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Funding African Wildlife Survival - Update.


Funding African Wildlife Survival is the funding arm of International Animal Rescue Foundation Africa founded back in 2012 November. Funding African Wildlife Survival is not charitable nor registered as a Non-Profit. F.A.W.S was established to fund African wildlife or projects only on the African Continent and/or African islands I.e Madagascar of which it has successfully done so since founded. 

International Animal Rescue Foundation Africa’s campaign arm is established as an environmental company although small. Fully compliant and registered F.A.W.S is now fully developed into a “funding only business”. International Animal Rescue Foundation Africa established the F.A.W.S project for the reasons highlighted below. 

  • To provide small or generous grants to trusted organisations or environmental companies that require help working on the front line.
  • To provide equipment to Anti Poaching Units and or African wildlife refuges that house orphans in need of medication, food or veterinary care.
  • To provide emergency funding to individuals I.e professional veterinarians or zoological organisations that work in protective captive breeding programs, rehabilitation of international zoological gardens that have fallen way beyond disrepair Etc.
  • To provide funding for education and awareness for aid and Non-Profits or individual trusted welfare officers working within the African pet and bush meat trade.
  • Spay neuter and or adoption program funding for pets and non Cites regulated animals that have been removed from the African pet/bush meat trade or harms way.
  • Youth education to reduce abuse and upkeep of animal welfare awareness in the classroom and at home.
  • Funding African Wildlife Survival recognizes that Africa is losing vast swathes of wildlife of which Funding African Wildlife Survival was established to prevent such abuses.
  • Funding or equipment donations to small farm Anti Poaching or security units that are seriously underfunded or in poaching hot spot zones.

Donations thus far have been provided to the following areas which is not in order; 

  1. £1030.00+ sent to Kano Zoological Gardens that was an emergency funding program established to locate food and veterinary care for twenty one seriously malnourished and diseased animals. (Project is still in operation) - Animal welfare, veterinary care, food and medication
  2. £60.00 sent to David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. (Grant) (Anti Poaching Support)
  3. $200.00 sent to Amboseli Trust for Elephants (Grant) (Anti Poaching Support)
  4. $300.00 sent to Strategic Protection of Threatened Species (Grant) (Anti Poaching Support)
  5. $150.00 sent to the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust (Grant) (Veterinary care)
  6. $60.00 (est) sent to Virunga National Park (Grant) (Anti Poaching Support to keep seven rangers in operation for one week/or more)
  7. $100.00 sent to Virunga National Park (Grant) (Anti Poaching Support) This donation kept two seven man units in operation for over a week for Gorilla Welfare and Anti Poaching
  8. Equipment donation pending 
  9. $800 of Equipment sent to Anti Poaching Units within Kenya 
  10. $1000.00+ sent to Save the Rhino International (Grant) one of two. Funding purchased much needed Ranger military equipment
  11. $50.00 sent to Gorilla Doctors for Gorilla Welfare and Veterinary care.  Private Donation Grant. 
  12. Pending - Liberia grant of 2-5 (Equipment and Funding)

PLEASE NOTE; All equipment donations will be highlighted in due course however will not see the address’s of those recipients. The reasons for this is to ensure maximum security and not to place the organisation, unit or ranch into harms way. I.e the last thing we want to advertise is what equipment was sent and to whom of which could see poachers with the upper - arm. All private donations are not made public.

Funding African Wildlife Survival will continue to fund only African conservation, welfare and anti-abuse operations with funding and/or equipment. F.A.W.S unfortunately at this time does not support non-African organisations. However this doesn’t mean that INTERNATIONAL ANIMAL RESCUE FOUNDATION has not since founded provided grants to US and EU organisations. These donations are strictly private grants and does not require public disclosure. 

International Animal Rescue Foundation retains all electronic receipts however does not publish these receipts as they contain sensitive information such as banking details and addresses. Publishing said data would be a violation of the Data Protection Act. Please be aware this is not a tax form. I.A.R.F.A has willingly contributed to the public information that many “companies” do not. We feel this information is important to the public and to ourselves that also donate privately to ensure we stay trusted and that the public are fully aware of what their money is going towards. Many donations are spent on EQUIPMENT for an array or reasons. Vet care and security being two main.

International Animal Rescue Foundation’s PRIVATE GRANT system is generous and never falls below $5,000 a year. Since founded International Animal Rescue Foundation has privately donated over $30,000 from our private trust. This trust the public does not put into. Our staff do instead. I.A.R.F.A will ONLY DONATE TO TRUSTED organisations whether it be equipment, medicine, foods or more we do not provide to organisations or individuals that we are asked too, do not appear trustworthy or do not fall within our mission statement.

For further information you are hereby asked to contact the Board of Directors at; 


Board of Directors 

This public disclosure form will be updated every six months. 

Should we be made aware of anyone interfering with our funding arm we will take the necessary actions to bring them persons to justice.


Thank you for your reply, should it merit a response we will respond in due course. This site is owned by International Animal Rescue Foundation and moderation is used.

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