"Whatever you do may seem insignificant, but it is most important that you do it”

Loose Lips Sink Ships, Time for the NEXT level !!!


Huntingdon Life Sciences, AstraZeneca, Procter & Gamble,Thomas. E Starzl Transplantation Institute, University of Florida we are all familiar with and are fully aware at what they do in their dungeons of death and torture that one can only describe as an animal concentration and mass genocide camp run by psychopaths and freaks of nature that are nothing more than little Hitler’s that brainwash young students in to killing animals for pleasure and so called medical science.

Huntingdon Life Sciences Research Facilities know us to well, although we have not had the pleasure yet of meeting in a court of law, I am awaiting that day though from which they will be in the dock charged with mass animal genocide, rape, torture, battery and deliberate mass murder on a grand scale from which they will pay dearly for.

For many years now I have watched Huntingdon Life Sciences Research Centre thread its poisonous web of lies, corruption and advertising scams across the globe from England to main land Europe America to Asia from which many people mostly medical students have fallen for, their heart rendering adverts on heart disease to the wonders of what you as a student can achieve and advocate in the medical world in the name of animal research and vivisection.

All of the named facilities above have been infiltrated revealing to the world what actually happens in these twisted and saw like laboratories and secret underground killing chambers from which animals such as primates, fish, rodents, birds, horses, pigs, to even “endangered species” are put through in the name of English, European, American, Canadian, and Asian animal tested medicines, cosmetics, tobacco, detergents along with (NBC) Nuclear Biological and Chemical pharmaceuticals. Of which they the Hitler’s call it human medical research to aid a better future of life for our planets ever growing un-healthy non vegan over populated population that feast upon the flesh of dead animals and drink from the devils cup polluting and corrupting their own bodies with trans-fat, cholesterols, acids, agricultural medicines, and processed filth that the animals then have to suffer as of this form of self-harm plunging our economy in to more spiralling doom that we the animal saviours have to pay for.

We applied for the 2010 to 2011 FOIA that is freely available to anyone that applies for this information as long as one justifies a reasonable excuse for it. The International Animal Rescue Foundation found that CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species) had granted Huntingdon Life Sciences permission to take “endangered animals” out of the forests of Asia and-  African veld’s to use in barbaric animal research of which two parts of the FOIA 2000 Act from the Home Office United Kingdom remain unaccountable for, from which is cosmetic and tobacco research that H.L.S are exempt from, hiding the truth, and concealing the data then providing compulsive yet again lies on their website.

We have gone through time, and time again the paper work that runs into some 68 pages of lies and concealed data that does not show these endangered animal species that CITES granted permission for Huntingdon Life Sciences Research Centre to murder in their sick, barbaric and twisted experiments for human, agriculture and medical research.

One can obtain the FOIA act 2000 that Huntingdon have to by law submit to the United Kingdom’s Home Office every year, (annum). However as they are exempt from giving out cosmetic and tobacco data from which animals are cruelly treated, blinded, burned, suffocated, gassed, injected with chemicals of nuclear, biological and chemical weapons to then eventual death from the hands of the dead flesh consuming barbarians then one can’t take these psychopathic criminals data as true from which we will continue to battle against these uncivilized and primitive scientists that mass execute, and exterminate gods animals in the name of medicine, vivisection and monetary greed.

Huntingdon Life Sciences have still not by Home Office law given the 2011 -2012 reports on what and which animals they have murdered even though the time period for them to do this has now elapsed, so what we can quote from their slaughtering website is that they murdered in 2010, 67,806 animals, however as stated above because they are exempt from giving out cosmetic and tobacco animal research then we will never know the true extent of how many animals these narcissistic lunatics have used. H.L.S stocks and shares have fallen in recent years as of the animal rights movement. They have lost major contracts to, that has seen staff laid off and investors going aground from which they think they can hide or using the 5% anonymous stock trade off which their details are kept hidden from public view.

In 2008 four animal rights activists where convicted for targeting H.L.S from which these mass genocidal animal slaughterers then hid their shares on the London stock exchange. Fortunately they still need finance and investors to fund their sick research. Any activist can purchase shares in Huntingdon Life Sciences Research Facility, which you will see on the list posted to you any investor that earns “less” than 5% anyone company that has higher shares has the right to remain anonymous, should you wish to purchase shares though do please as this will give you a full break down of anyone investor that has brought shares from H.L.S that is under the 5% quota, from that data one can then target “legally” these investors asking them “politely to remove themselves from this twisted governmental owned company that the Prime Minister and many other politicians support in the medical sector and beyond.

We are not urging anyone to purchase these shares though to commit an act of violence we are just simply stating what is evident and made public, one can purchase shares via contacting their local trader and stock expert. We have declined to place any stock share link on this site however this is freely available on Google or any other good search engine. Please look up bio chemistry and research or other medical bio research within the stock share market (I would choose the London Stock Exchange) you are most certain to obtain a fair and comprehensive deal plus you will be sent all H.L.S secondary or other share-holders (companies) ensuring that direct non-violent action can be taken against them. I have shares and there are many I can assure you of that, which must be targeted to ensure financial loss through peaceful direct action that is non-violent.

AstraZeneca, Procter & Gamble, Thomas, E.Starzl Transplantation Institute, and the University of Florida are no different to Huntingdon. Over the past 10 years activists have been jailed or arrested for action, violent and non-violent the police reports some of these members are from SHAC most or just ordinary members of the public that want these sadistic, pertains, and barbaric, non-emotional, toneless, thick skinned and dispassionate monsters to stop that go by the Animal Liberation Front morals or the Animal Rights Milita code of practice, what-ever the code THE ANIMALS MUST BE SAVED.

The only way to stop these criminals is by working in silence and destroying their financial and economic trade along with communications that they and the policing agencies are terrified of from which they have created the new SOPA laws that come in to effect in October 2012 that they, Europe and America believe will push the animals rights movement and “illegal real terrorists” in to the streets from which they can then pinpoint the ring leaders. SOPA will also see America and Europe banning many Internet Service Providers (ISP) or just servers from sites which we have already seen these governmental online policing agencies such as the IC3, FBI, Scotland Yard, and Interpol to local police forces practicing and raiding activist’s homes across Europe. Most of these raids have been in France and the United Kingdom that have seen computers, tools of the trade, and more seized to curfews being placed on the activist’s.

You should all see these changes or receive an e-mail from you (ISP) Microsoft or Apple by the 16th October 2012 if you do not then you need not worry. However please ensure that you read and then read again the terms and conditions before you tick the box and agree to their terms of service or you could be placing yourselves in a sticky predicament.

SOPA though we are not bothered about, there are many ways that one can bypass these pathetic and childish laws via the use of online proxy servers or web proxies which the activist has an array or IT software and hardware at his or her disposal, should you not have this hardware then do feel free to drop us a line. Should you really want to push the boat out for exposure of these perverted, criminal monsters then register your site in a non-European Nation country and run it of a web proxy.

The Animal Liberation Front movement is a mass movement of single or paired individuals working in units or cells that originated from the United Kingdom that the governments’ class as a domestic terrorist organization hell bent on causing destruction through any means that the police and governmental agencies “claim” to using threats to carrying out these threats. Do not be fooled though in to reading or listening to this drivel that the policing on-line agencies of the Federal Bureau Investigations, Interpol, or Scotland Yard state. It’s simply propaganda also please do not be fooled by online “meet for more information” tactics that are mostly run by the policing agents that will most likely have cameras and more in a room recording you. You will most likely see now many of these so called “events” that look real and may seem real, all of which will be held in some public building. Again we must state that you can find all that you require on these sadistic and twisted researchers by simple and thorough investigations on-line and applying for governmental documents. We do advise though as part of our other team’s morals and rules that should you not be sure or are concerned about anything then please leave us a comment with your e-mail and we will endeavor to pin your location. No communications on Facebook are carried out thus ruling out any type of infiltration by governmental organizations or journalists, any communication from us to you will be carried out by means that we do not specify as of the policing agents watching all activist sites.

Who are the real terrorists? Well we have named them above, and we do mean real mass genocidal maniacs that enjoy the sensation and pleasure of seeing an animal crying in pain just to fulfill their perverted experimentations that show no data or proof of what tobacco, medicine, cosmetic, industrial, vivisection and domesticated detergents or N.B.C may do to the human if not tested upon an animal first. All medicines are STILL tested on humans BEFORE they are allowed on to the damn market, so why there is still a need to kill for, suffocate, poison, and tear our most beautiful animals apart in these sick deprived laboratories’? As they do it for moral gain to prove a point in their vile and hate filled lectures.

There have been some high profile researchers that have hit the headlines in the animal rights community lately. University of Florida Professor Raymond Bergeron, Professor Stephen Roberts, GV-SOLAS and staff that ask for experimentations and vivisection of the most barbaric to be carried out on primates to rodents by the University of Austin. The University of California supports and highly regards animal experimental research as the only way in which to protect and ensure human life is lived to its full potential. A statement that was placed on their wall in 2007 supported by Robert C. Dynes, Robert J. Birgeneau, Larry Vanderhoef, Michael V. Drake, Gene Block, Sung Mo “Steve” Kang, Robert D. Grey, Marye Anne Fox, J. Michael Bishop, Henry T. Yang, and George Blumenthal from which all support the crude, barbaric and emotionless animal research experimentation.

The UC believe that harassment and attempted intimidation from animal rights activists/animal lovers/animal freedom fighters should not under no circumstances interfere with their crude and repulsive research from which their staff and faculty rip the organs out of animals, inject them with chemicals, interfere with the cardiovascular organs from primates, rodents, felines and canines through stopping and starting the main heart muscle plus interfering or placing in to humans these babies organs for research, and basic murder to perverted animal testing using an assortment of medical and domestic chemicals. The UC like HLS and UF adore to-hear these animals screaming in pain from which they wither in their own urine and feces from which they have passed out of their bowls and bladder from pure, sheer terror and mental frustration to eventual death caused by the barbarians of scientific research for human, agriculture, domestic and commercial gain.

We though as animal rights freedom fighters do not believe that these animals should not nor be put through such emotionally distressing and painful experiments that can last up to one to five or more years. To state that one is harassing the university is by far a gross slanderous comment that is just trying to intimidate those wanting to become a part of the Animal Liberation Movement that is more significant, prominent and vast in size from which the vivisectionist will ever imagine.

Their quoted statement that we shall just look upon as drivel and nonsense can be read here;

“The University of California actively supports the humane and responsible use of animals for the purposes of advancing knowledge and improving human and animal health. As a System we are committed to ensure that we employ the highest standards of animal care, safety and health in full compliance with ethical and legal principles.

Animal research has played a vital role in virtually all advances in biomedical research for, at least, over 200 years — work with cows contributed to the development of the smallpox vaccine in 1796. All of our investigators and service personnel undergo training and education, and all animal research is subject to strict Federal regulation and local oversight at each of our campuses.

As a University we cherish our role of providing a forum for civil discourse and a free and open exchange of ideas on any topic. Animal activists have long demonstrated on campus, registering their opposition to the use of animals in research. Although we strongly disagree with this point of view, as an academic institution we are open to differing opinions and encourage free speech. During the past few years, however, virtually all UC campuses have experienced an increase in the number of illegal and often violent acts by animal rights activists. Most troubling is that these recent activities have often targeted the homes of some of our faculty and have affected their families and neighbours.

The University of California believes unequivocally in protecting the rights of free expression. We believe equally strongly in ensuring for our faculty a safe environment, on campus and in the community, for conducting their scholarly activities, including research involving the use of animals. Individuals are entitled to their views on animal research and to mount First Amendment-protected protests. But the kinds of activities engaged in by some animal research opponents have crossed the line. We will pursue all means available to us to help bring the individuals involved in criminal behaviour to justice”  (Please note this was written by the Chancellor from which we had to correct many grammar and spelling mistakes) – I must say it shows what idiotic, childish, ranting fools that kill animals in the name of self-harm we have to deal with globally.

The University of California quoted that “we employ the highest standards of care to all animals” however this link here http://www.universityofcalifornia.edu/news/article/7518 clearly shows that they are compulsive and violent liars that the USDA charged them with a gross felony. The UC denied any wrong doing but they did quote to “paying the fine of $92,500”. The complaint that was filed we have viewed. UC placed up front more than the $92,500 that was stated in their lying statement as the complainant and the complaint was true. The UC denied this as of the on-going and now increasing animal rights actions against them and other universities.

Animal experimentations and research is most degrading, it upsets millions of people and the only people that are to blame for this repulsive research are the humans themselves. Should the human race live a plant based diet, cut down on their alcohol or even stop it, cease smoking, cease all fatty disgusting food from chains such as Burger King, McDonalds, Wimpey, Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) and other artery clogging, arterial hypertension, stroke bearing fast food chains then the need for medicines would reduce, alternative medicines from which the obese human has gotten used to would not need to be researched on meaning a dramatic drop to an eventual fall in animal research experimentation and vivisection.

Other vivisectionist’s are named as Dennis E. Brooks (UF), Richard W. Bianco from the University of Minnesota, Frank “disgusting” Ervin, James David Jentsch (Uni Pittsburgh & Yale Uni), Marco Salemi, Mingzhou Ding, Raymond J. Bergeron (UF) Stephen Roberts. All of these sick, twisted, psychopathic, perverted and degrading monsters enjoy to torture and kill primates to canines, felines to rodents, fish, to sows. Then they travel to their plush apartments some up to $1.2 million to live the American dream. Whilst their “subjects” as they like to call them are vomiting, suffocating, or dying slowly in a cage, or chair that they have been tied to for weeks if not years on end. These people are the mentally deranged, the real hard core animal torturers that enjoy to wake in the morning and enjoy a nice day of animal torture.

Moving on from these punitive and prehistoric monsters its upsetting to know that this primitive type of research still goes on out of the sight of the public domain, many attempts have been made to expose these research facilities however there still remains a great deal of information that is within them that must and will be exposed. Secret underground laboratories to certain creatures torn form their mother’s wombs then entombed in a pit for secret and painful investigations of which every human goes to bed at night thinking of them or not even realising what these vile research scientists are using them for.

The Thomas. E Starzl Transplantation Institute is another research facility that we have been monitoring closely over eight years in regards to its animal research experimentation program’s that we actually find extremely nauseating. This institute has been using a wide range of primates most for transplantation experimentations or Frankenstein research to give humans that have terminal cancer or complete liver or organ failure a minuscule opportunity to survive a few more hours or days whilst the primate from which they pilfered the organ from suffers an agonizing and painful death in the name of human and pharmaceutical research from which that tiny and precious soul would then be wrapped up after use in a bio-hazard bag and then its life incinerated like a piece of trash. We are not aware “as yet” but are investigating to see if the Thomas. E Starzl Transplantation Institute, has asked CITES for permission to remove certain “endangered species” from the jungles, forests, grasslands and veld’s for their advanced research in to liver and other organ disease.

Below is a comment of their site that we did find saddening to read, knowing that somewhere in these repulsive pits of hell are primates “like the Britches story” that are suffering and wanting out, crying for someone to liberate them and relieve them of their pain and suffering..

“Quote from a Starzl operative”

“Thanks to Dr. Starzl, one of transplantation’s greatest barriers, rejection, has been surmounted. But another barrier to transplantation remains — the chronic shortage of donor organs”.

“Each day, 17 Americans die while awaiting a donor organ. If solid organs from animals could be made compatible with humans, no one would die because a donor organ wasn’t available in time. Over a decade ago, UPMC surgeons transplanted baboon livers into two patients who gained just a few extra weeks of life, but bravely transformed their terminal illnesses into medical advances. Lately, UPMC researchers have been creating genetically modified pigs with cells that are more compatible with the human immune system, so less likely to be rejected”.

To voice you concern at the institute you can contact them on this number1-800-544-2500 You can also contact them on their Facebook page politely and leave a polite comment https://www.facebook.com/upmc?ref=nf  . We urge all of you that should you-contact the UPMC that you are not to be aggressive in your manner of expression nor threatening, we advise that you do not under no circumstances attack their page or their staff but express one’s own disgust in the most formal way as possible. In order for you, us and everyone else that wishes for the abuse to stop then we have to tackle this war in silence moving a few steps back to our grassroots and modern animal rights times. Times are moving “backwards” a little more now to the age of which freedom fighters where never seen but known, and any animal rights fanatic such as NIO that makes idle and pathetic threats to attacking its own must learn that we are in the 21st century and no organization should be under no circumstances placing themselves and others in the eyes of the Federal Agents or other policing agencies via social media, web or other. We do hope that all communications and other investigations to slandering and fulminations and idle ignominy is now quietened so in turn we can now all fight sanely instead of mass group commentary riots that only give verbal fuel and evidence to the enemy of the state.

AstraZeneca, and Procter and Gamble (P&G) are one of the largest animal testers and vivisectionists in the world that mostly slaughter animals now outside of the European Union as of the intense European animal rights movement harassment and intimidation that has seen and still sees much action taken against them day after day. Protests, humiliation tactics, phone bars, direct actions to laydowns to protesting at the maniacal, psychotic and unsound maniacs homes which is of course the best course of humiliation that we do advise from which “again we do not state for you to make idle threats or attack these monsters to which you could catch some bubonic century old plague to being arrested”.

There are no laws to standing, sitting or even taking a slow stroll up and down their street or outside their government, tax paid homes. These imps are the lowest of the low that do hate and despise this action, however please do keep it clean and above the law making sure that your voices and slogans are heard by many neighbors, companies
and even media and press should you find documented evidence on them and their abusive crimes against the animals that we are trying wholeheartedly to save then make it public but ensure that you have 100% accurate proof and knowledgeable proven persons on the act to place in the frame first to show the world that you are what the animals need.

We can halt this abuse for good, and there are many different alternative ways from which we can free these cages. Arguing, to commentary riots, is not one. We MUST work in silence For more information please e-mail us as the war is hitting. Operation Rough Justice born in 2011 has much evidence and dire proof to show that silent stalkers and walkers are working to hunt the hunters and animal slayers. The hunter is now the HUNTED ..


International Animal Rescue Foundation – Working for a safer, prosperous, and cage free harmony. We shall eventually annihilate the animal and child slave world bringing to it peace for both and a freedom they ALL deserve – UNTIL ALL CAGES ARE EMPTY …

This is not over and we shall continue. Everyone you knock down another ten are born.


2 responses

  1. E Wythe

    As much as I agree with many of the sentiments expressed here, I cannot help but think that the mesage you wish to convey to your readers would benefit greatly from the services of a good proof-reader. Cogency and impact are not best served by an over-long and rambling discourse filled with invective, however valid your points may be. Pithy, to-the-point and factual information is what’s needed to get your message across more effectively. My opinion of course.

    August 4, 2016 at 4:58 pm

    • Sir, factual information is included from scientific sources and I a French Scientist that is still learning the British language. Your opinion indeed, however its wrong as you haven’t cared to read, more look at the images and read a few paragraphs. Gooday.

      August 22, 2016 at 4:36 am

Thank you for your reply, should it merit a response we will respond in due course. This site is owned by International Animal Rescue Foundation and moderation is used.

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