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A Dog’s Life

Keep Your Dog Safe

One of the sickest forms of animal cruelty is now again on the rise. Dog fighting, again we see many countries involved in this sick degrading torture of our beloved puppies and adult dogs to even cats. People that we are investigating on so far range from Indonesia, Africa, India, Mexico, England, America, and many more all leaving the dogs in agonising pain.

There have been many bans imposed on dog fighting as of it being in the highest level of crime we know to date. Just like rhinoceros poaching these guys [very rarely women] are all involved in organised crime that spans from narcotics, fire arms, street and corporate crime to murder, kidnap rape and more. Who picks the pieces of these dogs, puppies or cats and kittens ? the rescue centres and veterinary staff. That’s if they are dumped alive and manage to make it to a rescue.

Some images ar so disturbing that we just can not publish but for this time only we are going to publish some images that we need information on to aid in their arrest and conviction of leading some very prolific high organised crime that is evident of serious animal abuse. We ask all of our readers to please share this page as these people must be apprehended and their organised crime rings shut down. All other information on these people we are keeping back as we do not want them going of the radar that will end up in more and more animals being abused and murdered for money and narcotics.

Dog fighting is a blood sport that has been around for many centuries and started of in ancient Rome when dogs were used in the coliseum’s for entertainment. The first one dead was the winner, before another then being thrown into the next fight, before the winner finally was savaged and then finished off. The sick circle then went on. Dog fighting has been on-going for some 600 years and reached its peak in the 16th century when it really did make a kick-start with street gangs.

Taking smaller dogs such as puppies and/or/ kittens was the best motive in order to agitate dog and make it more aggressive. Cats where mainly used as bait as dogs have a natural tendency to mostly hate them. Sadly though as they did not stand a living chance around the jaws of these dogs that had been forced to fight then other smaller dogs that were just as aggressive but not as strong were used to bait. Once the two were placed together and the dogs forced to fight the [main] fighting dog’s adrenaline then kicks in leaving the other dog dead or severely injured within 20-30 minutes.

Baiting is very cruel and to this day many dogs that you find on the motorways around Europe have most likely been baited. Their mouths and their legs taped up with massive amounts of flesh ripped from them. The bait dogs very rarely make it to live and are put through a living hell of pain that only one can describe as having a knife plunged in to you many times over.

I have seen a bait dog myself that was brought to us, the dog was (DOA) dead on arrival. He was a small boy, Staffordshire terrier 3-6 months old. His left eye was hanging out and his face had been torn to shreds with flaps of skin hanging off. This beautiful dog that I will remember always was that traumatized that it had messed in the police car to, maybe through thinking it was going to be ripped apart or attacked more. That dog was a domestic dog, someones pet. It had the tag on its neck although barely visible as of the amount of blood and flesh that was embedded in it.

He died of shock, blood loss, internal and external bleeding as well as organ failure and stress. Why ? for money and what they the smack heads call being a man.

[quote] Early dogs of the bull terrier type were bred for the working characteristic known as gameness, with the pitting of dogs against bear or bull testing this attribute along with the strength and skill of the dog. These early “proto-staffords” provided the ancestral foundation stock for the Staffordshire Bull Terrier, the Bull Terrier, the American Pit Bull Terrier and American Staffordshire Terrier. This common ancestor was known as the “Bull and Terrier”. [un-quote]

Although dog fighting has been banned in many countries such as England, America, most parts of Europe, Mexico, and Africa sadly the crime still goes on.  It is evident that it goes on just by the amount of fighting and bait dogs that are rushed in to the rescues all over the world. Dog fighting clandestinely took place in pockets of working-class Britain and America. Dogs were released into a pit, and the last dog still fighting (or occasionally, the last dog surviving) was recognized as the winner. The Pit is part of the name pit bull from which it got its name and its bad reputation even now to date. However these dogs are only violent or aggressive if they have been brought up in that way or taught to fight.

Dog fighting was band in the United Kingdom in the 1800’s Dog fighting is also band in America, South America, North America, Australia and  India It is also illegal to possess dog fighting materials such as videos, or to attend an event. Russia allows dog fighting to an extent but it is only band in Moscow, dog fighting is not band at a nationwide level in Japan but the prefectures of Tokyo, Kanagawa, Fukui, Ishikawa, Toyama and Hokkaido all ban the practice. Mexico also sees a ban but the laws are always flouted by gangs such as Grilonatus who we have ourselves had much dealings with and will shut these b***** down again if we come up against them. Armed and highly dangerous they live their lives dealing in narcotics and weapons. The FBI find them hard to trace on the internet but they are traceable if you look hard enough. They mainly use proxy servers and are a kick of, of the main war lords that operate in Mexico of the drug cartels that think they are the deliverers of evil and intimidation.

Currently most fighting dogs in Japan, America, Mexico and Asia are of the Tosa breed which is native to Kōchi. Dog fighting does have strong links to gambling and organised crime. Dog fighting in South Africa is illegal to a degree, there is a mass effected area and that is Stellenbosch from which [hundreds] of dogs are used every night to fight. The owners use their children to transport the dogs AND even become embroiled in the fights themselves so the owners are not arrested. The owners lose their dogs if they are caught to be fighting and if not picked up within a set time frame are then euthanized by the veterinary services. 9/10 the innocent animals are destroyed meaning the criminals get away.

Russia is seeing like some countries a massive increase in dog fighting, in Tula just West of Moscow where all dog fighting is legal see’s this as an everyday sport and occurrence. Any dog is used, not just the “so-called fighting breeds”. The map below shows where the mass increase is, and it only increased after Michael Vick’s corrupt life style was found out. The link below takes you to a video, please read and view the video to see how bad this is in the Russian state and why it has to be banned now in Tula province West of Moscow. China and Russia deal big in this business of dog fighting tournaments.

Tula Province Russia - Dog fighting is legal but in Moscow it is ILLEGAL

The news article published by New York Times back in 2007 February shows the graphic footage and written knowledge of this sickening culture. Why is this banned in Moscow though ? well if you was the president you would not want your visiting diplomats to see this would you? of course not. It makes money and military/police officials are in on this too. Mexico and Asia see’s the worst of all dog fighting rings that offers big money and big weapons to take out rival gangs or more narcotics to sell. There is some confusion on this being banned in Serbia, Bosnia, and Turkey from which it is evident after much investigation from our teams that there are operating tournaments. Please view the link from Russia with hate here http://www.nytimes.com/2007/02/09/world/europe/09dogfight.html?_r=2&pagewanted=1

Evidence also proves that these individuals are not old with age, the owners are becoming far younger and had it not have been for the star-studded once celebrity that all are supposed to set an example to the public mainly the younger kinds than Mr Vick would not now be paying for this crime. Although he has paid and learnt his lesson it sadly has rubbed of on to others [younger generation]. Please see below. [ We hope your watching Mr Vick ]

This is a serious organised crime and does span the globe, there are many internet sites out there that specialise in just this that are legal to a degree. Another report was seen again on the internet of dog fighting rings that are moving around the north of the United Kingdom stealing Huskies and other small dogs. These are used for baiting.

Baiting what is it ? “Baiting or dog baiting most commonly refers to the act of setting game dogs against a chained or confined animal for sport. The dogs bite, and tear to subdue the opposing animal by incapacitating or killing it. Baiting is a blood sport used for entertainment and gambling. It is illegal in most countries with varying levels of enforcement”.

While baiting is generally illegal in the United States of America, an exception has been made in Louisiana for Uncle Earl’s Hog Dog Trials, The hog dog trials are held in the first week of March and has only been canceled once back in 2010-2011 after a minor disagreement. The only reason why this is still legal is the Society for the Protection of Cruelty to Animals wanted it made legal too.

Dog ringers as we better know them by operate all over the world by gathering intelligence on dog owners to watching internet sites and reading articles in the paper and watching local dog shows. They pose as the loving animal person, without a hint of their criminal life showing to unsuspecting sellers. The dog fighters will look for almost any dog that is non aggressive or slightly aggressive, huskies, chow-chow, border collie, Staffordshire, to even cats and kittens. Dog fighters even go to the extreme to attacking innocent members of the public in the streets then stealing the dog, to taking any dog that is tied up outside a shop to luring the dog with food that has been tainted with a high-powered sedative before then stealing the animal[s] from the loving owner.

The bait dogs are then tied up, jaws taped up including their legs or just left on a chain to try to defend themselves from the other attacking dogs that have been “induced” by the owners to attack and kill. The innocent dog is then mostly dumped anywhere. motor ways, vets, rescues or other.



http://geo.craigslist.org/iso/us This is the United State version of Craig’s  list that can be found in most countries. The video below shows in graphic but true detail on how bad the situation is and how big dog fighting is becoming. We show only the truth on our pages and only show to educate the public. If you choose to ignore this post then sell your beloved pet or just give it away to the first come first serve buyer just because you want to go away on holiday, need some quick cash, or can not handle the dog anymore then your just as bad as the abuser that has just purchased your animal[s].

Dogs that are to be used to fight are given medications to improve their stamina, speed, and strength. They are also pushed through endurance testing drugged with gun powder to other toxic chemicals. sometimes these dogs are too scared to fight and will just back down immediately or be ravished by the opponent dog in the box. Below is a brief look in to what other methods the owners use to “beef” the dog up.

Treadmills – to increase the dog’s stamina, cardiovascular fitness and endurance.
•  A Jenny or Catmill – This is a piece of apparatus that consists of beams reaching out from a central rotating pole. The fighting dog is chained to one beam and the cat or bait is tied to another. The dog races round in circles trying to catch the bait. When the exercise is finished the dog is given the bait to kill and eat.
•  Jump pole – This is a large pole with a spring hanging down. At the end of the spring is some rope or animal hide. The dog jumps up and hangs onto the rope sometimes for hours. This strengthens the jaws and the leg muscles.
•  Heavy weights and chains – These are attached to the dog’s neck and dangle on the ground. This builds up neck and upper body muscles. When the dog is not fighting it is usually left with these heavy chains attached.
•  Food supplements and drugs – Fighting dogs are fed supplements such as liver/iron extract, Vitamin B12, Hormones/Testosterone, Repotest and Probolic Oil. They are also fed drugs such as Heroin, Amphetamines and Cocaine.

This was quoted by the senior director of the A.S.P.C.A ..

“Dog fighters represent a range of personality types and psychological disorders. Like anyone they are moulded by their environment and begin to develop a system of values early. School life offers them little fulfilment and humiliates them into doing socially unacceptable things in an environment where beating the system is the goal”.

This is dog fighting footage taken 2007, from when Michael Vick the “not so respected celebrity” was caught then convicted along with being sent to prison for the most graphic in humane treatment of dogs the Humane Society has seen. We expect all famous figures to act in a responsible manner and to never go down these roads. We do not belive that Mr Vick has shown enough remorse for what he has done considering the charges that was laid against him. Were also disgusted that Nike have since given him a contract to promote their merchandise considering this mans gruesome past back ground.

We will leave this post as it is for now until we publish those that we acquire information on that have so far had most of their material removed from YouTube, Weebly, and Facebook that all contained the most sickening of dog fighting we have uncovered so far.

Thank you for reading

We urge all dog and other small animal owners, never place your animal on any buy and sell site, do not sell to some back street buyer, and never allow your children to take your dog[s] or puppies out alone. Please never leave your dog tied up outside a street shop and always watch your dog[s] in the garden at night as of dog snatchers using toxic chemicals. We urge you to not deliberately breed over again and to give your pet the best you can.

Please watch the 1 hour-long documentary on this sick culture and learn from it. Thank you and stay safe.


Boycott all Costa Rica’s Produce (Should Paul Watson Be Extradited)

Before you vote please view the truth, thank you.

Please support Captain Paul Watson, he is to be released now, Monday in Europe at anytime [on paid bail bond]. Please answer the poll. Should Costa Rica be boycotted for their role in a phony arrest warrant over 10 years old. Please do not place any negative comments on the page we have placed a comment [other] in the poll. Along with the option of others viewing this too.

Should you like some YouTube viewers decide on abusing the poll then we will bar you from the site. Should Paul Watson be sent to prison then a full boycott must be adhered to, to enforce the support of Paul and place economic restrictions on the Presidents country Costa Rica.

The longer Paul is kept behind on land the longer his operations at sea are being jeopardized and marine life being endangered. Please support the best answer.

Tension Rising

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We all have a boiling point that turns in to complete rage and loss of self-control within the home or society. There is a huge difference though when it comes to deliberate domestic rage or the need to convey our energy to the people who are not listening to us. You will always come of the worst though to the law enforcement agencies as it is just another act of criminal behaviour. Riots and protests we have seen becoming a far lot worse over the years. Why do I dare ask, well its many factors such as a dishonest government or a complete break down in social society to lack of education, economic funding and needs being met in today’s world.

Mass protests, throughout history have come at a time when enough of the population has been affected by policies of the rulers and elite. They have often been met with brutal, efficient crackdown by the guardians of the elite. Military forces have been drafted in such as the uprising in Libya and then in Syria that has seen many innocent people murdered who just wanted their rights, freedom of speech/expression and economic justice brought back from the dark ages.

The I.R.A. [Irish Republican Army] and other loyalists caused mass outrage in Ireland and main land Britain planting semtex car bombs or shooting innocent people, but then this was not actual protests it was more a fight for freedom rather than tension. This was a deliberate act of war focused on becoming independent. The worst such protest that was peaceful when it started Bogside Massacre or [Bloody Sunday] was an incident on 30 January 1972 in the Bogside area of Derry, Northern Ireland, in which 26 unarmed civil-rights protesters and bystanders were shot by soldiers of the British Army.

Thirteen males, seven of whom were teenagers, died immediately or soon after, while the death of another man four-and-a-half months later was attributed to the injuries he received on that day. Two protesters were also injured in the conflict. The freedom conflict has since ended though with some agreements being made and installed, but the conflict still secretly goes on under ground with other dissidents

Bloody Sunday 1972 Killings [ all for peace ]

Zimbabwe saw a mass uprising of the black population tearing down all white owned farms that did not belong to them, raping women, men and children under president Mugabe’s rules to free the land for “his people”. Not only was this a racial war this was an illegal ordered uprising against the white nationals. Sadly we have now seen a country that thrived in agriculture and high income to a poverty sickened land that has barely no growth on any farms along hypermarket shelves empty which has caused thousands of people to starve.

Then we saw the London riots that spread across most of Great Britain, that caused millions of pounds of damage and many people’s livelihoods lost as of the social uprising due to again government promises being broken and lies that turned society against one another.

The occupy of wall street in New York that is now spreading to other American cities is still on going. When will it end? when we see change and promises not broken. Money not withheld and Government along with vast size companies coming clean about their back hander’s or evasions of law.

Then we come to the animal rights movement, again we see tensions arising, in Europe, America and Australia against the research laboratories, To Australia and Asia. To the high seas with conservationists battling whalers, to [lone wolf’s] taking the law in to their own hands taking down what should not be there that is killing the environment and the animals within it. To daily protests and land battles in Africa and Kenya against the lack of governments response to end the Rhino and Elephant killings.

We now though have to start thinking before we act, is violence the reasonable choice here to save a problem?.. As Gandhi said if we take and eye for an eye, then eventually everyone in this world will be blind. Animal rights extremists are taking the law in to their own hands thinking this is the correct course of action and from that, believing they be will all be martyrs if they are caught and then held in a maximum security prison. We can not fight the battles if were held in these centres. At first your noticed and then your forgotten about with the odd mention of your names from time to time on a various blog or Facebook page.

This site is not for causing or promoting violence. It is for [education] and highlighting to the world what the problems are. How is one going to archive altering the laws by burning down a slaughter-house, or attempting to kill an animal abuser. All you’re doing is aiding more protection for the animal abuser or the government body that is flouting the laws.

The recent lobbying of the animal freight delivery’s for research centres managed to get us somewhere. Now many EU cargo planes and ships have said they will refuse now to move any animals for research to destinations around the globe. Why? as it is effecting their trade, and hitting them in the pocket. The public became aware at the ports as well as creating [un-wanted] attentions from the media that these vast companies did not want. Please view link. https://apps.facebook.com/theguardian/science/2012/mar/14/animal-rights-activists-research-transport?post_gdp=true

However not all is as easy said then done. To fight against governments beliefs and support for [animal testing] that it believes is the correct course of action to help eliminate diseases that then lower the cost of health services is not always going to be easy. We all know what goes on in the laboratories, we all know that data and records are withheld. I belive that we should concentrate our fight on the animal research but I also think the tables should be turned now on to those that are [causing theresearch] “humans”.

Some of the health statistics for  Americans that have suffered the following heart disease, liver disease, stroke, diabetes, are below in the blue link, and please do not get me wrong we are all documenting on this in some way, but it is not enough. We MUST show to the world what they are doing and WHO is suffering for it. Please read some of the statistics below.


How many people die/suffer in America from cardio disease every year is as follows 5 million suffer cardio vascular failure and 300,000 a year die from heart disease or sudden cardio vascular arrest. On average every 40 seconds an American will suffer from a stroke and 795,000 will have a recurrent stroke, most of which will live through it. The group that is now in the [HIGH]  are 20-30 year olds as of social pressure and boredom.

The reason for such statistics are peer pressure, alcohol and drug abuse, and mental health issues. All of which 85% can be controlled. The government does not like to publish these figures as it leads to low-income, or scare tactics. Only this week the very president Barack Obama was caught on camera devouring dead flesh burger and fries. Is this really an example to set to the world?.

So then the whole vicious circle goes round and round. eventually it will break. But when?. All of the medicines that are being produced to combat these illnesses are failing as the human body gets use to them, meaning more animals have to be tested on = more angry animal rights activists. The time has come to now think before we act. Rioting is not going to cause much, education will make a great deal. Tensions are rising in all community sectors and now its the time that we all addressed them in a civilised democratic manner instead of smashing the world to pieces.

We must investigate the facts, alone, one on one or in a group. Gathering intelligence, qualifications and degrees. Now is the time to work silently like the governments do. To beat them you have to think like them. Place yourselves in their shoes. Then the answers to tensions rising will soon be resolved.

It is time we showed the world more of what we desire, instead of violence. It actually works. Please view the video below to, in the vodpod. Thank you… .. ..

Violence is going to get you no where, it's time to change the tatics.!

 Give Peace A Chance

“Animals are such agreeable friends - they ask no questions, they pass no criticisms”

Greenhill Animal Liberation Italy


April saw hundreds of Animal activists swarm on to Green Hill (Italy)  overwhelming police and staff at the facility taking almost 86% of the Beagles that was located in their dingy underground kennels. What a day to, Green Hill has been at the centre of attention now for some years by the Animal Rights community that have pushed hard to close down but without success as of yet. Green Hill supplies Beagles and other canines all over the world. Located in Montichiari Brescia a small village in Italy, Green Hill breeds up to 250-300 dogs a month for vivisection or in general terminology animal slaughter.

Although Activists that rescued the Beagles, were placed in prison the pups are now thriving and doing very well. The activists have since been released but Green Hill continues to breed  . There are many farms like this all over the world that H.L.S (Huntingdon Life Science) Aztrvenaca and Procter and Gamble use aswell from which thousands of animals are bred for cruel sick experiments, that are not even of any use for the human. Any medicines or operational procedures, or clinical testing that is done still has to be put through the test via human research.

There has been some shocking images and videos of undercover footage emerging from all of the named laboratories, the same laboratories that the governments like to keep quiet about. Once one is shut down another will silently open. The sad reality though does not stop there. Many scientists will buy from kill centres claiming that they can give the dog a better life. Some we have noted have been buying from many evening news online paper adds. Why? as they do not want the public knowing where these farms are located.

Green Hill is the largest breeder of dogs for the research facility, many people have documented on it like High Gate too. When will it end? how long is a piece of string. When will humans stop neglecting their own bodies and eat healthy, that could be the best answer. So the only way from which were going to have these laboratories closed down is by either lobbying the government, constant direct action, or mass intervention from the public.

A freedom of information request is going to be obtained from the House’s of Parliament to see exactly how many animals have been slaughtered to date from the named laboratories. We know their lying just by simply looking at the H.L S site today, and notice in the print below they never mention how many primates they test on they just quote “other mammals”.

So for 2010 which is not an up to date catalogue of abuse HLS “claim”

Total number of animals (HLS): 67,806

By species: Mouse: 19.25% Fish: 3.45% Rat: 71.05% Bird: 0.92% Other mammals: 5.31%

Total number of animals (UK): 2,770,000

By species: Mouse: 72% Fish: 8% Rat: 8% Bird: 4% Other mammals: 3%

From our research we can say that this is by far a lot “greater” than H.L.S claim for 2010 and its also out of date and they also by law have to show all animals used in research/purchased to the Home Office. Huntingdon Life Sciences Research (claim) they release data to the home office on an annual basis. We have looked several times and have not found this information. We have also googled such questions and found that many who have applied for this information from (2010-2011) have had it denied. So as of that information being with held then we will ask for it. Should you wish to ask yourself too. You can visit the United Kingdoms Home Office website and look for freedom of information bill then apply. Please ensure that any other institutions that you apply for you “read the freedom of request page” to see if you have to pay before writing or emailing.

Home Office site address is for the bill of information FoIRequests@homeoffice.gsi.gov.uk  and their site is http://www.homeoffice.gov.uk/about-us/freedom-of-information/asking-for-info/ and their previous released data is http://search.homeoffice.gov.uk/search?q=cache:s8fGnHub9fcJ:www.homeoffice.gov.uk/publications/agencies-public-bodies/CRB/Freedom-of-information/all-foi-responses/21136-disclosures-submitted/response-21136-table%3Fview%3DBinary+Huntingdon+Life+Sciences+Research+Centre&access=p&output=xml_no_dtd&site=default_collection&ie=UTF-8&client=default_frontend&proxystylesheet=default_frontend&oe=UTF-8

Most research laboratories now use what are defined as the three (R’S) Reduction, Refinement Replacement they go by this simple terminology (Reduction - The concept of reduction in animal research refers to methods that result in the use of fewer animals to obtain scientifically valid information. Reduction also can be achieved by obtaining more information from a given number of animals so that in the long run fewer animals are needed) (Refinement - In the world of animal research, “refinement” refers to methods to reduce possible stress or discomfort to the animals involved. It also encompasses measures to improve animals’ overall well-being and environment)  (Replacement - Advances in technology have given scientists a number of alternatives to using animals in research. Use of tissue cultures and computer models are examples of alternatives that may, in some research studies, replace the need for animals.

The three (R’s) are not used in animal research at all the first being (reduction) in which fewer animal are used in research is a blatant lie,  (refinement) to reduce animal stress? so by again just looking at the Beagles that were rescued from the Italian breeding centre it showed that the Beagles “vocal chords had been cut out” as to stop annoying the researchers during experiments and going back to refinement that showed over 250 pups are being bred a month for research facilities across the (EU) is again a gross understatement. (Replacement) ” have given scientists a number of alternatives to using animals in research.” we would like to see this used in practice.

There are many other different varieties of research such as (CES) Comparative epidemiological Studies and stem cell research but again these alternatives are not as we can see being put to practice and by the number of farms that are located in the (EU) this is clearly all bulls***.We do not want the three (R’s) used at all we want complete animal freedom and only then we will stop once every cage is empty.


Until Every Cage is Empty

We shall continue …. .. ..

Research On The Researchers


Bergeron is a Professor of Drug development who built a career by imprisoning and torturing all kinds of animals. However, since we are determined to shut down primate experimentation in UF, we only intend to focus on his crimes against monkeys. Please note that this arrogant terrorist has partnered with the industrial abusers at Proctor & Gambleto extract the greatest profits for all from the animals to whom he has personally sentenced to lives of torment, disease, misery, and death.

While his glowing CV of atrocities will be revealed in staggering detail in the coming days and months, Bergeron’s claim to fame is primarily chelation. Professor Bergeron has a vast grand house in the states, and is one arrogant animal abuser who has no care in the world of the crimes he has committed.

Procter & Gamble are by far no nicer people too. They have rained terror on animals for their products such as domestic household cleaners, medicines and more.

Investigating ways to better treat iron-overload diseases, Bergeron, who holds 119 patents, currently has two drugs in clinical trials. One drug is used for treatment of liver cancer. The other was developed for the treatment of children with a rare anemia disease in which iron builds up, causing an overload that cannot be effectively eliminated. The therapeutic choices for this disease are few, and generally the success rate is very poor. Clinical trials are in progress at five U.S. centers to assess the safety, tolerability and efficacy of DENSPM in hepatocellular carcinoma.

Raymond G Booth PHD is another clinical animal researcher who also tests on animals too. His CV though is not as repulsive as “Frankensteins”. One of his latest CV boosts is the Effect of (-)-trans-PAT, a novel 5-HT2C receptor agonist, on intake of palatable food in mice.

Research is all fully available @ http://www.cop.ufl.edu/category/faculty/medicinal-chemistry/

The Cebus apella or Capuchin monkeys is Bergeron main example of most of his research in liver and cancer research, there is no denying that he has been testing on these animals. Simply by looking this information up and the catalogue of bad history that Bergeron has induced on primates  it divers to show why he is hated by many animal rights activists.

references to this research are in the link http://animaldiversity.ummz.umich.edu/site/accounts/information/Cebus_apella.html .

The controversial look in to the UF laboratories is quite sickening to say the least and by looking at the underground research laboratories that you can gain information on from any good search engine or request the freedom of information act then you will see the true extent of how our living animals that are taken from the wild are the treated by the professor above (1st) pic.

There have been many leaked photos of primates Capuchins that have been used their for the purpose of medical gain that are truly upsetting and horrifying, please view some of the photos below



These are the pictures leaked that show Bergeron’s secret that he didn’t want the world to see however obtained by (un-named) activists. These primates (Capuchin monkeys ) were held in his lab for many years and subjected to the most horrific experiments before being euthanized. We have to show these pictures to the public as it re-enforces our actions on why we fight for their freedom. Would you the innocent member of the public like to be confined to a laboratory for 17 years then subjected time and time again to assault with an array fo weapons and toxic substances. Beauty products, cancer and Botox medicines plus thousands more chemicals and medicines. You the consumer are buying in to this crap. When your body become immune to it or the product is no longer of any use as of it deteriorating then new drugs and chemicals have to be made that means more animals are used for your products.

This does not stop here though. Back in August 2011 the United States Army tested many chemical and toxic substances on Capuchin  primates to see what effects (NBC) Nuclear Biological Chemicals would show on the nervous system pf primates and rodents. (Primates are the most likely animal to use). The scenes in this footage in the link show exactly what effects and how cruelly treated they were. Military Experiments on Capuchin Monkeys in Cruel NBC Research 2011 August.

We have to speak up for the voiceless if not then who is. The saying is as it means “if not you, then who” Animal rights activists are not terrorists. There is a difference, should you wish to blow a car up set fire to a vivisector home then that is of your own responsibility. We condone such behavior. The ALF acts in secretive movements and investigates before “liberating” animals. There has been much controversy that some right-wing animal welfare groups claim that the ALF (Animal Liberation Front) deliberately set out to do such damage.

This however is not the case, most of this activity was back in the 80’s and very early 90’s any such actions taken like this now are by extreme animal rights activists that give the Animal Liberation Front a bad name.

You must be the change you want to see in this world.. Are we going to change it, or just sit back and allow these animal killers to carry on and absue our beloved animals?. Like I have said it is easier said then done when you have people like the named above. There has been many actions taken against researchers and labrotories across the world. They are not though going to fool no one by laying the bull*** on the table as one will always uncover them. The researcher below is just one of them.

How does this man sleep at night?

I am just going to refer to him as he is Dr O Leary, we do not wish to promote or encourage violence on our site or in any way promote it. The proof shall only be placed and just that. Dr O Leary has been said by some to take dogs from kill centres and then use them in his Frankenstein experimentations. Although we have not been able to find any solid proof on this as yet. When we do have the evidence we will certainly publish this.

I myself would feel a hell of a lot better if I knew that a dog or cat was “going” to be euthanized as of it not being found a home than to be put through a 5-9 year cycle of cardio vascular testing killing it then bringing it back to life again. I would not want “in my own words” for an any animal to be put through a life of stress, discomfort, and then death. If it was a human and I was that human I would kill myself before having this man test his Frankenstein,  unnecessary  and psychotic research on me.

His records are what we would call not juts a catalogue of abuse but a psychopath and sociopath in the making, when it comes to the abuse that he has self-inflicted on these animals. His records can be seen below and they do not make nice reading.


Donal S. O’Leary, Ph.D., is Professor and Director of Cardiovascular Research in the Department of Physiology. A graduate of Miami University (B.A.) and The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio (Ph.D.), Dr. O’Leary is a cardiovascular physiologist interested in the integrative control of the cardiovascular system at rest and during stress.

Dr. O’Leary’s research is funded via the National Institute of Health, Heart, Lung and Blood Institute and is focused on understanding the neural and hormonal mechanisms of control of arterial blood pressure, heart rate, cardiac output, regional blood flow and sympathetic nerve activity during dynamic exercise. His recent findings include determining the relative roles of the arterial baroreflex and the muscle metaboreflex (reflex responses to ischemia of active skeletal muscle) in the control of the cardiovascular system in normal and pathophysiological states such as congestive heart failure. Dr. O’Leary is also currently investigating the role of purinergic mechanisms within the nucleus tractus solaritus in cardio-respiratory homeostasis, regional blood flow and peripheral sympathetic nerve activity. The goals of these studies are to elucidate further the relative roles of cardiovascular reflexes in the control of the cardiovascular system, their interactions, and their mechanisms of action

Looks like any average Dr or Professor as he is now. Delving deeper though shows how is biography is related to the animals from which he deliberately kills.

“Using an animal model, Dr. O’Leary’s research team will induce hypertension during exercise in an attempt to discover the cause and signal that over-drive the cardiovascular system, causing arterial constriction. Such a discovery could lead, he explained, to identifying patients who may be susceptible to cardiovascular events during exercise, future drug treatments for such patients and tailored exercise programs to allow these patients to exercise with minimal risk.”

“We have been very successful in investigating targeted drug delivery using dendrimers and nanoparticles in animals. The funding has helped us establish several animal models – such as a mouse model of asthma, rat model of pain, rabbit model of jugular vein clot and rabbit maternal chorioamnionitis,” she said. Funding for these pilot animal studies helped the PPRU establish a “close working relationship” with the Wayne State University Departments of Chemical Engineering, Occupational and Environmental Health Sciences, the School of Pharmacy and the Perinatology Research Branch.” His Staff member here that conducted this research was Dr Lieh lai. You can see here what animals were used.

In the linked document you can view much more animal research, it does not make nice reading. One research model that O Leary used was a Beagle that had its heart stopped then restarted many times over. Please view the link here http://home.med.wayne.edu/search.php?q=Donal+O%27leary . The tests that we have seen for ourselves after working on sites have been very horrific and that we will not publish. We are here to educate. One thing we will not do though is allow someones court order to walk over us like it is on an [un-named] activist that we keep private as of  that persons wishes.

The file here shows some of the public records that O’Leary has published on the dogs he used. It again does not make nice reading. This man is now facing charges/and/or investigations in to animal abuse. The law states that what he carried out was nothing “BUT” animal abuse. Should he not be punished for it then we’ll ensure that we publish every single record that we have since he enrolled as a student himself to show the world what they need to know.

Being a parent myself I do not find it hard to express my anger or utter disgust at this form of medical testing. It is deranged, and if he has taken dogs from rescue centres then we will ensure that is published in full for the world to see. Neo-natal and child medicine research along with cardiovascular and other experiments can be seen as a god send to mothers and fathers whose children need this research. As said I am myself a parent. However I will never allow my child to take medicines that have been tested on animals. There are many alternatives our there and some of these alternatives have been tried and tested. Many parents that have a faulty genetic make up, or suffer from psychiatric disorders must [think] before having children.

Other researchers that have been just as bad are the named below. All sadistic, from which they raged their own war on the animal rights extremists. California University like most American pro study universities all have animal testing laboratories.

Targeted by (A.R.M) Animal Rights Milita

Dr Quin

We will continue to fight until every cage is empty, to document on every case within the legal realms of what the law tells us to do so. We simply ask for just one consideration to these researcher to take on board. The more animals we see that are tortured below for your sadistic experiments the more the animal rights campaign will strive on. You may be able to take the voice from the voiceless with your scalpels, but you’ll never take it from us. Europe never backs down. Nor de we ever forget.

This poor little boy is dying, barely alive.

 Neurological experimentation

Please Help Me, I Can't Take This ANYMORE HELP ME PLEASE

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Vivisection In Brief

Vivisection derives from the Latin meaning (vivus - alive) (sectio - cutting) the whole word explains really what it means. Vivisection has dated as far back to BC experimentation by Aristotle (384-322 BC), who first dissected animals to reveal the internal differences among them. Erasistratus (304-258 BC) was most likely the first to perform the dissection of animals. (please view the bottom link on vivisection)

To see images of animals and how they are treated today still shows no real change. Only researchers use modern-day equipment, barbaric it still is, and then in BC era there was no real animal activists to save them or speak up for them.

The human race has changed though. Some humans drink, smoke, eat meat, all of which leads to clogged arteries, heart failure, stroke and death. Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease is becoming the norm. So to fight this as of humans neglecting their own bodies newer medicines are needed so animals then come in to the agenda.

Vivisection is more than cruel to our animals that are incarcerated in a cell of iron. Analgesia is rarely administered as researchers need to obtain what they say “accurate results”. The United States law states that any animal that undergoes such practice’s has to be given the correct course of anesthesia “but” only where it is scientifically needed. This is not the case though and many primates or rodents are put through some of the most shocking experiments for human gain.

In the United Kingdom the law states that any vivisection involving an animal must be granted a licence under the Animals Scientific act 1986. This rarely happens though. The United Kingdom government also stated that research on animals involving vivisection would be eventually phased to a minimum. Sadly the sick torture from these vile researchers still goes on, behind closed doors in under ground laboratories.

The recent exposure of Green hill from which animal rights activists gained entry overwhelming the police and staff showed that Beagles had the vocal chords cut out “just so they do not annoy the lab technicians” and again the recent exposure of the UF laboratories (University Florida) showed in the freedom of information act that primates had undergone some of the most sickening of tests. Researchers just do not care though, they come to work knowing that an animal is just in their eyes, a piece of flesh to work on then it’s back of to the plush homes again to enjoy their happy family life. With no care in the world of what they done that day.

Every year tens of millions of animals are dissected, injected, gassed and burnt for human medical research. The shocking images from the UF Laboratories show that in graphic detail that will follow later on. “Researchers claim that they must be allowed unfettered access to animals for experiments in order to find cures for human diseases, yet they refuse to address the serious ethical problems of torturing sentient creatures ”

How do they sleep? good question. How do the animals sleep? they don’t. Their souls are stricken ed to a cage with metal bars or other sick barbaric torture mechanisms. Until the next day when their hell starts all over again. Anti-vivisectionists have played roles in the emergence of the animal welfare and animal rights movements. Among their arguments is that it is immoral to inflict pain or injury to another living creature, for whatever purpose.

Bring back the dissection era of 1559 to those that harm are animals in labs.

We will win this war, it’s you that has to start now by joining us.

Speak up for the voiceless and make a stand today. Until every cage is empty  Vivisection

Speak Up For The Voiceless

Speak up for the voiceless is a controversial news and press site where all documentation that describes and educates those that are willing to listen on the torture and inhumane treatment of animals in our laboratories around the world. vivisection and animal exploitation for human greed is becoming yet again the norm of this planet.

Please read and educate yourselves on our site, please bear in mind this is a site purely for educational means only and is not to encourage any actions taken against those that harm our animals across the world. We will publish actions and debates and how you can join in and useful links too that you can share on social media or other sites too.

We aim to make more awareness to the world and to explain our views on why animal research must be banned now. Primates to rodents and even equine are all subjected to torture in laboratories. All animal research never concludes any findings for the human species, just the death of another animal, another statistic.

Until every cage is empty we shall fight on.