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That’s a pretty difficult question to answer and as yet I highly doubt I’m going to be able to answer it anytime soon, especially when you’ve so much evidence of [clean beaches in Florida.] Back in 2015 and 2016 Florida won numerous beach awards naming: Lovers Key, Henderson Beach State Park, Fort de Soto, St. Joseph Peninsula State Park, Caladesi Island, Pass-A-Grille-Beach, Playalinda, Siesta Key, Clear Water Beach, and finally the Gulf Islands National Seashore as the top ten clean beaches. So dirty beaches are for now being ruled out, not entirely though. We still have the issue of waste, and pollution that isn’t being seen at ground level! I only rule things out when I can without a doubt prove it isn’t to blame.
When researching all beaches in Florida they truly are immaculate, maintained to some of the worlds highest standards, laws are in place for littering, pollution, and fly tipping too of which I thank the people of Florida and the Marine Environmental Department. Florida’s beach waters themselves are pretty much clean inland too, and in many areas practically crystal clear. I don’t believe based on years of studying aquatic deaths that the problem is occurring along the beaches of Florida neither as such!
Furthermore I’ve undertook countless studies on seismic activity in the region of which there isn’t any cause for concern here neither. However as explained above this isn’t being ruled out. Just because Florida lies within a low seismic activity region - doesn’t mean there aren’t any ancient fault lines. A few more lines of investigation I’ve opened up focuses on fracking, blasting, and the United States Navy that’s been witnessed testing numerous vessels in the oceans off Florida detonating thousands of pounds of explosives during peak fish movement and migratory movements from the months of January to March which is when we’re witnessing a large number of stranding’s.
Recently I’ve been comparing whale stranding’s in New Zealand to those in Florida. I refer to Florida and New Zealand as a type of “barrier like country.” Florida is bordered to the west by the Gulf of Mexico, to the north by Alabama and Georgia, to the east by the Atlantic Ocean, and to the south by the Straits of Florida and Cuba. Florida is the only U.S country that sticks out into the sea (hence the term barrier like.)
So if we now take New Zealand - although the island isn’t connected to a continent or another country it is in a sense like a barrier type country (if that doesn’t make sense then please do ask, and I’ll explain.) I’ve also been researching mass fish migration too - like numerous other scientists. If we take the months from January to March the entire coast of Florida is inundated with numerous fish migrations and general native fish movements/spawning etc. From January to March and taking into consideration my own studies, its at these peak months that I’ve noticed patterns relating to fish and whale movements. Could this be a major clue?
The following species of fish move around Florida’s coastlines during the months mentioned being: Amberjack, Bass, Largemouth, Bass, Sunshine, Crappie, Black, Drum, Black, Grouper, Black, Grouper, Gag, Grouper, Red, Ladyfish, Mackerel, King, Pompano, Sheepshead, Snapper, Lane, Snook Sunfish, and Redear. While we know these fish migrate and generally move around the Florida coastlines we still don’t know much about the migrations of large aquatic fauna such as False Killer Whales, or what they prefer to consume. I’ve mentioned the False Killer Whale due to one of the biggest stranding’s in Florida relating to these animals.
Some research has proven False Killer Whales do consume a large number of the fish aforementioned above. The Pseudorca crassidens has been filmed consuming Bass and Mackerel being the smaller species of fish. Amberjack, Snapper, and Sheepshead have also been noted too. From January to March non-endemic squid also enter Florida’s waters too which does coincide with Whale and other larger marine life stranding’s. I must also point out that the Northern Shortfin Squid spawn off the coast of Florida during the winter months where they ride the current north, coinciding with the seasonal commercial squid fishery off the Mid-Atlantic in the summer and autumn.
Aquatic death reporting from 2011-2017 also shows evidence of aquatic stranding’s along the coastlines of Florida during the Shortfin Squid spawning season through the winter months. Squid have been noted a top prey food for Whales, False Killer Whales and Dolphins. Moreover if larger aquatic fauna are chasing prey into what I refer to as (barrier like countries and/or islands) its highly likely that some of the stranding’s we’re witnessing is as a direct result of smaller fish movements giving their prey the slip in areas where I perceive to be somewhat difficult for larger aquatic life to navigate through and/or around.
One only needs to view where Florida is situated on the map (see image below,) and taking into consideration the smaller regions around Florida such as The Bahamas, Puerto Rico, and Cuba to understand that squid and other smaller fish prey can easily give whales the slip in such difficult to navigate waters. And with so many smaller regions dotted about with that small gap between Florida and Cuba heading into the Gulf of Mexico, could this be a reason why we’re witnessing so many stranding’s of both fish and whales?
Are smaller fish deliberately heading towards the Florida coastlines when being chased by species such as Whales etc, then swiftly changing direction which in turn places the whales on a head on collision with the coastline? Is it possible that smaller prey have become that intelligent in relation to their survival behavior? E.g: On being chased one large group of prey fish breaks away from the other heading directly into the Gulf of Mexico - while the other smaller group deliberately heads towards the coastline in one last ditch attempt to lose the Whales?
A number of fish species which False Killer Whales consume have washed up on the coastlines of Florida in large masses. Its possible they may have also “deliberately stranded themselves” in order to confuse the chasing Whales thus allowing the other group to slip into the Gulf of Mexico and onto safety thus buying those fish more time to retreat to safety, or as explained - the break away group suddenly diverting at the last minute - and knowing they can because of their small size, which gives the predators no hope in chance of changing course fast enough resulting in immediate stranding’s.
While we know Whales and Dolphins etc are incredibly intelligent animals, when the hunt for food commences they like we humans focus on just that “the fight for survival.” Its possible that during this feeding frenzy and in such difficult to navigate waters - Whales and other lager marine life can become confused or disorientated should their smaller prey give them the slip (as explained above.) Squid and other smaller fishes believe it or not are also quite intelligent. Moreover there have been reports from 2011-2017 of “Squid Suicide stranding’s” which scientists have blamed on red blooms all over the U.S. however if you read this article below scientists still don’t know the exact cause as to why such organisms just deliberately kill themselves!
SOURCE: http://www.livescience.com/25550-mass-squid-suicide.html
Taking the Africans Sardine Run as an example - Sardines will deliberately swim much closer to the shorelines knowing that Whales and other larger marine predators cannot get as close as they (the sardines.) So its “likely” that migrating and non-migratory fish in the Florida region are deliberately setting a trap for Whales and other large marine life. However we’re still talking about a pretty large stretch of water of which Toothed Whales, Orca’s, Sharks, and Dolphins etc can use echolocation and sonar to navigate around this rather tricky area of Florida, The Bahamas, Cuba, and and Puerto Rico.
In the video below you’ll notice what looks like black moving swarms of something? These are Anchovy fish swimming very close to the shoreline. This is a migration and swimming close to the shore means safety as much larger aquatic predators cannot come so close - should they take the risk its highly likely a stranding will occur thus resulting in a life and death situation - so we know such behavior does indeed occur.

I must stress though that on researching human fishing patterns last night and today, and fish migratory behavior etc, comparing these results with the months from 2011-2017 and weeding out the highest number of Whale, Shark, Dolphin, Manatee and False Killer Whale deaths. The data does indeed indicate that its quite possible in many cases relating to migration of smaller fish that larger aquatic life prey on and taking into consideration the location of Florida, Cuba, The Bahamas, and Puerto Rico that Whales are sadly becoming confused, and lost thus accidentally beaching during the active fish movement seasons.
Unfortunately even I cannot prove this and despite my own education to prove it I’d need a massive team of people communicating all over the world, compromising divers, boat teams, migratory researchers, Marine Biologists, and experts in various other fields. While reports are increasing relating to the number of Toothed Whale deaths Florida is by far the worst country in America known for mass marine stranding’s. The question remains though why? Please read the link below to understand just how big a problem we’re talking.
There are other theories that also need immense research too. For instance my own data collection from 2010-2017 indicates we’re now witnessing more aquatic life found dead on the oceans due to starvation. This itself obviously means only one thing, there is sadly a lack of fish within our oceans. So moving back to the increasing number of Whale stranding’s in Florida could this be a potential problem? I have raised this because in a sense it’s no different to human food shortages. When food is scarce we humans naturally go into survival mode; we’ll fight and chase after whatever we can locate, and go to great extremes in order to stay alive and not suffer from hunger. A large number of Whales in our oceans could actually be beaching themselves because of this reason (fighting to stay alive and going to great levels in order to locate food at whatever cost.) Please view the video below to understand more on marine wildlife and starvation at sea as a likely cause for death or extreme unpredictable behavior relating to survival.

Concluding the theory/question:
Firstly before finishing I would like to remind the public that not a single scientist knows why such large Whale stranding’s occur, nor do we know why Florida seems to be the only U.S. country where smaller fish stranding’s are occurring too. However if you look at the region where Florida is situated in the map above with The Bahamas, Puerto Rico, and Cuba its the perfect area for larger predators to hunt smaller prey. The larger predators know that by hunting prey in this region and pushing the prey into a more tighter and confined space - they’ve a much better chance of catching their prey.  Moreover if our larger aquatic life is indeed literally starving to death at sea - they’ll behave like we humans and go to great extremes in order to local food.
If we look back to the 1940’s, 1950’s, 1960’s, 1970’s, 1980’s into early 2000 these mass stranding’s of aquatic life were not occurring as they are today, one thing that is occurring on a weekly basis though are large fish deaths - our ocean are practically being depleted of smaller fish. And if that isn’t bad enough fisherman are also taking their share too. Furthermore while we know that smaller fish will deliberately swim closer to the shore to try and evade capture (like the Great Sardine Run.) What we don’t know as yet is if these smaller fish have evolved a newer but unfortunately deadlier survival tactic.
Have they become much smarter? Is it possible during the chase that the migratory prey fish swimming in to this region with larger prey on their tail have since evolved a tactic like Squid and are literally killing themselves in order to allow half of the fleeing prey population to swim freely into the Gulf of Mexico, while the other fish deliberately head for the Florida coastline thus running their predators into the shorelines on purpose? Or are they heading so close into land then suddenly diverting - giving the predators no hope whatsoever to change course in time thus ending the chase. As you can see we have a number of theories, yet so little time now to solve the problem that is growing increasingly out of control.
The theory is indeed possible. Finally there is a way to test if this theory is true which if it is can result in many Whales and larger aquatic life being saved before they’re deliberately ran into the ground. Models would need to be set up, taking Florida and other islands in the region away, and seeing what happens via computer analyzing. Should the smaller fish prey head for Mexico for instance with larger aquatic life hot on their tails - thus resulting in mass stranding’s in and around the Gulf of Mexico, then we’ve finally located the problem as to why Florida are reporting such spikes in aquatic deaths of larger and smaller marine life.
However this is all easier said than done. How do you stop for example 400 False Killer Whales or any pod of Whales heading towards a collision course? Can we confuse them with sonar without hurting them? Furthermore is this the main problem, or is there something more sinister going on within the oceans off the Florida coastline? Many people have pointed to the Fukushima Accident that occurred back in 2011 - however if this was true we’d be seeing the same problems all over the U.S coastlines identical to that of Florida.
Fish and whales along with small cetaceans don’t just strand themselves for no reason. Furthermore necropsy reports are coming back pretty much inconclusive which is a good thing as its showing us that what ever is going on in this region of America and South America could be 100% natural. As explained though we’ve not got much time left. We can write about these problems day in and day out, or we can do something about the problems or any problem that is potentially resulting in mass aquatic deaths.
On the 22nd April 2017 which is a Saturday from 09:00am I am organizing an international beach clean code named #OpBeachClean (please do use the hashtag.) Many volunteers have already come forward from England. Volunteers are also acting in the Netherlands, Viet Nam, and Thailand. Australia and the United States still need to be confirmed, Greece, Grenada, and Oman too. For more info please email >here< on Facebook.
Thank you for reading.
Dr J.C. Depre.
Environmental, Botanical & Human Science.



Image: One of numerous Sperm Whales that beached in England. 


The United States of America allegedly has a reputation for some of the worlds finest beaches, rivers and lakes. Well that’s what travel agencies want you to hear and read from the U.S. Since 2011 to 2017 in the United States of America there has been hundreds of reported fish, whale, dolphin and marine bird deaths (among other aquatic species.) The situation is now so out of control that should the U.S continue to lose fish at the rates seen below in the report from 2011-2017 larger marine fauna will begin dying of starvation. Extinction will occur!

Starvation has already been reported within some of the reports below relating to walruses, whales and even marine birds. Florida, Texas, California, New York and Missouri are ranking in the top five states to report mass aquatic deaths - Florida being the worst. I’m going to let you the reader be judge and jury of this report, after all it says it all. Each report can also be Googled too for authenticity. Below is a report relating to the state of U.S beaches, the high seas, rivers and lakes, and things aren’t looking too good, that’s for sure. America ranks as the number one country to report mass aquatic deaths than any other country on the planet.

This April, Saturday 22nd 2017 from 09:00am we are organizing an international beach cleaning operation code named (#OpBeachClean.) To get involved please click this Facebook link >here< and contact me in person on Facebook. Your message will be communicated to anyone of my devices and I’ll answer you as soon as possible.

Beach cleans have been organized in Greece, Viet Nam, Thailand, England, Australia, Oman, Netherlands and one in California, U.S. Please help and lets make this beach clean on Earth Day 22nd April a day to remember, not for us, but for our wildlife. Thank you. 


1. 1st January 2011 - 5,000+ Red-winged blackbirds & Starlings fall out of the sky dead in Beebe, Arkansas.
2. 1st January 2011 - 200,000+ Dead fish wash up on the shores of Arkansas River, Arkansas.
3. 2,000,000 (2 Million) Dead fish consisting of Menhayden, spots & Croakers wash up in Chesapeake Bay, Maryland & Virginia.
4. 4th January 2011 - Thousands of dead fish consisting of Mullet, Ladyfish, Catfish & Snook in Volusia County, Florida.
5. 4th January 2011 - 3,000+ dead Blackbirds found in Louisville, Kentucky.
6. 4th January 2011 - 500 Dead Red-winged blackbirds & Starlings in Louisiana.
7. 6th January 2011 - Hundreds of dead Grackles, Sparrows & Pigeons were found dead in Upshur County, Texas.
8. 14th January 2011 - 300 Blackbirds found dead on highway I-65 south of Athens in Alabama.
9. 21st January 2011 - Thousands of fish dead in Detroit River, Michigan.
10. 27th January 2011 - 200 Pelicans wash up dead on Topsail Beach in North Carolina.
11. 9th February 2011 - Thousands of dead fish wash ashore in Florida.
12. 11th February 2011 - Hundreds of dead birds found in Lake Charles, Louisiana.
13. 21st February 2011 - Big Freeze kills hundreds of thousands of fish along coast in Texas.
14. 23rd February 2011 - 28 baby Dolphins wash up dead in Alabama and Mississippi.
15. 8th March 2011 - Millions of dead fish in King Harbor Marina in California.
16. 28th March 2011 - Sei Whale washes up dead on beach in Virginia. [NB: Death toll never provided.]
17. 29th March 2011 - Over 1300 ducks die in Houston Minnesota.
18. 18th April 2011 - Hundreds of dead fish found in Ventura Harbour in Southern California.
19. 20th April 2011 - 6 Tons of dead Sardines found in Ventura Harbour in Southern California.
20. 22nd April 2011 - Leopard Sharks dying in San Francisco Bay.
21. 13th May 2011 - Dozens of Sharks washing up dead in California.
22. 13th May 2011 - Thousands of fish wash up dead on shores of Lake Erie in Ohio.
23. 17th June 2011 - About 750 fish found dead in River Des Peres in Missouri.
24. 28th June 2011 - 30 Dolphins wash up dead in the LowCountry, USA.
25. 29th June 2011 - Hundreds of fish turn up dead in South Georgia.
26. 9th July 2011 - Two 1000-pound Whales found dead on beaches in Indian River County, US.
27. 14th July 2011 - Large Quantities of large and small fish continue to wash up dead in Oklahoma.
28. 21st July 2011 - Lake full of dead fish in Louisiana.
29. 22nd July 2011 - Fish washing up dead on shores of North Falmouth, USA.
30. 1st August 2011 - Thousands of Fish die in Lake that turned blood red, in Texas. [NB: The blood red could have something to do with red algae blooms, the reports are sketchy.]
31. 1st August 2011 - Hundreds of Fish dead in Rio Grande River, New Mexico.
32. 14th August 2011 - Hundreds of Fish and Turtles dead in Pearl River, Louisiana.
33. 19th August 2011 - Dead Dolphins and Seals found on Oxnard Beach, in California.
34. During the month of August 2011 2 whales of unknown origin washed ashore in the U.S.
35. 17th September 2011 - Up to 400 Squid wash up dead on Blacks Beach in San Diego.
36. 20th September 2011 - Thousands of white bass turn up dead in Arkansas River in America.
37. 22nd September 2011 - Hundreds of Giant Squid Washing Ashore Dead on Orange County Beaches in America.
38. During the month of September 2011 2 whales of unknown origin washed ashore within the United States. [NB: Reports are sketchy, and the USFWS refuse to acknowledge my concerns.]
39. 21st October 2011 - Hundreds (Maybe Thousands) of dead fish along Briar Creek in Georgia.
40. 24th October 2011 - Thousands of dead fish in Little Wabash River in Illinois.
41. 28th October 2011 - 3 more Dolphins found dead in Mississippi. (14 Dead this month.)
42. 31st October 2011 - Oyster Die-off in Pensacola in America.
43. 31st October 2011 - 500 Songbirds dead in West Virginia in America.
44. During the month of October 2011 five whales stranded in the U.S of unknown origin. (NB: Reports are sketchy although confirmed.]
45. 2nd November 2011 - MILLIONS of fish killed by “Red Tide” along Texas coast in America.
46. 11th November 2011 - Massive Fish Kill in Lake Poway in California.
47. 17th November 2011 - Fish Kill affecting two miles of a creek in Western Iowa in America.
48. 27th November 2011 - Five Dolphins wash up dead in Mississippi.
49. During the month of November 2011 some 15 whales stranded in the U.S.
50. 15th December 2011 - Thousands of Birds die from “crash landing” in Utah.
51. 20th December 2011 - 400 Birds found dead in Davis County in USA.
52. 27th December 2011 - “Red Tide” killing fish in Florida.


1. 1st January 2012 - 200 Blackbirds found dead in Arkansas USA.
2. 7th January 2012 - Thousands of Fish found dead in California.
3. 9th January 2012 - Dozens of Turtles found dead in Florida.
4. 14th January 2012 - 30 Dolphins beach, 20 dead in Cape Cod in America.
5. 85 Dolphins beached, 61 dead in Cape Cod in America.
6. 27th January 2012 - 12 Dolphins wash up dead in Louisiana.
7. 3rd February 2012 - 1,000 Fish found dead floating in two ponds in Virginia.
8. 3rd February 2012 - 100 Pigeons found dead in South Dakota.
9. 7th February 2012 - Dozens of dead Birds found on beach in Florida.
11. 15th February 2012 - 100 dead birds found along highway in Maryland America.
12. During 2011 - Record number (335) of Sea Otters either found dead or ill along California coast in America.
13. 2nd March 2012 - Thousands of Jellyfish wash ashore in Texas.
14. 9th March 2012 - Dozens of birds drop dead in University grounds in Florida.
15. 20th March 2012 - Thousands of dead Fish found in River in Minnesota.
16. 29th March 2012 - 10,000 Geese and Waterfowl dead in Siskiyou County America. [NB: C.O.D never found.]
17. 30th March 2012 - Hundreds of Birds Killed in Hail storm in Texas.
18. 11th April 2012 - 14,000 Fish dead in Creek in Missouri.
19. 17th April 2012 - Thousands of fish (30 species) dead in a creek in Tennesse.
20. 25th April 2012 - 28,000 dead Fish found in River in Strongsville, America.
21. 25th April 2012 - 11,000 dead Fish found in River in Kettering, America.
22. 27th April 2012 - Mass Fish kill on Lake Elsinore in California.
23. 30th April 2012 - Hundreds of Bull RedFish found dead in Alabama.
24. 3rd May 2012 - Dead Fish are washing up on shore of Lake Houston in America.
25. 6th May 2012 - Mass Fish death found in Heritage Park Pond in Massachusetts.
26. 8th May 2012 - Hundreds of dead fish in Brake Lake, Perry County America.
27. 16th May 2012 - Fish kill in Arcadia Lake in Oklahoma.
28. 20th May 2012 - Hundreds of Fish found dead at Clear Lake in Minnesota.
29. 23rd May 2012 - 60,000 - 100,000 dead Fish in three Creeks in Maryland USA
30. 24th May 2012 - Hundreds of Fish found dead in Briar Creek in North Carolina.
31. 27th May 2012 - Entire Fish Farm stock to be killed after virus found for first time in waters of Washington State.
32. 29th May 2012 - Mass Fish death - 13,000 Fish found in Ohatchee Alabama.
33. 30th May 2012 - Thousands more Fish turning up dead in Maryland.
34. 5th June 2012 - Thousands of Dead fish found in Imperial Lakes in Florida.
35. 6th June 2012 - Over 10,000 dead Carp found in Blue Springs Lake, Missouri.
36. 120 Dolphins that died off Texas coast between November and March declared “unusual mortality event” America.
37. 20th June 2012 - Hundreds to Thousands of fish washing ashore dead on Sutherland Reservoir Nebraska.
38. 21st June 2012 - 150 Birds washing up dead or dying on East Florida beaches in America.
39. 21st June 2012 - Dead turtles washing ashore along Delaware and New Jersey coasts, scientists not sure why in America.
40. 22nd June 2012 - Fish kill on Lake Odessa in Louisa County America.
41. 23rd June 2012 - 67 Birds found dead at Kanaha Pond Wildlife Sanctuary Hawaii.
42. 25th June 2012 - Several thousand fish dead in a lake in Georgia America
43. 26th June 2012 - Fish kill in Wisconsin Counties in America.
44. 28th June 2012 - Fish die-off in Platte River in Nebraska.
45. 2nd July 2012 - 10,000 Fish dead in South Knoxville Pond in Tennessee America.
46. 3rd July 2012 - 2,300 dead Fish washed ashore on South River in Butts County, Georgia America.
47. 3rd July 2012 - Fish Kill: Catfish die-off on Lake Buffum near Fort Meade Florida.
48. 3rd July 2012 - Hundreds of Fish found floating dead in Upstate Lake South Carolina.
49. 3rd July 2012 - Major Fish kill: Hundreds of thousands of Fish dead in Lake Wichita Texas.
50. 4th July 2012 - Thousands of Fish found dead on Dexter City Lake in Missouri America.
51. 5th July 2012 - Over 20 dead Birds (Egrets) found in Rockport Texas.
52. 5th July 2012 - Thousands of Fish found dead in James River in Lamoure North Dakota.
53. 5th July 2012 - Fish kill on Roy Lake in South Dakota.
54. 5th July 2012 - Fish kill on Century Village Lakes in Florida.
55. 6th July 2012 - Fish kill in Patoka River, Indiana.
56. 6th July 2012 - Mass Fish kill on Salt River in Arizona.
57. 6th July 2012 - Many thousands of dead Fish found in Silver Lake, Delaware America.
58. 7th July 2012 - Over 50 Ducks and Geese found dead in Ohio, leaving locals baffled, America.
59. 9th July 2012 - “Catastrophic” Fish kill on Geneva Lake, also over 200 Pike dead on Fountain Lake in Minnesota America.
60. 10th July 2012 - Lobster mass die-off continues in Connecticut America.
61. 10th July 2012 - Dozens of dead Birds found in Illinois America.
62. 11th July 2012 - 19,000 Fish dead in Lake Odessa America.
63. 11th July 2012 - 58,000 Fish kill on the Des Moines River in Iowa America.
64. 12th July 2012 - Thousand of dead fish found on the Vermilion River in Illinois America.
65. 12th July 2012 - 6,500 dead Fish in Twin Lakes in North Carolina America.
66. 12th July 2012 - Tens of thousands of Fish dying and many birds dying to in Horicon Marsh America.
67. 17th July 2012 - MILLIONS of “weird”, and “unknown” Crab like creatures wash onto beaches, either dead or dying in Hawaii.
68. 19th July 2012 - Hundreds of Frogs found dead in Chesterfield Lake, Missouri, America.
69. 20th July 2012 - Thousands of dead Fish line beaches in Piney Point, Maryland, America.
70. 20th July 2012 - 300 Birds found dead on Agate Beach in Oregon, America.
71. 21st July 2012 - Thousands of fish washing ashore dead on Lake Elsinore in California, America.
72. 22nd July 2012 - Massive Fish kill on Lake Erie in Ohio, America.
73. 23rd July 2012 - Thousands of dead Fish wash ashore on Volusia’s beaches, Daytona, America.
74. 23rd July 2012 - Fish kill found on Big Sandy Lake in Minnesota, America.
75. 26th July 2012 - Fish kill in a canal in Plantation, Florida, America.
76. 29th July 2012 - Thousands of dead Fish found in the Colorado River, America.
77. 3rd August 2012 - Massive Fish kills right across America.
78. 3rd August 2012 - Massive Bird kill on beaches of Bandon, Oregon, America.
79. 3rd August 2012 - 3,000 Fish found dead on Petit Jean River in Arkansas, America.
80. 5th August 2012 - 40,000 Sturgeon and thousands of other Fish dead in Iowa and other Central States in America.
81. 7th August 2012 - Large Fish kill on the Neuse River in North Carolina, America.
82. 7th August 2012 - 900 Birds found dead in Minnesota, America.
83. 9th August 2012 - 20,000 dead Fish in Lake Contrary, Missouri, America.
84. 9th August 2012 - Hundreds of Crabs washing ashore dead on Tiana and Shinnecock Bay in America.
85. 13th August 2012 - Hundreds of Thousands of dead Fish on beaches from Matagorda to Galveston, Texas.
86. 15th August 2012 - Dozens of Birds fall from sky dead in New Jersey, America.
87. 15th August 2012 - 5,000 Fish found dead in Sugar Creek, Ohio, America.
88. 16th August 2012 - Fish kill in Wolf Creek, Iowa, America.
89. 17th August 2012 - Lots of various Fish and Stingrays washing up dead off Myrtle Beach in South Carolina, America.
90. 17th August 2012 - 1 MILLION Fish have been killed by “red tide” in Texas, America.
91. 20th August 2012 - 20,000 Fish found dead in Contraband Bayou, Louisiana, America.
92. 20th August 2012 - Fish kill in Highland Park in Texas, America.
93. 20th August 2012 - Thousands of Fish continue to die in Neuse River in North Carolina, America.
94. 20th August 2012 - Major Fish kill on the shores of Anson Lake, Texas, America.
95. 22nd August 2012 - Thousands of dead Fish found in Cuyahoga River, Ohio, America.
96. 30th August 2012 - “Significant” fish kill on Tuscarawas River in NEW PHILADELPHIA, America.
96. 30th August 2012 - Die-off of Whitefish in Eastern Idaho Rivers a “mystery”, America.
97. 2nd September 2012 - 17 Whales dead after 22 beach themselves in Florida, America.
98. 4th September 2012 - Thousands of dead Fish found in Broadkill River - “The River smelled like dead fish” - in Delaware, America.
99. 4th September 2012 - Fish kill in Bayou Casotte in Jackson County, America.
100. 4th September 2012 - Thousands of dead Fish along Bayou Lafourche in Louisiana, America.
101. 5th September 2012 - Tens of thousands of Nutria Rats washed up dead on Mississippi beaches in America.
102. 5th September 2012 - Large Fish kills reported around Louisiana in America.
103. 8th September 2012 - Fish kill in San Carlos Lake in Arizona, America.
104. 10th September 2012 - Hundreds of dead Fish litter Lake Vista in New Orleans, America.
105. 12th September 2012 - MILLIONS of dead fish in the Salton Sea in California, America.
106. 12th September 2012 - Thousands of dead Fish in Arrowhead Lakes, Arizona, America.
107. 12th September 2012 - Large Fish kill from New Smyrna Beach to Oak Hill, Florida, America.
108. 14th September 2012 - Hundreds of dead Fish found in a creak in Arlington, America.
109. 14th September 2012 - 131,000 Fish killed due to disease in New York State, America.
110. 17th September 2012 - Mass Fish kill in Lakeview Park, Corpus Christi in America.
111. 19th September 2012 - Large Fish kill in Lake Auburn, Maine, America.
112. 23rd September 2012 - Last remaining 20 Ducks found dead in Arden Park - No Ducks left, Arizona, America.
113. 24th September 2012 - Large Fish kill, causing complete wipeout of Fish in North Sterling Reservoir, Colorado, America.
114. 25th September 2012 - Hundreds of Fish found dead in the Neuse River, North Carolina, America.
115. 28th September 2012 - Ongoing Fish kill caused by algea at Roosevelt Lake, Arizona, America.
116. 28th September 2012 - Massive Fish kill in Harvey’s Run River, Pennsylvania in America.
117. 4th October 2012 - Fish kill caused by “Red Tide” on Sarasota Beaches, Florida in America.
118. 7th October 2012 - 150 dead Birds found in Chicago during September. A 50 Percent increase over August. America.
119. 9th October 2012 - Massive Fish kills caused by Red Tide along Florida coast, America.
120. 12th October 2012 - Mass death of Hammerhead Shark pups found in Hawaii.
121. 16th October 2012 - Fish kill in Dalton Creek, Georgia, America.
122. 17th October 2012 - “Significant” Bass die-off, thousands dead in Dickinson County lakes, Iowa, America.
123. 17th October 2012 - Fish die-off could be in the MILLIONS in Neuse River, North Carolina, America.
124. 19th October 2012 - A Virus is killing Doves all across the Permian Basin, America.
125. 22nd October 2012 - Tens of thousands of Gizzard Shad Fish dead in Oneida Lake, New York State, America.
126. 22nd October 2012 - Thousands of dead Fish scattered along Collier beaches in Florida, America.
127. 23rd October 2012 - Massive Scallop die-off from Red Tide in America.
128. 25th October 2012 - 900+ dead Birds wash ashore on Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore, Michigan, America.
129. 26th October 2012 - Fish kill in Prairie Creek, Blairstown, America.
130. 31st October 2012 - 15,000+ Fish found dead on Lake Madeline in Texas, America.
131. 4th November 2012 - 700 Waterbirds found dead along shore of Lake Michigan in America.
132. 7th November 2012 - Fish kill found along a 7 mile stretch of Bradford Branch in Ohio, America.
133. 8th November 2012 - Die-off of spawning Salmon in Longfellow Creek, Seattle, America.
134. 16th November 2012 - Thousands of dead gizzard shad Fish found dead on Lake Erie in New York, America.
135. 20th November 2012 - 100 dead starlings found on road baffles scientists in Missouri, America.
136. 24th November 2012 - 26 Turtles die from disease during past few months in West Virginia, America.
137. 1st December 2012 - Catfish die-off near Marco Island in Florida, America.
138. 2nd December 2012 - 50 birds found dead on road in Collin County, Texas, America.
139. 3rd December 2012 - Hundreds of dead Carp washed up in Pinto Lake, California, America.
140. 6th December 2012 - Thousands of Fish found dead and dying on Kiawah Island, South Carolina, America.
141. 11th December 2012 - “Dead Fish all over the place” near giant sinkhole in Louisiana, America.
142. 11th December 2012 - Thousands of Squid wash ashore dead in California, America.
143. 12th December 2012 - 6 Dolphins wash ashore dead during past month in Gavelston, Texas, America.
144. 18th December 2012 - Die-off of Songbirds in Sonoma County, California, America.
145. 27th December 2012 - Thousands of dead Fish washing ashore in Sarasota and Charlotte, America.
146. 31st December 2012 - 300 Birds drop dead out of the sky in Tennessee, America.


1. 4th January 2013 - Thousands of dead Sardines washing ashore on Sanibel Island, Florida, America.
2. 4th January 2013 - Mass Fish kill in the Boca Grande Causeway, Florida, America.
3. 4th January 2013 - Several thousand dead Fish found along the shores of Altus-Lugert Lake, Oklahoma, America.
5. 11th January 2013 - Hundreds of thousands of dead Fish washed up on Masonboro Island in America.
6. 11th January 2013 - Thousands of dead Birds are washing up on Michigan’s shoreline in America.
7. 15th January 2013 - Thousands of dead Fish washed up on Pawleys Island, in South Carolina, America.
8. 15th January 2013 - 30+ Birds found dead in Duson, Louisiana, America.
9. 16th January 2013 - 2,000 Fish found dead in Grand Island Lake, Nebraska, America.
10. 17th January 2013 - 40,000 dead Fish wash ashore for 2nd time in a week in South Carolina, America.
11. 17th January 2013 - Countless number of dead Fish wash ashore on Siesta Public Beach, Florida, America.
12. 18th January 2013 - Thousands of dead Fish continue to wash ashore on Sarasota beaches in Florida, America.
13. 21st January 2013 - Fish kill on the shores of Anna Maria Island in America.
14. 30th January 2013 - Fish kill caused by algae bloom at Possum Kingdom Lake, Texas, America.
15. 30th January 2013 - 1 whale died, location is unknown.
16. 6th February 2013 - Thousands of Tilapia Fish found dead in Tempe Town Lake, Arizona, America.
17. 12th February 2013 - Thousands of Fish killed by chlorinated water in San Mateo Creek, California, America.
18. 14th February 2013 - Thousands of Fish found dead in Suck’s Lake, Nebraska, America.
19. 14th February 2013 - Thousands of dead Lobsters, Starfish, Clams and Skates wash ashore in Massachusetts, America.
20. 24th February 2013 - Thousands of Fish found dead in Cuyahoga River, Ohio, America.
21. 27th February 2013 - Thousands of Fish wash up dead onto beaches in Florida, America.
22. 28th February 2013 - 100 Manatees killed by Red tide this year in Florida, America.
23. 28th February 2013 - 150 Birds found dead in Arlington, Texas, America.
24. During the month of February 2013 a 5 sperm whales washed ashore in American waters, locations again are unknown.
25. 1st March 2013 - 1 Million fish dead so far this year in Lake Erie, America.
26. 6th March 2013 - Dead Fish litter the Payette River in Idaho, America.
27. 6th March 2013 - Fish kill in Baffin Bay has Scientists concerned, Texas, America.
28. 11th March 2013 - Fish kill at Walborn Reservoir in Ohio, America.
29. 12th March 2013 - Fish kill including dead Ducks along Union Ship Canal, New York, America.
30. 13th March 2013 - Hundreds of dead Fish found in Stansbury Park Lake, Utah, America.
31. 14th March 2013 - 100+ Pelicans dead during past 2 months “baffling biologists” in Florida, America.
32. 20th March 2013 - Fish kill on the Brazos River in Texas, America.
33. 21st March 2013 - Hundreds of Fish found dead after Bleach spill in Rocky Creek, Augusta, America.
34. 26th March 2013 - Many Fish kills reported along the Mississippi River, America.
35. 28th March 2013 - 213 Manatees dead so far this year in Florida, America.
36. During March, 23 Whales and Dolphins washed up dead in various countries around the World. 5 of them in America.
37. 1st April 2013 - High number of deaths of Sea Lion pups washing up in California, America.
38. 3rd April 2013 - Hundreds of dead Fish found floating along Rock River in Illinois, America.
39. 3rd April 2013 - Thousands of Fish wash up dead on Lake Erie shores in Buffalo, America.
40. 4th April 2013 - Update: 1,100 Sea Lions have beached so far this year in America.
41. 7th April 2013 - Thousands of dead Fish found washed ashore in Cleveland, America.
42. 12th April 2013 - MILLIONS of dead Fish wash ashore on Lake Erie, America.
43. 13th April 2013 - Thousands of Fish dying at the Big Eau Pleine Reservoir, Wisconsin, America.
44. 12th April 2013 - 200,000 Salmon killed in Elwha River, Washington State, America.
45. 17th April 2013 - Thousands of Birds drop dead from sky at Army base in Utah, America.
46. 19th April 2013 - Hundreds of dead Fish found in a lake at Sylvan Heights, Pennsylvania, America.
47. 26th April 2013 - Hundreds of Birds dead from Spring Snowstorm in Colorado, America.
48. 29th April 2013 - INFO: Seal Pups continue to wash up in California close to death. 1,400 so far in 2013, America.
49. 30th April 2013 - Fish kill at Eagles Mere Lake a mystery in Pennsylvania, America.
50. During April, 24 Whales and Dolphins washed up dead in various countries around the World. 3 stranded in America. Location is again unknown.
51. 2nd May 2013 - Fish kill at Pipestem Reservoir in North Dakota, America.
52. 2nd May 2013 - Several hundred dead Fish in a lake baffles officials in Nebraska, America.
53. 3rd May 2013 - Thousands of dead Fish found in Indian River Lagoon, Florida, America.
54. 3rd May 2013 - Mass Fish kill found in Laurinburg, North Carolina, America.
55. 3rd May 2013 - 582 Manatees have died so far this year in Florida, America.
56. 6th May 2013 - Fish kill in Harlan Creek, Kentucky, America.
57. 6th May 2013 - Fish kill at Delaware Lake, Ohio, America.
58. 6th May 2013 - Hundreds of dead Fish wash up on Beaver Lake, Minnesota, America.
59. 8th May 2013 - 100+ dead Birds fall from sky in Danville & Pittsylvania, America.
60. 9th May 2013 - Fish kill in Tygart Lake, West Virginia, America.
61. 9th May 2013 - Hundreds of dead Fish found in Bristol Pond in Connecticut, America.
62. 13th May 2013 - Hundreds of Fish washing up dead every day in Mobile Bay, Alabama, America.
63. 20th May 2013 - Major Fish Kill in the Big Eau Plaine reservoir, Wisconsin, America.
64. 21st May 2013 - Large Fish kill on the Pinnebog River in Michigan, America.
65. 22nd May 2013 - Hundreds of White Bass found dead in Lake Springfield, Illinois, America.
66. 24th May 2013 - Hundreds of dead Fish found in Rocky Fork Lake in Ohio, America.
67. 24th May 2013 - Hundreds of dead Fish found in Ottawa River in Ohio, America.
68. 24th May 2013 - Thousands of Bull Redfish found floating dead in Breton Sound, Louisiana, America.
69. 25th May 2013 - 30 Fish kills happened during winter in North Dakota Lakes, America.
70. 26th May 2013 - Several Hundred Fish found dead on banks of De Queen Lake in Arkansas, America.
71. 28th May 2013 - Large Fish die-off in Irondequoit Bay in New York, America.
72. 31st May 2013 - Dead Fish litter a reservoir along with garbage in Mississippi, America.
73. 4th June 2013 - Fish kills worry residents on Padre Island, Texas, America.
74. 5th June 2013 - Thousands of Fish die in Quartz Lake, Alaska, America.
75. 5th June 2013 - Hundreds of dead Fish found in Jamestown Dam, North Dakota, America.
76. 10th June 2013 - Fish kill a “mystery” at Lake Mead in Nevada, America.
77. 10th June 2013 - Thousands of dead Fish found in West Pond, Texas, America.
78. 10th June 2013 - 350,000 Fish have died since beginning of year in Lugert-Altus Lake. “NO FISH LEFT”, Oklahoma, America.
79. 14th June 2013 - Fish kill a “mystery” at East Park Pond in El Dorado, Kansas, America.
80. 14th June 2013 - Thousands of dead White Bass found in Cave Run Lake, Kentucky, America.
81. 15th June 2013 - Thousands of Carp found dead in Milford reservoir, Kansas, America.
82. 15th June 2013 - Meadow Grounds Lake in McConnellsburg Drained and Full of Dead Fish, Pennsylvania, America.
83. 16th June 2013 - 111 Manatees, 300 Pelicans and 46 Dolphins have died since last summer in Indian River Lagoon. With 1 Dolphin turning up dead everyday last week. Florida, America.
84. 17th June 2013 - Hundreds of Fish turning up dead in a pond has locals “puzzled” in Temple, Texas, America.
85. 18th June 2013 - Fish kill in Lake Texoma, Oklahoma and Texas, America.
86. 19th June 2013 - Thousands of Fish turn up dead in a lake in Sarasota, Florida, America.
87. 19th June 2013 - Thousands of Dead Fish floating and wash ashore in Nassawadox Creek, Virginia, America.
88. 20th June 2013 - Hundreds of dead Fish found in Hirsch Lake, New Jersey, America.
89. 20th June 2013 - Fish kill in a Lake in Addison County, Vermont, America.
90. 20th June 2013 - Fish die off washes up on beaches in Kirkland, Washington, America.
91. 20th June 2013 - Unusual number of Birds dying with 1 Resident reporting 50 dead Birds in Billings, Montana, America.
92. 21st June 2013 - Thousands of dead Fish found along 50 mile stretch of Salt Fork River is “catastrophic”, Oklahoma, America.
93. 24th June 2013 - Hundreds of Carp turn up dead in Lakes in Iowa and Dane counties, America.
94. 25th June 2013 - Fish kill reported in Ashland Creek, Oregon, America.
95. 26th June 2013 - 160,000 Fish died in a hatchery due to an “alleged” failed pump in Montana, America.
96. 27th June 2013 - Hundreds to thousands of dead Fish piling up on the shores of Eagle Nest Lake in New Mexico, America.
97. 27th June 2013 - Millions of Pacific Krill [“largest die-off in recent history”] “mysteriously” wash up dead on beaches in California, America.
98. 28th June 2013 - Hundreds of Fish die from being “too warm” in Ballaine Lake, Alaska, America.
99. 28th June 2013 - Large Fish kill found in Charles River, Massachusetts, America.
100. 29th June 2013 - Fish kills currently on all lakes in Minnesota, America.
101. 1st July 2013 - Fish die off (worst in years) on Canandaigua Lake, New York, America.
102. 2nd July 2013 - Thousands of fish found dead in Chetek Lake, Wisconsin, America.
103. 3rd July 2013 - Fish kills reported on several of the Finger Lakes in New York, America.
104. 4th July 2013 - 80+ TONS of dead fish removed from Mississippi Sound, America.
105. 6th July 2013 - 1,200 lbs of Bluefish “mysteriously” washed up dead in Shinnecock Bay, America.
106. 9th July 2013 - 2 Whales dead after beaching on Jupiter Island in Florida, America.
107. 10th July 2013 - Hundreds of dead fish washing up along Neuse River in N.Carolina, America.
108. 10th July 2013 - 200,000+ fish have died due to “alleged pump failure” in Washington, America.
109. 11th July 2013 - Hundreds of dead fish found in a creek in Colonial Heights, Virginia, America.
110. 13th July 2013 - Die off of Chinook salmon “due to heat wave” in John Day River, Oregon, America.
111. 17th July 2013 - 600 fish dead from “heat and low water” in reservoir in Utah, America.
112. 18th July 2013 - Large fish kill washing up on lake Michigan in America.
113. 18th July 2013 - Thousands of fish dead from “lack of rain” in Sugar Lake, Missouri, America.
114. 19th July 2013 - Hundreds of fish turning up dead in Holter Lake, Montana, America.
115. 20th July 2013 - 3,000 fish found dead in a creek in Madison County, Ohio, America.
116. 22nd July 2013 - Large fish kill at Grand Lake, St Marys, Ohio, America.
117. 22nd July 2013 - Hundreds of dead fish found in Lake George, Massechusetts, America.
118. 23rd July 2013 - Hundreds of fish have died in a park pond in Youngstown, Ohio, America.
119. 24th July 2013 - Hundreds of dead fish found in Provo River, Utah, America.
120. 27th July 2013 - 6 Dolphins wash up dead during past week along New Jersey shoreline, America.
121. 27th July 2013 - 10,000 dead fish found in Lake Ariel, Pennsylvania, America.
122. 28th July 2013 - 1100 King Salmon found dead in a river in Petersburg, Alaska, America.
123. 30th July 2013 - 5,000 fish found dead in Savannah River, Columbia County in America.
124. 31st July 2013 - Thousands of dead fish, stingrays, crabs and shrimp have washed ashore this month on Mississippi beaches in America.
125. 2nd August 2013 - Hundreds of fish found dead in Lower Owens River in California, America.
126. 3rd August 2013 - Hundreds of fish found dead in Assabet river in Massachusetts, America.
127. 3rd August 2013 - 4 more Dolphins wash ashore dead on beaches in Jersey, America.
128. 7th August 2013 - 13 Dolphins wash ashore dead during past week in Virginia, America.
129. 11th August 2013 - Mass fish kill found again in Neuse River in N.Carolina, America.
130. 15th August 2013 - 1000 dead fish found floating in National Mall Pond in Washington DC, America.
131. 16th August 2013 - UPDATE INFO: Many thousands of seal pups died “mysteriously” during May in California, America.
132. 20th August 2013 - 19 Turtles found dead in Vermilion County parks, Illinois, America.
133. 20th August 2013 - Thousands of fish are dead in Bayou Casotte, Mississippi, America.
134. 20th August 2013 - 25 dead dolphins wash up this past weekend along coast in Virginia, America.
135. 21st August 2013 - Hundreds of dead fish found in Agoura Hills Lake, California, America.
136. 21st August 2013 - UPDATE: 300 Dolphins have washed ashore dead this summer along east coast of America.
137. 22nd August 2013 - 30,000 dead fish along a 4 mile stretch of Panther Creek in Illinois, America.
138. 26th August 2013 - 3 more dolphins wash up dead off coast of Jersey, America.
139. 27th August 2013 - 100 % of Oyster beds dead in St. Lucie River, due to river being 100 % toxic, Florida, America.
140. 28th August 2013 - Thousands of fish turn up dead in a pond off Iowa river, America.
141. 29th August 2013 - Thousands of Ducks dying ‘due to disease’ in Klamath Basin, Oregon, America.
142. 30th August 2013 - 10,000 dead salmon found scattered along Lake Koocanusa in Montana, America.
143. 6th September 2013 - 5,000 dead fish found in a lake in New Mexico, America.
144. 6th September 2013 - 2,000 lbs of fish suddenly die in Atascadero Lake, California, America.
145. 12th September 2013 - Thousands of fish and other sealife dead after molasses spill in Honolulu, America.
146. 17th September 2013 - 25,000 Trout to be destroyed due to outbreak of disease in New Jersey, America.
147. 18th September 2013 - Fish kills due to alae blooms plague Indian River Lagoon in Florida, America.
148. 19th September 2013 - More dolphins continue to wash up dead along coast in Virginia, America.
149. 24th September 2013 - Hundreds of dead fish wash up on banks of Spoon River in Illinois, America.
150. 25th September 2013 - Thousands of fish found dead in a creek in Texas, America.
151. 27th September 2013 - Massive fish die off ‘due to algae’ in Sierra County reservoir, California, America.
152. 29th September 2013 - 4 major Fish kills have occured this month in Iowa, America.
153. 1st October 2013 - 74 very large Walleye fish found washed up dead along Lost Island Lake, Iowa, America.
154. 3rd October 2013 - MILLIONS of dead fish washing up along Neuse and Tar-Pamlico rivers in Carolina, America.
155. 3rd October 2013 - Thousands of Swallows dead from ‘bad weather’ has ‘stunned wildlife experts’ in Oregon, America.
156. 8th October 2013 - 14 Dolphins wash ashore dead during past week in New Jersey, America.
157. 8th October 2013 - Masses of dead fish continuing to wash up along Neuse and Pamlico rivers in Carolina, America.
158. 13th October 2013 - 2 fish kills reported in rivers in Iowa, America.
159. 14th October 2013 - Another fish kill due to red tide in Indian River Lagoon, Florida, America.
160. 14th October 2013 - Thousands of shellfish wash ashore dead ‘causing concern’ in Milford, Connecticut, America.
161. 15th October 2013 - 18 Dolphins and 5 Turtles wash ashore dead - ‘more than in a whole year’ along Delaware coast in America.
162. 18th October 2013 - Thousands of fish dead in dried up river channel in Oregon, America.
163. 18th October 2013 - Major fish kill in a lake in Englewood, Florida, America.
164. 19th October 2013 - Thousands of fish dead ‘due to temperature drop’ in a lake in Rockwall, Texas, America.
165. 19th October 2013 - Hundreds, maybe thousands of dead fish appear in Little River, ‘locals puzzled’ in Kentucky, America.
166. 19th October 2013 - 2 very rare Oarfish wash ashore dead ‘is a mystery’ in California, America.
167. 21st October 2013 - Hundreds of dead fish, bass, carp, shad, perch and minnows in Brazos River, Texas, America.
168. 23rd October 2013 - UPDATE: Over SEVEN HUNDRED (700) Dolphins washed ashore dead since July along east coast of America.
169. 31st October 2013 - NOTE: 769 Manatees wash up dead this year (most ever recorded), in Florida, America.
170. 1st November 2013 - Massive die off of sea stars now occuring along east and west coasts in America & Canada.
171. 3rd November 2013 - Massive die off of Shrimp during past 2 months due to disease off Carolina coast in America
172. 8th November 2013 - Thousands of dead fish appear in a lake in St Petersburg, Florida, America.
173. 10th November 2013 - Thousands of dead fish in the Deschutes River in Oregon, America.
174. 10th November 2013 - Massive Oyster die off, ‘Everywhere you look it’s just dead oysters’ in Beaufort County, S.Carolina, America.
175. 15th November 2013 - Hundreds of dead fish wash up in Mecox Bay in New York, America.
176. 26th November 2013 - Hundreds (maybe thousands) of dead birds wash ashore on St Lawrence Island in Alaska, America.
177. 26th November 2013 - 16 Dolphins have washed up dead during past few days on beaches in Florida, America.
178. 26th November 2013 - Hundreds of dead fish found floating along the harbor and canals in Charlotte County, America.
179. 30th November 2013 - Thousands of dead fish found in Lake Owasso, Minnesota, America
180. 4th December 2013 - 10 Pilot whales dead, 41 stranded in the Everglades, Florida, America.
181. 5th December 2013 - Massive Fish kill, ‘All fish dead’ due to algae in a reservoir in Oklahoma, America.
182. 8th December 2013 - 11 more Whales found dead on a beach in Florida Keys, America.
183. 9th December 2013 - Hundreds of birds dead from outbreak of disease in Lake Ontario, America/Canada.
184. 10th December 2013 - 28 Dolphins wash ashore dead during past week along south east coast of America.
185. 12th December 2013 - Hundreds of birds ‘fall dead from sky’ in Virginia, America.
186. 19th December 2013 - UPDATE: 803 Manatees have washed up dead this year in Florida, San Roque America.
187. 23rd December 2013 - Thousands of dead fish wash up on the shores of Sparks Marina in Nevada, America.
188. 26th December 2013 - UPDATE: 1000+ Dolphins washed up dead this year along east coast of America.
189. 27th December 2013 - 20 Bald Eagles and thousands of birds have died from disease in Utah, America.
190. 29th December 2013 - Hundreds of dead starfish wash up on beaches in Corpus Christi, America.
192. 31st December 2013 - UPDATE: 27 Eagles now dead from virus in Utah, America.


1. 2nd January 2014 - NOTE: 20,000 Birds have died since November due to disease around Great Salt Lake in America.
2. 6th January 2014 - 2 rare Whales dead after beaching on Long Island is ‘unusual’ in America.
3. 7th January 2014 - 40 Bald Eagles now dead from ‘virus’ in Utah, America.
4. 14th January 2014 - Thousands of fish have died ‘due to cold’ in Olentangy River, Ohio, America.
5. 15th January 2014 - 100,000 dead fish in Sparks Marina, ‘reason unknown’ in Nevada, America.
6. 17th January 2014 - 5,300+ dead fish found in Clinton Lake, Illinois, America.
7. 17th January 2014 - Thousands of dead fish appear on the shores of a river in Old Lyme, Connecticut, America.
8. 21st January 2014 - 8 Whales dead, more stranded off the coast of Florida, America.
9. 22nd January 2014 - Hundreds of dead fish washing up at Thompson’s Bayou in Florida, America.
10. 23rd January 2014 - Hundreds of dead birds found, ‘never seen anything like it’ in Burleson, Texas, America.
11. 24th January 2014 - 25 dead whales found near Kice Island in Florida, America.
12. 28th January 2014 - Tens of thousands of dead fish washing up along a river in Tennessee, America.
13. 29th January 2014 - Masses of fish and squid wash ashore dead on beach in Kauai, Hawaii, America.
14. 29th January 2014 - Hundreds of dead fish appear in Kings River, California, America.
15. 3rd February 2014 - Millions of Sea stars still dying off on west coast of America.
16. 4th March 2014 - Large Fish kills occuring in various lakes across Missouri, America.
17. 4th March 2014 - Hundreds of dead ducks found around Lake Erie and Lake Ontario in New York, America.
18. 10th March 2014 - 10,000 Trout have died in a hatchery in Pennsylvania, America.
19. 12th March 2014 - Hundreds of fish found dead in a creek in Rocky Gap, Virginia, America.
20. 17th March 2014 - Thousands of dead ducks appearing all around the Great Lakes in America.
21. 19th March 2014 - 52,000 young trout found dead in a hatchery in Pennsylvania, America.
22. 24th March 2014 - Thousands of fish found dead in a pond in Killingly, Connecticut, America.
23. 30th March 2014 - Thousands of dead fish wash up along a canal in Illinois, America.
24. 1st April 2014 - Large fish die offs in various lakes in Northern Indiana, America.
25. 1st April 2014 - 9,000+ lbs of dead fish wash ashore along a lake in Illinois, America.
26. 1st April 2014 - Large amount of dead fish washing ashore in Presque Isle Bay, Pennsylvania, America.
27. 2nd April 2014 - Thousands of starfish washing ashore dead and dying on beaches in Florida, America.
28. 3rd April 2014 - Thousands of fish dying off ‘due to disease’ in Tempe Town Lake, Arizona, America.
29. 5th April 2014 - 48 Dolphins wash up dead during past month in Texas, America.
30. 5th April 2014 - Dozens of birds fall dead from sky ‘a mystery’ in Oklahoma City, America.
31. 11th April 2014 - Thousands of dead fish due to algae in Devils Lake, ‘never seen anything like it’ in Oregon, America.
32. 14th April 2014 - 6 Dolphins, 1 Shark, 1 Whale and multiple Turtles washed up dead during past 2 weeks in Florida, America.
33. 17th April 2014 - Hundreds of dead fish found in a lake ‘baffles biologists’ in Virginia, America.
34. 18th April 2014 - Hundreds of dead fish found washed up along Chautauqua Lake, New York, America.
35. 25th April 2014 - 500,000 Carp die suddenly in a river in Kentucky, America.
36. 25th April 2014 - 90,000 trout to be killed due to disease outbreak in New Jersey, America.
37. 29th April 2014 - Thousands of dead fish washing up along the shores of Lakes in Wisconsin, America.
38. 29th April 2014 - 7,000 dead fish found floating in Patapsco River and Inner Harbor in Baltimore, America.
39. 29th April 2014 - Dozens of sea turtles are washing up dead in South Mississippi, America.
40. 30th April 2014 - Mass fish kill ‘worst I’ve seen in 26 years of working here’ in Iowa, America.
41. 1st May 2014 - Thousands of dead fish found floating on a lake in Meniffe, California, America.
42. 8th May 2014 - 12 TONS of dead fish removed from lakes in Chisago County, Minnesota, America.
43. 12th May 2014 - Tens of thousands of dead fish found in a river in New Jersey, America.
44. 13th May 2014 - INFO: 650 Sea Lion pups have stranded during past couple of months on shores of California, America.
45. 16th May 2014 - Tens of thousands of fish are dead in Grand Lake, Minnesota, America.
46. 16th May 2014 - Thousands of dead fish wash up on Belmar Beach in New Jersey, America.
47. 17th May 2014 - Masses of fish turn up dead in a Marina in Pultneyville, New York, America.
48. 19th May 2014 - Tens of Thousands of dead fish ‘mysteriously’ wash up in Marina Del Rey, California, America.
49. 26th May 2014 - Hundreds of thousands of dead fish wash ashore in Texas, America.
50. 27th May 2014 - Hundreds of dead fish wash ashore in Lake Mendocino ‘is a mystery’ in California, America.
51. 29th May 2014 - Fish kill found on Red River in Oklahoma, America.
52. 31st May 2014 - Large fish kill appears on Santa Fe lake in Kansas, America.
53. 2nd June 2014 - Hundreds of dead fish washing ashore at Indian Lake in Ohio, America.
54. 4th June 2014 - Massive die off of Starfish during past two weeks in Oregon, America.
55. 6th June 2014 - Masses of dead fish wash up again in Galveston, Texas, America.
56. 6th June 2014 - Hundreds of dead fish wash up on a beach in New Jersey, America.
57. 14th June 2014 - Mass fish kill in a lake, ‘worst I’ve seen in 30 years of being here’ in Illinois, America.
58. 16th June 2014 - Mass die off of wildlife ‘suddenly’ around a lake in Tennessee, America.
59. 18th June 2014 - UPDATE - MASSIVE, ‘catastrophic’ starfish die off affecting 20 species and getting worse along both coasts of America.
60. 25th June 2014 - Thousands of dead fish found in a lake ‘due to algae’ in Kansas, America.
61. 24th June 2014 - Thousands of dead fish washing up on a beach in Milwaukee, America.
62. 25th June 2014 - Thousands of dead fish found in a lake ‘due to algae’ in Kansas, America.
63. 26th June 2014 - Large die off of fish in Canandaigua Lake, New York, America.
64. 28th June 2014 - 1 MILLION+ dead fish wash up in Winyah Bay, South Carolina, America.
65. 1st July 2014 - Large number of dead fish wash up along miles of beach in Florida, America.
66. 4th July 2014 - Hundreds of dead fish wash up along a beach in Hawaii, America.
67. 9th July 2014 - Thousands of dead fish wash ashore, ‘never seen before’ in Oahu, Hawaii, America.
68. 19th July 2014 - Thousands of dead fish wash up on a beach in California, America.
69. 18th July 2014 - Large die off of fish found in a river in Oregon, America.
70. 17th July 2014 - Thousands of dead fish wash up in a lake Wyndham Lake in Virginia, America.
71. 23rd July 2014 - Hundreds of fish and other marine life continue to wash up dead on beaches in Hawaii, America.
72. 23rd July 2014 - Millions of dead fish found floating on a lake in Texas, America.
73. 25th July 2014 - Thousands of dead fish found washed up on a beach in California, America.
74. 28th July 2014 - Thousands of Carp washing up dead in Horicon Marsh, Wisconsin, America.
75. 4th August 2014 - Hundreds of Spanish Sardines wash up dead along a beach in Alabama, America.
76. 1st August 2014 - Hundreds of dead birds found in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, America.
77. 1st August 2014 - Hundreds of Thousands of dead fish wash up in Santa Cruz harbor, California, America.
78. 30th July 2014 - Tens of thousands of dead fish wash up along Necanicum River, Oregon, America.
79. 29th July 2014 - Thousands of dead fish found floating in Chesapeake Bay, Virginia, America.
80. 6th August 2014 - Thousands of dead fish wash ashore in Puerto Rico, America.
81. 6th August 2014 - Large fish kill found in the Kishwaukee River in Illinois, America.
82. 7th August 2014 - Large fish kill found along Salt Fork River in Oklahoma, America.
83. 8th August 2014 - Mass Dolphin die off continues along east coast of America.
84. 8th August 2014 - Massive fish kill ‘due to algae’ in a lake in Kansas, America.
85. 11th August 2014 - Hundreds of dead fish show up in a lake in Minnesota, America.
86. 14th August 2014 - Thousands of dead anchovies wash ashore in Foster City, California, America.
87. 20th August 2014 - Hundreds of dead fish found floating on a lake in Arkansas, America.
88. 20th August 2014 - Astonishing numbers of dead Salmon washing up along Kobuk River, ‘never seen before’ in Alaska, America.
89. 21st August 2014 - Large fish kill found in a creek in Baltimore, America.
90. 25th August 2014 - Hundreds of fish dead, ‘some trying to beach themselves’ in Mill River, Connecticut, America.
91. 28th August 2014 - Thousands of fish being killed by a virus in Wisconsin, America.
92. 27th August 2014 - Thousands of fish turn up dead in a lake in Texas, America.
93. 28th August 2014 - Thousands of fish continue to be killed by Algae in Indian River Lagoon, Florida, America.
94. 31st August 2014 - Thousands of dead salmon found floating on Lewiston Lake in California, America.
95. 30th August 2014 - Large numbers of sea lions, brown pelicans, otters, whales and dolphins dying in California, America.
96. 1st September 2014 - Thousands of dead fish wash ashore on a beach in Mohammedia, Morocco.
97. 2nd September 2014 - Hundreds of dead fish wash ashore in Pinellas County, Florida, America.
98. 3rd September 2014 - 18 Dolphins found dead during August in Indian River Lagoon, Florida, America.
99. 3rd September 2014 - Tens of thousands of dead fish wash up along the Neuse River in North Carolina, America.
100. 5th September 2014 - 44 Seals strand and die during August in California, America.
101. 11th September 2014 - Hundreds of thousands of fish have died in a creek in Iowa, America.
102. 12th September 2014 - Thousands of fish have died ‘due to chemical pollution’ in a lake in South Carolina, America.
103. 17th September 2014 - Hundreds of pounds of fish die in a lake ‘due to herbicides’ in Illinois, America.
104. 26th September 2014 - Large number of dead birds found on Pismo Beach in California, America.
105. 28th September 2014 - 50 dead sharks found washed ashore on a beach in N.Carolina, America.
106. 29th September 2014 - Hundreds of fish found dead in a lake in Texas, America.
107. 30th September 2014 - Hundreds of fish die in Yosemite Lake ‘due to rain’ in California, America.
108. 2nd October 2014 - Large fish kill in a lake in South Bay, California, America.
109. 3rd October 2014 - Hundreds of fish turning up dead in a lake in Santa Margarita, California, America.
110. 3rd October 2014 - Massive die off (90 percent wiped out) of starfish at Haystack Rock, Oregon, America.
111. 8th October 2014 - Fish kill occuring in a lake in Missouri, America.
112. 16th October 2014 - Hundreds of thousands of dead fish washing up along the Neuse River in N.Carolina, America.
113. 27th October 2014 - Thousands of fish die in a lake in Dexter, New Mexico, America.
114. 28th October 2014 - Mass die off of sea stars now happening in Sitka, Alaska, America.
115. 8th November 2014 - Large die off of fish in Indian River Lagoon, Florida, America.
116. 19th November 2014 - Mass die off of fish, crabs, sea cucumbers and other marine life at tidal pools in Kapoho, Hawaii, America.
117. 22nd November 2014 - Thousands of dead fish wash up at Washoe Lake in Nevada, America.
118. 23rd November 2014 - Mass die off of sea birds washing up along the Sonoma Coast in America.
119. 26th November 2014 - Dozens of dead crows found in Portland, Oregon, America.
120. 5th December 2014 - Hundreds of dead turles washing up ‘a mystery’ on beaches in Massachusetts, America.
121. 9th December 2014 - 400,000+ fish have died in a lake in Florida, America.
122. 20th December 2014 - 1,200 young turtles have washed ashore during past 2 months in Cape Cod, Mass. America.
123. 25th December 2014 - Large fish kill found washed up along a beach on Anna Maria Island in Florida, America.
124. 29th December 2014 - 100,000 dead starfish found washed ashore on Fripp Island, S.Carolina, America.
125. 30th December 2014 - Thousands of dead fish found floating in a creek in Brevard County, Florida, America.
126. 31st December 2014 - 147 turtles and 48 dolphins found dead in Mississippi sound during 2014 in America.
127. 31st December 2014 - Hundreds of dead sea birds washing ashore along the coast of Oregon, America.


1. 2nd January 2015 - Thousands of dead birds washing ashore along the coast between California and Washington in America.
2. 2nd January 2015 - Hundreds of dead fish found in a lake in Nevada, America.
3. 7th January 2015 - UPDATE: 100,000+ dead seabirds found since October along west coast of America.
4. 8th January 2015 - 150 Birds dead due to oil spill in Northwest Ohio, America.
5. 15th January 2015 - 10,000 fish have died ‘due to algae’ in Lake Mission Viejo, California, America.
6. 19th January 2015 - Massive fish kill along a Canal in Fort Myers, Florida, America.
7. 21st January 2015 - Hundreds of dead fish found in ponds in Brownsville, Texas, America.
8. 21st January 2015 - 200 Birds dead covered in ‘mystery goo’ in California, America.
9. 22nd January 2015 - Hundreds of dead fish appear in canals in Padre Island, Texas, America.
10. 23rd January 2015 - 5,000+ dead fish in Oyster Creek in New Jersey, America.
11. 30th January 2015 - Hundreds of birds dying ‘a mystery’ in El Reno, Oklahoma, America.
12. 1st February 2015 - INFO: 67 sick Sea Lions washed ashore already this year, ‘no muscle, no fat, just skin and bones’, ‘it’s a real shock’ in California, America.
13. 2nd February 2015 - Hundreds of dead fish found floating in Mississippi River in Iowa, America.
14. 2nd February 2015 - Thousands of birds dying from disease at Walker Lake in Nevada, America.
15. 3rd February 2015 - 2,000+ Starfish wash up dead along Padre Island in Texas, America.
16. 8th February 2015 - Thousands of pigeons dying in California, America.
17. 10th February 2015 - Thousands of dead starfish wash ashore on Isle of Palms in S.Carolina, America.
18. 14th February 2015 - 1 out of every 3 seal pups born last summer have already died in California, America.
19. 18th February 2015 - Dozens of swans found dead and more dying on Snoqualmie River in Washington, America.
20. 21st February 2015 - Thousands of dead crabs wash ashore on Balboa Island, California, America.
21. 24th February 2015 - 130 Birds “allegedly” burnt alive while flying over solar farm in Nevada, America.
22. 24th February 2015 - Dozens of dead sea lions found on beaches in Malibu, California, America.
23. 2nd March 2015 - Thousands of dead fish found washed up along Columbia River in Portland, America.
24. 4th March 2015 - 300 Snow Geese have died this winter due to disease in Illinois, America.
26. 7th March 2015 - 1,450 Sea lion pups have washed ashore this year ill and dying - ‘possibly 10,000 have died’ in California, America.
27. 10th March 2015 - Large die off of ducks during winter on Long Island, New York, America. [NB: http://www.holiday-weather.com/new_york_city/averages/march/ I believe this so called scientific report regarding these bird deaths and taking into consideration alleged climate change to be false.]
28. 15th March 2015 - Hundreds of dead fish wash up along Chesapeake Canal in America.
29. 17th March 2015 - 2,000+ snow geese drop dead out of sky in Idaho, America.
30. 18th March 2015 - Hundreds of dead fish and a dolphin wash up along a beach in Outer Banks, N.Carolina, America.
31. 20th March 2015 - Fish kill on lake Jacqueline in Las Vegas, America.
32. 20th March 2015 - Die off of Geese ‘due to harsh winter’ across Rhode Island in America. [NB: See weather link above.]
33. 20th March 2015 - Hundreds of dead fish washing up every day at Geist Reservoir in Indiana, America.
34. 25th March 2015 - Mass die off of fish in Madison lake, Ohio, America.
35. 26th March 2015 - Large fish kill in Spencer lake in Ohio, America.
36. 31st March 2015 - Large die off of blackbirds near Picher in Oklahoma, America.
37. 1st April 2015 - Dead fish washing ashore for the past week in a lake in New Jersey, America.
38. 1st April 2015 - Hundreds of dead fish wash up along Elizabeth river in Virginia, America.
39. 2nd April 2015 - Thousands of ‘blue button jellyfish’ wash ashore on Pensacola Beach, Florida, America.
40. 2nd April 2015 - Die off of sea birds along Seward City coast, ‘very thin and emaciated’ in Alaska, America.
41. 3rd April 2015 - Hundreds of dead fish found in Bethlehem Township pond, ‘never encountered before’ in Pennsylvania, America.
42. 7th April 2015 - 600+ Water birds found dead on a lake in North Dakota, America.
43. 8th April 2015 - Fish kills littering ponds in western New York, America.
44. 8th April 2015 - Hundreds of dead fish line ponds across Massachusetts, America.
45. 12th April 2015 - Massive die off of jellyfish washed up on Rockaway Beach, Oregon, America.
46. 13th April 2015 - Hundreds of dead fish wash up on a lake in Connecticut, America.
47. 14th April 2015 - Hundreds of dead fish litter ponds across northern Pennsylvania in America.
48. 20th April 2015 - Hundreds of dead fish found floating on a lake in Pennsylvania, America.
49. 20th April 2015 - Thousands of dead fish wash up along a lake in Florida, America.
50. 22nd April 2015 - Large amount of dead fish washing ashore on Lake Champlain in Vermont, America.
51. 22nd April 2015 - Thousands of dead fish washing up on Ridgebury Lake in New York, America.
52. 24th April 2015 - 4 dead whales wash ashore this month ‘is a mystery’ in Northern California, America.
53. 25th April 2015 - Fish kill along the shores of a lake in Florida, America.
54. 7th May 2015 - Die off of ducks ’causes concern’ on a lake, ‘never seen before’ in St Petersburg, Florida, America.
55. 8th May 2015 - Dozens of dead waterbirds found washed ashore, ‘never seen before’ in Tonawanda, New York, America.
56. 14th May 2015 - Thousands of fish dead from disease in Cayuga Lake, New York, America.
57. 15th May 2015 - Hundreds of dead fish found in a canal in Aiea, Hawaii, America.
58. 16th May 2015 - Dozens, maybe HUNDREDS of turtles washing up dead along Flanders bay in New York, America.
59. 18th May 2015 - Hundreds of dead fish found in a lake in Ridley Park, Pennsylvania, America.
60. 22nd May 2015 - 2,000 dead fish found floating in a lake in Georgia, America.
61. 21st May 2015 - Hundreds of fish die suddenly in a lake in Florida, America.
62. 27th May 2015 - 12 dead whales have washed up during past couple months in California, America. [NB: From 2015 we begin to witness as with other countries a spike in whale strandings’ among other large aquatic fauna.]
63. 28th May 2015 - Mass die off of anchovies due to algae bloom in Monterey Bay, California, America.
64. 28th May 2015 - Thousands of dead fish wash up in various locations in Connecticut, America.
65. 30th May 2015 - Tens of thousands of dead fish found washed up along Flanders bay in New York, America.
66. 30th May 2015 - Thousands of dead fish found washed ashore on a river in Rhode Island, America.
67. 1st June 2015 - Hundreds of dead fish found washed up along Big Bear Lake in California, America.
68. 2nd June 2015 - 88 sea birds and 52 dolphins and sea lions dead due to oil spill in California, America.
69. 6th June 2015 - Large fish kill in a lake in Mattoon, Illinois, America.
70. 9th June 2015 - Hundreds of fish are dying in Clear Lake in California, America.
71. 8th June 2015 - Hundreds of dead fish washing up on beaches in Florida, America.
72. 12th June 2015 - Thousands of dead crabs wash up on beaches in San Diego, America.
73. 15th June 2015 - Thousands of dead fish in another fish kill on Peconic River in New York, America.
74. 15th June 2015 - Dozens of giant purple sea slugs washing ashore in Alameda, California, America.
75. 17th June 2015 - Thousands of fish dead due to flooding in Grayson County, Texas, America.
76. 18th June 2015 - 9+ endangered whales found dead during the past few weeks in Alaska, America.
77. 19th June 2015 - Hundreds of spring chinook salmon turning up dead in Oregon rivers, America.
78. 24th June 2015 - Thousands of fish and crabs wash ashore in Mississippi, America.
79. 25th June 2015 - Hundreds of dead fish washing up in the Hudson River in New York, America.
80. 26th June 2015 - Large die off of fish in Mystic River, ‘worst in 60 years’ in Massachusetts, America.
81. 29th June 2015 - Large amount of dead fish wash ashore on Lake Camanche in California, America.
82. 2nd July 2015 - Large number of song birds found dead in Idaho, America.
83. 5th July 2015 - Hundreds of dead fish found in a river in West Virginia, America.
84. 6th July 2015 - 3 dead sea mammals found washed up on beach in San Francisco, America.
85. 7th July 2015 - 150,000+ dead fish washing up along Neuse River in Craven County, N.Carolina, America.
86. 8th July 2015 - Hundreds of dead fish found in a lake in Colorado, America.
87. 10th July 2015 - Thousands of fish die due to algae bloom in a lake in Iowa, America.
88. 12th July 2015 - 5 more dead whales found, ‘scientists puzzled’ in Alaska, America.
89. 13th July 2015 - Mass die off of turtles ‘is a mystery’ in Wellfleet Bay, Massachusetts, America.
90. 16th July 2015 - 80 dead sturgeon found in a river, ‘a mystery’ in Oregon, America.
91. 20th July 2015 - Thousands of fish turning up dead in lakes in Illinois, America.
92. 23rd July 2015 - Thousands of dead fish found in a channel in California, America.
93. 24th July 2015 - Large die off of birds, plus fish and sea mammals at Aleutian Islands, Alaska, America.
94. 24th July 2015 - Tens of thousands of dead large black sea snails wash ashore on beaches in Florida, America.
95. 28th July 2015 - Hundreds of thousands of sockeye salmon dying in the Columbia River, America.
96. 28th July 2015 - Thousands of dead crabs wash ashore in New Jersey, America.
97. 31st July 2015 - Thousands of dead fish found in a river in Minnesota, America.
98. 2nd August 2015 - Hundreds of dead fish found in a lake in Florida, America.
99. 3rd August 2015 - Large fish kills washing up in Orange Beach, Alabama, America.
100. 5th August 2015 - 1,000 lbs of fish have died in Lake Elsinore, California, America.
101. 4th August 2015 - Dozens of sea birds washing up dead along beaches in Homer, Alaska, America.
102. 6th August 2015 - 5,400 rainbow trout dead ‘due to heat’ in a hatchery in Washington, America.
103. 11th August 2015 - Thousands of dead fish found in a creek in Georgia, America.
104. 13th August 2015 - Hundreds of dead herring found washed up on a beach in Unalaska, Alaska, America.
105. 13th August 2015 - Large numbers of fish dying off in south-central Alaska, America.
106. 13th August 2015 - Dozens of dead birds found washed up on the river bank in Keokuk, Iowa, America.
107. 13th August 2015 - Die off of several species of fish found along 3 miles of river in Iowa, America.
108. 13th August 2015 - Hundreds of achovies wash up in Monterey Harbor in California, America.
109. 13th August 2015 - 21 dead whales have been found during the past month in southeast Alaska, America.
110. 14th August 2015 - Hundreds of dead fish found in a pond and river in Dallas, America.
111. 18th August 2015 - Die off of fish wash up again on Lake Elsinore in California, America.
112. 19th August 2015 - Thousands of fish dying in a river in North Carolina, America.
113. 20th August 2015 - 500+ dead birds found on the streets in Tulsa, Oklahoma, America.
114. 21st August 2015 - 150,000 fish killed by disease in a hatchery in Oregon, America.
115. 24th August 2015 - 100,000 fish killed after oil spill in a creek in Washington, America.
116. 25th August 2015 - Hundreds of birds washing up dead or dying, ‘they are starving’ stated a scientist, along the Oregon and Washington coast, America.
117. 28th August 2015 - Thousands of fish, cockles, clams and crabs dying along Hood Canal in Seattle, America.
118. 2nd September 2015 - Hundreds of dead fish found floating in a lake in Louisville, America.
119. 2nd September 2015 - Large amount of dead or dying sea birds washing ashore in Bay Area, California, America.
120. 4th September 2015 - Tens of Thousands of dead fish wash up in a lake in Baytown, Texas, America.
121. 9th September 2015 - 155,000 fish have died in a river hatchery in California, America.
122. 9th September 2015 - Hundreds of dead fish found in a lake in Louisiana, America.
123. 10th September 2015 - Hundreds (maybe thousands) of dead fish found floating on a lake in Missouri, America.
124. 13th September 2015 - Thousands of salmon dead due to dried up creek in Seldovia, Alaska, America.
125. 14th September 2015 - Large amount of dead fish washes ashore due to red tide in Packery Channel, Texas, America.
126. 16th September 2015 - Massive die off of sea birds hits Kodiak Island in Alaska, America.
127. 21st September 2015 - Masses of fish and other sea life dying due to ‘red tide’ along Padre Island, America.
128. 23rd September 2015 - Thousands of fish dead due to a dried up reservoir in California, America.
129. 24th September 2015 - INFO: Hundreds of sea birds continue to wash ashore ‘starving’ along California coast, America.
130. 28th September 2015 - Hundreds of dead walruses found on a beach near Point Lay in Alaska, America.
131. 30th September 2015 - Large number of ‘endangered’ fur seals washing up dead or dying along coast of California, America.
132. 1st October 2015 - Dozens, maybe hundreds of dead birds found in Nashville, America.
133. 5th October 2015 - Masses of dead fish found in Jacksonville Beach, Florida, America.
134. 5th October 2015 - Hundreds of dead fish wash ashore in a lake in Ohio, America.
135. 6th October 2015 - Thousands of dead fish found in a creek in Oklahoma, America.
136. 7th October 2015 - Thousands of dead fish wash ashore on a beach in Texas, America.
137. 8th October 2015 - Masses of tuna crabs washing ashore in Monterey, California, America.
138. 13th October 2015 - Hundreds of sea otters washing up dead or dying in Kachemak Bay, Alaska, America.
139. 15th October 2015 - Large amount of dead fish wash ashore along a lake in Clermont County, America.
140. 16th October 2015 - Large amount of dead fish washing ashore due to red tide in Panama City, Florida, America.
141. 22nd October 2015 - Thousands of dead fish found floating in a lake in Florida, America.
142. 28th October 2015 - Thousands of dead fish washing ashore due to red tide in Florida, America.
143. 19th November 2015 - Massive fish kill washes up on Sanibel Island in Florida, America.
144. 20th November 2015 - 200,000+ fish have died due to algae in Middle River, Maryland, America.
145. 24th November 2015 - Thousands of dead fish wash up due to red tide in Longboat Key Canals, Florida, America.
146. 30th November 2015 - Massive die off of fish found in the waters of Long Island in New York, America.
147. 3rd December 2015 - Hundreds of dead fish wash ashore in Biloxi, Mississippi, America.
148. 8th December 2015 - Hundreds of fish found dead, ‘officials perplexed’, at Sparks Marina, Nevada, America.
149. 11th December 2015 - Large fish kill underway in Mobile Bay, Gulf of Mexico, America.
150. 14th December 2015 - Dozens of dead birds wash up on beaches in Mississippi, America.
151. 17th December 2015 - Thousands of dead fish wash ashore in Brevard County, Florida, America.
152. 18th December 2015 - 200 dead birds found near a lake in Wisconsin, America.
153. 19th December 2015 - 1,100 water birds found dead at a wildlife area in Kansas, America.
154. 21st December 2015 - Thousands of dead fish found, ‘a mystery’ on Melbourne beach in Florida, America.
155. 23rd December 2015 - Thousands of sea birds are turning up dead in Kachemak Bay, Alaska, America.
156. 27th December 2015 - Thousands of dead fish wash ashore in Hancock County, Mississippi, America.


1. 8th January 2016 - Thousands of dead fish wash up in Gulfport, Florida, America.
2. 25th January 2016 - Thousands of dead starfish are washing ashore at Port St. Joe, Florida, America.
3. 26th January 2016 - Thousands of dead fish wash ashore on Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts, America.
4. 27th January 2016 - Thousands of fish have died in a reservoir in Nevada, America.
5. 28th January 2016 - 22,000+ sea birds found dead, ‘biggest die off ever recorded’, along beaches in America.
6. 31st January 2016 - Large die off of fish, ‘never seen before’ in Snake River, Washington, America.
7. 1st February 2016 - Hundreds of dead fish found in a lake in Texas, America.
8. 1st February 2016 - 1 Whale and 3 dolphins wash up dead along Oregon-Washington Coast, America.
9. 4th February 2016 - Dozens of Pelicans dying, reason unknown on Grand Isle, Louisiana, America.
10. 4th February 2016 - Dozens of birds suddenly die in Wichita, Kansas, America.
11. 6th February 2016 - Hundreds of dead fish wash ashore ‘due to red tide’ in Florida, America.
12. 10th February 2016 - Dozens of dead sea birds, plus other marine creatures found on a beach in Malibu, America.
13. 21st February 2016 - Dozens of dead birds found along a highway in Ohio, America.
14. 22nd February 2016 - 129 dead sea turtles have washed up this month in Clearwater, Florida, America.
15. 12th March 2016 - Thousands of dead fish found in Lower Lake Mary in Arizona, America.
16. 13th March 2016 - Hundreds of dead fish found washed ashore along McPhee Reservoir in Colorado, America.
17. 15th March 2016 - Hundreds of dead fish washing up at Cape Canaveral and Cocoa Beach in Florida, America.
18. 16th March 2016 - Hundreds of dead crows found near Battle Creek in Michigan, America.
19. 16th March 2016 - UPDATE: sea bird die off now up to 36,000 in Alaska, America. [NB: Cause of death: starvation.]
20. 22nd March 2016 - Dozens of dead birds found along a road in Elmira, New York, America.
21. 28th March 2016 - Hundreds of Thousands of dead fish along Indian River Lagoon in Florida, America.
22. 29th March 2016 - 100 dead birds found along I-5 in Redding, California, America.
23. 31st March 2016 - 8 dead dolphins have washed ashore this past week in Mississippi, America. [NB: Cause of death - suspected to be starvation.]
24. 31st March 2016 - Thousands of dead jellyfish wash ashore on Hallandale Beach in Florida, America.
25. 5th April 2016 - Thousands of fish killed due to sewage leek in a lake in Tennessee, America.
26. 8th April 2016 - Dozens of dead birds found along a road in Fairfax County, Virginia, America.
27. 21st April 2016 - Hundreds of fish die in a lake, ‘never seen this before’ in Princeton, New Jersey, America.
28. 2nd May 2016 - Hundreds of dead fish found in a lake in Florida, America.
29. 3rd May 2016 - Massive fish kill in Lake Thunderbird in Oklahoma, America.
30. 10th May 2016 - Hundreds of snow geese found dead in Idaho, America.
31. 9th May 2016 - 9,000 birds killed by huge hailstorm in Utah, America.
32. 11th May 2016 - Thousands of dead tuna crabs wash ashore on Imperial Beach, California, America.
33. 23rd May 2016 - Massive die off of fish in the waterways of Palm Beach County, Florida, America.
34. 24th May 2016 - Hundreds of thousands of dead fish wash up on Grand Isle beach in Louisiana, America.
35. 26th May 2016 - Hundreds of dead fish wash up on a beach in Gulfport, Mississippi, America.
36. 30th May 2016 - Hundreds of fish die in lake Independence, Minnesota, America.
37. 2nd June 2016 - Large number of dead birds being found, ‘a mystery’ in Martins Ferry, Ohio, America.
38. 9th June 2016 - Thousands of dead tuna crabs wash up in Mission Bay, California, America.
39. 13th June 2016 - 20,000 fish die in a pond in St Josephs, Missouri, America.
40. 15th June 2016 - Masses of dead fish washing up on beaches in Lake Michigan, America.
41. 16th June 2016 - Large die off of various fish and crabs along the Neuse River is ‘unusual’, North Carolina, America.
42. 17th June 2016 - Masses of dead crabs and starfish washing up in Port Aransas, Texas, America.
43. 20th June 2016 - Hundreds of dead fish found in a river in Oklahoma, America.
44. 21st June 2016 - Massive fish kill in Green Lake, Wisconsin, America.
45. 25th June 2016 - Thousands of dead fish found along the waterways of Memphis, America.
46. 28th June 2016 - Hundreds of dead birds washing up along lake Erie in New York, America. [NB: Cause of death was put down to suspected starvation after a PME was conducted.]
47. 30th June 2016 - Thousands of fish die in Mad River Estuary, California, America.
48. 5th July 2016 - Thousands of dead fish wash up on beaches in Virginia, America.
49. 7th July 2016 - Thousands of dead fish found in a canal in Florida, America.
50. 9th July 2016 - 100 bull sharks found washed up dead on beaches in Mobile Bay, America. [NB: On investigation some sharks were found to be completely malnourished.]
51. 14th July 2016 - 200,000+ dead fish have washed up in Craven County, North Carolina, America.
52. 16th July 2016 - Thousands of dead fish litter a beach on Okaloosa Island, Florida, America.
53. 28th July 2016 - 300 sea birds have washed up dead since May in Washington State, America. [NB: Cause of death is again suspected starvation.]
54. 2nd August 2016 - Massive die off of marine life is ‘unprecedented’ off the Gulf coast of Texas, America.
55. 2nd August 2016 - Mass die off of fish in the waters of Lakeport, California, America.
56. 31st July 2016 - Hundreds of dead fish found in a lake, ‘never seen this before’ in Oklahoma, America.
57. 30th July 2016 - Hundreds of dead fish found in a lake in South Dakota, America.
58. 29th July 2016 - Massive die off of fish in a lake in Indiana, America.
59. 5th August 2016 - Hundreds of dead fish wash up in a lake in Georgia, America.
60. 12th August 2016 - Hundreds of dead fish found in Yellowstone River, Montana, America.
61. 15th August 2016 - Tens of thousands of fish have died in two rivers in Sioux County, Iowa, America.
62. 20th August 2016 - Thousands of fish die due to ‘unprecedented parasite’ in Yellowstone river, America.
63, 19th August 2016 - Hundreds of dead fish turn up in a river in the Bronx, New York, America.
64. 19th August 2016 - Thousands of fish die in the waters of Rio Hondo, Texas, America.
65. 18th August 2016 - Hundreds of dead fish found in a pond at National Mall, Washington, America.
66. 22nd August 2016 - Thousands of dead fish found in a river in North Carolina, America.
67. 25th August 2016 - 1 Million+ dead fish wash up in New Jersey, America.
68. 27th August 2016 - Thousands of dead fish wash up in Portland Harbor, Oregon, America.
69. 27th August 2016 - 11,000 fish found dead in Huntington, New York, America.
70. 27th August 2016 - Hundreds of thousands of dead mussels wash up on a beach in Jamesport, New York, America.
71. 27th August 2016 - 20,000 dead fish wash up in Little Egg Harbor, New Jersey, America.
72. 28th August 2016 - Thousands of dead fish wash up in Atlantic Highlands, New Jersey, America.
73. 2nd September 2016 - Thousands of dead fish wash up in a harbor in Mississippi, America.
74. 6th September 2016 - Fish kill strikes a river in North Dakota, America.
75. 7th September 2016 - 8 Dolphins dead after stranding in Florida Bay, Florida, America.
76. 7th September 2016 - Hundreds of dead fish and crabs found in a harbor in Baltimore, America.
77. 8th September 2016 - Dozens of birds fall from sky and die in Boston, America.
78. 9th September 2016 - Thousands of frogs dying due to deadly fungus across California, America.
79. 11th September 2016 - Thousands of dead fish found in Snake River in Idaho, America.
80. 13th September 2016 - Dozens of sea birds found dead along beaches in the Gulf Coast, America. [NB: Death from starvation.]
81. 15th September 2016 - Dozens of dead ducks found near Indian Trail in North Carolina, America.
82. 21st September 2016 - Hundreds, maybe thousands of dead fish washed up along beach in Massachusetts, America. [NB: 3rd year in a row.]
83. 21st September 2016 - Thousands of dead fish washing up in Longboat Key, Florida, America.
84. 23rd September 2016 - 10,000 dead fish found in Centerport Harbor, New York, America.
85. 23rd September 2016 - Hundreds of dead fish found washed up in Hingham, Massachusetts, America.
86. 24th September 2016 - Large number of dead fish washing up, ‘due to red tide’ in Florida, America.
87. 24th September 2016 - 1,000 dead fish wash up in a lake in Washington, America.
88. 27th September 2016 - Hundreds of dead fish wash up in a lake in Arlington Heights, Illinois, America.
89. 3rd October 2016 - Large die off of fish found in Arkansas, America.
90. 5th October 2016 - Dozens of dead birds turning up at Weeks Bay, Alabama, America.
91. 7th October 2016 - Large amount of dead fish washing ashore in Naples, Florida, America.
92. 11th October 2016 - Thousands of dead fish wash up in Louisiana, America.
93. 18th October 2016 - Hundreds of dead fish washing up in Marco Island, Florida, America.
94. 23rd October 2016 - Tens of thousands of dead fish wash up on a river in Louisiana, America.
95. 26th October 2016 - Mass die off of mussels along 50 miles of Big Darby Creek in Ohio, America.
96. 2nd November 2016 - Thousands of dead fish found washed up along Brewster Flats in Massachusetts, America.
97. 3rd November 2016 - 55 TONS of dead fish have been removed from Longboat Key canals, Florida, America.
98. 8th November 2016 - Hundreds of Puffin birds washing up dead, ‘scientists alarmed’ on Pribilof Islands, Alaska, America.
99. 11th November 2016 - Masses of wild salmon turning up dead, ‘a mystery’, along the Cedar River in America.
100. 14th November 2016 - Massive die off of fish found in Shinnecock Canal, New York, America.
101. 16th November 2016 - Dozens of fur seals washing dead or dying along bay shores in California, America. [NB: Cause of death - starvation.]
102. 17th November 2016 - Hundreds of dead fish wash up in Matlacha, Florida, America.
103. 21st November 2016 - 5,000 water birds found dead along lake Michigan, America.
104. 28th November 2016 - 1 MILLION lbs of dead fish wash up in Southamption, New York, America.
105. 30th November 2016 - 300 blackbirds found dead, ‘a mystery’ in Stow Creek Township, New Jersey, America.
106. 30th November 2016 - Thousands of ‘strange jelly like’ creatures washing ashore in California, America.
107. 7th December 2016 - Thousands of snow geese die after ‘landing on toxic waters’ in Montana, America.
108. 27th December 2016 - 6,000 dead fish found in the waterways in Maryland, America.
109. 30th December 2016 - 15 dead turtles found washed up on South Padre Island, Texas, America.


1. 1st January 2017 - 5 Humpback whales have washed ashore in recent weeks in Hawaii, America.
2. 3rd January 2017 - Dozens of birds fall dead from sky in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, America.
3. 13th January 2017 - Thousands of fish die in a lake in St. Petersburg, Florida, America.
4. 17th January 2017 - Dozens of pelicans are dying in Riviera Bay, St. Petersburg, Florida, America.
5. 17th January 2017 - 81 dolphins (false killer whales) dead after stranding in Florida’s Everglades, America.
6. 27th January 2017 - 3,700 dead birds found in the waters of Sacramento, America.
7. 28th January 2017 - Masses of dead fish washing up again on beaches in Florida, America.
8. 6th February 2017 - Thousands of ducks dying from disease in Washington, America.
9. 13th February 2017 - Dozens of dead owls found along a road in Idaho, America.



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This Friday’s Endangered Species Post brushes up on a species of bird that many of you may never have heard of. The atoll fruit dove, that’s listed as (near threatened) is unfortunately nearing extinction within its endemic wild. Image: Atoll Fruit Dove, credits, Steve Smith.

Endemic to French Polynesia, the species was formally identified back in 1848 by Dr Titian Ramsay Peale (November 2, 1799 – March 13, 1885) who was an American artist, naturalist, entomologist, and photographer. He was the sixteenth child and youngest son of noted American naturalist Charles Willson Peale. He is sometimes referred to as Titian Ramsey Peale II to distinguish him from his older brother with the same name who was a favorite of their father and who died at age 18 in 1798.

From 1988 the atoll fruit dove was previously listed as lower risk/least concern, data from that period showed no reasonable justification for the bird to be listed as threatened due to the species being heavily populated throughout the French Polynesia islands. Unfortunately things have drastically changed since the the late 1980’s. French Polynesia is now home to many French and non-French citizens, all of which are gradually threatening the atoll fruit doves habitat - and many other animals too.

Data records prove that from the 1980’s right through to the new millennium the species did live a pretty undisturbed life. However come 2004 the atoll fruit doves habitat and their existence took a turn for the worse. From 2004-2016 the species was (re-listed as near threatened). Populations are still decreasing, and from what we are aware of to date, there has been no official records kept that can prove the current population size which we do find rather strange. French Polynesia isn’t exactly your largest island on the planet.

What does near threatened mean though? Below I’ve extracted a paragraph from the International Union for the Conservation of Nature that will help you understand more about this ‘category‘.

“A taxon is Near Threatened when it has been evaluated against the criteria but does not qualify for Critically Endangered, Endangered or Vulnerable now, but is close to qualifying for or is likely to qualify for a threatened category in the near future

Scientifically identified as Ptilinopus coralensis, the species is widespread throughout the islands of the Tuamotu Archipelago, French Polynesia. It is likely to occur at low densities throughout its range as its preferred food resources are scarce. In a recent survey it was found to be uncommon on five out of eight islands visited, but others have found it to be abundant on some atolls which have remained free from the ravages of introduced predators.

Scientists haven’t as located any ‘sub-populations’, however have confirmed that there is a ‘continuous decline of mature individuals on the island examined’ however as yet we still don’t know to what extent other than a 30% drop in populations have been recorded.


Image: (Google Image Search): Atoll fruit dove (Credits: Geoff Jones 2014)

The atoll fruit dove is the world’s only dove in the tropical Pacific that has adapted exclusively to low coral atolls. It lives in forests and abandoned coconut plantations. It mainly feeds on insects and seeds, usually on the ground. This species also eats the leaves of the “tafano” or “kahaia” (Guettarda speciosa ) trees with odorous flowers.


Predation by introduced rats (particularly black rat Rattus rattus) is a threat on a small number of atolls and the species is vulnerable to habitat destruction including the exploitation of coconut plantations. The species is also reported to be rather tame, and is rare on inhabited islands, so hunting may also be a threat.

Although the species is commonly known throughout the French Polynesian islands - there is still to date very little known about the bird. The issue with coconut plantation/exploitation has always been somewhat of a concern for myself and the team. In a sense its no different to be honest than the palm oil trade (however in this case, its coconut farming that is placing the species in danger to some extent!).

I am working with a number of conservationists on the French Polynesia islands that are keeping me updated on this issue overseas, as well as the cruel and barbaric dog and cat meat trade. For now our main priority is to ensure that we undertake a census in relation to the current atoll fruit dove population, examine the threats, and work how to minimize them threats (Etc).. ..Unfortunately though I cannot provide any further up to date information relating to this bird and whether the specie will be extinct soon.

Dr Jose Carlos Depre: PhD. MEnvSc. BSc(Hons) Botany, PhD(NeuroSci) D.V.M

Master of Environmental, Botanical & Human Science. 

Chief Environmental Officer and CEO. 





Just over a week ago, while walking through the local woodland gardens, I noticed a little European robin that just happened to perch next to a fence no more than a few meters in front of me. I was taken aback because, this was the first robin sighting in as many years, today its actually quite rare to spot them, and while I embraced the moment, it dawned on me, why wasn’t I witnessing more of these beautiful birds within the wild?.

Robins normally head south to winter on the Continent, joining other robins passing through in the autumn on their way from Scandinavia and northern continental Europe. Interestingly, it has been shown that many migrating robins are faithful to both their summer and winter territories, which may be many hundreds of kilometers apart. Regardless of where they migrate though I myself and many other conservationist’s are seeing fewer and fewer robins and other song birds.

Every day when I awake I spend a few minutes trying to identify the number of songbirds singing within the wild within the confines of my garden. One can normally identify each individual species of bird by its unique signature melody. As a young boy it was almost difficult to identify more than a handful due to so many songbird species inhabiting the local areas. Today I can identify no more than two or three if that, and in relation to the rare sightings of robins and songbirds - this tells me only one thing - we’re losing our songbirds at an alarming rate!.

Its estimated every year that a staggering TWENTY SEVEN MILLION songbirds are slaughtered on the Mediterranean. Songbirds are unfortunately ending up on the plates of many Cypriots - to the tune of some 1.3 million, of which this number is increasing every year. Cyprus like every country hosts a wide range of traditional and culinary delights. However this culinary tradition must come to an abrupt end - very soon across the entire Mediterranean (not just Cyprus), failing this mass songbird extinctions will occur.


Image: Poached robin, (inset) ambelopoulia song bird delicacy. 

Unfortunately one of them so called ‘traditional culinary delights’ is that of boiled songbirds. And please don’t for one minute think I’m singling out Cyprus here. My own country hosts a number of nauseating traditional foods that sees ducks, geese even swans butchered to provide Foie Gras and, songbirds too. Germany sells a number of robin dishes, while Malta is an even bigger offender killing hundreds of thousands of birds every year just to provide a so called “traditional food” for the locals and foreigners. Songbirds are vanishing from the Mediterranean, and the rate at which they’re being eaten is very likely to push many species into extinction in the next decade.

Cyprus has a plethora of customs due to its long history and tradition and numerous distinctive dishes for visitors to taste. The best place to do this is in one of the many traditional tavernas dotted around the island’s attractive villages, where one could order a selection of Cyprus dishes such as koupepia, souvla, kolokasi, pourgouri, seftalies and makaronia tou fournou to name just a few. For the ultimate gastronomic experience in Cyprus, the best way to try all of these and more in one sitting is as ‘mezedes’, a selection of more than 20 vegetable and meat dishes – make sure you are hungry as food will be plentiful.

However while all of these dishes may sound, look and even taste nice, a large minority of individuals on the island of Cyprus (not all), indulge in the local and traditional delicacy of boiled or grilled songbirds. Back in 1974 the government of Cyprus was lobbied and pressured to ban songbird trapping, and poaching. Today its currently still illegal to trap songbirds (as seen in the image above). While these laws prohibit anyone from illegally trapping, killing and serving up ambelopoulia - the law is very rarely enforced, which does concern us dearly. Furthermore what’s the point in having laws in place (since the 1970’s) if you’re not going to follow through with them?


Mention ambelopoulia to a songbird - and it sends shivers through them, (well not literally); ambelopoulia is though the main Cyprus culinary delight - of which songbirds are pickled, roasted, grilled or boiled served with a number of vegetables or sweet fruit sauces. The traditional food normally involves boiling songbirds. The two common species of birds eaten are that of blackcaps and European robins - which is probably why I’m seeing fewer songbirds every year.

As a result almost 2,418,000 birds across the whole of Cyprus were estimated to have been killed during 2010. According to a BirdLife Cyprus report released in 2014, over 1.5 million migrating songbirds are killed annually, and the number is increasing each year. In 2015 it was estimated that over 2 million birds were killed including over 800,000 on the British Territories. Now there are new reports issued this year by various bird groups that confirm we are losing a staggering 27 million songbirds every year on the Mediterranean - many of which are killed for human delicacies.

Songbirds are trapped, killed, trafficked and consumed within many European countries. Spain, Germany, Italy, France, Belgium, Greece, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, Russia, Malta, and of course Cyprus - all of which is mostly illegal. What makes matters even worse (in relation to Cyprus) is that a large number of songbirds are actually killed on the local British military bases on the island, so why are the Brits allowing this dare I ask?. Birdlife Cyprus stated in a report this year: “Over 800,000 birds were trapped and killed illegally on a British military base in Cyprus last autumn, according to the latest research by the RSPB and BirdLife Cyprus”. 

Organised crime gangs are running this illegal practice on an ‘industrial scale’, which is estimated by the Cypriot authorities to earn criminals on the island 15 million Euros every year. Survey data from BirdLife Cyprus and other organisations have recorded over 150 species of bird which have become trapped in mist nets or on lime-sticks (pictured below). More than half of these species are of conservation concern. On a positive note, the results from 2015 show that there’s been a stop to the ‘annual increases’ of the last five years in numbers of birds killed on British Territory, thanks to various measures taken to tackle the problem by the Base authorities. The numbers however remain around record-breaking levels, with levels of illegal killing still far worse on British Territory than in the Republic of Cyprus.

The trappers defend their activity by citing the practice as traditional Cypriot food gathering and claiming that this has been an important source of protein for the natives for many thousands of years, even though the practice has been illegal since 1974. BirdLife Cyprus has identified restaurants as the main culprits as they provide the financial incentives. The enthusiasm Cypriots and many other visitors to the island have for this delicacy despite its illegality has resulted in the development of a very profitable industry.

Poaching for ambelopoulia has been on the rise in recent years, involving by 2011 a “mafia-like operation” that include poachers, dealers, exporters, and restaurant operators that participate in the illegal business estimated to be worth about 5 million euro at that time (2011). The birds reportedly sell for five euros each and it is estimated by Cypriot authorities to have earned criminals on the island 15 million euro in 2015.


Cypriot poachers illegally poach songbirds using a number of methods. One of them (seen pictured below) are lime sticks. The use of lime sticks is ‘strictly illegal’, however as explained above, despite laws in place on the island local authorities still turn a blind eye.

Lime sticks are a simple but particularly cruel and indiscriminate method of trapping birds. ‘Twigs’ are covered with a sticky ‘lime’ or ‘glue’ (in Cyprus trappers traditionally used a concentrate made from boiled Syrian plums) and are placed wherever birds can be tempted to perch. This could be in natural vegetation like bushes or trees, or sometimes lime sticks are pushed into the ends of bamboo poles. And as you guessed - once the bird lands on the lime stick they are stuck fast.

The more the bird struggles, the more it becomes entangled within the sticky like natural/unnatural substance. Songbirds die a horrific death, struggling for hours before being crushed to death by poachers, or dying of extreme exhaustion and stress. Just in one area (such as local gardens alone), its estimated that ‘hundreds of lime sticks are set up to catch as many birds as possible’. More than TWO MILLION songbirds are illegally poached using this method of trapping - which is cruel, painful, and totally barbaric.


Image: Lanius collurio (Red Backed Shrike) trapped using a lime stick. 

In Cyprus alone its “estimated that some one million songbirds are caught using this method of illegal trapping. Most of the sticks are set up within residents gardens - which makes policing even more difficult. One must also think - how is it even possible for every single home within Cyprus to be monitored by the local authorities?.

Lime sticks are so effective because when a bird lands its legs bend causing two flexor tendons to tighten which ‘lock’ the toes around a perch. This involuntary reflex (designed to stop perched birds falling while they sleep) means that the bird in effect presses down hard into the ‘lime’ as soon as it makes contact with it. Birds become stuck immediately. As they flutter to free themselves their wings, head, and even beak will often become stuck too.


Birds caught on lime sticks are unable to get free and hang helplessly – often for hours – until the trapper comes and literally rips them off the stick and crushes them to death.

Article 9 of the European Birds Directive (2009/147/EC, formerly 79/409/EEC), states that trapping methods that are non-selective or are used for large-scale capture or killing of birds are prohibited in European Member States. This includes lime sticks, and their manufacture, sale, ownership, and use is therefore illegal across the EU. Unfortunately while this horrific method of trapping may indeed be illegal - poachers are still getting away with murder.


I’ve spent a number of years living on the small island of Malta (on and off) and, a number of years trying to destroy these bloody nets with the help of many local and overseas activists. Mist nets are just as cruel and barbaric as lime sticks, although I must state that birds are caught instantly, and killed there and then - nevertheless their deaths are still horrific.

Mist nets are often use by poachers on the island of Cyprus to catch a larger number of birds, meanwhile these very same poachers will also have lime sticks deployed within key areas. So it kind if gives you a little more insight into just how greedy poachers and buyers have become. Furthermore the rate at which we’re losing songbirds - and the levels of poaching increasing, what’s next when extinction finally does occur. Mist nets are also used within Spain, France, Romania, and Germany (among many other EU countries).


Image: Mist nest. Inset is the local delicacy of Cyprus. 

Its estimated (just in Cyprus alone), hundreds of thousands of birds are caught and brutally slaughtered within mist nets every year, and with over a million more using lime sticks - and with laws rarely enforced on the island of Cyprus, will we be seeing a colossal extinction soon of migrating songbirds? I hate to say this, but unless laws are enforced and action is taken against poachers on a larger scale - extinctions will occur.

International Animal Rescue Foundation France has thus far located a total of 139 restaurants on the island of Cyprus, of which we have uncovered out of them 139 some 24 which are selling illegally ambelopoulia. I.A.R.F.F believe that the number of restaurants illegally trading ambelopoulia is much greater than 24. Furthermore due to the dish being so popular and craved after, its highly likely that the ‘majority’ of restaurants are trading ambelopoulia. International Animal Rescue Foundation France are calling on all tourists to please BOYCOTT all Cyprus restaurants that are trading openly this vile and cruel so called delicacy.

The birds sell for approximately CY2.00. One tourist stated: “Consumers are encouraged to swallow the bird whole”. On a plate you’re normally served in between four to five songbirds, and a number of other dishes too. If you are a tourist please, please do not indulge in this delicacy, and report the restaurant immediately to the local police. Another tourist that visited the area of Laxia, stated: “Laxia is somewhat of a favorite with the police, mayor and local mafia. So if there’s anything illegal going on you’ll probably find it there”. From what we are aware locals don’t encourage you to swallow the dead boiled bird[s] whole, however it wouldn’t be somewhat of a shock if this was factual.


Image: Poached songbirds confiscated from poachers on the UK armed forces base. 


Songbirds are an incredibly important species of bird consisting of over 159 separate species that are endemic mostly to Europe, and as far away as Asia, America, Canada and Africa. While eating them may seem “important or traditional”, scientifically speaking you’re actually harming the environment, and removing yet another food chain link that many other species of animals depend on.

For management purposes, songbirds are part of a group called “land birds,” species that rely mainly on terrestrial habitats and some vegetated wetlands. Songbirds eat a wide variety of foods, including insects, seeds, berries, nectar, and fruit. If we lose our songbirds there will be a dramatic increase of insects, and an alarming decrease in foods that we humans also require.

Furthermore we and other animals need songbirds to continue the spread of plant, fruit and vegetable seeds to ensure that we and animals don’t go hungry. The same applies to fruit trees and bushes too. Many songbirds pollinate fruit trees and bushes - of which them plants and trees provides humans and animals fruits and berries. Finally as explained above - many songbirds are also a vital bird crop pollinator - should extinction occur, then we’ve lost a massive pollinating species that we humans and animals rely on. Are you ready to pollinate crops by hand, or prepared to pay higher prices for fruit and vegetables?

Reptiles, snakes, lizards, and even marine species such as sharks eat songbirds which are part of their diet. No songbirds means a drastic decline of food prey for reptiles, snakes, lizards, marine and amphibious species. So while you may not think songbirds are important - they truly are. Because the trapping methods are non-selective, 150+ species are known to have been caught in the traps. More than a third (58 species) of these are species of conservation concern, including the lesser kestrel, which is vulnerable to global extinction.

Extinction here is really not an option and, we must do more to preserve and secure our songbirds habitat and them too. There are many links and a handful of videos within this article, plus many alarming facts. Please share, and please help us and many other groups defend Mother Natures songbirds. If you see a trap or mist net, please report it. If you can destroy them traps without harm coming to yourself, then please do so. You can even call on us and other groups to destroy these illegal traps too.



Thank you for reading. 

Dr Jose Carlos Depre. 

Environmental, Botanical & Human Scientist  

PhD. MEnvSc. BSc(Hons) Botany, PhD(NeuroSci) D.V.M.





Parenting & Hunting | Exposing Children to Violence II



I have tried in vain to not post images about trophy hunting or any hunting, simply because it provokes so much rage, anger, and hatred. However I have yet again violated my own self discipline, because I am angered to the core of witnessing selfish and arrogant parents displaying poor parenting, not forgetting the obvious, teaching their young children during the developmental brain stage, that killing animals is pretty much okay, because mummy and daddy does it.

Violence is violence, and abuse is abuse at the end of the day, killing an animal and allowing your child to watch such horror and gore, or act out is no different to that of placing your child in-front of a (16, 17 18 or 21) age restricted movie, adult film or violent video game. While films and video games are though mostly faked, hunting isn’t. Furthermore while the human brain develops from the ages of 1-21, any such displays of violence, abuse, neglect or harm can heavily imprint onto the child within this developing process. Which in turn can change a child’s thought process and in many cases - corrupt a child’s brain, for how long though depends on the severity of violence exposed.


Violence is ubiquitous and often glorified, and within today’s hunting theater violence is glorified as an acceptable behavior. Hunters may and do argue this, however they must remember that at the end of the day, violence is violence. Whether its killing an animal with a shot gun, cross bow, or breaking a rabbits neck, these acts are still ‘violent’, and they are “acted out”. Then of course comes the ‘glorification’, whereas back in the early 1950’s and 1970’s such acts like the one pictured above wouldn’t be glorified.

Watching a suspense movie, playing a violent video game can often be seen as a form of relaxation, exactly like recreational hunting. Surely there is nothing wrong with this? Evidence is continuing to mount, that these so called “relaxing thriller and suspense movies, action packed and violent video games, down to hunting be it for food or sport” is indeed having a profound and ‘non-relaxing effect’ onto the human brain.

Like I have explained, when such suspense, violence or action packed sport are relayed and projected onto minors within the “brain developmental stage”, such behavior or actions can have a disastrous effect onto the human brain and our way of thinking. Dress it up as much as you want, call it what you like, abuse is abuse, violence is violence. They are both linked.

A study by the Indiana University School of Medicine examined young men and violent media exposure. There were visible alterations in MRI brain scans after only one week of playing a violent video game. In particular, there was a significant decrease in the activation of prefrontal portions of the brain and a greater activation of the amygdala. Now some hunters may disagree here, however lets go over this one sentence again. “Examined young men and violent media exposure”. Violent video exposure or any exposure from anything that is deemed as violent can in both men and women have a profound effect onto the main thought and thinking process. This has also been linked to depression, especially those in countries with little sunlight and poor weather.

From what I am aware, the study conducted by the Indiana University School of Medicine is one of the first such studies of its kind. So its going to be pretty interesting to examine the results when further studies are rolled out worldwide, and if these conclusive reports will eventually prompt governments, media producers, and hunting outfitters to eventually impose restrictions relating to exposing children and minors to violence. The video game above is a prime example of “acting out violence”.

The young viewer states they love animals and would never harm them, yet uses language such as “come here you little bitch, we fucked up, we’ll get our revenge, come on get that mother fucker”. Again some hunters may disagree here, and believe this is nothing more than silly childish banter. The fact is, the video gamer agrees that she loves animals, yet is prepared to kill them within a simulated game. Brain study evidence also proves that prolonged exposure to such violent video games can increase depression, self harm, lower ones thinking process, concentration and see the individual committing a violent act after prolonged gaming. There is also evidence that points to video gamer’s wanting to “do the real thing”. I.e Go out and purchase a gun, and enact the same behavior from that game within real life.

But the findings are intriguing and beg the question: Does an activation of the limbic system and an inhibition of the prefrontal cortex predispose to violent behavior? This is a relatively easy proposition to test and I suspect we will see more studies soon. Meanwhile the University of Alabama conducted an identical study, and that study also showed up exactly the same results from the study conducted in Indiana.

Results from the main Alabama and Indiana study showed violent and aggressive traits didn’t occur soon after watching “violent and aggressive video games”. However violent and aggressive traits did occur some months, to a year after being playing such action packed games. I myself have always tried to explain this concern to hunters when they debate and argue with me. They believe that one violent act doesn’t lead directly to another, and that’s true, which both the studies pointed out.

However, unfortunately, its the “prolonged over and over again exposure to such aggression and violence that eventually does increase violent and abusive tendencies to unfold”. The neurological examination team concluded “The study concludes with a caution for parents that immature and/or aggressive children should not have access to violent films”. Again some hunting families may argue here, and debate profusely that hunting is not under any circumstances identical to that of playing a violent video again.

To a degree the average family hunter are correct, its not identical, however there are many identical features within such games that are played out in hunting I.e: Killing, Abuse, Death, Violence, Murder, Bad Language, Glory and Torture. So theoretically speaking, hunting and exposing ones child to such hunting practices, or allowing a child to hunt, (is a form of violence), and can eventually “over time”, see aggressive and abusive traits played out, all of which is no different to playing an action packed violent video game, or watching continuously many violent, abusive and suspense movies.


The Macquarie University Children and Families Research Center found that children who watch violent movies are more likely to view the world as an unsympathetic, malicious and scary place and that this stimulates aggression. It also suggests children are more likely to exhibit combative behavior while becoming desensitized to violence. Reportedly, the MRI brain scans of children who have viewed film or television violence had a similar look when compared to those who have violently acted out. So we know that children who “act out” within video games in the same manner as “hunting” are more than likely to “act out violence”, than those who simply watch an action packed aggression filled movie.

It is without a doubt that all studies that are being conducted and have been concluded thus far by neurologists, and psychiatrists have shown “children who act out within violent games” all show at a later date brain changes, aggressive behavior, and poor decision making”. Unfortunately there will be deniers in relation to this article, reports and follow-ups. Just like there were deniers that stated five decades ago, smoking doesn’t cause cancer, drinking doesn’t cause liver disease Etc.

Regardless of whether its a video game, watching television or participating down to exposing hunting behavior to minors. When violence is portrayed, over a prolonged period of time. At some point there will be children who’s brains cannot handle the mass degree of violence, that then, unfortunately go out and commit a violent act. The Virginia Tech Research Division stated; “Studies showed students several non-violent movies, followed by super-violent movies. Results indicated violent films can increase hostile behavior”. 

Article 1: http://www.research.vt.edu/resmag/sciencecol/media_violence.html

Article 2: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4227415/

Article 3: http://www.researchonline.mq.edu.au/vital/access/manager/Repository/mq:21163?f0=type%3A%22book+chapter%22

Article 4: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2516427/Sandy-Hook-shooter-Adam-Lanza-83k-online-kills-massacre.html

Taking ones child out and “playing or acting out” a violent sport, shooting, cross bow, or just snaring, is no different to sitting your child down in front of a video game that is violent, thus allowing ones child to “act out a violent act”. Shooting an animal is no different to shooting a human. The sooner hunters and governments around the globe understand this, the better. Then we may eventually see a decrease in violent youth behavior.


Dr Jose C. Depre - PhD. MEnvSc. BSc(Hons) Botany, PhD(NeuroSci) D.V.M. Environmental & Human Science

Environmental and Botanical Scientist. 


India: War on Poaching Intensifies.


India: War on Poaching intensifies.

Since early May 2012 the Indian State, Maharashtra government provided all of its rangers a shoot to kill licence directly aimed at “poachers” regardless of age, sex or religion. The shoot to kill order was given of which rangers are immune from prosecution due to high levels of Rhino, Tiger, Lion and, Elephant poaching within the country.

When International Animal Rescue Foundation India became aware of Maharashtra government’s demands they watched and waited for results of which back then were little however, since 2013 rangers have been actively involved in over one hundred and forty nine legal killings with a further eleven so far to date (13th June 2015). The number is believed to be a lot higher. Furthermore as poaching is not just confined to “animals” but also the sacred sandalwood, forestry rangers have been actively engaging sandalwood poachers and smugglers too.

April 4th 2015 forestry rangers and Police came under heavy gunfire in two separate locations within Tamil Nadu, Chittoor. Police and forestry guards tried to apprehend some twenty sandalwood poachers/smugglers of which took off into the sandalwood forests in Andhra Pradesh. The first shoot out saw some saw some nine smugglers shot dead in one area of the sandalwood forest that is unknown to us while a second saw a further eleven smugglers shot dead in what was described as a “heavy exchange” of bullets from both sides within Chittoor in Southern Andhra Pradesh. While some people have stated this action unjust we please ask you to continue to reading (to the bottom) for you to fully understand why the Police and forestry services may have took such action.

2015 has been quite a busy year thus far for forestry rangers and Police. At the start of the year, 15th January 2015 three Rhino poachers that were directly ordered to lay down their weapons aimed them at forestry guards opening fire. The incident that took place in the Kaziranga National Park, in the remote state of Assam prompted forestry guards to act quickly and professionally to preserve the sacred One Horned Rhino of which they shot the three poachers dead instantly. Fortunately no forestry guards or the Rhino were injured this time.

March 2015 a further three ivory poachers that were caught red handed slaughtering an Indian Rhino of which the Indian Rhino lost its life and was left in a pitiful state were shot dead immediately. We’ve included the image of that Rhino below for your information and to grasp why we and India have now had enough of this slaughter and will take the relevant steps required to support our men and women to secure our fauna and flora.


Image: Rhino killed by ivory poachers - poachers shot dead on site. 

While poaching continues so does “hunting the poachers too” and so it rightfully should. International Animal Rescue Foundation India supported by its sister Africans Environmental company, began paying five “unnamed” forestry units within the shoot to kill zones larger cash incentives to hunt and take down any mammal or sandalwood poachers. The organisation has come under some fierce criticism from mainly European and American citizens most of which are devout church goers or, believe poverty is the first step that needs to be dealt with.

International Animal Rescue Foundation’s Indian Chief Executive Officer Vasvi Kanal stated “On consulting the Chief Environmental Officer back in 2012 when we were made aware of Maharashtra’s stance we knew we had to do something to support our brave men and women. After a meeting in New Delhi that following summer it was decided we should support the shoot to kill policy to send a a direct message out to poachers that you’ll no longer simply walk into our forests and parks and take what’s not rightfully yours”. Kanal went onto state “The shoot to kill policy had to be endorsed one way or the other and, I thank the Chief Environmental Officer Dr Jose Depre for wiring the funds directly to us that are now placed into the hands of these brave men and women to seek and kill poachers”.


Image: Indian Rhino poacher shot dead on site. 

Since the policy was enacted in 2012 in Maharashtra some seven states within India have since followed suite of Maharashtra’s firm stance and, since 2014 we’ve seen a staggering increase of poachers that have been caught trying to kill Rhino, Elephant, Tiger or illegally harvesting sandalwood shot dead on site. Furthermore many Indian press agencies have picked up the organisations support creating debate and stories on the subject that has encouraged more and more female and male citizens to come on board to protect and preserve our natural habitat and sacred heritage.

Soon after Maharashtra’s stance on “all animal and habitat poaching/destruction” took on a new positive twist, Nepal back in 2013 set their Anti Poaching Units into action - to hunt the - hunters. About 10 years ago, when the country was deeply mired in a civil war between government forces and Maoist rebels, there was hardly any focus on wildlife protection in one of Nepal’s most famous parks

The number of army monitoring posts in and around the park was reduced from 30 to seven as soldiers were shifted to anti-insurgency operations. In 2002, about 37 Rhinos were killed by poachers, triggering grave concern over the future of One-Horned Rhinos. Their numbers dropped from an estimated 612 in 2000 to less than 375 in 2005.
“According to our last rhino census in 2011 the number of Rhinos in the park has risen to more than 500,” said Kamal Jung Kunwar, a senior official at the Department of National Parks and Wildlife Conservation.

As the chief of the Anti-Poaching Operation from 2003 to 2007, Mr Kunwar played a key role in the conservation of Rhinos in Chitwan National Park. Spread over an area of more than 930 sq km, the park consists mostly of Sal trees and grasslands. Its flat lowlands are home to a variety of endangered animals like Royal Bengal Tigers, Rhinos, Leopards and Gharial Crocodiles. Crucial re-deployment: The successful conservation effort is attributed to a variety of initiatives, including tough action against poachers, enhanced intelligence and involving villagers living around the park in conservation efforts.


Image: Rhino poacher shot dead.

Meanwhile, while India strides forwards in its tough Anti Poaching operations poachers are still targeting rangers and police leaving their seriously injured on in many cases themselves killed. Deaths continue on both sides and rarely do the press and media overseas bother to print on the bravery of these men and women or, their tragic deaths.

Back in January 2014  poachers killed a female Rhino and a home guard at the Rajiv Gandhi Orang National Park, that Wednesday. Park officials said the home guard, Sushil, was killed during a gun battle with the poachers, who also managed to chop off the Rhino’s horn.

Rifles and ammunition were recovered from the spot. This is the second case of poaching at Orang which has about 100 Rhinos. The last Rhino was killed earlier in December, following which the park authorities announced a cash reward of Rs 50,000 for information on poacher Md Joynaluddin alias Junu. The authorities have also pasted Joynaluddin’s posters at several places in Darrang, Sonitpur, and Morigaon districts.

Back in 2014 a survey was undertaken on the number of rangers that are sadly murdered by poachers and killed by wild animals within the country according to the IBT. The results were shocking of which encouraged International Animal Rescue Foundation India to push more funding into local forestry units around Assam and the Ministry that supports guards financially. India loses more forest/Anti Poaching Guards than any other country on the planet.

Most of the Indian forest security men and women have been killed by poachers and wild animals, states the survey by non-profit organisation International Ranger Federation (IRF). In the past three years, as many as 72 forest rangers died in India, whereas in other countries in Asia, Africa and America, only less than 10 deaths of forest rangers have been reported, The Times of India reported, quoting the survey by IRF which strives to create awareness about forest rangers and security men.

It can be recalled that smugglers of red sanders killed several forest rangers in AP’s Tirumala forests in recent years. Notorious bandit Veerappan has also killed several forest officers and security men till a decade ago. The survey further stated that about 60 percent of the forest rangers’ killings, in the last three years, happened in Asia.
“We are extremely concerned that rangers continue to face high levels of violence and are being murdered at an alarming pace,” said IRF president Sean Willmore.

India lost 24 forest rangers in 2014, 14 in 2013 and 34 in 2012. India tops the list in the deaths of forest rangers during all three years. The report went onto state - That most rangers were killed by wild animals and poachers. Apart from animals and poachers, diseases such as dengue and malaria, forest fires and road accidents have also claimed the lives of rangers, the survey added.

In India, smugglers of wild animals and forest wealth like red sanders do not hesitate to kill rangers, if they are obstructed from committing the crime. In Seshachalam forest of Andhra Pradesh, about 200 smugglers attacked forest rangers and killed two officers in December 2013. The 200 smugglers first rained stones on the ranger sand then attacked them with batons. Rangers in India are often seen unarmed, making them vulnerable to the smugglers’ attacks.

The government of India has been dealing with wildlife poachers with an iron fist in the past one year with 30 poachers being gunned down in the Northeast alone. The number that figured in the data released by the environment ministry is the highest ever in the country. Most of the killings took place in the Kaziranga National Park, Assam. The KNP, Assam is the largest known “active poaching area” hence the largest amount of hits and is custodian to over 1000 endangered Indian one Horned Rhinos.

“The number shows our determination to eliminate wildlife traffickers and poachers. It is a big achievement of the Modi government,” environment minister Prakash Javadekar said recently.

Highly sophisticated arms were recovered from the poachers who killed Rhinos for horns smuggled to South-East Asia through porous Myanmar. Hunting down of poachers in Kharbi Anglong of Assam was undertaken by the Congress-led Assam government to save single-horn rhinos of Kaziranga and nearby areas.

Big cats at huge risk:

Wildlife in other parts of the country isn’t as lucky as the Rhinos. As many as 23 Tigers and 116 Leopards were poached in 2014 across India, with states like Uttarakhand, Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh reporting a large number of cases.

“These are the cases that have been reported. There might have been cases where the poachers took the whole animal, without leaving a trace,” said Tito Joseph of the Wildlife Protection Society of India. Traffic, a non-government group monitoring wildlife trade, says that there has been no let down in illegal wildlife trade in India. It says the Northeast is turning into a hub of wildlife smuggling.

A report by the National Tiger Conservation Authority also indicates weak wildlife crime management in the country. It states that almost 40% of the forest guards do not have enough equipment to deal with highly organised wildlife crimes. “The states are not providing funds to modernize wildlife crime management,” a senior official said.


Despite some public criticism calling the organisation “dogs” and “disgusting” India’s tough stance on Anti Poaching must continue. International Animal Rescue Foundation India hopes to push a further $15,500 into the cash incentive jar to help equip rangers, police and forest guards. Furthermore the environmental company that has some one people working on the ground in New Delhi will be working with local communities in poverty stricken zones where poachers are known to originate from to help decrease poaching, improve poverty and hopefully decrease killing on both sides.

Lastly I wish to leave you with this video directed at those that believe Indian forestry guards and Anti Poaching Units are randomly picking off innocent people. Please watch the video to the end and undertake your own Google search on those brave men that sadly lost their lives fighting for animal and environmental freedom.

Thank you for reading.

Johan La Roux

Rhino Welfare Project Africa.



Rhinoceros horn is not up for sale

say-no-to-rhino-horn-trade-IARF-Africa Rhinoceros poaching is officially out of control, as if we didn’t know this already. The press are only reporting on poaching and what if’s, along with the pro trade lobbyists idea’s of how they truly believe the Rhinoceros is going to survive with it’s horn removed just above the growing point.

The Rt Honourable Edna Molewa has simply bypassed all talks from others and technologies that have been presented to her in blue print and other formalities that are still awaiting patent pending. Both from ourselves International Animal Rescue Foundation© along with two proven security technologies that we are ready to put to use within the fields of Africa and upon ranches and farms.

Proven at a cost over e17,000 from our own pockets. The press though seem to only want to drivel on about the dehorning of our 50 million year old prehistoric realm with very few mentions locally and internationally of the Rhinoceros treatment programme that has been proven to work time again and not one single Rhinoceros has been poached to date with this security implementation in place.

The Trans-frontier fence that was protecting around 89% all species of Rhinoceros and other fauna still hasn’t been erected from which International Animal Rescue Foundation© are now pushing for the dividing fence to be re-erected and electrified within the next two to three months before we completely lose all the Kruger Rhinoceros. Deputy Water and Environmental Affairs Minister Honourable Rejoice Mabudafhasi and Vietnam’s Deputy Agriculture and Rural Development Minister, Honourable Ha Cong Tuan, on Monday May 6th 2013 signed an agreement to now take furthering action to curb the epidemic of Rhinoceros poaching thus preserving our African and international heritage protecting both ours and our children’s future. However we have yet to see these actions implemented to even put into practice. The date for these 26 proposals have been stated to be released within a year.

Early last week June 2013 Minister Molewa and Minister Carvalho Muaria met to speak on working together on tackling the cross border insurgencies of mainly Mozambique’s crossing into South Africa illegally with talks also focusing on the (MOU) Memorandum of Understanding, and the village that we call (Little Mayfair) that once hosted around 1,200 underprivileged individuals.

The village is now soon to be moved (apparently). The village no longer hosts 1,200 poor and non-working individuals, it holds millionaires that have pocketed from poaching the Rhinoceros thus selling the horn on for around $65,000 to $75,000 a kilogram. Both ministers have still done nothing to take action, with no dates, other than a (2016) promise deadline. 2016 will see most of the 15,000 (estimated) rhinoceros pushed into nearing extinction.

Please note that the 15,000 is not an accurate number as we simply do not know how many Rhinoceros there are within Southern Africa. Observing poaching rates though and mathematically calculating gestation rates, the number of Rhinoceros poached a day and populations of the last census (2010) we have come to the conclusion that this is all we have in the way of Rhinoceros left within Southern Africa that hosts the world’s largest populations with ¼ owned to private owners. No census has still be undertaken so that it can be assessed if the Rhinoceros needs to be moved up from vulnerable on the International Union for the Conservation of Nature Red List of Threatened Species to endangered.

The (IUCN) have quoted that the White Rhinoceros was listed from 1994 as vulnerable to then hitting (NT) from 2002-2011 as near threatened. So how can these numbers be increasing if there hasn’t been a census undertaken? As of 31ST December 2010, there were an estimated 20,170 White Rhinoceros in the wild. As of December 2008 there were an estimated 750 in captivity worldwide. The majority (98.8%) of White Rhinoceros occur in just four countries (South Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe and Kenya).

This doesn’t make sense though as the Department of Environmental Affairs stated to us (2012 Jan) that the populations of White Rhinoceros for 2010 was in fact 22,800. Hence why we need a census sooner rather than later. The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Flora and Fauna (CITES) and the Department of Environmental Affairs both confirmed that when the Vietnamese hunting permits were banned (2012), there was a 100% increase in hunting permits from continents within Europe.

Them continents were in fact Poland, the old Yugoslav Republic, Russia, Estonia, Serbia, and the Ukraine. Both parties agreed that pseudo hunting was still ongoing yet not one department has actually acknowledged this professionally nor have they still implemented a temporary Rhinoceros hunting moratorium that would then prove we did have pseudo hunters deriving from non-European states. By placing a temporary ban on Rhinoceros hunting too this would make evident if their would be any change on the market.

In March 2013 the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Flora and Fauna confirmed that Europe was the key supplier of “resins” to Asia that was in fact flooding the Asian black market with a colossal 90% fake Rhinoceros horn material. INTERPOL and Cites have still yet to locate the suppliers of these resins that would if they were banned cut demand and reduce poaching of our majestic species the Rhinoceros identified by Dr Burchell in 1817. Companies and organisations are moving as fast as they can to preserve the Rhinoceros both on ranches and within the wild exhausting every type of security method that can be used.

However no sooner after the Conference of Parties meetings took place Minister Molewa then decided that the “taboo” subject of legalising the Rhinoceros horn trade had to be on the agenda for CoP 17 that coincidentally is to be held within South Africa.

Coincidentally poachers are back to using hunting rifles and old school techniques which we knew would happen when the Department of Environmental Affairs in (2012) banned farmer’s and any other individuals unless they were a veterinary officer from using (Entorphine) more commonly known as M99. This fact doesn’t seem to have been raised though as to why poachers are back to using guns and not tranquilising darts.

Without accusing a single individual here it’s blatantly obvious that the farming community was heavily involved within the 2011 horrific murders of almost 500 Rhinoceros.

So lets take a recap of the Rhinoceros poaching numbers from 2010 to 2013 to date for June 24th;

2010 - 330 Rhinoceros poached 1 poached a day

2011 - 448 Rhinoceros poached 1-2 poached a day

2012 - 668 Rhinoceros poached 2-3 poached a day

2013 June 24th 436 Rhinoceros poached - 3 poached a day

2013 - Saw all the Limpopo Rhinoceros pushed to extinction 2013 - In one week alone we lost twenty four Rhinoceros

The poaching statistics stand at - 11.5 hours a Rhinoceros is poached, however this is no longer factual and we are losing Rhinoceros faster than we are losing water from leaking manholes.

The pro trade lobbyists argue that a dehorning the Rhinoceros will cease the poaching. We and others have known this to be non-factual as even if there is a stub at around six inches from the base to the growing point this will still place the Rhinoceros in more danger.

Please view the May 2013 link http://showme.co.za/nelspruit/news/poachers-strike-pro-trade-advocate/

The pro trade lobbyists may argue that whilst the Rhinoceros is de-horned then this will most certainly preserve their life. We disagree.

The Rhinoceros is also placed in more danger of extinction. Whilst there is a stub of horn and there is also a farm containing Rhinoceros then the poacher will have to kill more Rhinoceros to gain the “full horn”. So one 6 inch stub simply is not enough. 3-4 Rhinoceros would have to be poached and that is exactly what happened in May on Mr and Mrs Hume’s farm of de-horned Rhinoceros.

This is not the only case of Rhinoceros that have been poached with horns partially removed too.

6th March 2012 - Two de-horned Rhinoceros were poached http://m.looklocal.co.za/looklocal/content/en/lowveld/lowveld-mobile-news?oid=5070537&sn=Mobile-Detail&pid=4732825&Dehorned-rhino-poached-in-Onderberg

Then another hit dating 2012 - http://safaritalk.net/topic/9394-dehorned-pregnant-rhinos-killed-zululand/

ZWF HOTLINE - Dehorned, pregnant rhinos killed - Zululand Observer 08/10/12 Story Dave Savides Plus two more in Sabi Game Reserve adjoining Kruger Despite strict security and the fact that they had already been dehorned last year, two pregnant white rhinos were found dead at Bonamanzi Game Reserve on Friday.

The poachers got away with barely a few centimetres of newly-grown horn after shooting the animals. Well aware of the poaching threat, the private reserve outside Hluhluwe employs round-the clock security, all their rhino are equipped with GPS tracking devices and all but one had been dehorned last November. ‘The last of the Bonamanzi rhinos to be dehorned, will undergo the painless procedure on Tuesday and is currently under the protection of eight armed guards,’ said a spokesperson.

It is unfortunate that this was set to be done two weeks ago but was postponed. The practice is conducted under the supervision of an experienced and qualified wildlife veterinarian, the district conservation officer and attending wildlife practitioners. ‘Horns are stored off the property in a secure vault.’ Bonamanzi said all horns are micro-chipped, enabling tracing. ‘Aeroplanes all over the country are tracking the culprits as we speak. ‘Owners and management of the reserve will spare no expense to create an idyllic, safe sanctuary for a healthy breeding population of rhino on the reserve.’ End of news update 2012 ——

De-horning does not work and one can do their own investigations into this should they wish too and then view more Rhinoceros that have been dehorned only to be poached for a mere few centimetres.

What do we do then? Well we have the many technologies that are currently being developed, two of which International Animal Rescue Foundation© have already developed one of them we are awaiting patent pending. The security is vast, affordable, and only requires a small team to secure 100 hectares of land or more.

There is though of which we will speak more on at a later date the Rhinoceros Horn Treatment Programme an excellent and proven technology that has now many new introductions.

This we recommend 100% and NO Rhinoceros have been slaughtered by poachers since being treated. You can read more about the Rhinoceros treatment programme within the link below; http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2335274/Rhino-horns-poisoned-painted-PINK-poachers-away-revolutionary-scheme-South-Africa.html

Please note the Rhinoceros horn is not actually painted pink as the headlines in the Daily Mail have stated, they do though have a pink dye injected that will show up on Airport Scanners. Most if not all customs officers have been briefed on this and what to spot.

For now we leave you and will be bringing you some excellent updates on the new updates that we are working on and others have already placed with the field.

Say no to Rhinoceros horn trade and please vote below on whether you want Rhinoceros horn legalised or not legalised until all other options are exhausted.

Please sign our petition to which we require only 1,500 signatures to now enforce the trans-frontier fence to be erected within the next 2-4 months or at least a response to state that this will be undertaken and not just empty promises.


Failure is not within our vocabulary and we will break the back of poaching. Please watch out for our upcoming documents on Poaching and Terrorism. Director International Animal Rescue Foundation

If not you then WHO? - If not now then WHEN?

Environmentalism - Chapter 41 - The Lions Last Breath


The Panthera leo more commonly known as the king of the jungle, Lion king or just the Lion that is now under serious threat of endangerment of which if the depleting populations of Lions doesn’t cease then we will see the Lion possibly in five to ten years if less pushed to extinction which will affect the African ecosystem gastronomically.

The King of the jungle of which its own roar can he heard from up to five miles away has roamed the African, Asian, American and European continents for over thirty two thousand years which its name the “king of the jungle” derived from BC (Before Christ) the Greek storyteller Aesop, the lion was also referred to as the “king of the beasts” and there is no mistaken why.

Lions are super camouflaged carnivorousness hunter’s that live within a pride, hunting within the night and morning of which both female and male are sexually active mainly during night, the most dominant male will fend of others in order to gain it’s desired mate the Lioness.

By the age of “four years” old most Lionesses’ will have reproduced on average a total of sixteen cubs within that four year time frame, the Lioness will produce four to five cubs a year with a possible three only surviving as of other predatory attackers, or the male Lion becoming aggressive to hunters and farmers that steal the cubs to use within the canned hunting business. The average healthy female Lioness will normally have a ratio of four to five cubs per litter.

Related to the Jaguar, Leopard and Tiger the Lion has evolved within Africa and is most certainly endemic to the African continent which it is suggested that the Lion species Panthera leo is roughly around 800,000 years old, although some speculators state their species can be located as far back as one million years.

Living within groups of around ten to fifteen cats the pride can normally host around forty felids or less although this is dropping as of adverse climatological atmospheric disruption and disease, habitual carnage, farming, poaching, pseudo hunting, canned hunting, human species conflict and regrettably like the Rhinoceros yet again the Traditional Chinese and Indian medicine markets.


Lion’s, Clouded Leopard’s Ocelot’s, to Jaguar’s and Puma’s both distributed over large swaths within Asia and Africa with the exception of the Lion which are illegally hunted or hunted from which their bone’s or whole carcass are used as a substitute for the most expensive Tiger bone wine that can fetch for one bottle or customised case within China, Vietnam, and Thailand up to but not over $10,000. The hunting and exportation of Lion bones is not though “illegal” and this is concerning us.

The skeletal bones of lions that are legally hunted or naturally die are also sold on to Asian continents mainly being China to make pseudo pharmaceuticals that have no curing properties to the human at all. Exportations of Lions from our beloved Africa are also on-going depleting the populations more.

In prides the females do most of the hunting and cub rearing. Usually all the lionesses in the pride are related mothers, daughters, grandmothers, and sisters the Lion is one of twenty seven extant species of wild felid that is crucially important to keep within the ecosystem to preserve Mother Nature.

Should we lose this main African predator then their prey being mostly the Antelope, Buffalo, Zebra, Wildebeest and Waterbuck that make up the bulk of their diet along with Springbok and small to large rodents will then overpopulate the African grasslands and forests to fields a like thus placing farm’s and other highly important ecological areas in danger of species over population.

Farmland over grazing will increase that will result in crop loss and damage, and areas of high botanical, forestry and agricultural importance will be placed in jeopardy. Destroying the species of Panthera, formally identified in 1758 through human want and greed would be a complete environmental nightmare which would eventually have a colossal knock on effect to many other species to even species encroachment within human residential or rural areas that would then result in more culling, and hunting.

We simply cannot afford to allow this to happen and nor will allow such a majestic wild cat be pushed to extinction.

Back in the 1940’s within Asia and Africa the estimated population of Lions stood at just under five hundred thousand species of both African Lion and Asiatic Lion, it is now known that the species of Asiatic Lion only resides within Zoological Gardens and the numbers are not even within the hundreds. Populations of the Lion species have deteriorated so rapidly that from 1950 to 1990 we saw a gargantuan decrease of around 200,000 Lions just within these two continents.


Click the image above for more information

The Panthera leo’s last stand is now within Africa and their fight for survival now lies within ours and your hands from which the numbers stand a mere thirty two thousand if that (that’s correct just 32,000) and most of these lions are male. The female species can only mate when she is ovulating similar to the domestic canine and non-wild feline “not felid” species.

Gestating at a rate of only one hundred and ten days the populations cannot simply keep producing with the on-going spurge of many threats that are listed below for your information.

  • Climate change
  • Disease such as distemper can cause death in just under a few days and once a pride is infected the likelihood of their survival is slim unless veterinary attention is sought. Distemper hit many Lions from 1991-1994 and although it is seen a rarity it can still affect the species. With populations being so small it then makes the veterinary officer and rangers job more difficult to monitor and locate.
  • Drought can affect many species of animals and not just the Lion. From the late 1990’s to 2000’s droughts brought on by carbon pollution and high intense summers had  a severe knock on affect for the Lion that was also linked to distemper.
  • Drought can also have a disastrous effect on the Lions prey thus moving prey on that then result in food shortages. Should a further severe drought during the gestation period of which the Lioness is the most predominant hunter then we could view a massive decline as the mothers cannot simply move from the den to rehouse during gestation to follow prey which in turn would equal Lion depletion.
  • To date more than 680,000,000 humans reside within Africa with South Africa, Kenya, Mozambique, Nigeria and neighbouring nations around the Democratic Republic of Congo gradually increasing. The estimated birth rate of humans per nation is thirty two a second with over 300,000 (estimate) to the nearest figure born internationally a day. Overpopulation is a serious international threat to our 8.1 billion species of mammals, aquatics, reptilians, anthropoids and botanical species. At such large numbers this then reduces land mass, thus reducing the species of Lion and pushing it onto other lands.
  • Human and Species conflict is again another problem mostly caused 9/10 times by overpopulation. When the land Lions resided on is then overtaken by humans and cooperation’s, Lions need to locate food rapidly. There are many reports of which Lions have invaded farm land which tragically see’s the farmer shoot the Lion dead.
  • Hunting and canned hunting (canned hunting is more or less the same as hunting) the Lion though is not given a fair chance to escape. Hunting is not playing a pivotal role within conservation upkeep or preservation of the wild felid species. Canned hunting has to be the most grotesque sport that see’s the Lioness bred like battery chickens. Her cubs are then ripped away from her thus then used as a human petting option for safaris. Once old enough and fed well the 1-2 year old Lion is shot dead in a cage type hunt by careless hunters that lack empathy and thought for the conservation world not even realising the dangers they are placing our wild felids within. Once both the Lion and the Lioness have been used and abused they are then shot dead at a discount price of around $20,000+ the fresh caned hunted mature cats usually sell for $40.000 to $50,000 maximum.
  • Poaching is a major concern from which the Lion bones are used within Traditional Chinese Medicine as a substitute for Tiger bone wine. Many reports are flowing into us weekly regarding Lions that have been located dead in the trunks of vehicles that Mozambique’s have hunted thus supplying the syndicates and kingpins with the carcass and bones that are then used as substituted Tiger bone wine. Lions found skinned and deboned, to cubs that have been stolen from the prides den with both mother and father shot dead by the poacher[s] have also been reported.
  • Poisoning is again another great concern that is also laid to keep many species of animals out of farmers land, inhumane steel traps and trap cages are also used to catch the Lions or other species that wander onto farms or ranchers. Should the poison or traps not kill then the farmer or rancher with the gun will most certainly kill to protect his/her crops and cattle.

Defenders of Wildlife stated of which we International Animal Rescue Foundation Africa © have been quoting for a long time now.

The steepest challenge that lions currently face is that farmer and ranchers have no economic reason for not poisoning or killing them. Conservation groups are working to develop strategies such as lion proof bomas, which are natural thorny enclosures where ranchers keep their livestock at night, and prevent livestock deaths, reducing or eliminating the need to kill lions because of livestock depredation.

Lions are also becoming more economically viable as a tourist attraction, bringing in revenue to these countries. Conservation groups are using the rising tourism to see if they are able to allocate ranchers a percentage of this tourist money as an incentive to let lions continue to roam and flourish once again.  

Tourists please watch the video below - When you travel to South Africa or any nations within Africa that have “any Lions” that you pet or view in a cage you’re not viewing what your lead to believe. You’re viewing a canned hunting farm of which “some or many” are now named as “safaris” that you provide money to. Please don’t support this - Please view the video’s and educate yourselves and others. 

Will the rise in tourism and percentage of revenue given to ranchers and farmers to reduce the Lions death work? Yes we believe so, Boma’s have also been proven to work in more similar methods/practices across Europe, Asia and America regarding other species of predatory mammalians.  A Lion Proof Boma is more or less similar to a natural controlled cattle “safe spot”.

Boma’s have been used successfully within Kenya that saw before they were implemented angry and frustrated farmers, ranchers and villagers placing inhumane traps and poisons down that the Lion would then consume from a dead carcass “its favourite food”.

Subsequently the cat then perishes a horrid and painful death or worse in worst case scenarios the gestating mother that normally forages for food within her mating season would consume the toxins thus sadly killing her and the unborn cubs.

Description of a Boma

A boma is more or less a safe area that the rancher and farmer can use to keep their cattle safe at night thus reducing to halting predatory attack. The boma consists of a wired fence with strong thorn brambles around the side of the fence that acts as a double measure in keeping not only the Lion away from the fenced area but also the cattle too thus creating a “safe barrier” within the boma reducing any potential attack.

Regrettably though with poaching and canned hunting on the increase that we are working on to ban the substituted Tiger bone wine trade then unfortunately we still have a long way to go.

It does at times feel as if we are all fighting one battle after the other however there are many other environmental organisations and AVVAZ a collective community of many millions of people that now want like ourselves and other wildlife institutions Lion hunting banned and bone trade “banned”. You can sign their petition here https://secure.avaaz.org/en/stop_lion_slaughter_for_sex_aides_d/

Lion bone wine trade

Breeders and hunting operators who offer trophy hunts for lions are reportedly, in addition to a R100 000 fee paid by hunters for the shooting of one lion, fetching R1500 per kilo by selling bones to Chinese dealers.

After a dramatic decline in tiger numbers in Asia, traders have turned to selling lion bones for medicines in the form of soups, teas and powders.

Drinking tiger bone wine is thought to enhance sexual prowess. But because there is no perceivable difference between tiger and lion bone, Asian users are now turning to lion bones to satisfy the high demand that exists in these countries. The bones are also believed to cure conditions such as rheumatism, cramps, stomach aches and malaria. This has never been proven and is complete and utter nonsense exactly the same as the illegal Rhinoceros hone trade.

Conservationists are trying to stop the decline in lion numbers by 2015 and gradually restore the population to at least double the present level, which currently stands at an “estimated” 30,000 lions, down from 100,000 just 50 years ago.

Andrew Parker, CEO of Sabi Sands Game Reserve in Mpumalanga, said that he believed trade in animal products should be limited to animals which had died from natural deaths. However we believe no trade should be given the go ahead as this creates demand thus increasing want for more that consequently then ends up with poaching and corruption that increases the market potential.

It is unacceptable to kill animals in order to trade in their parts. Unfortunately rhino poaching has started a trend and opened up well established channels to markets. The Sabi Sand’s Game Reserve believes the market should be opened up for animals that have died of a natural death.

We will though categorically disagree with this and will continue to stride forward for a full trade ban, or, moratorium on hunting near threatened or vulnerable species that are in danger as well lobbying for sanctions to be implemented against the offending and repeat offending nations.

Trade in lion bones is currently legal in South Africa, with authorities issuing permits allowing breeders to kill lions, turn them into bones and export them to the Far East. This needs to be stopped and nipped in the bud sooner rather than later as it is creating a “market” and evidence in most if not all illegal wildlife trade has proven time again  that while there is a “market” and buyers are purchasing into it then the more “desire for want and demand” is there. We’re trying to stop the bloody demand not keep it flourishing.

Official figures show that more than 600 lions were killed by hunters in 2012 and that there have been 92 carcasses exported to Vietnam and Laos alone since 2009.

In South Africa recently, the authorities in one province issued permits for a farmer to kill 44 of his lions and turn them into bones (This is just bloody disgraceful).

In 2010, international civil activism organisation Avaaz appealed to President Jacob Zuma in a petition to ban the trade of lion bones of which the petition is listed above. We ourselves have petitioned the South African government 2012 from which the president has neither acknowledged the petition or even the points within it. - http://www.sahunters.co.za/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=210:media-release-by-the-south-african-hunters-and-game-conservation-association-on-measures-to-stop-rhino-poaching&catid=87:press-release&Itemid=288 - http://www.iol.co.za/dailynews/news/boycott-threat-to-save-rhino-1.1215893#.UXttX7Usm1U

Dr Herman Els, manager for conservation at SA Hunters challenged us quoting;

We challenge the International Animal Rescue Foundation to ask the alleged 11,500 signatories of their petition against trade to donate US$100 each to reimburse South African conservation authorities for some of the expenses incurred in the anti-rhino-poaching effort. This can generate R9,2 million for the noble cause for which they have yet to make a financial contribution,’ said Dr Herman Els, manager for conservation at SA Hunters. –

What Dr Herman Els is forgetting that even before this petition was launched and consequently ignored that the Rhinoceros and Lion was already in vast danger with predictions set for a massive poaching increase for 2012 and now 2013 seeing a possible 1,000 poached dead.

We have yet to view any form of “hunting activities whether it be taking out species of mammalians or funding to preserve our Rhinoceros and Lion population”. As we are not as vast and spread out as the hunting fraternity then this argument or challenge is utterly pathetic that PHASA (Professional Hunting Association of South Africa) could have achieved more with their lousy $10 voluntary donations.

“We are asked to present $100USD though? The hunter still cannot acknowledge that (overpopulation) is the main issue that’s killing our species. PHASA was also emailed by ourselves twice from whom we pointed our many wrong doings, and wildlife violations with regards to their terms and conditions and environmental violations, on emailing they changed their site information one month later and seem to have “broken more rules”.

I challenge Dr Herman Els to provide to me in writing a full manuscript informing me of how much funding per year has gone into conservation preservation, and exactly what was undertaken to obtain them funds. I am sure that no more than five paragraphs of simple English can answer his email when I view it upon one’s desk.

Moving on-

The email that AVAAZ currently has running quotes “as citizens with great respect for South Africa, we appeal to you ban the cruel and senseless trade in lion bones, which is encouraging an industry that could drive lions to the brink of extinction,” the petition stated.


Click the poster and please sign the petition - Donations are needed for more posters such as these in international and local airports and shipping ports - postcards and more to get the message across that we will not tolerate this utter disgrace that President Zuma is allowing within his nation of South Africa -

The lobbying movement has attracted over 753 917 signatures to date 27th April 2013 10:57 ZA time.

There is an overlap between people who trade lion parts and those who trade in rhino horn illegally, and the end user demographic in Asia is also the same. I am in favour of the South African government as quoted.

Thai rhino horn trafficker, Chumlong Lemtonghai, who was sentenced to 40 years in prison last November, admitted in affidavits that he had planned to purchase 300 sets of lion bones on his next trip to South Africa.

Professor Pieter Potgieter, chairperson of the South African Predator Breeders’ Association defended the industry in a LionAid blog, by saying that there is little difference between the killing of lions and killing of other animals.

Breeding animals for human exploitation is a natural human process. A sympathetic myth has been created about the lion as the king of the animals,” Potgieter said.

“It would be better to let us cater for growing demand. Chickens are killed by humans. How are lions different from them?” he asked.

What Potgieter doesn’t realise is that there are more chickens than there are Lions on the planet the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations estimated that in 2002 there were nearly sixteen billion chickens in the world, counting a total population of 15,853,900,000.


The figures from the Global Livestock Production and Health Atlas for 2004 however there are a mere 30,000 Lions with only 15,966 Rhinoceros. (Potgieter’s argument is seriously flawed and not worth the paper one has written it on). In 2009 the annual chicken population in factory farms was estimated at 50 billion. With 6 billion raised in the European Union, over 9  billion raised in the United States and more than 7 billion in China.

To compare livestock bred on a gastronomically high level to Lions or even Rhinoceros or other species of wild animal that is under serious threat from poaching, hunting, poisoning, and climatological atmospheric destruction then we have problems with education and awareness or is it just one want’s to ascertain more pocket money to supporting the hunting murderous fraternity.

The Lion and the Rhinoceros is in great danger and we need your help. You can fund many organisations of which Born Free and many other welfare organisations are doing a fantastic job in now helping to purchase fencing and boma’s.

You can also donate to our main African/European wildlife preservation within the link below that goes straight to Funding African Wildlife Survival our second emergency funding operation African funding scheme of which all donations will be used to fund and secure farming land, to purchase more Anti-Poaching equipment, cattle security, informing networks, and pushing more Anti-Poaching Personnel into the field. For more information please contact Jenny below African Affairs officer of environmentalism and wildlife preservation operations.


Your donations will purchase;

  1. African anti-poaching equipment
  2. Fencing and security for farmers and ranchers to sustain our Lion populations
  3. Emergency veterinary medications and help for injured/sick Lions
  4. Education and awareness posters

We must preserve the Lion species, should we fail we will see them pushed to extinction within ten years if that. African wildlife is under serious pressure, we haven’t time to wait or debate anymore we must strive forward and do our utmost best professionally and constructively to preserve our species now rather than later. Your help is much appreciated.

Donate to funding African Wildlife Survival

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Environmentalism - Chapter 40 Chemtrail Exposure Part 2


Just as we believed and predicted although cannot prove on publishing the first document 20th April 2013 with regards to our own concerns with chemical trails a document was released by the American government stating that chemtrails were nothing to be of any concern and all the hype was over a few misconceptions and ill-informed individuals that were “paranoid”.

However the United States Government and the Environmental Protection Agency along with NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) and High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) still refuses to acknowledge why they feel it is necessary to pollute our skies with more toxic chemicals that have been proven past and present to be harmful to one’s health, and environmentally damaging although yet again this is still to be ascertained.

Within the team at International Animal Rescue Foundation © all staff paid and voluntary have extensive educational and professional backgrounds of up to forty to fifty years and are now in the process of challenging all governmental environmental agencies (within this training programme)  into providing validating information via the freedom of information act on the usage of over forty chemicals.

Forty chemicals that are frequently sprayed from military tanker planes over America and Europe, why they are spraying, why they have lied to the public as seen within the video of our first document paragraph (16) first video 20th April 2013, why they stipulated at first that chemical trail programmes were part of weather pattern modifications to now being used as stated within the first video for military training programmes.

We are fully aware that obtaining this valuable yet crucial information is going to prove extraordinarily difficult so we have asked our own environmental, climatological and marine biology researchers within continents that are being sprayed to gather after spraying has been viewed water, soil, air and live botanical samples to establish exactly what other chemicals are being used and what dangers these could pose to human, animal and aquatic life.

The first nation we have already approached of which we are now releasing this information is the United Kingdom under section 2000 of the Freedom of Information Act.

The reasons for this request under Sec. 2000 of the FOIA Act are listed below;

  • Chemicals that are being sprayed.
  • Why these chemicals are being sprayed
  • Any proven evidence to establish if these chemicals pose a health risk that could reduce fertility, increase or bring on the onset of neurodegenerative diseases, environmental pollution to marine and land mammals
  • Evidence to prove that these chemicals are used for weather modifications
  • Confidentially and secrecy involving weather modification
  • What companies are involved and who is providing these chemicals
  • Why are military jet liners undertaking these missions with global positioning systems disabled within civilian airspace
  • Biochemical species experimentation

We are more than aware that the questions and concerns raised will most likely not be acknowledged so, because the United Kingdom falls under one of the nations that are being sprayed then we have contacted as of the 16th April 2013 other organisations/companies of which should we be refused this information that in theory should be placed within the public domain then we will use these companies at our disposal as well as other individuals that we are not naming for privacy, confidentially and security reasons.

Within paragraph 16(first video) one American scientist blatantly admits that the chemicals that are being sprayed at an altitude of just under 40,000 feet “have not been researched on whether they are a danger to public health” so for that reason the public under section 2000 of the FOIA Act has every reason to be informed on the short term or long term health risks of such chemical trail exposure - exposed to them.

Conspiracy theories are and have been circulating the World Wide Web along with much misunderstanding and governmental cover ups to corruption and wrong data published on many sites that show many misconceptions and errors to non-proven factual evidence. International Animal Rescue Foundation © must and will only under our mission statement provide the truth and only factual data and not theories, maybe’s, if’s or buts.

As stated in part one of the chemtrail exposure we briefly explained an operation named as Operation Black Swan of which much if not most of this data has vanished or been removed from Google, Facebook forums, to private forums and YouTube videos with no reasons made public as to why the content was removed.

Normally when content is removed one has to provide to a “company” although it’s not legally binding in Europe or America [as such] a DMCA: Digital Millennium Copyright Act notice, “WIPO Copyright and Performances and Phonograms Treaties Implementation Act of 1998, “Online Copyright Infringement Liability Limitation Act.

The law creates limitations on the liability of online service providers for copyright infringement when engaging in certain types of activities, “Computer Maintenance Competition Assurance Act,” creates an exemption for making a copy of a computer program by activating a computer for purposes of maintenance or repair.

There is also Title IV that contains under the Clinton Treaty 1998 six miscellaneous provisions, relating to the functions of the Copyright Office, distance education, the exceptions in the Copyright Act for libraries and for making ephemeral recordings, “webcasting” of sound recordings on the Internet, and the applicability of collective bargaining agreement obligations in the case of transfers of rights in motion pictures. ! Title V, the “Vessel Hull Design Protection Act,” creates a new form of protection for the design of vessel hulls.

When we viewed all information on Operation Black Swan thus then reporting on this coincidentally “although not evidentially proven” our own information then other’s was removed immediately without warning.


As stated in the 1998 Digital Millennium Copyright Act notice the company that removed[s] must provide information on who removed that data and the informer[s] name be published whether it be a court order, complaint or simple removal for theft of materials should there be a specific order placed that states no name is to be provided then under international law this indicates that the informer and/or company/organisation/government maybe a high profile figure that has to be subject to a secrecy gagging order.

As explained though this does not imply to every one of which we do believe the government are exempt which is why we are extremely suspicious. The content that was removed derived from “American sources”.

The subsequent information that was published on Operation Black Swan that involved millions of animals both land and marine being washed up and located dead in mysterious circumstances still remains just that, a complete mystery with many theories circulated and still in circulation although limited to quantity and data “for now”.

The persons that “informed” the domain[s] host[s], company[s] to remove all data from the networks is still as yet non-identifiable. So for that reason we will still formally investigate into and ascertain as to what caused these mass deaths and why no one was accountable or disciplined to no formal data released to what this “phenomena was” or if chemical trail weather modification technology had been used. It is blatantly obvious that this technology is however no evidence as yet can back this up with Operation Black Swan and extremely touchy subject with regards to the United States Government.

We do believe that this was an international military exercise of which all nations that have been implicated in chemtrail usage also saw a colossal death rate of birds, fish, and other mammals and non-mammalians.

We also have a right to be more than concerned because if the governments or whomever was involved within this exercise are spraying deadly chemicals that can on a gargantuan level kill millions of animals then what’s to say they “cannot do the same to human life” which then brings into question as explained in the first video (document 1 paragraph 16)  video (1) that this is a form of “population control and/or new military biochemical weapon being devised” for the use in modern warfare to eliminate an enemy rapidly.

Ruling out all other theories for this moment in time we have placed below evidence of mammal and non-mammal deaths that “could be related to Operation Black Swan” although as yet not proven.

The list of mysterious environmental animal deaths have gone fairly unnoticed to the international public, however some cases as stipulated by federal investigators and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) that’s coincidentally working with (HAARP) have been reported to have been started deliberately by agriculturists administering ground poisons all of which the cases were mostly within the early mornings.


This would give us reason to believe on a professional status that should the governments of the United States and Europe be using some form of High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program technology, then the most likely time of day to be conducting experimental frequency research would be early morning when more animals are mostly active and members of the public can report thus then informing environmental agencies that consequently then report to (HAARP) High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program Unit in Alaska of the outcome of such environmental experimental activities.

Any furthering investigations by members of the public or questions/debates on why such events are occurring have been placed down to “disease or human/species interference” from which no evidence is placed within the public domain.

It is not the first time mass birds deaths have occurred on American soil.

Just before the stroke of midnight on New Year’s Eve 2010, thousands of birds started to rain down on the small town of Beebe, Arkansas. (Would this be because of the party celebrations increasing noise pollution of which if (HARRP) did fire the high frequency fields up then no one would be none the wiser)?

Up to 5,000 red-winged blackbirds fell in a short stretch no more than 800 yards wide, sprinkling roads, rooftops and lawns. In some places, the ground was turned almost black. Officials initially blamed high-altitude hail or lightning hitting the birds.

Then preliminary lab tests concluded they had died from ‘multiple blunt force trauma’, implying they had flown into something. (Birds don’t just fly into blunt objects and it is very rare for any species of blackbird to be flying to at night FACT) The black birds are not nocturnal hunters and feed mostly of insects, small tree fruits and seeds to worms and snails. (Why was there no predatory birds found dead)?

The prime suspect was New Year fireworks, which could have startled the birds from their roosts thus sending them crashing into houses, trees and each other. (Non-proven) The U.S. Geological Survey has said it knew of 16 cases over the past 20 years of large numbers of blackbirds dying at once. Investigators admit they may never ­discover what happened.

Within our mission statement we must provide factual evidence and not “theories or conspiracies” as by doing this it misleads the public and thus creating panic and misconceptions. HAARP is of a concern to us and we have raised the following questions;

  1. If HAARP was being used to for environmental protection then why has climate destruction disaster increased from a rate from 1980 to 2011 skyrocketing from $100 billion USD to over $400 billion USD that’s gradually increasing yearly with more cyclones, typhoons, hurricanes or tropical storms, extensive catastrophic flooding, and some of the most harshest winters and summer’s and extraordinarily unpredictable weather patterns?
  2. America and Europe have both been implicated in using High Frequency Active Auroral Research technology HAARP, so if we look back at the recent firestorms and damage created if HARRP was being used to alter weather patterns thus moving clouds then why did we not see this technology used within America and Europe within 2011, 2012, 2013 when summer fire storms hit the many continents. Surely HARRP would then use this so called weather adapting technology to then erase these colossal fire damaging storms thus decreasing government expenditure, economic crisis, and insurance claims and death?
  3. It was quoted - HAARP would be the largest ionospheric heater in the world, located in latitude most conducive to putting Eastland’s invention into practice.” Furthermore, from this northern latitude, the energy could be aimed into the ionosphere so that it would bounce back down to the earth so it would come down wherever the scientists wanted it to come down. The secret was to learn how and where to aim it to hit the earth where they wanted it to hit creating the type of disaster or whether they desired. So if they can and most certainly have manipulated the weather then why has Africa been hit by vast drought effecting millions of citizens, claiming animal and people lives, displacing individuals too. HAARP is present in the US, UK, Canada and Europe to Russia and China so looking back at the United states of America from 2011 and 2012 of which saw some of the worst heat waves and “tropical type storms” then why wasn’t HARRP used to manipulate these climatological high and low pressure fronts that subsequently if used moved cloud formations in the stratosphere over these affected states thus providing rains?
  4. Weather manipulation has been used as far back as 1969 as described in [part 01] of chemtrail exposure presented by www.infowars.com narrated by the first ever military weather manipulator from Western Texas – United States of America – retired Pilot Captain Ben Livingston from the United States Air force (USAF) that stated categorically he was able to manipulate cloud formations over Asia within the stratosphere that caused extensive wind and tropical hurricane damage, washing away bridges, resulting in flooding causing many deaths. This technology Captain Livingston used placed chemical liquids within the clouds to freeze them thus forming the “cloud or better known as the eye of the storm” the first ever pilot to view and alter Mother Nature. Why then has HARRP been implicated in weather adaptions utilising High Frequency Active Auroral Research technology with the  “United States Air force” military tankers still seen within the stratosphere spraying chemicals? Surely we don’t need both? Or is it factual that HARRP is using the United States Air force base that is using High Frequency Active Auroral Research technology as a high grade weapon of mass destruction? But then why allow others such as the Americans worst enemy Russia and China to the use “similar technology”?


What is HAARP?

The following is purely based on HAARP’s “about section” which we do not accept as factual or non-factual at this moment based on many climate issues from renowned physicians, environmental critics, and investigative media.

HAARP is a scientific endeavour aimed at studying the properties and behaviour of the ionosphere, with particular emphasis on being able to understand and use it to enhance communications and surveillance systems for both civilian and defence purposes.

The HAARP program is committed to developing a world class ionospheric research facility consisting of: The Ionospheric Research Instrument (IRI), a high power transmitter facility operating in the High Frequency (HF) range. The IRI will be used to temporarily excite a limited area of the ionosphere for scientific study.

A sophisticated suite of scientific (or diagnostic) instruments that will be used to observe the physical processes that occur in the excited region.

Observation of the processes resulting from the use of the IRI in a controlled manner will allow scientists to better understand processes that occur continuously under the natural stimulation of the sun.

Scientific instruments installed at the HAARP Observatory will be useful for a variety of continuing research efforts which do not involve the use of the IRI but are strictly passive. Among these studies include ionospheric characterization using satellite beacons, telescopic observation of the fine structure in the aurora, and documentation of long-term variations in the ozone layer.


How is HARRP related to Chemtrails?

HAARP has been claimed to be a weapon of mass destruction.

Radio Waves strong enough to cause earthquakes are controlled by the U.S. military. It’s the largest ionospheric heater in the world capable of heating a 1000 square kilometre area of the ionosphere to over 50,000 degrees. It’s also a phased array. Which means it’s steer-able and those waves can be directed to a selected target area. What they have found is that by sending radio frequency energy up and focusing it, as they do with these kinds of instruments, it causes a heating effect. And that heating literally lifts the ionosphere within a 30 mile diameter area therein changing localized pressure systems or perhaps the route of jet streams. Moving a jet stream is a phenomenal event in terms of man being able to do this. The problem is we cannot model the system adequately. Long term consequences of atmospheric heating are unknown. Changing weather in one place can have a devastating downstream effect.  And H.A.A.R.P. has already been accused of modifying the weather.

HAARP has been implicated within the following;

Create Earthquakes on demand wherever and whenever you wish on the earth. However, the military discovered, by accident, how to create earthquakes using slightly different technology (this is a blatant lie as this technology was devised from oil rigging companies in the 1960’s)

The planetary-scale engineers tried to replace a ten by forty kilometre section of the ionosphere with a ‘telecommunications shield’ of 350,000 copper needles tossed into orbit … when the military sent up a band of tiny copper wires into the ionosphere to orbit the planet so as to ‘reflect radio waves and make reception clearer’, we had the 8.5 Alaska earthquake and Chile lost a good deal of its coast. That band of copper wires interfered with the planetary magnetic field. (Does this sound NORMAL and SAFE to YOU?)

Magnifying and focussing sunlight, called ‘Sky busting. This process could burn holes in the protective ozone layers, thus allowing intense sunlight to pour through, burning mankind severely.

(For this time being we are leaving out mind control theories and conspiracies) that have been placed before the European Union Courts of Justice and have been shown to work, however as yet have not been implicated within any form of technology at the Alaskan Air force base that has some extreme security for a so called “climatological research station” of which the locals that are living within the village will not speak about HARRP which explains to us that they have either been approached by federal agents and forced to sign documentation or something more sinister.

Barium – what is it?

Barium is a chemical element with symbol Ba and atomic number 56. It is the fifth element in Group 2, a soft silvery metallic alkaline earth metal. Because of its high chemical reactivity barium is never found in nature as a free element. Its hydroxide was known in pre-modern history as baryta; this substance does not occur as a mineral, but can be prepared by heating barium carbonate.

The most common naturally occurring minerals of barium are barite (barium sulphate, BaSO4) and witherite (barium carbonate, BaCO3), both being insoluble in water. Barium’s name originates from the alchemical derivative “baryta”, which itself comes from Greek βαρύς (barys), meaning “heavy.” Barium was identified as a new element in 1774, but not reduced to a metal until 1808, shortly after electrolytic isolation techniques became available.

Barium has been implicated within the usage of chemtrails that we ourselves find slightly nerve-racking and worrying because of such environmental use it could also be used to excite the molecules within the atmosphere thus when charged with an electromagnetic force alter or excite fields of energy to become erratic. This then places the HAARP and weather modification within the field of suspicion and if one is spraying this chemical then they must inform the public.

The following highlighted information extracted from Wikipedia is most concerning;

Barium has only a few industrial applications. The metal has been historically used to scavenge air in vacuum tubes. It is a component of YBCO (high-temperature superconductors) and electro ceramics, and is added to steel and cast iron to reduce the size of carbon grains within the microstructure of the metal. Barium compounds are added to fireworks to impart a green colour. Barium sulphate is used as an insoluble heavy additive to oil well drilling fluid, and in purer form, as X-ray radio contrast agents for imaging the human gastrointestinal tract. Soluble barium compounds are poisonous due to release of the soluble barium ion, and therefore have been used as rodenticides.

Keeping conspiracy theories and he said this they done that “out of this second part documentation” the above [has] been implicated within chemical spraying which then takes us back to the following points that one has raised.

  1. Barium is toxic to rodents and has been used as a poison – could this be a reason why so many small species of mammals and non-mammalians have perished in fourteen separate continents of which no formal autopsy results have ever stated factual autopsy results.
  2. We know that the technology HAARP used was not formulated by them originally it was in fact drawn up by oil well drilling companies that the United States Military then purchased all plans, so is it a coincidence that barium has again been implicated within protect HAARP?
  3. Barium has been used within pyrotechnic displays - Barium compounds are added to fireworks to impart a green colour is this coincidental then that HAARP that is firing into the atmosphere via the Alaskan military site and by chemical spraying planes barium to form what has been stated by many people “glowing skies of green, red, black, and rose colourisations?. http://transmissionsmedia.com/haarp-creates-artificial-aurora-lights-up-the-sky/

Moving back to the aerial chemical trail’s that are frequently spotted all over the states of  America is Barium being sprayed on the people of America from which the American government claim is weather modification. There are many other compounds that can react in the ways described above however the pinpointing evidence clearly states that;


Barium is just as dangerous as arsenic, mercury and lead.  It shows up regularly in public water supplies and yet there is almost no awareness of it.

Exposure to small amounts of barium, dissolved in water, may cause a person to experience these problems:

1. Breathing difficulties

2. Increased blood pressure

3. Heart rhythm changes

4. Stomach irritation

5. Muscle weakness

6. Alterations in nerve reflexes

7. Damage to your brain, liver, kidney and heart



Although there is much evidence to read through as an animal and environmental programme/investigative unit we have to be seen to show the factual evidence and not conspiracies and/or lies.

This would be detrimental to our mission statement, could or would misguide the general public, could or would be open to a law suit from the government, to creating many misguided misconceptions of the truth and what we really need to obtain to and that us why HAARP and the United States Government and European Union feel it is relevant to spray the harmful chemicals within the ozone to conducting stratosphere and aerial bombardment exercises.

We have to ask ourselves the following the questions;

  1. If weather modification is being undertaken via the air force using tanker planes internationally then where does HAARP come into the equation?
  2. Is HAARP really being used a weather modification site?
  3. Are the scientists at HAARP really making a weapon of mass destruction?
  4. Has HAARP really been used to create earthquakes, cyclones, hurricanes?
  5. Should HAARP be shut down?

The institute of High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program Unit in Alaska are concealing much information based on weather modification and exactly what they are undertaking at the Alaskan Air force base.

Surely if HAARP was just simply helping to solve weather problems or better them then why have we not seen any changes within the African or other continents where millions are perishing and/or being misplaced by famine brought on by environmental climatological change? Why within the states of America has environmental destruction skyrocketed from $100 1990 billion to over $300 billion 2011 in damages as published in many environmental journals? Surely HAARP and chemtrail technology would have decreased this?

Stay tuned for more in-depth scientific analysis – Many questions unanswered and many worried citizens internationally.

Board of Investigative staff – Ukraine and Moscow

Conservation Investigations Crime Unit (CICU)


Environmentalism - Chapter 38 Europe Faces Superstorms - Climate Change Denial (Exposed)


International Animal Rescue Foundation © has been reporting for some time now on many climatological events and environmental weather disruptions to extremely rare climate phenomena that have been occurring since 2000 when the planets climate behaviour started to fluctuate hitting us with unpredictable weather events that has caused vast environmental and economical damage and will continue too unless we all start to take imminent action in reducing our carbon emissions internationally.

The (WHO) World Health Organisation, most signatories of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered species of Wild Flora and Fauna better known as the Washington Convention to the IUCN and the United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP) to governments alike are not taking the planets proceeding/forthcoming climate change seriously.

With the summer now over in Africa and most parts of the Quarter and Arabian region we have now been warned that America and Europe will soon be under immense climatological attack from what has been described as a catastrophic cycle of weather patterns that will cause mass loss of life and colossal economic disruption effecting tens of thousands of business’s and hundreds of thousands old and newly constructed domesticated homes.

The homes and businesses that will be mostly affected are those constructed on low graded land to flood plains that holds the rivers excess waters once flood defences or barriers have been breached.

That was the good news though, the bad news is, all recent and past weather and climate change predictions and events measured by climatologists, meteorologists, environmentalists, marine biologists, botanists and environmental agencies have proved Europe now in for an extreme battering.

Up to date environmental reports stipulating the high amounts of carbon emissions, global temperature increases of just over 3.4oc by 2050-2100 international global census reports of human  population that is rapidly increasing now to almost 8.9 billion with one child born every minute  which “will” reach 9 billion by 2014, and the overuse of atmospheric pollutants, continuous deforestation and illegal logging, and still gargantuan usage of fossil fuels has now concluded that Europe is and will be under immense environmental atmospheric attack causing mass carnage on a colossal and worrying scale never seen.

George W. Bush, ex-president of the United Stated of America should be held officially accountable for this now impending carnage that could have been lessened had American governmental scientists informed the public of the real impending dangers of environmental change however were  instead ordered to concoct lies and asking many non-profit organisations to push their compulsive and arrogant damaging non-factual misinformation further from which they have since rebutted their claims and stated they were indeed in the wrong when working in the Bush Administration.

The now irreversible damage has already been done and with all European and International scientists and experts providing the most up to date and accurate data we are now aware that Europe is going to face the harsh identical extremities as the United states is.

International Animal Rescue Foundation © is now 100% certain this is why Operation Black Swan undertaken by over 27 continents and kept strictly confidential until a whistle blower of the United states Government blew the cover when viewing millions of dead land and marine animals washed up and found dead worldwide with human health affected too. Coincidentally he and a further Russian military advisory were found dead months later of which both analysts had apparently committed suicide. No further investigations were uncovered on this and all reports that we did locate on Operation Black Swan have since vanished of the World Wide Web, although there is come data it is little and mostly taken of the original domains.

Come the end of the century super storm Sandy’s could be battering the European nations and beaches. Hurricanes usually form in the western tropical Atlantic and normally head north-west to the United States. Occasionally they will make it to Europe by piggybacking on the jet stream. Simulations of these impending hurricanes were undertaken by the Netherlands Meteorological Institute that conducted further examinations based on current predictions. A detailed climate model for 2094 to 2098 assuming modest future greenhouse gas emissions was conducted that showed startling trends and conclusive results.

Meteorologists and scientist’s found that future hurricanes formed further east within the tropical Atlantic, as that area had warmed sufficiently to provide enough heat and moisture to power them massively. As a result, many didn’t hit the United States of America and instead hit the European Union with devastating consequences mostly hitting and damaging Western Europe.

The storms weakened once they left the tropics but significantly powered up again when they entered cold and windy areas that then culminated into “hybrid storms” like Sandy, halfway between winter storms and hurricanes.

Within the Bay of Biscay the climate model quite accurately predicted the average number of yearly hurricanes will increase in Europe from one to six increasing massive environmental carnage, increased flooding from both river and sea, will have a detrimental yet damaging impact and effect on the European economy, thus leading to loss of life both animal and human and effecting farming communities to displacing species and human population. Diseases and infections will increase, mental illness and suicide caused by such major environmental damages will rise and yet we as humans still aren’t taking enough notice to eve reducing our carbon emission and greenhouses damage.

Abnormal weather patterns that are already amongst us within Europe have ranged from heavy spring snows killing thousands of agricultural animals with a total loss of over 335 human lives. After a brief tease of spring-like weather Europe has been hit with cold temperatures and heavy snow. Keeping in mind that “cold” and “heavy snow” are relative terms — these storms were one of the worst of the season for 2013, not to mention among the worst in years.


Airports across Europe were either closed, or had traffic reduced dramatically.  And even the trains were stopped. In Germany, there was traffic accidents on the autobahn involving over 100 vehicles, though fortunately nobody died during that wreck.

In Paris, we had roughly 4 inches of snow — which may not sound like much, but for Paris it’s unusual, and it’s been like this for several years now (snowing when it shouldn’t). Earlier this season we had about twice as much snow as last night, which was also a surprise. As I mentioned before, Paris is not equipped for snow — we just never get that much (or at least we didn’t) — so any snow that sticks will cause major problems mostly affecting transportation thus cutting off the entire country and leaving it at vulnerable security threat.

The melting Arctic ice is also to blame here which is causing the North Atlantic to warm, which is bringing a lot more precipitation to the region. That means the miserable weather of northwest Europe has gone from bad to worse with even more rain and snow because of the warming seas. As the Arctic ice melts, the situation is likely to become worse.

In addition to the warming ocean, the jet stream is unusually far south at the moment, which means that the cold northern air is dipping to the south.

One cannot quote we was never forewarned about these forthcoming events as that is nonsense, the problem is that many governments don’t want you to know about these events because it causes;

  1. Panic buying
  2. Over usage of fossil fuels thus draining the grid
  3. Economical breakdown
  4. Tax raise

These are one of three reasons why the United States Government paid scientists to quote that climate change was all myth and no evidence because the government wanted you the average $200 a week purchaser of basics fuel’s and groceries kept motivated and moving so they can continue raging political wars, to ensuring the nation is not left at vulnerable level from a potential terror threat or more.

Regrettably though American and international news agencies the very people that are to be trusted  to this very day are still compulsively lying to the public of which FOX news was caught with publishing very “dodgy unsound information” on climatological change.


Rupert Murdoch’s companies have been found to be grossly misleading the US public over climate change, with Fox News ‘coverage classed as giving dodgy info 93% of the time. In the report, compiled by the Union of Concerned Scientists, Murdoch’s Wall Street Journal comes a close second in the inaccuracy stakes, with a massive 81% misleading coverage in their opinion pages. The Wall Street Journal Opinion Page’s coverage of climate change was categorically proven to be 81% misleading with only 19% accurate. However Fox’s news channel on climate change was proven to be a massive 93% misleading with and only 7% accurate.

The WSJ, whose commentary include such beauties as “No Need to Panic About Global Warming“, claim that the alarmism created by global warming is something of a conspiracy, offering “an excuse for governments to raise taxes“.

Fox News, who evidently can’t even muster a one in ten success rate of accurate reportage, has certainly got a somewhat dubious record when it comes to accuracy and fairness of their journalism. Readers may recall:

Reporting the death of “Obama Bin laden” http://politicalscrapbook.net/2011/05/fox-news-obama-bin-laden/

Making up new section of the US constitution http://politicalscrapbook.net/2011/12/fox-news-fabricate-constitution/

Describing David Cameron as “President” of the United Kingdom http://politicalscrapbook.net/2011/08/fox-news-president-cameron/

Although this is just mumbo jumbo it still proves that not only the government but also the media provide little accuracy when reporting real life affairs that the international community need to be informed off. Lying and asking others to lie is tantamount to global extinction caused my human negligence.

We truly believe that the spin doctors and non-profit organisations as listed in Greenpeace’s leaked document that the government conveniently paid over 100 (NPO’s) to lie to hundreds of thousands of supporters is still to this date on-going.

Non-profit organisations are the government’s most desired weapon within the area as organisations contain followers both online and offline with some one billion just on Facebook that view many “governmental non-profits”. So by quietly paying them off to place every now and then reports that climate change is all myth” then the United States Government of the Bush and Obama administration must be held fully accountable for loss of life, economic damage and mass environmental carnage that could have been reduced in the past and now present.

This private musing between two climate scientist colleagues first surfaced along with a whole raft of embarrassing material in 2011, when the anonymous Climate gate leaker who calls himself “Mr FOIA” leaked his second set of emails from Britain’s disgraced Climate Research Unit (CRU) at the University of East Anglia, Norfolk. Now, Mr FOIA has emerged for a third time, sharing with the world not only his entire batch of 220,000 encrypted emails and documents but also, for the first time, his thoughts. We are fully aware of Mr FOIA whom is a godsend to science and critics alike.


Mr FOIA had previously released two batches of 5,000 files each in 2009 and 2011. This enormous third batch went to a network of friends for decoding, sorting and publication within East Anglia and Cambridge, of the United Kingdom.

The first and second email batches contained conversations among “scientists” who appear to have dishonoured a once respectable discipline, documenting that their claims of a “man-made global warming crisis” look exactly like deliberate contrivances for academic career gain, research funding and positions of political power in “the cause.” Some big-name players are playing games with people’s lives and livelihoods.

The biggest player The United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) is the scientific panel whose reports contain the work of Climate gate figures – and are highly politicized and publicized to increase fear of Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW): “imminent catastrophic man-made climate change.” Many horrendously expensive and needless local, state, federal and international policies have flowed from IPCC’s flawed reports.

The most powerful symbol Professor Michael Mann’s “Hockey Stick Graph” was featured prominently in the 2001 IPCC Third Assessment Report. It alleged that global temperatures were flat for a thousand years before 1900, but then radically increased because of AGW. The chart looks like a hockey stick, a long straight line that bends sharply upward at the end. With recent IPCC admissions that temperatures have not increased for at least the past 16 years, the curve has now plunged downward to become as flat as the rest of the hockey stick, which is where public trust in climate science is headed.


The Game: “The game is communicating climate change; the rules will help us win it,” says an astounding, horrifying UK government-funded booklet leaked by Mr FOIA titled “The Rules of the Game: Evidence base for the Climate Change Communications Strategy.” Written by the UK public relations firm Futerra for six UK agencies – including The Carbon Trust – for use by ethics and public relations tone-deaf scientists,

“The Rules” teaches sophisticated behaviour change tactics, including: “Climate change must be ‘front of mind’ before persuasion works” … “Link climate change mitigation to positive desires/aspirations” … “Beware the impacts of cognitive dissonance” and “Use emotions and visuals” (e.g., scare people with the Hockey Stick Graph). It treats the public like gullible idiots who can be frightened and manipulated by seemingly trustworthy scientists to believe in AGW. For a long time, it worked.

The Team: Phil Jones, head of the CRU; Peter Thorne of the UK Met Office (the national weather service, originally the Meteorological Office) was joined by Kevin Trenberth, climate analysis section head of the U.S. National Centre for Atmospheric Research (NCAR); Tom Wigley, also of NCAR; and the litigious Penn State University Hockey Stick originator, Michael Mann.

James M. Taylor, senior fellow for environment policy at The Heartland Institute, sums their actions up this way. The team consciously distorted and actively suppressed critical knowledge, then furiously tried to hide their actions by conducting a vicious smear campaign to discredit critics.

Consciously distorted: NCAR’s Wigley once complained to Mann, “Mike, the Figure you sent is very deceptive … there have been a number of dishonest presentations of model results by individual authors and by IPCC..”

Peter Thorne of the UK Met Office warned Phil Jones, head of the CRU: “Observations do not show rising temperatures throughout the tropical troposphere, unless you accept one single study and approach and discount a wealth of others. This is just downright dangerous. We need to communicate the uncertainty and be honest. Phil, hopefully we can find time to discuss these further if necessary.… I also think the science is being manipulated to put a political spin on it, which for all our sakes might not be too clever in the long run.”

Suppressed critical knowledge: Phil Jones wrote, “I’ve been told that IPCC is above national FOI Acts. One way to cover yourself and all those working on the IPCC 5th Assessment Report would be to delete all e-mails at the end of the process. Any work we have done in the past is done on the back of the research grants we get – and has to be well hidden. I’ve discussed this with the main funder [the U.S. Department of Energy] in the past and they are happy about not releasing the original station data.” The U.S. government was colluding with the hiders, who received tens of millions of dollars over the years.

Jones wrote to Mann, “Mike, can you delete any emails you may have had with Keith Briffa re AR4 [the IPCC 4th Assessment Report]? Keith will do likewise. … We will be getting Caspar Ammann to do likewise.”

Tom Crowley, a key member of Mann’s global warming hockey team, showed crass disregard for the lying and hiding: “I am not convinced that the ‘truth’ is always worth reaching, if it is at the cost of damaged personal relationships.” It’s more important to keep the career back-scratching team happy.

The distortion, spin, suppression and smear campaign went on for years. In fact, the revelations sparked a furious “hide the lies” denial campaign that ironically calls sceptics “deniers.” What the sceptics actually deny is that there has been much honest science involved in the IPCC process; that there is any evidence to support claims that we face an imminent climate crisis; and that humans are primarily responsible for weather and climate variations that have always been controlled by hundreds of complex, inter-related natural forces and processes.

“Hide the lies” generated lawsuits between climate science “believers” (what kind of real science requires belief?) and sceptics of “dangerous man-made planetary warming” – along with ridiculous conspiracy theories such as “Big Oil hired evil hackers in a plot to discredit angelic climate scientists.”


Mr FOIA denies these absurd allegations in his 3.0 message. “I took what I deemed the most defensible course of action, and would do it again,” he said. “That’s right; no conspiracy, no paid hackers, no Big Oil. The Republicans didn’t plot this. USA politics is alien to me, neither am I from the UK. There is life outside the Anglo-American sphere.”

“The first glimpses I got behind the scenes did little to garner my trust in the state of climate science – on the contrary,” Mr FOIA continued. “I found myself in front of a choice that just might have a global impact.” Reveal what he had discovered, or keep it to himself and let the lies continue?

Didn’t he fear discovery? “When I had to balance the interests of my own safety, the privacy and career of a few scientists, and the well-being of billions of people living in the coming several decades … millions and billions already struggling with malnutrition, sickness, violence, illiteracy, etc. … the first two weren’t the decisive concern.”

Why did he do it? His answer was both angry and anguished: “Climate science has already directed where humanity puts its capability, innovation, mental and material ‘might’ …. The price of ‘climate protection’ with its cumulative and collateral effects is bound to destroy and debilitate in great numbers, for decades and generations,” he wrote. “We can’t pour trillions in this massive hole-digging-and-filling-up endeavour and pretend it’s not [taking] away from something and someone else.”

That’s the most important statement so far in the decades-old climate debate: You’re forcing us backward into poverty and ignorance – for nothing, except to further your careers, funding and power. Less than a week later, London’s Mail on Sunday’s newspaper ran an outraged feature based on the British Meteorological Office’s recent admission that global surface temperatures haven’t risen in more than 15 years. Citing a chart of predicted and actual temperatures, the Mail noted: “Official predictions of global climate warming have been catastrophically flawed. The graph they produced blows apart the ‘scientific basis’ for Britain reshaping its entire economy and spending billions in taxes and subsidies in order to cut emissions of greenhouse gases. The chart shows in incontrovertible detail how the speed of global warming has been massively overestimated. Yet those forecasts have had a ruinous impact on the bills we pay, from heating to car fuel to huge sums paid by councils to reduce carbon emissions. The eco-debate was, in effect, hijacked by false data.”

Is it improper to label the people responsible for this costly, miserable catastrophe as “eco-thugs”? And should we worry that the latest no-real-energy “energy security” proposal from the White House is telling us that President Obama has become America’s “Eco-thug in Chief,” who will continue to peddle fraudulent science and nearly worthless renewable energy to further his agenda? It’s worth pondering.

A set of pro forma “investigations” claim to have exonerated PSU’s Mann. The internal PSU inquiry – with no impartial truth-seekers involved – was not going to harm their grant-getting cash cow Mann; instead, it whitewashed the evidence to ensure the preferred conclusion. Professional science groups that relied upon public funding for their financial survival fell in line behind a huge Tom Sawyer campaign of “exoneration.” There was no exoneration.

Summaries presented in court filings for the case of American Tradition Institute v. University of Virginia and Michael Mann – which demands release of Michael Mann’s emails – say, “Mann has never been exonerated…. Exoneration requires investigation; investigation requires pursuit aimed at discovering material facts.  Mann’s employer since 2005, Penn State University, has conducted no such thing. Neither has the University of Virginia.”

The same conclusion applies to the UK’s Muir Russell and Oxburgh inquiries, which didn’t even mention Mann, because they were “investigating” only employees of the CRU.

I asked Christopher C. Horner, senior fellow at the Competitive Enterprise Institute and attorney in the ATI v. UVa/Mann lawsuit for his take on the leaker’s message. He told me, “Whatever prompted ‘Mr FOIA,’ I take it as a statement that, so far, the courts have failed us, as have our political institutions – and he has concluded that those in the public who have resisted the climate industry agenda should now have a chance to review these taxpayer-financed records, which are the subject of a remarkable campaign to subvert transparency laws.”

We ourselves can’t avoid blame for the science disaster uncovered by Mr. FOIA. As Peter Foster of London’s Financial Times noted, we didn’t heed President Dwight Eisenhower’s warning. “Most people are aware of Ike’s warning in 1961 about the military-industrial complex,” Foster wrote. Our fatal error was to ignore what he said next: “In holding scientific research and discovery in respect, as we should, we must also be alert to the equal and opposite danger that public policy could itself become the captive of scientific-technological elite.” [Emphasis added]

Americans won’t take captivity. It’s time to demote our climate masters to our humble servants. We won’t kill them. But we should sentence them to prison – or Siberia, where they’ll wish the climate was warming.

Should we continue to not open our eyes and view what is on-going around us for ourselves such as peculiar weather patterns, plants blooming at the wrong time of seasons, reliable metrological reports, heat waves, and flooding then we will all be a major victim to the lies that have been consequently spread and still are being spread to this day.

April 15th 2013 –

Millions of people will die of starvation across the world as agricultural yields are expected to tank and the price of food is expected to double by 2050 scientists warned in a new report released this week. The culprit? Extreme temperatures, floods and droughts brought on by climate change and scientific negligence, modern scientists though warned in this year’s US National Climate Assessment that you can view here -  http://www.globalchange.gov/home and for Europe http://www.eea.europa.eu/themes/climate

Lead researches of the study told The Observer that food insecurity risks turning parts of Africa into permanent disaster areas. Frank Rijsberman, head of the world’s 15 international CGIAR crop research centres, stated:

Food production will have to rise 60% by 2050 just to keep pace with expected global population increase and changing demand. Climate change comes on top of that. The annual production gains we have come to expect … will be taken away by climate change. We are not so worried about the total amount of food produced so much as the vulnerability of the one billion people who are without food already and who will be hit hardest by climate change. They have no capacity to adapt.

According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), to keep global warming below 2 °C, emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) and other greenhouse gases (GHGs) must be halved by 2050 (compared with 1990 levels). Developed countries will need to reduce more – between 80 % and 95 % by 2050; advanced developing countries with large emissions (e.g. China, India and Brazil) will have to limit their emission growth.

Agreed in 1997, the UNFCCC’s Kyoto Protocol is a first step towards achieving more substantial global emission reductions. It sets binding emission targets for developed countries that have ratified it, such as the EU Member States, and limits the emission increases of the remaining countries for the first commitment period from 2008 to 2012. The 15 pre-2004 EU Member States (the EU-15) have a joint emission reduction target of 8 % below 1990 levels. Through the internal EU “burden-sharing agreement”, some EU Member States are permitted increases in emissions, while others must decrease them. Most Member States that joined the EU after 1 May 2004 have targets of -6 % to -8 % from their base years (mostly 1990).

EU emissions represent about 10 % of total global emissions. The United States, which has a large share of total global GHG emissions, has not ratified the protocol. China and several other countries with large GHG emissions do not have binding emission targets under the protocol. Countries are expected to meet their target mainly through domestic policies and measures. They may meet part of their emission reduction targets by investing in emission-reducing projects in developing countries (the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM)) or in developed ones (Joint Implementation (JI)). The CDM is also meant to support sustainable development, e.g. by financing renewable energy projects.

The Cancún Agreements, adopted at the UN Climate Conference in Mexico (December 2010), include a comprehensive finance, technology and capacity-building support package to help developing nations adapt to climate change and adopt sustainable paths to low-emission economies. The agreements also include a time schedule for reviewing the objective of keeping the average global temperature rise below 2 °C. The agreements confirm that developed countries will mobilise USD 100 billion in climate funding for developing countries annually by 2020, and establish a Green Climate Fund through which much of the funding will be channelled.


The ‘Durban Platform for Enhanced Action’, adopted at the UN conference in South Africa (Dec 2011) agreed a roadmap towards a new legal framework by 2015, applicable to all Parties to the UN climate convention. It also foresees a second commitment period of the Kyoto Protocol, starting in 2013. Agreement was also reached on the design and governance arrangements for the new Green Climate Fund.

Many European countries have adopted national programmes aimed at reducing emissions. Similar EU-level policies and measures include:

1)      Increased use of renewable energy (wind, solar, biomass) and combined heat and power installations;

2)      Improved energy efficiency in buildings, industry, household appliances;

3)      Reduction of CO2 emissions from new passenger cars;

4)      Abatement measures in the manufacturing industry;

5)      Measures to reduce emissions from landfills.

This is sounds all good and positive news however is it going to work? The Abatement measures should have been implemented a long time ago when the European Union and America knew of these problems.

These measures give authorities the power if companies pollute or break environmental laws to close an entire company down to protect our vulnerable environment to flora and fauna. This type of order is more or less an anti-social behaviour order. Should the abatement team ascertain enough data and believe that a crime is being committed or rules are being flouted then action will be taken immediately to preserve our natural environment.

Current unpredictable weather patterns that have been hitting the Europe from 2013;


Insurance companies were faced with a flood of claims yesterday following Tuesday’s freak hail storm that hit the north and east of Malta. Certain crops can be replanted but some will have lost everything Middlesea Insurance said they received a flurry of claims for damage at property located in Baħar iċ-Ċagħaq, St Andrew’s, Għargħur, Mosta, Naxxar and San Pawl Tat-Tarġa. These came in the wake of reports of tennis ball-sized hailstones lashing certain localities around midday on Tuesday.

Claims under property insurance policies were submitted for damage to solar water heaters, photovoltaic panels, glass and water pipes, said Middlesea’s chief claims officer, Patrick Muscat. A number of private motor vehicle claims were also filed under comprehensive policies. Asked if hail was considered an ‘act of God’ by insurance companies, Mr Muscat said the term was an old misnomer that should be avoided. “It is now standard practice to have storm cover under most, if not all, property insurance policies,” he explained. Mile-End car repairs and towing services said it was busier than usual when the storm hit. “We were called to accidents in Rabat, Mosta and Naxxar. The water on the road was a big problem,” a spokesman said. However, they did not have an unusually high number of repairs yesterday – “just a few for spark plugs caused by water damage”.

The hail mostly caused slight cosmetic damage to vehicles, the spokesman added.Farmers also suffered with some having their crops destroyed by the hail, according to Joe Galea, president of the Rural Manikata Cooperative.

Although the farms around Manikata were unaffected, Mr Galea said farmers in the Mosta, Rabat and Ta’ Qali areas were not so fortunate, with potatoes and onions badly hit. “The storm did not hit everywhere but some farmers were very unlucky. Certain crops can be replanted but some will have lost everything,” he said.

“It’s too early to say if they will ask for compensation from the Government,” Mr Galea said. There were widespread reports of the hailstones denting solar panels even though a spokesman for Solar Solutions in Naxxar said they had received no calls about damage to products they had sold as of 11am yesterday. “Our solar heaters have thick security glass and are designed to withstand some punishment. Good quality solar panels would not normally be damaged by hailstones,” he said.

In Għargħur, which bore the brunt of the storm, locals enjoying morning refreshments in San Bartilmew band club said many cars belonging to residents were dented and windows were broken.

One woman said her adult son was distraught after his 35 racing pigeons, costing some €2,000, were caught in the hailstorm.

“Lots of them did not come home and the ones that did were badly injured. One lost an eye,” she said. The parish priest also suffered extensive damage to his home, according to locals, but he was not available to comment when The Times visited his house.


A woman died and numerous commuters were left stranded in Athens after the Greek capital was hit by its worst storm in 50 years on Friday.

At least 900 calls were made to the fire department requesting for aid to pump water out of homes, with many basements being inundated. Another 90 rang asking for assistance after being ensnared in their cars. Many cars were seen to be swept and overturned by the deluge.

A 27-year-old woman died from a suspected heart attack after being extracted from her marooned vehicle by other motorists, in the northern suburb of Halandri.

The Greek city suffered power outages overnight, after a river bank bursting. Early commuters were brought to a standstill as a result of the flooding. A house collapsed in the city centre, but no injuries were reported.

The flooding culminated in havoc for public transport as the tram system was stalled for an hour while rail schedules were temporarily postponed after a tree fell on the tracks.


Many parts of Europe are struggling to return to normal after a freak snowstorm caused travel chaos. On Tuesday the Eurostar trains had to be suspended as severe weather in Northern France and Belgium forced operators to close sections of the railway. Other high speed train services were also halted.

Even Jersey, normally one of the warmest parts of the British Isles, was not spared from the severe conditions. Residents had to cope with 100 kph winds as snow covered the island. Meanwhile more snow fell on central Germany. North of Frankfurt the Autobahn had to be closed after a 100-car pileup injured dozens of people. Nearby, Europe’s third largest airport also had to close forcing more than 355 flights to be cancelled.

Italy - A strong tornado hit Italy’s Venice and its lagoon causing big damage to local environment. Hundreds of trees were destroyed by the storm which hit the renowned northern city and some small islands of its lagoon including Sant’Elena, Sant’Erasmo and Certosa.


Britain’s impending cold snap could cause hundreds of millions of pounds of damage as a result of frozen or burst pipes, householders were warned. British Gas is predicting that the plummeting temperatures expected next week could trigger more than 20,000 emergency calls a day.

Forecasters have warned that a cold blast from the Arctic is on its way, beginning with snow showers in Scotland on Sunday and gradually spreading south. It is estimated that one in five homes could be at risk from damage caused by frozen and burst water pipes, British Gas said.

Figures from the Association of British Insurers show that burst pipes across the UK cost insurance companies more than £415 million in 2002 - three times as much as the total cost of river flood damage to UK homes that year. And in 2003, British Gas reported more than 15,000 call-outs on the coldest day on January 8, when average temperatures fell to just below minus 3C (27F).

As a precaution, the company has cancelled all routine visits in the early part of next week. Dave Kendle, director of British Gas home service operations, said: “The message is simple - never underestimate the misery caused by burst pipes and no heating.

“Colder weather puts added pressure on your heating systems as they work harder to keep homes warm. Not only this, but the damage caused by torrents of water from burst pipes could run into thousands of pounds.” The company advises householders to check that their main stopcock works and that all pipe work, cisterns and tanks are well insulated.

Koch 8 Climate Denial

April 2013 – Colossal Climate Destruction is no longer confined to the United States of America;

Current Hurricane Historical Data;

Europe’s hurricane history

Only once since accurate records began in 1851 has an actual hurricane with full tropical characteristics hit Europe. This happened on September 16, 1961, when Category 1 Hurricane Debbie hit north western Ireland. Wind gusts reached 106 mph at Bally Kelly and 104 mph at Tiree and Snaefill, and coastal radio stations reported the airwaves were jammed with calls for help from small ships and fishing craft. Eleven people were killed and 50 injured in the storm. The only other tropical cyclone recorded to have hit Europe since 1851 was Hurricane Vince of 2005, which hit southern Spain as a tropical depression on October 11, 2005. Historical documents also suggest a hurricane hit Spain on October 29, 1842.

Britain’s history of ex-hurricane strikes

Hurricanes that transition to powerful extra tropical storms hit the British Isles several times per decade, on average. In 2011, Hurricane Katia brushed by Newfoundland, made the transition from a tropical system to a powerful extra tropical storm, and maintained strong winds of 50 - 65 mph as it crossed the Atlantic.

Ex-Katia hit northern Scotland on September 12, 2011. Glen Ogle, Scotland, at an elevation of 1500 feet (546 meters), received sustained winds of 60 mph, gusting to 86 mph. Cairngorm, in the Scottish Highlands at an elevation of 4085 feet, reported sustained winds of 67 mph. With the trees in full leaf, tree damage was much higher than a winter or springtime storm of similar ferocity would have caused.

One person was killed by a falling tree, and heavy tree damage and numerous power failures were reported throughout Britain. Other gusts experienced in Britain included 76 mph at Edinburgh Blackford Hill, 75 mph at Capel Curig in Wales, 72 mph at Glasgow Bishopton, and 71 mph at Loftus, North Yorkshire.

As reported by UK Met Office forecaster John Hammond in a post on the BBC 23 degrees blog, Britain has been affected at least eight times in the past twenty years by extra tropical storms that were once tropical storms or hurricanes. Before Katia of 2011, the most recent such storm was Hurricane Bill of 2009, which hit Ireland as an extra tropical storm on August 25 with sustained winds of 45 mph. Bill was a Category 4 hurricane northeast of the Lesser Antilles five days prior. In 2006, a record three extra tropical storms that had once been tropical cyclones hit Britain.

Extra tropical Storm Alberto, which had been a strong tropical storm that hit the Florida Panhandle, hit northern Ireland and Scotland as an extra tropical storm with 35 mph winds.

Extra tropical Storm Gordon hit Ireland on September 21, 2006, with sustained winds of 65 mph. Gordon brought record warm temperatures as tropical air pushed north across the UK, and also strong winds that brought down power lines in Northern Ireland. Wind gusts to 60 mph (97 km/h) occurred in the Isles of Scilly off the southwest coast, and 81 mph (130 km/h) on the mainland.

Other post-tropical cyclones that have the U.K. in the past twenty years include Hurricanes Isaac and Leslie of 2000, Hurricane Karl of 1998, and Hurricane Lili of 1996. The most severe of these storms was Extra tropical Storm Lili, which hit Ireland on October 28, 1996, with sustained winds of 65 mph. Lili caused $420 million in damage, in the U.K; Lili produced a 92 mph (148 km/h) gust at Swansea, South Wales, while bringing a 4′ (1.2 meter) storm surge that inundated the River Thames.

In Somerset, 500 holiday cottages were severely damaged. A U.S. oil drilling platform, under tow in the North Sea, broke loose during the storm and nearly ran aground at Peterhead. On the Isle of Wight, a sailing boat was beached at Chale Bay; luckily all five occupants were rescued. It was the most damaging storm to have struck the United Kingdom since the Great Storm of 1987, which killed 22 and caused $660 million in damage. However, Lili also broke a four-month drought over southwest England. All but one of these storms hit during the peak part of hurricane season, mid-August - late October. The only exception was Ex-Tropical Storm Alberto of 2006, which hit Britain in June.

Hurricanes in the Mediterranean Sea

The Mediterranean Sea between Europe and Africa has experienced several damaging hybrid subtropical storms in recent decades, but has never experienced a fully tropical hurricane in recorded history. However, global warming may cause the Mediterranean to start spawning hurricanes by 2100, according to a 2007 study by a research team led by Miguel Angel Gaertner of the University of Castilla-La Mancha in Toledo, Spain.

They ran nine different climate models with resolutions of about 50 km and found that some (but not all) of the models simulated hurricanes in the Mediterranean in September by the end of the century, when ocean temperature could increase by 3°C, reaching 30°C.

Though the Mediterranean may start seeing hurricanes by the end of the century, these storms have been quoted to be rare and relatively short-lived for three reasons as one independent American scientists claimed below;

  • The Mediterranean is quite far north and is subject to strong wind shear from jet stream activity.
  • The waters are shallow, and have relatively low heat content. There is no deep warm water current like the Gulf Stream.
  • The Mediterranean has a lot of large islands and peninsulas poking into it, increasing the chances that a tropical storm would weaken when it encountered land.

Can one rely on these three climatological unproven theories though?

  1. December 14th 2010 - A luxury cruise ship has been left in disarray - and dozens of its passengers hurt - after it encountered unexpectedly heavy seas in the southern Mediterranean. The Brilliance of the Seas is now limping to Malta after being assailed by giant waves - which caused it to rock dangerously from side to side - while sailing to the Egyptian port of Alexandria.
  2. February 2012 – NASA Space Agency quoted a nasty looking storm was spotted by a satellite today (Feb. 23) as it spun over the Mediterranean Sea. The cyclonic, counter-clockwise spin of a low pressure system was viewed from the NOAA-19 AVHRR satellite sensor taken on Feb. 23, 2012. This system has brought up to 4 inches (10.2 centimetres) of rain over the last 24 hours to coastal areas in Europe and Africa. NOAA-19 is the last of the POES line of polar-orbiting satellites run by NOAA. Its successor, the Suomi-NPP satellite, was launched late last year and is currently undergoing its check-out phase as the sensors are gradually turned on.
  3. January 8th 2013 - Stormy weather, including snow, high winds and heavy rainfall, lashed the eastern Mediterranean coast, downing power lines and trees and causing several injuries in a number of countries. Heavy snowfall blanketed Turkey’s commercial hub Istanbul, a city of 15 million, paralysing daily life, disrupting air traffic and land transport. Officials said the snow is expected to continue until late tomorrow, according to the weather forecast. Syrian refugees in a Jordanian camp attacked aid workers with sticks and stones on Tuesday, frustrated after cold, howling winds swept away their tents and torrential rains flooded muddy streets overnight. Police said seven aid workers were injured.
  4. March 2010 - Earlier in the week transport in Barcelona ground to a halt as snow covered the Catalan capital and the snow storms have continued, passing over the Balearic Islands and the Costas, both popular with holiday makers hoping for some spring sunshine. Roads were closed as up to four inches of snow fell across Majorca and many residents and holidaymakers stayed indoors.

There are still to this very day much confusion and irresponsible lies that are being regurgitated to the public so that panic is not started, not creating panic is within our eyes a professional manner to adopt. However to completely lie, and to pay scientists and non-profit organisations that we are supposed to trust “not naming any names” but if I quote [certain climate and environmental groups] is dangerous and dicing with people’s lives as well as affecting our next generations future and economy.

Scientific data has long been out within the open that proved this climate prediction would eventually occur however the government wish to censor this and/or take legal action against these proof writers to keep their counties economy stable, to push people into purchasing more products, and, and to rage transnational wars as without the tax payers money then wars cannot be fought. The governments then cannot obtain oil and petroleum via occupying foreign continents that they believe to be of a high security risk to them.

The lies are still continuing and being raged even as I document more on sporadic climatological change.

Evidence is out there that proved and “proves” climate change is more than real. We only have to look at the mass shifting ice sheets within Antarctica to viewing the Polar Bear now facing extinction to now understand that climate change is now a “domestic and international terror threat to life” that the American government could have taken seriously and acted upon rapidly reducing loss of life, economic instability, agricultural damage, and species extinction.

That time regrettably has since passed and now we are the ones that are too now pick the pieces up caused by deliberate governmental negligence. Had the PUBLIC been informed correctly and NOT lied to then we could of all back within the early 1980’s when air and marine temperatures noticeably began warming could of taken action to reduce the now forthcoming climate carnage.

Climate carnage is going to hit Europe hard thus then moving us all into economic meltdown the current cost of climate change destruction has risen in the United states from $100 billion (1989) to now (2013) $390 billion and climbing fast. 730 million European citizens and “non-European” the most vulnerable are now in danger, can they afford these types of “hurricane Sandy” hurricanes?

I finish with more lies that the United States Government are still spouting;

Representative Chris Stewart (R-UT) is the chair of the subcommittee on the environment, the congressional group in charge of the EPA, climate change research, and “all activities related to climate.” It is therefore extremely troubling that Stewart denies the basic findings of climate science. (What’s new though the EPA support’s sustainable hunting) Stewart has said that he is “not convinced” that climate change is a threat, despite the fact that the EPA, NOAA, and all of the climate science and scientists that he now oversees, disagree with him. In fact 98% of actual climate scientists disagree with his views on climate science.

At a recent town hall meeting, a group of activists confronted Stewart on his ill-informed views on climate science. The activists, working with the group Forecast the Facts, presented Stewart with a 17,000 signature petition demanding “the Chairman of the Science Committee’s Subcommittee on Environment stop using his seat to promote climate denialism.” They also held up banners reading “Believe It Or Not Climate Change Is Not Going Away,” “97% of Say Climate Change is Human Caused. We Trust Them,” and “Stewart Denies While Utah Burns.”

The group of activists included high school student Sara Ma. “Many people think climate change is a future problem for my generation to solve later, but it’s not. The data shows that it is here, it’s happening and it has a cost,” said Ma, a 17-year-old senior at West High School. Utahns are particularly upset by Stewart’s ignorance on climate issues due to the record wildfire season they endured last year.  Wildfires did over $50 million dollars in damage to Utah in 2012.

Stewart’s climate denial is made more suspicious by his close ties to carbon polluting industries. His brother and campaign manager, Tim Stewart, is a Washington, DC lobbyist for fossil fuel corporations.  In addition, he has received more campaign donations from oil and gas companies than any other single source.

Cyclones causing wind storms in the Mediterranean: characteristics, trends and links to large-scale patterns

Climatology studies of cyclones with a focus on their relation to wind storm tracks in the Mediterranean region (MR) are presented. Trends in the frequency of cyclones and wind storms, as well as variations associated with the North Atlantic Oscillation (NAO), the East Atlantic/West Russian (EAWR) and the Scandinavian variability patterns (SCAND) are discussed.

The study is based on the ERA40 reanalysis dataset. Wind storm tracks are identified by tracking clusters of adjacent grid boxes characterised by extremely high local wind speeds. The wind track is assigned to a cyclone track independently identified with an objective scheme.

Areas with high wind activity – quantified by extreme wind tracks – are typically located south of the Golf of Genoa, south of Cyprus, southeast of Sicily and west of the Iberian Peninsula. About 69% of the wind storms are caused by cyclones located in the Mediterranean region, while the remaining 31% can be attributed to North Atlantic or Northern European cyclones.

The North Atlantic Oscillation, the East Atlantic/West Russian pattern and the Scandinavian pattern all influence the amount and spatial distribution of wind inducing cyclones and wind events in the MR. The strongest signals exist for the NAO and the EAWR pattern, which are both associated with an increase in the number of organised strong wind events in the eastern MR during their positive phase. On the other hand, the storm numbers decrease over the western MR for the positive phase of the NAO and over the central MR during the positive phase of the EAWR pattern. The positive phase of the Scandinavian pattern is associated with a decrease in the number of winter wind storms over most of the MR.

A third of the trends in the number of wind storms and wind producing cyclones during the winter season of the ERA40 period may be attributed to the variability of the North Atlantic Oscillation.

The full article can be read here http://www.nat-hazards-earth-syst-sci.net/10/1379/2010/nhess-10-1379-2010.pdf

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