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Hunting Moratorium – Enough is Enough

Is this how we are going to educate our children?

Is this how we are going to educate our children?


Hunting Moratorium – Enough is Enough

Hunting dates back some million years from which man hunted for food to feed himself and his ever increasing family which dates back some million years ago that was acceptable then as it was the only way in which man could survive, hunting wasn’t for recreational reasons or sport which was not viewed by man then as an all-round necessity.

Hunting is not the equivalent to poaching of which this sadistic barbaric and murderous illegal activity is simply for profit and gain for a number of reasons that I shall go in to later on within this written documentary.

Moving back some millions of years there never was the slightest whiff of animal’s flora and fauna deliberately being pushed from extant to extinction however what we view now is a completely different story which now see’s hundreds of animals pushed to the brink of extinction because of greed, profiteering and now unfortunately yet sadly hunting for sport.

“Hunting has a long history and may well pre-date the rise of the species Homo sapiens. While our earliest Hominid ancestors were probably frugivores or omnivores, there is evidence that earlier Homo species, and possibly also australopithecine species utilised larger animals for subsistence”

“Furthermore evidence exists that hunting may have been one of the multiple environmental factors leading to extinctions of the holocene megafauna, and their replacement by smaller herbivores. It has been found that the North American megafauna extinction was coincidental with the Younger Dryas impact event, possibly making hunting a less critical factor in prehistoric species loss than had been previously thought. However, in other locations such as Australia, humans are thought to have played a very significant role in the extinction of the Australian megafauna that was widespread prior to human occupation.


International Animal Rescue Foundation © has been monitoring the thirty four nations from which our nation wildlife investigators and conservationists and ecologists to botanists work within and we are now more that grossly concerned with the vast amounts of our most delicate species that are no longer hunted for food but more now deliberately slaughtered for monetary gain, sport, or the worst of which we could possibly think of and that’s trophy hunting.

We have been monitoring Africa now since 2009 then more closely in 2010 to now 2012 present and what we are regrettably witnessing is hunting rapidly growing more than out of control but catastrophically destroying our most precious environment both marine and on land which no longer see’s just man hunting but woman and children as young as seven years of age.

Africa’s wildlife is dwindling although still in many hundreds of thousands the hunting fraternity is mostly corrupt and infested like a house full of fleas with poachers and back hander paid hunters to keep a close eye on animals being illegally poached as to not gain the suspicions of the authorities rangers and police that fills the corruptive Asian market with most of our wildlife illegally and barbarically slaughtered to fill mostly Chinese and Vietnamese counterfeit pharmaceutical trade with medicines and potions that have no proven health benefits which is pushing our animals to the brink of extinction.

Sadly though it becomes a lot worse than explained, not only are we dealing with corrupt hunters, hunters that kill for sexual pleasure to profiteering but we are up against colossal institutions such as British Airways, South African Airways, Master Card, Visa, American Express, to Telkom, Barclays, ABSA, and more that sponsor these blood thirsty non-animal loving bastards that take great pleasure in stalking their victim for hours if not days, placing it under copious amounts of stress and bewilderment to then taking the final one, two or more shots.

The animal then lays stunned whilst the hunter pumps another round into its head or slices its throat leaving it to bleed to death in agonizing pain “Just for fun”


Why target Africa Though?

Good question as one could always target other nations however Africa holds the most diverse species of nature, flora and fauna along with botanical species that are also being pushed to extinction.

Please view our reasons as to why International Animal Rescue Foundation © now requires a full hunting moratorium placed within South Africa to sustain our species and halt the impending extinction levels of our delicate wildlife.

  1. South Africa is our first target which we know we can win, with or without the governments help. We International Animal Rescue Foundation © have witnessed a growing trend within Africa that is now nicknamed the “white man’s playground” simply because there are thousands of safaris to hunting trips organised every year to South Africa that the hunter pays in the region of $40,000 for the trip with an estimated give or take $5,000 more or less for the trophy to be shipped backed to their nation.
  2. PHASA (Professional Hunting Association of South Africa) which has many hunting clientele has gone against their terms and conditions which they promised to 1) cease all big game hunting, 2) clean up their act with regards to the Rhinoceros and Elephant hunting which is an extremely critical issue yet sore point in South Africa 3) would ban any members that are viewed as underage (we did prove this to them in an email sent 2012 which they refused to acknowledge) 4) would help in contributing thousands of RAN to the environment to preserve and aid our conservation (they have failed this) 5) would weed out anyone that is corrupt or acting suspiciously (we gave them evidence within a second email which they still have refused to reply back to)
  3. Poaching is serious in South Africa now, than it was in the 1990’s that unfortunately see’s hundreds of Elephants slaughtered a year along with Rhinoceros, Lions, Pangolins, Leopards, Cheetahs, and more. We are more than aware poachers are well equipped and using technologically high grade military weaponry and communications but more importantly they are able to still obtain Entorphine which we know is coming from hunting units, to corruptive veterinary and zoological staff and field rangers. Please view what Entorphine is here - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Etorphine Entorphine is one of the most powerful wildlife and domesticated animal tranquilisers which the Department of Environmental Affairs banned all farmers, rangers, and hunters from using in June this year 2012. Entorphine is used to sedate/subdue large game animals such as the one to two ton Rhinoceros and three to four ton Elephant. South Africa is also one if not the only largest importer of this veterinary medication that we know is still being sold under the counter at many hunting outfitters to those posing as “hunters” or actual poachers. We are fully aware that veterinary medications can still be purchased or stolen abroad. We are more than aware of the lack of zoologists and dangerous game field rangers/veterinary professionals which is why farmers, rangers and private game owners are still able to access this medication as they do not wish to wait hours or days for veterinary staff to arrive and treat their injured animals. With close monitoring of many hunting outfitters, farmers, and rangers we have witnessed them administering this highly potent tranquiliser to large game which only professionally trained veterinary staff are the only qualified yet authorised experts to handle this medication. Entorphine was placed under strict control as poachers mainly Asian where still able to gain access to this medication thus slaughtering the Rhinoceros or Elephant silently from which they was not heard nor seen which they then had more time to travel back over the South African border in to Mozambique or through the ports which Anti-Poaching Units were unable to trace. The unlawful usage of this high grade prescription tranquilliser by those that are not veterinary trained staff is still being handled by hunters and this is a critical reason why we want a full moratorium on hunting with immediate effect but not the only reason.
  4. Poachers are still posing as hunters of which the banning of Vietnamese hunting permits has proven to be a complete failure. Operation Trojan Horse the International Animal Rescue Foundations © counter wildlife reconnaissance and surveillance unit is still viewing vast amounts of Rhinoceros horns and Elephant ivory on sale in the streets of Hanoi and Saigon in Vietnam and The People’s Republic of China in the following cities, Chongqing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Shenyang, Changchun, and Hong Kong, these cites our surveillance units visited from north to south and west of China of which we viewed vast amounts of Elephant ivory on sale within back street vendors selling freely in front of law enforcement  Rhinoceros horn both real and counterfeit along with other horned species of Kudu, Greater Kudu, Antelope, wilder beast horn to Scimitar horned Oryx, and what we found most disturbing was Lion’s that “hadn’t been prepared yet in Rice Wine vats” which was witnessed in both Vietnam and China within Traditional Chinese Medicine stores and restaurants. Operation Trojan Horse also viewed what appeared to be Pangolin and what we can only describe as “giraffe horns or some form of stumpy small horns” they most certainly did appear after we examined closely to be that of Giraffe.
  5. By placing a complete moratorium on “all hunting” then one can cease all corruption within the hunting services thus reducing poaching and the illegal handling of Entorphine to easing up resources and pushing them into conservation preservation from which they are needed.
  6. Over the counter sales of high grade weaponry that the opportunist poacher may not be able to bring over the border or through customs without arousing suspicion. A full suspension of all hunting would cease the opportunist poacher from obtaining this weaponry.
  7. As quoted above the Vietnamese hunting permit ban has proven to be a completely ridiculous waste of time, money and resources. We did announce that on hearing the Department of Environmental Affairs that by banning Vietnamese hunting permits that this would just pass the buck on to another nation along with Vietnam simply obtaining fake passports and other documentation which has proven correct as the total number of Rhinoceros pooched for 2012 stands now at 606 that’s exceeded the 2011 mark of nearly 170 estimated Rhinoceros poached for counterfeit Asian pharmaceuticals for 2012.
  8. Asian hunters (excluding Vietnamese nationals) that hunt for trophies are not being monitored by law enforcement which we and other agencies have clearly seen most “individuals” Trophies no longer within their possession (The South African Department of Environmental Affairs) is fully aware of yet still allows hunting to continue.

Although these are valid yet exceptionally reasonable points that have been forwarded to the Department of Environmental Affairs and all South African Government officials our evidence and others has simply been ignored.

Moving back to PHASA as we still are not impressed with their “lack” of conservation feedback and giveback without mentioning names we know that some of the hunting units within PHASA are operating illegally however we will allow them to carry on and watch now to see if PHASA will actually investigate. We shall also be sending these findings on to SAPs and HAWKS to with regards to illegal and suspicious activity, PHASA members are allowing individuals from the European Union to hunt using their own “hunting permits” which is strictly prohibited this is still yet to be acknowledged.

PHASA mission statement is –

“PHASA supports the conservation and ecologically sustainable development and use of natural resources, for the benefit of current and future generations, through the promotion of ethical hunting”

PHASA are compulsive liars and do not under any circumstances support our delicate ecological and environmental world through sustainability as there simply is no such meaning of sustainability, they go on to quote.

“In the past six years, an additional R7 million has been raised through the annual PHASA Wildlife Heritage Gala Dinner. These funds are being used for the training of more than 700 conservationists from across the SADC countries”

PHASA states R7 million has been raised to train 700 conservationists, if this is correct as they so stipulate then where is the evidence of our wildlife being “sustained” that they so boast about? What they should in fact state is “PHASA has provided R7 million to go into conservation protection and preservation which of course they cannot as R7 million has not been raised and had it been raised then we would of seen a humungous wildlife protection programme which in turn would see our precious animal and botanical species conserved substantially”

These are all PHASA members http://www.phasa.co.za/extensions/phasa-members.html a safari is no longer a safari in their eyes it’s a hunting regime based on barbaric slaughter and bloody murder.

Some of PHASA members can be viewed here –


http://www.madubula.com/picgallery/2012gal.html (in one picture you can clearly see children with their hunt. PHASA you have yet again broken your terms and conditions)





The lists are endless and continue, there is no sustainability and PHASA members have a “voluntary fee for conservation give back” meaning they don’t have to give a single RAN and the last time we viewed their site the only voluntary fee was $10.00 per hunt.

We have also noticed after our complaint was sent 2012 that they have also revamped their domain along with removing three hunting members that we reported on.

Many nation governmental leaders are now starting to wake up to the fact that their wildlife should they not protect it will be gone in no time. Botswana has now banned all hunting http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-africa-20544251 Kenya banned hunting in the 1970’s and now we are seeing more states of Africa banning hunting to. We can as a team with enough pressure place a complete ban on hunting in South Africa as long as we have 100% support.

By placing a moratorium on hunting would that harm other wildlife within our environment?

Many hunters will argue that they have to hunt animals to cease property damage along with controlling species conflict and human species conflict. This is completely absurd and has no moral proven evidence at all to substantiate their ridiculous claims.

Many animals if not all in South Africa are being pushed from their land due to over population and habitual destruction of their own land hence why they wander onto farmers land in search of nourishment and hydration.

The government must control overpopulation and now help secure farmers land with monies they are wasting like President Jacob Zuma wasted this year 2012 over R21 million just to decorate his palace. The R21 million he wasted could have been placed into conservation preservation. This money though “the tax payers” was wasted on (decorating his humble palace).

Wildlife will continue to grow and each and every species will control the other species (their prey) thus reducing wildlife and human conflict. Professional and adequate set procedures along with good wildlife management will keep species under control in areas where habitual destruction has been deliberately destroyed for human gain.

Will the preservation of our wildlife be damaged more if there is a moratorium on hunting through monetary donations from hunters being stopped?

Monetary donations via the hunting fraternity are purely “optional” and under no circumstances are hunters forced to give monetary donations back into the wildlife they take through trophy hunting.

The average hunter spends on a seven day trophy hunt without dipping and shipping an estimated $30,000 or more depending on how many species they wish to hunt. They then have to pay for the dipping process and then shipping and that’s not including hunting permits, travel, board, along with damages to rifles or other equipment “depending on the outfitters T&C and other fares”.

So in all due respect $10.00 “voluntary” is very little and most trophy hunters “do not” give back regardless of what they boast about.

Hunters only give back the “meat of the animals that is mostly then cut up and then fed to tribal elders as of it being bush meat”. Some animals are eaten by the hunters on their safari along with the trophy processed however nine times out of ten the meat is the only give back with donations slim and unheard off.

Conservation preservation is actually already being given in large sums through non-kill safaris. We aim to contact all South African tourist destinations asking them to now “introduce a conservation donation fee” of roughly $30, 00 within their customers travel guide.

They would also then have the opportunity to give more. The tourism and travel trade earns a lot more in South Africa than the trophy hunting trade. There are thousands more tourists that visit South Africa every year from Europe, America and Asia just to visit and enjoy the scenery that South Africa has to offer then hunters. Booking outlets can also ask for monetary donations which most people would be more than willing to give.

How long would a moratorium take to place on South Africa?

To fight for this type ban would take some months if not years as we are dealing with a very arrogant government that doesn’t like to view other nations meddling with their affairs. We simply don’t know how long this would take however the more pressure that we place the quicker and firmer we can push for a full moratorium.

This part of the battle we will be fighting in strict silence like most off our work as we don’t like interference from others. We are going to make many enemies and that we are going to have to accept. We are here though to stay and to conserve our most precious wildlife and we are ready for the battle 100% come rain or damn well shine we will protect our wildlife at whatever costs.

By placing a full moratorium on hunting this would then rejuvenate species that are nearing extinction and cut poaching out significantly along with corruption within the hunting trade along with increasing other conservation protection resources.

We must act as responsible adults and now decide what we want for our children in the future along with their children too. Allowing the destruction of our most precious species of nature flora and fauna then our children and theirs will only be viewing our wildlife in museums and exhibit stands.

We need the power of each and every citizen in the world to please stand by us and sign the petition that we are going to hand deliver to the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Flora and Fauna (CITES) International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Department of Environmental Affairs South Africa (DEA) and the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)

Please sign the petition and please vote on what you want in the voting box.


Are we just going to allow this to carry on?

This page shall be updated regularly to show the work in which we are undertaking.

Thank you

International Animal Rescue Foundation ©


Please show your support by voting.





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