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All For One & One For All - Direct Action

We do not engage on in illegal or unjustified actions on our site, but what we will do is encourage direct legitimate action when and where we see it needs to be directed. This whole page will depend on just that, and as the famous quote goes “all for one and one for all” then see that as only the best cause of legitimate direct action here to date that has been on going for many years to turn the governments ignorance at the people who are in need of an answer.

As we are all now, Paul Watson the Captain, founder and President of the Sea Shepherd was arrested on 13th May 2012 in Germany upon landing on an out standing but forgotten about arrest warrant that we now see has been cooked up by the Japanese, Costa Rica and also the European intelligence agencies. His actions from the minute he has boarded the plane to the minute he landed have been watched via Interpol via Blue Watch [Interpol intelligence gathering] for the Japanese coast guard that we would most likely say that has been passed on to the Costa Rica’s and German government ready for another round of Japanese [ILLEGAL MARINE ACTIVITIES]

The Japanese whaling fleet is now beginning to set sail again in what we will only see as slap to the face of The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. There has only been one whale lost on Paul Watson’s watch as described in the whale wars video that you can see on our other page [Freedom & Support].

18 Hours ago yesterday 18-05-2012 the Japanese whalers were pictured in the harbour for the annual seal hunt. Political arrest of Mr Watson or just a coincidence. Their plans are to slaughter over 260+ whales. Please read the news below this [pic].

Japanese Whale Killers 2 days from leaving port to slaughter more Whales for apparant RESEARCH ??

News on Japanese ships leaving harbour  http://www.heraldsun.com.au/news/more-news/japan-whale-ships-leave-for-the-pacific/story-e6frf7lf-1226360492035 .It has now been over 5 days since the illegal whalers left port. Paul Watson will be out on bail this coming monday 21-05-2012 when the e250,000 bail bond is paid.

There have been many protests ordered all over social media and the world web, some will be at every single German embassy calling for his release. Please read the extraction from the SSCS page from which we call on you all to now support Paul by demonstrating. Please remember to that Paul is innocent, there has been a 10 gap from which this arrest warrant could have been actioned but now in 2012 the Costa Rica Government have decided to issue it for his arrest. The extraction is below.

[quote] Sea Shepherd calls on its supporters in Germany and overseas to continue writing to the Federal Minister of Justice Sabine Leutheusser-Schnarrenberger and Minister of Foreign Affairs Dr. Guido Westerwelle and expressing their concern about a politically motivated extradition that would be the same as a death sentence.

Sea Shepherd is planning a global day of action on Wednesday May 23, to coincide with a diplomatic visit to Germany by Costa Rica president Laura Chinchilla Miranda.

To view the current statement from the German courts (these sites are in German) click on the links below.

Oberlandesgericht Frankfurt am Main ordnet vorläufige Auslieferungshaft gegen Tierschutzaktivisten Paul Watson an und setzt Haftbefehl gegen Sicherheit außer Vollzug

Auslieferungsverfahren gegen Tierschutzaktivisten Paul Watson [un-quote]

Most of the world do not see what the Japanese whalers are doing to the ecological marine system. Please view their in-humane “research” that they say is legal on the bottom first video. There is loop-hole in the law that allows the Japanese whalers to hunt for as said “research” but this is not the case. They have quoted for this hunt 2012 May 260+ they have dropped their quota dramatically as of Sea Shepherd Actions, along with a lack of ships going out to see due to lack of money and the SSCS crew intervening. The BBC reports here http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-17312460 The loop-hole spans back to 1986. Hunting whales such as minke, humpback and fin-back was banned in 1963. Please read the extracted text from the BBC Journal.

[quote] “Under a loophole in the 1986 International Whaling Commission (IWC) ban against commercial whaling, Japan has continued to kill hundreds of whale’s every year for scientific research. Once a whale is killed, scientists collect data from the animal’s remains on its age, birthing rate and diet; the meat is then packaged and sold. Japan maintains that the research is essential for managing the whale population
Read more: http://www.time.com/time/world/article/0,8599,1686486,00.html#ixzz1vNCqArm8 “[un-quote] - Notice they say the meat is then packed up and sold to the “public”.

We now see the Yushin Maru and Yushin Maru 2, on their way to meet the leading fleet vessel, the Nisshin Maru, which set sail last week. Please view one of their kill ships below. Pic below is of the processing ship.

Japanese Whaling Ship

Japan has suffered a lot in its past, the recent earth quakes and tsunamis, but yet they still have the cash to spend on illegal whaling that some still call “scientific research”.. Please view below what Japan calls “scientific research”.

Captain Paul Watson is to be released today 21st - 05- 2012 from the German prison he has been held in since the 13th May on his arrival to Germany. We have created a poll and would now like you all to please vote on this. We do not want the SSCS actions to be disrupted in any way, and should they be then marine life is going to be placed in danger. We did belive that Greenpeace who owe Paul a favour would step in with their match stick boats just watching the japanese whale “researchers” slaughter the whales ready for Japanese finest sushi. Ops did we just say [SUSHI] that must be wrong. As they still claimed today on a European French radio station that what they do is [RESEARCH]..  Please Japan stop lying, not one of the videos we obtained today from the Japanese so-called whaling research facility in Tokyo had any proof at all that you was researching. What it did in fact entail was a small biopsy of flesh “that could have been anything” being placed under a microscope.

A boycott must be slapped down now and held in place to gain the attention of the corrupt country Costa Rica. Costa Rica rely on exports for a lot of its income if not most. Coffee, Wine and vast amounts of Fruit are all a big goer for the Rica country. Take their income away and you then gain the attentions of those that have rely heavily on money for their lavish life style.

Costa Rica President Laura Chinchilla pictured below is due to visit now in France Germany and Italy with the rest of her corrupt government officials named Enrique Castillo (Foreign), Anabel Gonzalez (Foreign Trade), Sandra Piszk (Labor) and Gloria Abraham (Agriculture), to promote her country land which she claims is an attractive “investment ground” well what would the people of Europe say if they saw her countrymen below that sha can not control as that [added investment] ..

Costa Rican President Laura Chinchilla

An added investment she is claiming. Costa Rica also see’s 11.5 people a day murdered on its streets in gang land fueled crimes from drug cartels again which the government can not control.  A look in to the Crime Rate from 2010-2011 should any tourist wish to visit is quite your average drug cartel run country the statistics show Assaults in the street was the number one crime affecting families, with 8.2% (103.900) responding reported having been a victim, while 6% (76.200) were victims of home robbery.
The research by the INEC, together with the Programa de las Naciones Unidas para el Desarrollo (PNUD) - United Nations Development Program, took into account all 1.266.000 families in Costa Rica. So yes of course it is a very big added investment.

Chinchilla is now in France to start business in the Annual Forum of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD),

The meeting with OECD comes nearly a year after the agency removed Costa Rica from the list of “tax havens,” on which the country had appeared since 2009.

Please stay tuned on the “official” webpage of the SSCS regarding Paul Watson’s release, you can view that at http://www.seashepherd.org/news-and-media/sea-shepherd-news.html you have many chances to donate, to their cause and also to read their news feed. You should hear this morning in roughly 9-10 hour time German time 03:47 .

Enjoy Paul’s release later this morning. In the mean see the Captain of the SSCS and his crew members at sea doing what they should be doing, protecting the oceans from criminals. Pete is not longer with the SSCS but done wonderful work in combating the whalers.

Should the Captain of the SSCS be held and then sent to Costa Rica it could spell hell for the SSCS and the crew members who rely deeply on his command. A boycott of Costa Rica will work to place pressure on the Captain.


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