Trade:


The image (above) was legally removed via a screenshot off the old ‘No To Dog Meat’ Facebook page. The post clearly shows (although since rendered inactive), abuse hurled at Mr Egan. The CEO of the British charity, Ms De Cadenet wrote this comment and it is very typical of how she speaks in person. Volunteer Mrs Robbins alleges that the (new NTDM Facebook page) established back in 2014 has never discredit Mr Egan which she is in theory correct. She really should have stated that the charity did discredit Mr Egan, of which Peter and many other celebrities are joining the debate and asking questions still to this very day.

Mrs Robbins alleges the charity is not sitting on some £81.000+ sterling either. If that is the case, then where have the funds gone? The funds remain in the World Protection for Dogs and Cats in the Meat Trade’s PayPal bank-account.

In relation to the allegation that No To Dog Meat are ‘not’ sitting on funds, the confirmation can be seen below from the official Mrs Yang Cause (Facebook page), that we ask everyone to please join, support and help Mrs Yang in whatever way you can.


While volunteers aligned with the British charity keep bringing the charity into disrepute, which in-turn affects non-related charities, this entire state of sordid affairs is spiraling out of control. And whom is in the middle of this facade? Mrs Yang and many hundreds of dogs that are desperate for funding.

Mrs Yang has confirmed she received a total of £5,000 from NTDM,  but where is the remaining £75,000? And let’s not forget what was also donated (directly to the charity) through their donation links and other multiple fundraisers. While the Total Giving platform has stated some £81.000+ has been raised (see image below), there were many individuals stating they would “make monthly donations” and donations sent directly to the British charity.

As yet we have not seen a scrap of evidence stating how much more money has been raised by these private methods. From the 21st June, 2015,  people were donating sums from $100, $500, 5,000 to $10,000. While that was taking place the charity was also posting the direct donation link onto their Facebook page.  So in all fairness what we are all viewing on the Total Giving platform, is not the real sum of money raised. The total sum that is still climbing could be anything from $200,000+.  We find it very suspicious and concerning that the British No To Dog Meat campaign arm for the British charity World Protection For Dogs and Cats In The Meat Trade has not made this sum public either.


So some £81,859.02 British sterling has been raised (just on the Total giving platform). As one can see below more and more donations are still coming in too. Yet only £5050 has been sent to Mrs Yang.


Mr Peter Egan and other television wildlife celebrities have now began calling on the World Protection for Dogs and Cats in the Meat Trade and its campaign arm No To Dog Meat, to be upfront, show proof of money history, release the funding to Mrs Yang and stop this gross misconduct. Please see images below:


The image above depicts Mr Egan (well known international celebrity, actor and animal lover), asking questions in relation to Mrs Yang’s funding. The replies given are, as many people have stated, unsatisfactory. Transparency of funding and work would be most appreciated rather than being asked to call for an expensive international telephone call, one-on-one chat.

Dr Daniel Allen, TV wildlife and veterinary celebrity, has for the first time tweeted to the British charity his concerns in relation to the £81,000 which has been raised. To our amazement, Dr Allen was named as a troll and we believe temporarily blocked from the public No To Dog Meat Twitter page. Please see image below:



As questions continue to mount, No To Dog Meat volunteers continue their viral bashing and denouncing of the official Mrs Yang page on Facebook, as nothing but a hoax. Mrs Debbie Dunn (screenshot below), denounces the page despite the fact that a very tired Mrs Yang has been literally forced to hold up a hand written sign as evidence to prove her page and PayPal authenticity.

We found this quite upsetting to see Mrs Yang humiliated like this. Why is No To Dog Meat denouncing Mrs. Yang’s official page for? Even after Mrs Yang stated through ex-volunteer Sophie, the page and banking account is official, it is still being denounced? Debbie states the image (below this on) is in blurry Chinese and (facepalm). What do you think?



If the World Protection for Dogs and Cats in the Meat Trade, aka (No To Dog Meat), volunteer actually read the translation on the others images provided then the comment that this image was blurry or (pace-palmed) would not have been made, nor would it have brought the charity into disrepute. Out of respect for Mrs Yang we have deliberately not included the full image of her, as she is very tired and being forced to show proof of her own plight to doubters (please click the link above.)

The image below states a “strange notification” has appeared within the banking system which would have shown up almost instantly. Does this mean no one in the charity is checking bank funds coming in and going out? Why has it taken from June to July for this rather strange notification to show?



Below we’ve included an image that depicts trolls at work, destroying the credibility of Mrs Yang, harming other Facebook users by exposing their identities to former ex boyfriend’s - all in the name of the No To Dog Meat. Mrs Harding is a rather suspect character of which we have strong reason to believe this is not her real name.  That in itself would constitute a report as many of her communications are coming from Eastern Russia and South Africa. The account seems to hold no family details, no known [real friends] nor does there seem to be any thing on the account other than hate. Kind of odd when she makes out to be a Lady of the Cloth.




We are writing this article to protect other organisations that are indirectly being brought into disrepute, not to pick or accuse. The Charities Commission should begin taking appropriate action now. Mrs Yang does ‘not’ need to set up a business account for the entire sum raised on Just Giving to be sent to her. Mrs Yang has a normal account that any amount of money can be deposited within, via wire transfer. Before No To Dog Meat got involved, Mrs Yang’s bank account handled large amounts of money and is still able to do so now.

The World Protection for Dogs and Cats in the Meat Trade needs to address their volunteers, their supporters and take the appropriate actions to stop public bashing, especially toward those whom have directly donated. Deleting comments and posts that have attacked others is deemed suspicious,while blocking is even more of a red flag.

We, like everyone, want what is best for Mrs Yang and for this massive out of control public debate to end. The Charity is bringing other organisations into disrepute. Too many members of the public will now think otherwise before donating to any cause, project, organisation or individual that is directly helping dogs and cats in the meat trade.

We find it very peculiar when a very outspoken No To Dog Meat volunteer attacks hunters and those whom support a “no hunting project,” yet here we are seeing a hunter, part and parcel of the family. Contradictory or what?


External Affairs Officer / Germany.


Thank you for your reply, should it merit a response we will respond in due course. This site is owned by International Animal Rescue Foundation and moderation is used.

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