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M99 - Etorphine - Rhinoceros Poached 28 Sep 2012 - 412







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South Africa again sees another four Rhinoceros slain in cold blood for the greed of bloody fake medicine of which has neither medicinal value nor chemical properties. The Rhinoceros death toll hits 418 and although by the time I have written this another Rhinoceros would have been sized up ready to fill Asia’s traditional Chinese medicine markets full of FAKE medicine.

How many times does one have to advertise though to Asia that Rhinoceros horn does not cure headaches, migraines, hypertension, rheumatism, arthritis, cancer, diabetes, pneumonia, to skin ailments and sexual dysfunction to many more other illness and hypochondria.

Well you can advertise it as much as you want, sadly where there is money there is life and a much better one to say the least when it comes to the slums and ruins of China, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, to Sudan of which many of these poachers will travel from. You also have those that are South African’s themselves that are entombed around this vast dollar sized horn that consist of corrupt Veterinary staff, Police officers, to Game rangers themselves.

2011 and 2012 start saw many corrupt “Rhinoceros keepers and law enforcement” members arrested that had deliberately set out to harm the Rhinoceros or had been bribed to even having their families to themselves held at gunpoint of which the poachers had set. Farmers to where also included within this along with poachers themselves, couriers and rarely triad kingpins.

International Animal Rescue Foundation has carried out much work on the Rhinoceros however seeing the numbers now rise to a staggering four hundred and eighteen then we have to now start placing ourselves back within the public domain making ones presence felt and to not as a successful, well supported and powerful organisation both land and on-line be seen to lack in this area of which we are extremely frustrated at the lack of government action, funding, support to even awareness of organisation and anti-poaching units.

International Animal Rescue Foundation has made much awareness on the Rhinoceros crisis now but one thing that we have not documented on is that of the poacher themselves and how they have modernised from the nineteenth century to the twenty-first century using an assortment of modern warfare items that is seeing more Rhinoceros slaughtered than ever before.  Where the hell are these weapons though coming from and why are they using such an array of different modernised weapons?

We need to cut the crap first of from which we are going to continue to state and that is China is the number one kingpin in this massive genocide of our animals in the Republic of South Africa and animals worldwide. That we have already gone into in detail on showing the increasing rise since China and the Republic of South Africa started to trade and work together. We are though fascinated at one aspect within the Rhinoceros trade and that is not so much the weaponry that is used to remove the Rhinoceros horn that is worth on the black illegal market in excess of hundreds of thousands of dollars just for one intact horn, but more the weapons used to render the animal unconscious from which the poachers then remove the horn either savagely or cleanly from which the Rhinoceros is ninety per cent of the time never murdered during this vicious removal but sleeping from the drug that it has been darted with then dies a slow and painful death.

M99 or Etorphine a powerful semi-synthetic veterinary opiate that one to three thousand times stronger than the human morphine equivalent and which can kill you (human) if it comes in to contact via the bloodstream within seconds from repertory depression, cardiac arrest to blood poisoning. Etorphine (M99) is strictly regulated by governments and is only to be used in sedating large animals such as that of the Rhinoceros, Elephant, and Wildebeest, plus other larger animals at least over one ton in weight. Etorphine is also a powerful analgesic of which can help to alleviate pain by suppressing the nervous system thus sedating or temporarily rendering the animal unconscious although it is not recommended to be used at long intervals as it can cause cardiac arrest hence why it is only used BY and registered TO veterinary staff that work in the fields with large game wild and non-wild game.

Below is an extract from Wikipedia – “Diprenorphine (M5050), also known as Revivon, is an opioid receptor antagonist that can be administered in proportion to the amount of etorphine used (1.3 times) to reverse its effects. Veterinary-strength etorphine is fatal to humans. For this reason the package as supplied to vets always includes the human antidote as well as Etorphine”.

Large Animal Immobilon is a combination of etorphine plus acepromazine maleate. An etorphine antidote Large Animal Revivon contains mainly diprenorphine for animals and a human-specific naloxone-based antidote, which should be prepared prior to the etorphine.

M99 etorphine though is as said strictly government controlled, so is this very powerful opiate synthetic drug ending up in the hands Asian poachers, or are they using a pumped up form of diprenorphine mixed with other sedative chemicals that are taking our Rhinoceros down thus killing them. In China diprenorphine is used as human usage as an analgesic of which we strictly advise no one visiting China from the European Union, African states or America to have this administered upon them if in pain.

M99, etorphine is being used within the poaching community to take down a Rhinoceros, and this is something that International Animal Rescue Foundation now wishes to find out who is supplying this powerful analgesic to the poaching team syndicates. Farmers, vet’s to rangers and zoo keepers come within contact with this medicine, could it be them? Why are the makers of the drug not taking more stringent precautions to now monitor the sales or ordering to ordering of this drug and its location? Why are there no thorough and more stringent checks of whom uses this drug and why is it not being made safer or banned as of it being widely used within poaching community of which is the best choice of weapon because it is a silent killer rather than a rifle that can be heard from up to five miles or more away at night.

Hong Kong, United States, Netherlands, and United Kingdom have stringent and tough laws on the misuse of M99 ranging from fines, to life imprisonment to being punished under the misuse of drugs act.

An article written on 11 September in regards to M99 (etorphine) has stated now tougher measures are to be introduced in to South Africa in regards to it being used as of the lack of veterinary staff in South Africa that farmers have been asking more of. In South Africa there are more Rhinoceros on private farms than there is in the local reserves hence why so many farms are being hit nowadays by poachers. Farmers have argued that they need the use of this drug that has been used for many years now so they can assist in helping a sick animal to bringing it back to its natural surroundings if it escapes or wanders on to other “unprotected farms” that have no security again another issue that we will be highlighting as well as funding to help secure these farms from poaching “incidents”

The report then went on to state that due to the new ruling veterinarians were now the only people legally empowered to give an anaesthetic or immobilizing service to animal owners “so will this now see a reduction In the amount of poaching as of farmers no longer being able to use this drug? Again many questions that need answering and one which we shall now be keeping a close eye on to ensure that should any farmer be caught using M99 by ourselves that are not veterinary trained then we will be asking questions to reporting this to the authorities, SAPs and HAWKS.

Just to reiterate to any farmers that are not trained to use this drug then the amendment to the Veterinary Professions Act came into effect in June 2012 in regards to the usage of this drug. Should the law not be followed and/or broken then one could be placing their own animals in to more danger as of the makers threatening to remove it altogether from South Africa as of its misuse, lack of veterinarians and poaching incidents that the press wrongfully published on stating that there was “a few incidents of the drug being used by poachers” of which is a damn right lie as this is being used a lot by poachers and being the choice of weaponry to due to reasons that we still cannot establish fully on until more investigations into its misuse are fully looked into.

“Veterinary medicines were not available on prescription to farmers (as stated in the report).  Havinga disagreed, saying veterinary services were available throughout the country”. International Animal Rescue Foundation ADVISES all farmers that should you not be able to find veterinary then you are to report this “immediately” as M99 now has to be strictly (controlled) that way one can then see where and who is using the drug and with the new law being brought in, in June of this year.

Although WRSA has stated there is not enough veterinary staff in the country then this International Animal Rescue Foundation will publish more on if this is the case in a hope that the drug can be more regulated and monitored.

International Animal Rescue Foundation knows that the problem in regards to this highly dangerous potent, and silent weapon lies with the farmers and veterinary staff that are either selling it, OR becoming involved in “organised Asian crime” of which is going to see the Rhinoceros death toll to way above the 2011 kill statistic. Not all farmers and veterinary staff must be tarred with the same brush though as this is unfair. However in March 2012 one of the most “highest” members of the KNP (Kruger National Park) former head of game capture, Douw Grobler, appeared in court this on charges relating to the illegal use of a tranquillising drug favoured by rhino poachers, three other veterinarians followed suite with him all charged with the same felony.

Their appearance coincided with a furore about another vet who gave 26 bottles of the tranquilizer M99 to a game-capture outfit in Limpopo. (Why would an “outfitter” wish to have such drugs for?) That wouldn’t be because they are selling under the counter tranquilizers to illegal hunters or maybe “organised poaching gangs”?? Who knows as of yet, but this is why International Animal Rescue Foundation wants tight regulations placed onto hunters NOW to hunting being banned.

Watchdogs called for a clampdown on unethical members of the veterinary and private wildlife industry who are fuelling the poaching crisis.

Tom Milliken, Southern Africa director of Traffic, an international wildlife trade monitoring group, said individuals in the private game industry were conducting a “guerrilla warfare” that had a corrupting influence on public officials at reserves such as the Kruger.

“Poachers and Asian nationals involved in the illegal rhino trade are starting to get meaty court sentences,” he said. “Only when we see the high-profile white guys in the game industry end up with similar penalties will they realise it’s not worthwhile getting involved.”

Sarah Pappin, a representative of the United States-based non-governmental organisation, Saving Rhinos, said research showed that only 5% of the 397 rhino-related arrests made in South Africa between 2010 and 2011 were “white guys” in the game industry.

“Since 2006 29 white guys have been arrested in connection with rhino crimes. Only two were sentenced to jail time, more than 93% were granted bail, 17% were repeat offenders and more than 20% worked in the veterinary field,” Pappin said.

Grobler appeared in the Pretoria North Magistrate’s Court with Johannes Gerhardus Kruger, a private vet, and Buti Chibase, a state vet from Klerksdorp. They appeared with professional hunter and game farmer Hugo Ras and four others — Matthys Christoffel Scheepers, Riaal Booysen, Johan Carl Heydenrych and Christoffel Francois Naudé — whose details were not given.

National Prosecuting Authority spokesperson Mthunzi Mhaga said they were granted bails of between R1 000 and R5 000 each on provisional charges of contravening the Medicines and Related Substances Act and would appear in court again on April 3.

Grobler was arrested in November 2011 in connection with the possession and distribution of scheduled veterinary medicines. Five crates of medicines were confiscated during a police raid on Ras’s home, which led to his arrest.

During his tenure as head of the Kruger’s game capture unit, Grobler made an international name for himself on large-scale wildlife relocation programmes that included elephants and rhinos. He was fired in 2001 for the unauthorised sale of animals from the park’s disease-free buffalo breeding project.

Vets infuriated at the abuse of M99 leaked documents earlier this month about the unauthorised distribution of 26 bottles by Boksburg vet Johan Hendrik Meyer. A single drop—0.1mg—of veterinary-strength M99, also called etorphine, can be fatal to humans. It can be bought only by vets, who have to keep it under lock and key and maintain a register of its use for inspection. A single bottle containing 10ml can sedate as many as 15 rhinos. (Lock and KEY though is not being adhered to and now MORE measures need to be implemented).

The potent drug has been used in numerous rhino-poaching incidents in recent years, particularly on private property, because it allows poachers to drop the animals without the noise of a gun. They then either kill the rhino before removing its horn, or leave it to wake up with a gaping hole in its face.

Meyer was found guilty of unprofessional conduct by the South African Veterinary Council and fined R25 000. He was also given a six-month suspension, set aside for 10 years on condition that he is not found guilty of a similar transgression.

The sentence caused a huge row among wildlife vets. Some described it as a “slap on the wrist” and accused the council of “failing the profession badly by not dealing with the problem”.

Lynette Havinga, acting registrar of the council, refused to be drawn into the row this week. She also could not say how many complaints the council had received about the abuse of M99 and other game-capture tranquilizers in the past year.

If vets are caught illegally distributing scheduled veterinary drugs such as M99, she said, “the council will act upon a guilt finding in the normal courts of law, will obtain the details of the court proceedings and will then hold its own investigation according to the required procedures in terms of the Veterinary and Para-veterinary Professions Act”.

Four South African National Parks officials arrested this week in connection with rhino poaching appear to have used silenced rifles rather than M99, investigators said.

The four—a ranger, two field guides and a traffic officer—were arrested on Tuesday after two freshly killed rhino carcasses were found in the Pretoriuskop section of the Kruger, an area where at least 11 rhinos have been killed since the beginning of the year.

Milliken said the arrests could prove to be an important breakthrough. “It is good that internal complicity in the poaching is getting exposed. It makes one wonder how many incidents in the past were influenced by similar internal factors,” he said.

So with laws tightened “so it has been claimed” then why the hell has another four Rhinoceros one pregnant cow that had to be euthanized had their horns removed with precision, great care, and again with a “darting agent used” mainly M99 from the

VetaPharma Limited is the main maker and distributor of M99 all of the world, VetaPharma Limited will be informed of the savaging usage and corruptness that surrounds this drug as we can no longer see this drug being used as a “weapon” no more we need to see it being administered for what it is used for. By carrying this simple communication out it could reduce the hits upon the Rhinoceros and other game as well as the misuse of it that is spreading all over the Republic of South Africa that is being freely supplied to the poachers by vets to farmers that are still using this highly sedative medicine.

South Africa has a heritage to keep that being the Rhinoceros, if International Animal Rescue Foundation see’s that this drug one that can be controlled is being misused then we have a right as animal protectors to now demand that the drug is made safer OR withdrawn from Africa unless tougher and stringent controls are made NOW and SOON to stop the selling and killing of Rhinoceros to other game for thousands of dollars of FAKE MEDICINE. Asia you may have had your play in the jungle now it’s our turn. On our soil in the European Union we can make the makers and distributors see sense, had the drug been used correctly then we would not now be taking this action to have tougher controls place upon it to having it banned from Africa.

More news on the misuse of M99 –





http://www.timeslive.co.za/scitech/2012/09/12/game-farmers-won-t-take-tranquiliser-ruling-lying-down - (GAME FARMERS ARE GOING TO HAVE TO LEARN THAT WHEN ONE MISUSE SOMETHING THEN THE OTHER SHALL TAKE IT AWAY AS IT IS NOT A TOY”.

There are many more links identical to the above of which makes upsetting reading. We will not take poaching lying down and we certainly will not see this “choice” of weapon used by poachers supplied by the game industry to the barbaric slayers.


International Animal Rescue Foundation is working more behind the scenes now in fighting this war, some days you will see us talk on the Rhinoceros crisis most though you will not. It was our choice to take this stance for security and to nail these bastards ensuring that our land and online units safe and are always watching. It’s always devastating for a reserve or a family to lose an animal[s] but we can assure you that we are helping, we are doing our utmost best to ensure that support, awareness and funding is ploughed in to South Africa regarding this barbaric illegal trade. More online measures will be followed up, and we will be communicating with the public on a “need to know basis” this is what makes the International Animal Rescue Foundation unique in its role ensuring that the criminals are caught and placed behind bars there businesses are shut down to social communication wiped out to. Ecology, Conservation, Marine biology, Botanical studies, Climatology, Meteorology, Mamology we are best at and carry out to the full along with much more.

Your support is grateful to us and much-needed to spread awareness around the world of such a devastating impact the illegal trade in Rhinoceros horn is having both on the Rhinoceros but to the heritage and people of South Africa.  Why not check out our African and Rhinoceros Facebook pages below, our main website that we will be modernising soon is here too. www.international-animalrescue-foundation.org.uk

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Genetically Modified Frankenstein Crops

Genetically Modified Frankenstein Crops.

Do we vaccinate or kill ?

Vaccinations are one of humans last defence networks that one requires to fend of diseases or illness that could evolve in to a pandemic to epidemic.  Millions of children, teenagers and adults are vaccinated every year along with agricultural and non-agricultural animals that are of the highest risk from spreading such diseases such as the Influenza A virus subtype H1N1 that saw millions of animals slaughtered and human death.

The highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) also saw many human deaths and yet again animals slaughtered needlessly of which both these highly infectious, contagious viruses also known as strains to sub strain viruses.

Meningitis, Measles, Mumps and Rubella, Diphtheria, Tuberculosis, Actinomycosis, African sleeping Sickness, Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome, Anthrax, Junin virus, Botulism, Cholera, Chlamydia, Creutzfeldt Jakob Disease, Influenza , Dengue fever, hepatitis A,B,C,D,E, Human Granulocytic Anaplasmosis, Leprosy, Malaria, Measles, Whitmores disease, Rabies, Rat Bite Fever ,Plague, Tetanus, Smallpox,  and Yellow Fever. These are all viruses’, infections, diseases to neurological degenerative diseases (NDD), to just common and extremely rare bubonic plagues.

There will never be a full completed list of viruses that live in the air, to surfaces, animal, human body to the botanical world fully documented, simply due to new infectious viruses evolving to mutating of “hosts” such as the H1N1 did causing a catastrophic human and animal breakout, emerging every year that are closely monitored or take us by surprise casing mass panic and hysteria thus plunging the economy in to financial meltdown, rising more sickness levels, which in turn means the government losses millions of dollars or euros every year that the tax payer then has to pay for in ascending governmental taxes.

Before I expound in great detail the advantages and disadvantages of vaccinations first it is best to define what a virus is. A virus is not alive you cannot catch a virus neither. A virus disintegrates very quickly outside the host. A virus consists of small bits of genetic material, variable from virus to virus, surrounded by a thin coating, either protein (water-soluble) or fat. Viral materials are seen in large numbers inside the host cell. A full host cell breaks open and the viruses are spilled into the environment.  In the environment the viruses are bagged up by the cells of the immune system.

Virologists that study microbiology will never know the full extent or be one hundred per cent prepared for what is called the “big one” which we know as a massive uncontrolled epidemic, to pandemic causing catastrophic human loss of life to extinction “if it ever happens” of which the governmental health and bio-security departments to warfare are all seriously concerned about.

It is very concerning yet again to read within the animal and conservation world the wrong information being shared that is brainwashing young sensitive parents, vegans, and vegetarian’s, to others causing mass panic thus creating some form of governmental conspiracy against the human race. However we all have to be open to discussion and must show the real truth of vaccinations and viruses before we see un-educated and ill-informed humans taking it upon themselves to place the human and animal population in the spotlight of something that they know very little of other than reading upon documentation that has mostly been created by some think tank to create a stir or move ones minds away from other more prominent issues that must be discussed such as environmentalism to the animal liberation movement.

One issue regarding the viral world is that of the H1N1 virus. Still little is known about this however that’s not exactly true and the government know more than they are letting on. H1N1 was never a new virus in fact it “originated” from Russia and not Asia that then spread rapidly throughout the world harming many people, hospitalising them to killing them.

Picture above is of the H1N1 Virus

H1N1 causes severe out breaks in the 1930’s, 1950’s, 1970’s to then present. It was well documented on and investigated, the government warfare virologists, microbiologists to doctors and those in training to become a doctor knew about H1N1 to even having the strains locked in laboratories for reasons that I will not go in to, I think one can use their imagination. So why when there was a sudden outbreak was one not prepared for it? Why when the governments knew their enemies in the soviet bloc knew of this virus and had this virus not inoculate to protect from a massive out break? Was this a trail run that was to be then used in military warfare? We all know that the armed forces are now using nuclear, biological and chemical warfare as proof emerging from undercover investigations’ showing primates strapped to tables being injected to gassing with “form” of (NBC) agents.

Could the panic and scaremongering have something to do with this? Or are we simply looking in to the vaccination world a little too much without looking at the facts clearly and moving the shroud of government and non-government conspiracy away.

The first vaccine that was ever given to humans in great numbers was the Small Pox vaccine by Dr Edward Jenner although British historian Joseph Needham and the American historian Robert Temple write that the practice of inoculation for smallpox began in China during the 10th century, however there was six to seven others that had adopted the same principles as Dr Jenner from 1796 and onwards.

Picture above is that of a suffering Small Pox Victim - Still think vaccination is not worth it?..

Dr Louis Pasteur then moved vaccination microbiology onwards thus then pioneering the vaccine from which the meaning of vaccine derived from cows as of the work of which the first vaccine was made due to the first “virus” that came from cows. Due to the great work of these Physicians the Small pox vaccine that killed an estimated 300-500 million humans in the 20th century of which 80% of these where children was then eradicated in 1979. Originating in China or not in the 10th century the fact remains that without this first class degree of pharmaceutical investigations than millions more humans and animals would be wiped of the face of the earth. I think as humans we should place and pay our respects to such great and courageous medical achievement in saving many humans and animals from dying although it wiped out millions before a mass “vaccination” programme was developed and the rolled out.

The term vaccination and immunization are almost identical however inoculations or inoculation is by far much different to that of vaccination and this is where a lot of people are becoming mixed up when they read articles on-line that state “do not vaccinate your child” to “vaccines have killed thousands if not millions of people”.  So what are the differences? Well let’s be brief and make it as simple as one can in plain but precise English.

Vaccine or Immunizations are not weakened or live pathogens. A vaccine or “immunisation” is a biological prepped half live to live agent that resembles a disease-causing microorganism that if left untreated can cause severe health issues to death. Vaccinations OR immunizations can also if not “investigated” adequately cause long-term damage should they be given in LIVE form rather than half live form of which adverse reactions are of a lower extent upon the human body mainly in children that require such medical protocol to reduce the risk of great epidemics and pandemics in children and teenagers.

Inoculation is the placement of something that will grow or “reproduce” of which is used to “boost” immunity to a certain disease or diseases if given in double or as we call them the booster inoculation. Inoculations can also be used to refer to the communication of a disease to a living organism by transferring its causative agent into the organism, the implanting of microorganisms or infectious material into a culture medium such as a brewers vat or a petri dish, or the placement of microorganisms or viruses at a site where infection is possible.

Although many physicians’, professors and general practitioners to nurses will disagree to agree with the terminology of Inoculations, Vaccinations to immunizations they are almost identical, however slightly different in the terms of how one grows to then forms and administers the viral agents to humans, animals and the botanical world as we know it.

Are vaccines, inoculations, and immunizations dangerous though? And is it seen as a healthy way to place our children in to danger via not allowing such agents to enter the body or are we doing the correct thing in keeping our children away from such agents that may increase life expectancy. Tricky question and one of which must always be investigated in-depth “before” even placing our children in harm’s way or not.

So let’s go a little back in time and look at one such illness that killed and maimed millions of people worldwide. Polio or Poliomyelitis as it is better known. Polio was found by Dr Jakob Heine in 1840 from which was fully identified and recognised by Dr by Karl Landsteiner in 1908 by which time had caused many infantile deformities “IF” the poliovirus entered the blood stream. 80% of those that had the poliovirus showed no symptoms at all unless the actual viruses then entered the blood stream causing major causing motor neuron, central nervous system, muscle weakness of which many polio sufferers would be seen to have very abnormal polio effected walking caused by the weakness of muscles in the legs that one can describe as having a “dead leg”.

Polio epidemics where unknown in the 19th century however where more commonly known and the most feared of in the 20thth century of which many viruses where for reasons we can only say are for massive population growth and rapid economy structuring that saw more children pushed in to schools and adults in to the work place thus making them more “exposed” to illness and an epidemic breakout

Picture above depicts that of an Indian Polio sufferer where disease is still rife, picture below shows the virus under attack on the human immune system.

Now let’s go a little forward in time to 2010, H1N1 this virus was KNOWN to the governmental agencies, they knew where it was located and also if it was to become a mass problem it would cause economic meltdown, mass infection, plundering the world’s populations in to mass hysteria from a still unknown virus. Yet it’s been known about and its whereabouts for many years. So what does the Poliovirus have in common here? Well like H1N1 it to was known about and had laid dormant as an endemic pathogen until the 1880s, when major epidemics began to occur in Europe soon after, widespread epidemics appeared in the United States then more outbreaks occurred effecting millions. Who is to blame? Government maybe or is it a lack of public education?. Who knows, what we do know is that these viruses are locked away in secret laboratories including ones that date back some hundreds of years such as the Spanish Influenza Virus that oddly enough saw governmental health officials in 1995 exhuming Spanish victims of this virus, dressed in Nuclear, Biological Chemical clothing for what they stated was “archaeological finds”. No more on these findings was ever addressed to the public which gave some suspicion that the United Kingdom’s Cobra Unit to even MI5 harvesting these viruses to then use in assignations.

Quotation taken from Wikipedia read as follows;

“By 1910, much of the world experienced a dramatic increase in polio cases and epidemics became regular events, primarily in cities during the summer months. These epidemics, which left thousands of children and adults paralyzed, provided the impetus for a “Great Race” towards the development of a vaccine. Developed in the 1950s, polio vaccines have reduced the global number of polio cases per year from many hundreds of thousands to under a thousand today. Enhanced vaccination efforts led by Rotary International, the World Health Organization, and UNICEF should result in global eradication of the disease.

One to five in 1000 cases progress to paralytic disease of the Poliovirus of which those that did suffer more after being vaccinated. There has been much controversy in regards to the poliovirus and as I have stipulated we are here to show the truth and speak up for the voiceless based on factual and evidential data that we must always present upon documentation of such facts.


A major concern about the oral polio vaccine (OPV) is its known ability to revert to a form that can achieve neurological infection and cause paralysis. Clinical disease, including paralysis, caused by vaccine-derived poliovirus (VDPV) is indistinguishable from that caused by wild poliovirus. This is believed to be a “rare event”, but outbreaks of vaccine-associated paralytic poliomyelitis (VAPP) have been reported, and tend to occur in areas of low coverage by OPV, presumably because the OPV is itself protective against the related outbreak strain.

The rate of vaccine-associated paralytic poliomyelitis (VAPP) varies by region but is generally about 1 case per 750,000 vaccine recipients. VAPP is more likely to occur in adults than in children. In immunodeficiency children, the risk of VAPP is almost 7,000 times higher, particularly for persons with B-lymphocyte disorders (e.g., agammaglobulinemia and hypogammaglobulinemia), which reduce the synthesis of protective antibodies

The earliest cases of (VAPP) occurred in the 1950’s and the most recent have been noted as occurring in 2007.

VAPP has and still is though noted as a rare occurrence, and although it has effected many people but not “higher” than the vaccine has treated then do we simply ignore such highly important vaccinations because of old history such as this? Or do we place our children in harm’s way wondering if one day that our own human ignorance will start again “although” highly unlikely another epidemic of such a virulent strain that maimed and killed millions of humans.

Moving forward we saw another mass public hysteria of the (MMR) immunization, Measles Mumps and Rubella, developed by Dr Maurice Hilleman while at Merck in the late 1960s, (MMR) the vaccine is a mixture of three live attenuated viruses, administered via injection. The shot is generally administered to children around the age of one year, with a second dose before starting school (i.e. age 4/5). The second dose is a dose to produce immunity in the small number of persons (2–5%) who fail to develop measles immunity after the first dose. In the United States, the vaccine was licensed in 1971 and the second dose was introduced in 1989.  It is widely used around the world; since introduction of its earliest versions in the 1970s, over 500 million doses have been used in over 60 countries. As with all vaccinations, long-term effects and efficacy are subject to continuing study.

Picture above is Dr Andrew Wakefield (Against MMR) ~ Post below and PICTURE shows the “spouting garbage of Wakefield in the USA, as mentioned on Alex Fox posts ~ if only he knew how many CHILDREN this man maimed as of his negligence………. And International Animal Rescue Foundation is somewhat sceptical now of Mr Fox http://www.eirenehealthshop.co.za/articles/vaccinations/


Dr Andrew Wakefield a well-liked and known doctor amongst his peers caused much controversy over the Measles Mumps and Rubella immunization. Dr Andrew Wakefield was then later stuck of the United Kingdom’s General Medical Council Register as of his data that proved to be more damaging to human life than good. Still many parents are listening and adhering to Dr Wakefield’s advice even though there has never been no scientific data or proof to provide to the public that the (MMR) immunizations where the leading cause to (ADHD) Attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder or (ADD) Attention Deficit Disorder to (CD) Conduct Disorder (TS) Tourette’s Syndrome (OCB) Obsessive Compulsive Behaviour and (OCD) Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

Dr Wakefield though insisted based on his “home findings and studies” that the above KNOWN (NDD’S) Neurological Degenerative Diseases to compulsions where a “side effect to illness” caused by the (MMR).

Conduct Disorder, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Obsessive Compulsive Behaviour, to Tourette’s syndrome a vast and widely rare (NDD) is still unknown a lot about. (TS) As it is better known effects 1-100 school children mostly them being boys, and with evidence showing that one can awake with (STS) Sudden Tourette’s Syndrome, to even any of the compulsive behaviours then to stipulate that (MMR) is causing these (NDD’s) is by far a gross misconception of which not just lost him his job but also caused measles to break out in minor epidemics to even maiming and killing children.

Dr Andrew Wakefield acted inappropriately and dishonestly placing children’s lives in vast danger of which some of those that believed him still have failed to now spreading the word that (MMR) is still unsafe. Only two weeks ago International Animal Rescue Foundation had to delete many “inconclusive and unrealistic – unproven” articles to hand typed rants that VEGANS to VEGETARshould not under no circumstances sacrifice their bodies and their children’s bodies to such unethical and unproven medicine “even though this is not about medicine this is about keeping the next humans alive”.

The full article on what the BBC (British Broadcasting Commission) can be seen here http://www.guardian.co.uk/society/2010/feb/19/wakefield-quits-texas-autism-centre 2010 he resigned as the researcher in Texas - after being stuck of by the (GMC) General Medical Council in 2008 for gross misconduct, negligence and dishonesty of which he placed many children’s lives in danger as of unethical and un-proven findings that he has oddly “moved on from”..

Dr Andrew Wakefield has since been struck of thus meaning he can no longer practice to be a general practitioner, but is (MMR) associated with ADD, ADHD, TS, CD, OCB, OCD? Well we do know that Attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder is a (NDD) that also has when one does the Yale Brown test all of the associated symptoms above that are most common with Attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder, more with Tourette’s Syndrome too.

ADHD and its diagnosis and treatment have been considered controversial since the 1970s. The controversies have involved clinicians, teachers, policymakers, parents and the media. Topics include ADHD’s causes, and the use of stimulant medications in its treatment.[18][19][20] Most healthcare providers accept that ADHD is a genuine disorder with debate in the scientific community centering mainly around how it is diagnosed and treated. The American Medical Association concluded in 1998 that the diagnostic criteria for ADHD are based on extensive research and, if applied appropriately, lead to the diagnosis with high reliability.

More posts on Dr Andrew Wakefield can be found here http://www.guardian.co.uk/science/2010/jan/28/andrew-wakefield-downfall


There is a strong association between persistent bed wetting and ADHD as well as dyspraxia with up to 50 per cent of dyspraxics having ADHD. Multiple research studies have also found a significant association between ADHD and language delay.  Anxiety and depression are some of the disorders that can accompany ADHD. Academic studies and research in private practice suggest that depression in ADHD appears to be increasingly prevalent in children as they get older, with a higher rate of increase in girls than in boys, and to vary in prevalence with the subtype of ADHD. Where a mood disorder complicates ADHD, it would be prudent to treat the mood disorder first, but parents of children with ADHD often wish to have the ADHD treated first, because the response to treatment is quicker.

In the UK, the MMR vaccine was the subject of controversy after publication of a 1998 paper by Andrew Wakefield et al. reporting a study of twelve children who had bowel symptoms along with autism or other disorders, including cases where onset was believed by the parents to be soon after administration of MMR vaccine. In 2010, Wakefield’s research was found by the General Medical Council to have been “dishonest”, and The Lancet fully retracted the original paper. The research was declared fraudulent in 2011 by the British Medical Journal. Several subsequent peer-reviewed studies have failed to show any association between the vaccine and autism.

The Centre’s for Disease Control and Prevention, the Institute of Medicine of the National Academy of Sciences, the UK National Health Service and the Cochrane Library review have all concluded that there is no evidence of a link between the MMR vaccine and autism.

Administering the vaccines in three separate doses does not reduce the chance of adverse effects, and it increases the opportunity for infection by the two diseases not immunized against first. Health experts have criticized media reporting of the MMR-autism controversy for triggering a decline in vaccination rates. Before publication of Wakefield’s findings, the inoculation rate for MMR in the UK was 92%; after publication, the rate dropped to below 80%. In 1998, there were 56 measles cases in the UK; by 2008, there were 1348 cases, with 2 confirmed deaths.

In Japan, the MMR vaccination has been discontinued, with single vaccines being used for each disease. Rates of autism diagnosis have continued to increase, showing no correlation with the change.

SO IN REALITY NO LINK EXIST AT ALL - Any Dr asking for blood and giving to the children £5.00 just states that “very little parents believed a word he was saying”.


Most doctors and medical experts agree that vaccinations are generally safe. Though complications are possible, they are said to be rare. Doctors frequently tell their patients that the dangers of contracting vaccine-preventable diseases far outweigh the risks of receiving the vaccinations. However, when any level of risk is present, it is wise to know and consider the risks carefully.

Many individuals worry about the potential dangers of vaccinating their children. The common childhood vaccinations, given as a matter of course in many countries, can be lifesaving. However, the concept of allowing someone to inject a pathogen, albeit weakened or dead, into a loved one’s body can be frightening. The idea of receiving such vaccinations yourself can be a bit sobering as well. The good news is the vast majority of people do not have adverse reactions to vaccinations; when reactions do occur, they are usually mild and harmless.

For vaccinations to be approved for use, they must pass many tests. Once they are approved for safety and effectiveness, they are carefully monitored by government and healthcare agencies, such as the Food and Drug Administration and the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention. A reporting system exists, as well, enabling individuals to report adverse reactions to immunizations without delay. If problems with a particular vaccine are discovered, safety alerts are issued, changes are made as needed, and the vaccine may be discontinued.

The most common reaction to vaccinations is fever, usually mild, and soreness at the site of injection. In children, crankiness may be present as well; this is particularly true with very small children and infants. Usually, such symptoms are expected and not serious. Many doctors recommend an over-the-counter fever reducer and pain reliever to relieve these symptoms. However, high fevers, lethargy, severe pain, and other out-of-the-ordinary symptoms should be reported to a healthcare professional immediately.

In rare cases, vaccinations may cause allergic reactions, shock, convulsions, seizures, brain damage, or death. Meningitis and encephalitis are also rare, but possible, vaccine complications. Some individuals have experienced pain, stiffness, and swelling of the joints following the administering of certain vaccines. Most vaccines do not cause symptoms of the diseases they work to prevent. However, some, such as the influenza vaccine, can cause a milder form of the symptoms you would experience if you contracted the actual disease.

To fully understand the dangers, as well as the benefits, of any vaccines you are considering, consult with your doctor. Ask for hand-outs for the vaccines in questions, detailing both the benefits and the risks. In most cases, you will see that you are more at risk for dangerous complications if you actually catch a disease than you are from being vaccinated against it. Don’t hesitate to ask questions and let you doctor know of your concerns. With all the facts at hand, you’ll be much more prepared to make important health decisions.


Like any other medication, in case of vaccines too, there are certain disadvantages. There exists the risk of adverse reactions with vaccinations as well. Mostly, the reactions associated with vaccinations are minor in nature, including pain or swelling at the injection site, mild fever and irritability. In rare cases, severe reactions have also been noticed. However, the rate of occurrence cannot be determined as side effects are usually not reported and there is very less research being done in the area.

Below is Dr Andrew Wakefield TRYING to dig himself out of the swamp… Dr Andrew Wakefield has LIED many times in this video and also to his followers. We are just giving the FACTS though …..

Below depicts another short video OF MMR AND AUTISM


Alex Jones - The man not realising who Dr Wakefiled WAS and what HE DID







More information at info@international-animalrescue-foundaion.org.uk

Brain Powered Food - For Thought

The term you are what you eat is as it states. I and everyone that works for International Animal Rescue Foundation along with the online team and ground team are either vegans or vegetarians and we plus myself the founder and chief executive officer are proud of this, not to mention our healthy eating promoting page of the 501 C 3 (NGO).

I am not going to go in to vast detail here on the great aspects of being a vegetarian or vegan but more on something a little more important that affects millions of people worldwide, that affects our economy, tax rates, un-employment, and now our extremely high sickness record of which is depression a major contributor to economical and commercial illness.

The European Union has been pushing out its message of five (fruits and vegetables) a day now for some years, however people are still ignoring this vital and most important message. Every single day I find myself walking past fast food restaurants of which are packed with school children, to teenagers and parents, business men and women stuffing their bodies full of harmful fattening cancer causing chemicals, which does not under no circumstances aide a positive mental cognitive life style.

Fruit and vegetables are still being left out of 79.5% of people’s diets of which are mostly children, teenagers, and young adults. Children are either being fed (MRM) mechanically reclaimed meat and “some” frozen vegetables, some if not most teenagers are just in for the quick hit of fleshy fast food most of which is consumed mostly from (Friday to Sunday), and the younger adults are too busy or not financially able to sustain their diets with such goodness.

These three main age groups suffer the most with depression or depressive type illnesses that can be alleviated with a simple diet of fresh fruit and vegetables every day and that is what the International Animal Rescue Foundation is going to push out now over a thirty-day period on its vegan and vegetarian foods to promote healthy eating NGO PAGE that our directive staff will publish every day in an album for you the wonders of what our fruit and vegetables can offer to the human brain to aid a much better mental health and physical health.


Bananas are one of a major brain stimulating aid that aids depression, increases pain threshold as of its lack of salt and high potassium and zinc level that also aids the immune system. Bananas are a good source of vitamin B and associates that keep the nervous system young and fresh plus ticking for a lot longer than you think. Aiding slow release energy to, these fantastic fruits are an extremely ample source of the human diet that one should never disregard or just leave out of any diet, meal but most importantly breakfast. Believe it or not but they also contain “serotonin” of which calms our bodies and makes us happy. Many people who suffer from “real depression” lack this most important chemical that originates from the neurons deep in the midline of the brainstem, a lack of serotonin can cause many mental illnesses such as obsessive compulsive disorder, schizophrenia, manic depression, neurological degenerative diseases (N.D.D) such as (Parkinson’s disease) learning and behavioural problems, sexual dysfunction, to suicidal tendencies so please do intake many bananas, please also view our healthy eating page of which our administrators will publish everyday information on one fruit in the album that you self-educate from.

The effective and very humble banana also contains tryptophan, a mood-uplifting chemical that helps to aid (S.A.D) Seasonal affective Disorder, which is a type of temporary depression that is brought by the long autumn and winter months that can leave many sufferers in an emotional state of depression from which the modern general doctor still does not recognise in most parts of the European Union and the United States as an illness. Bananas also help to lift morning sickness in the first trimester of pregnancy.


The avocado is a fruit that is not seen much on the European food table, many vegetarians and vegans do consume this amazingly brain powered fruit but yet again it is something that is not seen a lot of in children’s school meal lunch boxes, or at the dinner table of which tastes fantastic, moorish and is another one of the great brain fruits much like that of the Banana.

What’s the secret though that the humble avocado has? Well it has inside it a chemical similar to that of “dopamine” a brain chemical that is produced that makes us feel amazing after eating chocolate (to a degree), going to the gym for a good full muscular workout, or sexual intercourse that arouses the brain so much that the dopamine levels act like little cars moving around the brain at one hundred miles an hour hitting all our good spots giving us that feel good and “stoned” feeling aiding relaxation, sleep, and a better mood for hours upon end.

The not so secret but not so made aware of chemical is tyrosine which after eating the avocado Is then turned into L-Dopa, and then on to dopamine. Although the actual chemical in avocados is tyrosine and not “dopamine” it makes this fruit one of the best in popularity. Avocados should be the number one fruit to that of the banana that should “be consumed” on a regular basis to aid a better cognitive brain process and positive thinking, it alleviates moods, calms down unruly behaviour in children and young adults with depression, hyperactivity disorder, manic depression, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, Tourette’s syndrome, Asperger’s, obsessive compulsive disorder, obsessive compulsive behaviour, conduct disorder, along with antisocial behaviour (IF) given as a staple diet with other fruits and vegetables on a regular basis with no breakage in between.

What is tyrosine? Tyrosine, which can also be synthesized in the body from phenylalanine, is found in many high-protein food products such as peanuts, almonds, avocados, lima beans, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, bananas, and soy products. Tyrosine can also be obtained through supplementation. (I have left the meat products out as of our strict no meat healthy eating vegan and vegetarian protocol to promote a better living. Aside from being a protein genic amino acid, tyrosine has a special role by virtue of the phenol functionality. It occurs in proteins that are part of signal transduction processes. It functions as a receiver of phosphate groups that are transferred by way of protein kinases (so-called receptor tyrosine kinases). Phosphorylation of the hydroxyl group changes the activity of the target protein.

A tyrosine residue also plays an important role in photosynthesis. In chloroplasts (photosystem II), it acts as an electron donor in the reduction of oxidized chlorophyll. In this process, it undergoes DE protonation of its phenolic OH-group. This radical is subsequently reduced in the photosystem II by the four core manganese clusters.


Tomatoes are an excellent source of, vitamin A, vitamin C, beta-carotene, potassium, and folic acid and other B vitamins, iron and fibre. Interestingly enough, the lycopene in cooked and processed tomatoes is more readily available and absorbed by our bodies than in raw tomatoes.

The benefits of eating tomatoes can be seen by looking at what is found in a single serving of tomatoes (148g) contains:

Calories 35 Calories from Fat 0
% of Daily Value*
Total Fat 0.5 g 1%
Saturated Fat 0g 0%
Cholesterol 0g 0%
Sodium 5mg 0%
Total Carbohydrate 7g 2%
Dietary Fibre 1g 4%
Sugars 4g
Protein 1g
Potassium 360mg 10%
Vitamin A 20%
Vitamin C 40%
Calcium 2%
Iron 2%

Tomatoes are found in many staple diets around the world but not all children eat them of which is a shame as there are many ways which these can be cooked or even blended in to a tomato juice to being used as a relish with other fruits or vegetables to make a dip for Doritos a very well-known chip that children and young adults love. Added to pizza to just grilled on a BBQ to even being used as a topping on toasties these amazing fruits that were planted by the Spanish in the colonization of the Americas originating though from South America should be used as a staple and important diet for children suffering from circulation problems of the brain that cause depression, or other neurological disorders to diseases.

As one can see from above vitamin A, B, C and potassium are all beneficial to the young brain and nervous system (IF) they are used as a staple diet and consumed regularly, many scientists have always wondered if tomatoes are “one” of the reasons why people mostly in the Mediterranean live in to their hundreds without the need to see a doctor on a constant regular basis.

Research has also shown that tomatoes may help in reducing circulatory problems of the heart, brain and elsewhere. This research has shown that tomatoes help to prevent blood clots from forming in the bloodstream – similar to the activity of aspirin.


The plum is one of my favourite fruit of which I have 4 of these growing in my front of my cottage garden. Proven time again, this is another fruit that I and many others do not see in the children lunch box to even being given as a hospital fruit that aids the brain in repairing itself.

There are few fruits that come in such a panorama of colours as the juicy sweet tasting plum. The plum season extends from May through October with the Japanese varieties first on the market from May and peaking in August followed by the European varieties in the fall.

Plums belong to the Prunes genus of plants and are relatives of the peach, nectarine and almond. They are all considered “drupes,” fruits that have a hard stone pit surrounding their seeds. When plums are dried, they are known as prunes.

The fresh version (plums) and the dried version (prunes) of the plant scientifically known as Prunus domestica have been the subject of repeated health research for their high content of unique phytonutrients called neochlorogenic and chlorogenic acid. These substances found in plum and prunes are classified as phenols, and their function as antioxidants has been well-documented.

Significant Antioxidant Protection from Phenols

These damage-preventing substances are particularly effective in neutralizing a particularly destructive oxygen radical called superoxide anion radical, and they have also been shown to help prevent oxygen-based damage to fats, such as the fats that comprise a substantial portion of our brain cells or neurons, the cholesterol and triglycerides circulating in our bloodstream, or the fats that make up our cell membranes.

Better Iron Absorption plus More Antioxidant Protection from Vitamin C

The ability of plum and prune to increase absorption of iron into the body has also been documented in published research. This ability of plum and prune to make iron more available may be related to the vitamin C content of this fruit. Our food ranking system qualified plums as a very good source of vitamin C.

In addition to assisting with absorption of iron, vitamin C is needed in the body to make healthy tissue and is also needed for a strong immune system. Getting a little extra vitamin C around cold and flu season is a good idea, and may also be helpful for people who suffer from recurrent ear infections. Vitamin C also helps to protect cholesterol from becoming oxidized by free radicals. Since oxidized cholesterol is the kind that builds up in the arteries and causes damage to blood vessels, some extra vitamin C can be helpful for people who suffer from atherosclerosis or diabetic heart disease. In addition, vitamin C can help neutralize free radicals that could otherwise contribute to the development or progression of conditions like asthma, colon cancer, osteoarthritis, and rheumatoid arthritis, so vitamin C may be able to help those who are at risk or suffering from these conditions. Owing to the multitude of vitamin C’s health benefits, it is not surprising that research has shown that consumption of vegetables and fruits high in this nutrient is associated with a reduced risk of death from all causes including heart disease, stroke and cancer.

Protection against Macular Degeneration

Your mother may have told you carrots would keep your eyes bright as a child, but as an adult, it looks like fruit is even more important for keeping your sight. Data reported in a study published in the Archives of Ophthalmology indicates that eating 3 or more servings of fruit per day may lower your risk of age-related macular degeneration (ARMD), the primary cause of vision loss in older adults, by 36%, compared to persons who consume less than 1.5 servings of fruit daily.

In this study, which involved over 110,000 women and men, researchers evaluated the effect of study participants’ consumption of fruits; vegetables; the antioxidant vitamins A, C, and E; and carotenoids on the development of early ARMD or neovascular ARMD, a more severe form of the illness associated with vision loss. While, surprisingly, intakes of vegetables, antioxidant vitamins and carotenoids were not strongly related to incidence of either form of ARMD, fruit intake was definitely protective against the severe form of this vision-destroying disease. Three servings of fruit may sound like a lot to eat each day, but plums can help you reach this goal. Add diced plums to your morning cereal, lunch time yogurt or green salads. For a beautiful and delicious brown rice, add chopped plums and pistachios. Need to grab a snack? What could be better than a cool, sweet, juicy plum on a summer’s day?

Why are plums good for the brain though? Well they contain vitamin A,C,E  all of which are high-powered brain vitamins that aid happiness, alleviate depression, fight against neurological degenerative diseases along with help fighting infection. Please view the small author note below.

Vitamin C and E the Anti-Oxidants

Vitamin C and Vitamin E are in a category of brain vitamins that are referred to as antioxidants. Antioxidants are known for their cell-protecting properties. These types of vitamins scavenge and fight off free radicals, which are reactive rogue molecules of oxygen that damage cell membranes and the DNA, which contains the cells basic operating instructions. This occurs as we age and free radicals can destroy brain cells, which can lead to memory loss and even dementia.

There is strong research that consuming regular amounts of vitamins C and E is linked to strong memories. In addition, there are studies that suggest taking supplements of vitamins C and E can prevent the risk of Alzheimer’s disease and slow the progression of memory loss. Vitamin E also promotes good blood circulation to the brain which helps maximize brain functioning. Vitamin C can be found in most fruits, vegetables, and plants that we eat.

Consuming or metabolizing the proper amount of vitamin D can help lift a “mind fog”. It can help you focus and concentrate better. Other than sunlight exposure, the body absorbs vitamin D from foods. There are no specific foods that contain adequate levels of Vitamin D and so there are fortified foods such as milk, soy milk and cereal grains in which vitamin D has been added..

Vitamin B

Vitamin B helps is connected to memory and spatial memory. Spatial memory is the ability to copy rectangles, cubes, and other shapes. The following are good sources of vitamin B potatoes, bananas, lentils, chili peppers, tempeh, liver oil, liver, turkey, tuna, brewer’s yeast, molasses, Marmite, and Vegemite. The recommended dose is 300 mg a day of vitamin B complex..

There are number of disorders associated with Vitamin B deficiencies. Thiamine deficiency can lead to neurodegenerative or the wasting away of the brain and nerves. The lack of sufficient levels of vitamin B 12 can lead to irreparable damage to the brain and the nervous system. .

Choline is also in the vitamin B complex. This substance is found in the fats that make up cell membranes and in the neurotransmitter acetylcholine. Good food sources of Choline are egg yolks, soy and cooked beef, chicken, veal, and turkey livers. People that suffer from Choline deficiency can experience neurological and mood difficulties.


Potatoes contain carbohydrates and glucose of which are very important for the brain to work. Potatoes keep brain function active. Proper functioning of the brain depends largely on the glucose level, oxygen supply, some members of the vitamin-B complex and some hormones, amino acids and fatty acids like omega-3 fatty acids. Potatoes cater to almost all the needs mentioned above. They are high in carbohydrates and thus maintain a good level of glucose in the blood which does not let brain fatigue creep in and keeps the brain active and alert. Brain fatigue is very serious and not only can it have a devastating impact on human performance but also our children’s education.

The main part of your brain that plays a central role in body reaction after not eating is the hypothalamus. The hypothalamus is located just above the brain stem and is responsible for regulating homeostasis, or balance, in your body. Food is necessary for body function, which means that when you’re not consuming calories, the hypothalamus works overtime to restore balance to the body through the process of hunger

Three main areas of the hypothalamus are associated with hunger, the lateral, paraventricular and ventromedial hypothalamus. The paraventricular hypothalamus helps regulate your hunger. The ventromedial hypothalamus helps you recognize you’re full after eating. Not eating mostly stimulates the lateral hypothalamus, which helps you recognize that you’re hungry through a series of reactions in the body.

Diagram of the brains working areas;


The feeling of hunger revolves around a hormone called ghrelin. Ghrrelin is produced in both the stomach and the hypothalamus and in smaller amounts through the placenta, pituitary gland and kidneys. Since food is needed to create energy in the body, ghrelin is created when energy levels get too low from lack of food. Ghrelin then signals the energy imbalance to the brain. The brain then responds by creating the feeling of hunger to alert you to the need to eat. However, it’s important to note that feeling hungry does not always mean you’re actually in need of energy. Hunger may also be initiated due to a lack of water, or may be initiated due to learned patterns of eating — such as feeling hungry at noon because you always eat lunch at noon, even if you had an over-sized breakfast.

Malnutrition and the Brain

Diagram from 1990’s to 2010 this is still a key evident factor in today’s world  of our children that are still not eating enough fruit and veg, and has not changed.

Another way not eating can affect the brain is through malnutrition. The cells of your brain rely on energy from food just like any other cell in the body. Without the nutrition that food supplies, both your neural function and brain chemistry can be negatively impacted. This in turn affects just about every facet of your bodily function that the brain is involved in, including concentration, memory, sleep patterns, mood and your motor skills. Moving on from this please ensure that one has a sensible BUT balanced breakfast


Neurotransmitters in the brain, chemicals through which billions of neurons in the brain communicate to build, heal and grow, need the proper nutrition. Changes in nutrient or energy levels can adversely affect brain functioning and mental abilities such as concentration and memory. Brain cells use twice as much energy as other cells, according to The Franklin Institute, and need a diet rich in antioxidants, B vitamins and complex carbohydrates to function well. I have chosen to leave (Omega 3 out here) as I have already described from what vegetables that can be sourced from, one does not need to eat fish to taking fish supplements to cod liver oil in order to gain this very important supplement. Just by eating Walnuts one can gain this and Vitamin B plus other antioxidants to ensure brain stem activity, nervous system and neurons flow through the brain to give to us what we need.

Antioxidants keep oxygen flowing optimally through the body and the brain. Foods rich in antioxidants are berries such as blueberries and cherries, grapes, pomegranates, kiwis, pineapples, lemons, oranges, grapefruit and plums. High-antioxidant vegetables include parsley, artichokes, red cabbage, chili peppers, kale, spinach and red beats. Legumes such as pinto beans, soybeans and broad beans, as well as pecans, sunflower seeds, walnuts and hazelnuts also contain antioxidants. Corn, oats, barley, millet and even certain spices, such as cinnamon, oregano and cloves, can help improve the functioning of the brain. Dry-roasted peanuts that can be sprinkled on cereals and salads are a good choice because they are as rich in antioxidants as strawberries and blackberries and even surpass apples.

All of the above fruits are extremely high in antioxidants and as a vegan and CEO of International Animal Rescue Foundation with a Phd and M.S in Botanical Horticulture plus other qualifications in plant and animal welfare then I must highly advise that one ensures their child and other family member that have illness, disease, neurological disorders, to then use these fruits and vegetables on a daily basis, going way past what some governmental scientists and researchers and nutrition experts of the five fruits and vegetables a day thus increasing your brain and internal plus external organ (the skin) to its full extent thus increasing life expectancy, decreasing illness, improving brain and neurological functioning aiding a much better and healthier improved life.


There’s no denying the popularity of blueberries, an all-American fruit that’s good in just about everything from hot oatmeal and savory salsa to home-style pies and healthy smoothies. But blueberries are more than just a versatile, sweet fruit; they’re a powerful weapon in the battle against age-related degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. This is especially encouraging news, since more than 30% of the U.S. population will be over age 65 by 2050.

Research shows that blueberries can actually slow the progression of age-related degenerative diseases, improve learning, memory and motor skills, and this extraordinary health benefit comes from a phytonutrient that also gives the blueberry its jewel-tone color. This phytonutrient is called anthocyanin.

As we age, our brain cells become less effective at communicating with one another. Over time, neurological pathways are lost and brain function declines. Since phytonutrients have been shown to improve communication between cells, blueberries are actually working to slow cognitive decline and maintain or improve brain health. Now that is “AMAZING” as well as being proven time again, other berries include blackberries, strawberries, raspberries, and one that you may not of heard much of but grows well in Australia is the famous Huckleberry.


Another fantastic brain fruit that is wholly good for improving glucose levels instead of eating fattening chocolate, can aid a diabetic crash faster than a Mars bar, but most importantly also stimulates the brain like some of the above fruits, I’ll keep this one sweet as I have explained already what serotonin is as it effects on the brain, nervous system and body does. Pineapple contains serotonin that is a neurotransmitter that stimulates brain. Serotonin concentrations of 3-30 mg/kg have been found in pineapple. An extreme power fruit that if like the rest can of eaten on a regular basis help alleviate depression and other brain dysfunctions.