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Illegal Trade in Rhinoceros Horn - Traders Must be CLOSED Down

Illegal trade of endangered and protected species



The Traditional Chinese Medicine market or TCM has been practised for thousands of years. Traditional Chinese Medicine is form of massage and herbal therapy, based on the use of plants and animal derivatives that has been quoted as two thousand years old but in theory the practice goes back to the eleventh to fourteenth centuries that show bones to shells used as counterfeit medicine. The first inscriptions of Traditional Chinese Medicine dates back to 1518-1593 AD (After the death of Christ)

Traditional Chinese Medicine is big business in Asia especially in China and Vietnam in the suburbs of Hanoi and Saigon. Acupuncture, diet, massage, reflexology, shiatsu, hot stone therapy, Reiki, and hopi ear candling to botanical species of plants are common holistic non-chemical practices to aid relaxation, relieve stress, aching muscles all aimed at psychologically fooling your brain in to believing this medicine works thus enhancing positive energy and feel good factor.

Many Traditional Chinese Medicine practices use this type of psychological holistic fooling factor as they truly believe it works. In some cases it does prove successful by fooling you into a fake positive attitude thus lifting spirits that can if you suffer from depression, actually increase mental cognitive happiness. Clinically though there has never been enough substantial factual studies nor evidence proving this can be used as a non-chemical form of medicine in hospitals or other practices.

Botanical studies have been proven beyond a doubt that “some” species of plants located mostly in the dense tropical rain forests of Brazil, Indonesia, and Malaysia are welcomed within the medicine world as of their powerful “active” healing powers. Taxus, Hypericum, to crocosmia aurea to thousands of other species of plants have been harvested all for their psychoactive healing chemicals since 1693. This type of medicine is better known as “Homeopathy” that specialises in botanical species that are created in tinctures to laboratories for chemical pharmaceuticals.

Traditional Chinese Medicine has gone from good practice to now incredibly barbaric and repulsive which deals in black market illegally poached and hunted animal and plant parts, to serious syndicate organised crime that is wiping species of animals and plants of the face of the earth.

Africa and mountainous Asian terrains have seen hundreds of animals and plants forcibly pushed from extant to extinct or nearing extinction. Conservationists, Scientists, to Historians and Botanists are battling a war with Asian poachers which the Asian government is not taking seriously but more turning a blind eye on this lucrative black market trade to fuel their economy.

Traditional Chinese Medicine herbalists are forbidden to speak to non-Asians because of the thousands of (USD) United States Dollars this black market trade is bringing into the country every year, and the fear of INTERPOL ordering counter surveillance operations against them due to illegal animal part trafficking and the poaching of Rhinoceros horns, Elephant tusks, Tiger bones, to now Lion bones and pelts of the most precious protected species noted on the (CITES) annex Convention on International Trade In Endangered Species.

Two International Animal Rescue Foundations counter investigations team players has been studying herbalism and the Traditional Chinese Medicine market for nine years and within these nine years they have never seen such an increase in illegal animal parts being smuggled to now black market trade of literally anything that walks and grows.

The market is changing year by year, and we have strong suspicions to believe that ancient Asian counterfeit pharmaceutical’s is a robust factor that is pushing thousands of species globally to expeditious extinction.

All five species of the Rhinoceros, Sondaicus annamiticus only one of the three sub species of this Rhinoceros are extinct (Sondaicus inermis) the other Javan species are critically endangered and although claims from an American environmentalist quoting they are all extinct that is utter nonsense with sightings of them at a secret location within Indonesia this year 2012.

The Dicerorhinus sumatrensis is in a similar predicament to that of the Javan. Only the one species of the Sumatran has been pushed to extinction which is (Dicerorhinus sumatrensis lasiotis) the other two sub-species Dicerorhinus sumatrensis sumatrensis are critically endangered.

Ceratotherium simum is nearing endangerment that’s increasingly poached due to its multiple horns both rear and front of however it’s not the desired choice of horn upon the Traditional Chinese Medicine market.  The White Rhinoceros is endangered in our eyes as there has been no official census population count within the past five years.

Diceros bicornis is again under threat for a second time in two years, poaching of this Rhinoceros that mostly grazes within high grass and is shy unlike that of its cousin the Ceratotherium simum, there are roughly two to three thousand black Rhinoceros left mainly populated in South Africa that holds the largest population of Rhinoceros.

Rhinoceros unicornis located within India is under threat although classed as vulnerable. The Indian Rhinoceros has one single small horn which is desired more within the Asian market as of its solid structure. One single horn has been viewed by us as fetching $101,001.003 (USD) on the Vietnamese market sold illegally within a hotel in Hanoi.

As stipulated in previous documentaries the Rhinoceros is now the great choice of counterfeit medicine on the Traditional Chinese Medicine market. Reading the history of (TCM) Traditional Chinese Medicine, it was noted the Rhinoceros bulls (male’s) genitalia was the sought after medicine which was dried then eaten or made in to a soup with chilli. Times have moved forward though and now the Rhinoceros horn is seen as the sexual enhancer due to the horns identical appearance of a male human’s erect penis, hence why Asians that use this counterfeit medicine as a sexual aid which has no proven medicinal evidence to back up claims of healing properties.

“Use of rhino horn as an ingredient in medicine began in China several thousand years ago and later spread to Japan, Korea and Vietnam. Rhino horn is classified as a “heat-clearing” drug with detoxifying properties. It is generally used in combination with other medicinal ingredients, resulting in a wide range of conditions for which it has been traditionally indicated”

Under (CITES) law (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species) it is illegal for anyone to poach the Rhinoceros then to trade the horn for counterfeit Asian pharmaceutical’s. So one would think that if  the trade is illegal then “why” is the horn openly flaunted within Chinese and Vietnamese medicine markets plus being advertised on bustling high streets under the noses of Chinese and Vietnamese law enforcement agencies plus freely advertised on the World Wide Web?

International Animal Rescue Foundations counter investigations unit has been “investigating” these herbalists for two years, and we have noticed one major Vietnamese medicine market that is openly breaking the law which we did believe when reported to (CITES) Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species and INTERPOL’S environmental crimes unit in 2011, these criminals would be shut down, arrested, along with convicted for breaching Article 30 (3) of the Vienna Convention and the 1987 (CITES) Convention act when the Rhinoceros species was listed on the (CITES) list as appendix II. Vietnam also stipulates along with (CITES) Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species the following of which bans all trade and sales of Rhinoceros horn which is outlined below.

  • With regard to illegal import, sale or purchase of rhino horn, Vietnam has a strong legal framework. This includes the Environment Law (2003), the Biodiversity Law (2008) and the Forest Protection and Development Law (2004)
  • Under Vietnam’s Criminal Law 1999 (amended 2009): Illegal transport, trading, hunting of endangered, rare and precious species (CITES Appendices and National list) will be subject to up to 7 years in jail.
  • The Government Decree 32/ND-CP (2006) regulates the list of endangered, rare and precious wild fauna and flora banning all illegal trade and transportation of listed species.
  • The Government Decree 82/ND-CP (2006) requires permits for all import, export or transit of wildlife listed in the CITES Appendices, including rhinoceros species, and Vietnam’s list of nationally protected species. (The DEA – Department of Environmental Affairs has since banned all Vietnamese citizens hunting in South Africa)
  • A notification was issued to delete rhino horn from medicinal prescriptions in 1980 (so why is it still being sold and law enforcement in and outside of Asia doing little to control this?)

Please view COP 15 March 2010 - http://www.cites.org/common/cop/15/inf/C15i-62.pdf  the document states that “Vietnam” has conducted many seizures and arrests and over the border maneuvers which has targeted smugglers, sellers and purchasers. This we find as utter nonsense and compulsive verbal diarrhoea.

“Still, market surveys by non-governmental organization researchers posing as customers indicate that few are willing to engage in illegal trade; the most recent survey (2005-2006) of nearly 450 retail pharmacies across China found just 2% claiming to stock rhino horn. Time-lapse surveys indicate significantly reduced retail availability of rhino horn in several locations after major law enforcement and education and outreach activity. Although no such market surveys have been completed yet in Vietnam, informal observation suggests relatively higher availability of rhino horn there, although much of it appears to be fake”.

Please view the document April (CITES) Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species document here that quotes the above and that most of Rhinoceros horn upon the Asian Vietnamese market is counterfeit. This we believe is grossly untrue due to the high-rise in Rhinoceros horn poaching’s that now stand in South African alone for the 18th October 2012 as four hundred and sixty-five slaughtered Rhinoceros. http://www.cites.org/eng/com/SC/62/E62-47-02-A.pdf

Saigon and Hanoi are key areas in which Rhinoceros horn is being traded under the noses of law enforcement. The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species indicated that most Rhinoceros horn within Vietnam was counterfeit, so if this true then why has there been such a gargantuan increase in poaching “after” the South African government banned all hunting permits to Vietnamese citizens that was as flaunting the hunting trade and selling the Rhinoceros trophy on the black market for thousands of dollars.

Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species announced in the above document link that “organisations had conducted in Chinese language” investigations on internet sales of Rhinoceros horn which from 2005-2006 stated a massive decrease in selling and purchasing numbers via 2%.

Operation Trojan Horse the International Animal Rescue Foundations counter investigation unit believes this is far from factual and that those organisations produced little or any evidence at all which is not stipulated in no document form or evidence papers. Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species also quoted that very few Traditional Chinese Medicine markets were not willing to undertake in the illegal trade, so where is this horn traveling to?

The Environmental Investigations Agency recently conducted a study on “certain” Asian medicine and ivory markets which they were told from their investigation teams that the sales of “horned” products was not to be spoken about to outsiders, giving reason to believe that government officials were in on this and that sales of horn had increased to drastic levels.

Should there also be a decrease in sales and that Rhinoceros horn that’s mostly on the market is also fake or in powder form then maybe these organisations need to go back to the drawing board, learn to speak mandarin or Vietnamese (two separate languages) then undertake another investigation merely due to the copious Rhinoceros slaughtering on-going within
South Africa, Zimbabwe, and India, along with increased sales of Rhinoceros horn and other illegally smuggled wildlife parts.

International Animal Rescue Foundations counter surveillance investigations unit sourced this intelligence in 2011 please view the link - www.maymaisung.com the link can also be viewed here - http://muabanraovat.com/mua-ban/3061190/may-mai-sung-te-giac-maymaisung-com.html the address of the Rhinoceros trader that we previously reported is below. Please also take great note of the large electric Rhinoceros horn grinding machine that would be used to fit a kilo of Rhinoceros horn valued at $60,000 a kilo that would be grinded down to give you that milky type acidic taste.

The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species did mention in their above documents that the Rhinoceros horn was being used now as a tonic to aid over consumption in alcohol. We found that data conflicting to what (OTH) has sourced as of evidence Operation Trojan Horse had recovered from 2011 to 2012 all showing that Rhinoceros “horns” were being brought by families that had rallied round to buy one lump of Rhinoceros horn to treat anything from diabetes, cancer to heat exhaustion, headaches and more.




Address of the trader and Rhinoceros horn purchaser is;

56 Cong Hoa Street, Ward 13, Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

(Opposite 1, buildings E.town2)

Manager Showroom: Vu Duc Agreement; Mobile: +(84) 0908 81 82 83

Website: www.thegioigomxinh.com

www.diamaisung.com  www.maymaisung.com

Nick YAHOO and sales consulting online: thegioigomxinh

Nick consulting SKYPE and sell online: thegioigomxinh

Email: thegioigomxinh @ yahoo . com

IP Address


Account Number & ATM U.S. $ Account: Vu Duc Hiep of

Vietcombank (branch E.town): 044 100 367 0522

Vietinbank (Branch 12): 711A 23 3456 54

Agribank (An Phu affiliates): 160 620 509 0357

BIDV (branch north of Saigon): 3131 0000 229 319

TECHCOMBANK Tan Binh: 106 2072 3041 011

ACB (branch Republic): 4214 9435 1273 0440 4th

East Asia Bank (branch of Tan Binh): 0104 196 731

Sacombank (branch E . town): 060 003 073 745


Their location is 6.8 Kms from Tan Son Nhat Airport which we do believe is an Airport hotel


556 Cộng Hòa, Phường 13, Quận Tân Bình,TP Hồ Chí Minh ,Việt Nam
( Đối diện cổng số 1 , tòa nhà E.town2 )
Manager Showroom : Vũ Đức Hiệp ; Mobile : 0908 81 82 83  ; 0912 83 82 81
Website :    www.diamaisung.com ; www.diamaitram.com ; www.diamaikynam.com

www.maymaisung.com ; www.maymaitram.com ; www.maymaikynam.com
www.diamaitramhuong.com ; www.maymaitramhuong.com
Nick YAHOO tư vấn và bán hàng online : thegioigomxinh
Nick SKYPE   tư vấn và bán hàng online : thegioigomxinh
Email  :  thegioigomxinh@yahoo.com

Sales of Rhinoceros horn are also taking place here

coffee shop Vietnam Hoan Kiem Lake - Why is law enforcement not taking reports seriously?

This “highly illegal company also states in their own words”

Sales Channel *** please no answer, do not discuss, criticize, no contact and not to advertising, trading, brokerage rhinoceros & antelope horns, tortoise-shell gold … .. . Please DO NOT message, directly or indirectly, no phone solicitation sale sungTe sight & antelope, golden tortoise….. All communications are cancelled & will NOT respond! Please only serve customers with special needs “Disc Grinder rhino horns & antelope sense, gold shell, disc grinding to high bone preparation, medicine, medicinal herbs …. www.diamaisung.com  0908 81 82 83 “. This is the sole purpose, in addition to not receiving any requests.



Details on their “Rhinoceros horn sales are below in their own words”

Information and how to use rhino horns According to traditional medicine, rhino horn is very hydrophobic metal (yin-yang theory of the five elements like carving) the cold metal processing, reduce the medicinal properties of rhino horn, loss of performance results and treatment of rhino horn, limited to physicians agree not to horn in direct contact with metal, always use a soft cloth to preserve and especially horns grinding by hand on ceramic. Rhinoceros horns are bitter, salty, cold, non-toxic to the three economic “Tam - Can The” heat detoxification drug group, sedative analgesic, used in 70 Posts medicine used to treat Heat inflammation; cases of high fever, struggle, delirium, convulsions, hemiplegia, crazy, stop bleeding, promote and enhance positive energy … traditional medicine exists so far is due based on the crude materialist philosophy, scientific reasoning, especially the thousands of life experience should be rewarding. Till now, many remedies have horns International since there are very good healing effect: An royal bull complete, Snow Tiger, ultimate detoxification inflammation of, rhinos complete, rhinos Regional royal detoxification … that physicians who agree not known. The absence of modern antibiotics, some anaerobic infections such as orange pipes to the use of rhino horn new code effective. In particular, is used in diseases such as: encephalitis, poisoning fever infection, impotence and many other infections. Many folk literature and was circulated myths about this medicine to solve the ill. Nowadays, a number of leukaemia cases, Japanese encephalitis co-administered with horns International sense. Rhinoceros horns are a drug rare, high cost, so invest in research to clarify the effects of these pharmaceuticals is still waiting in the future. Floating on the market today many different horns originated. Some commercial space fake rhino horns from horn, chamois … Rhinoceros horns are heavy, heavy ice and characteristics, a bit like the tip of the horn. Note that it must be larger than duck eggs, new rhino horn is likely to be true, even if it is smaller than chicken eggs, and there is a risk that people take the tip of the horn cattle grinding. However if cattle is less dense than the horn. Note: Do not use rhino horn for the pregnant woman, who can increase weld (usually cold, cold limbs, loose bowel, broken, life distribution , urine, and more …) without fever. * Usage 1: Grinding grinding in water until the water becomes white as milk to drink. * Usage 2: For grinding wheel horn 20 - 40ml white wine (or vodka). Light grinding horny grinding disk alcohol a few minutes the colour will be opaque white as milk and aromatic characteristics. (INTERNAL CIRCULATION MATERIAL - traditional medicine)

(Please note we have not changed the wording this is detailed within the site)

Further to investigating this trader we then looked to see if their site was listed with a trader as many traders remain private.

Please view their shop that is illegally selling, and purchasing wildlife parts but mainly Rhinoceros horn too. The Vietnamese law states this trade is illegal, along with (CITES) The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species.

The video below shows depicts an electric Rhinoceros horn grinding machine with clamp. We are fully aware that other horned animals are used within the illegal Traditional Asian Medicine market however the street-walker is not any normal customer he is the soul owner..

The description on the machine reads in Vietnamese - sừng tê giác - translated into English - Rhinoceros horn for sale

Moving through the videos we then found the illegal distributor of wildlife parts but more Rhinoceros horn freely advertising this under law enforcement noses to our disgust to.

The seller that owns the shop is also selling here to counterfeit Rhinoceros medicine


Please view the picture of Rhinoceros horn grinder


Why is this shop purchasing Rhinoceros horn and other “endangered species” but most concerning  advertising in the YouTube film on a banner “Rhinoceros horn for sale”  which indicates to us that there is a highly lucrative and organised crime cell working within this are that’s openly flaunting the sales of Rhinoceros horn to the public, if International Animal Rescue Foundations Counter Investigations Unit can source this information then freely investigate then the question remains as to why other law enforcement agencies cannot along with wildlife crime agencies.

Operation Trojan Horse will only show some of it’s investigations, this is a glance at how bad the trade which is openly flaunted online and on the ground.



The Ivory Trade

In a shocking and damning undercover investigation fronted by the (EIA) Environmental Investigation Agency for National Geo-Graphic channel (NGC) on the Elephant ivory trade we can see at a more in-depth view the barbaric and senseless methods used to slaughter our African Elephants, to the illegally smuggled ivory that’s moving from African shipping ports to Chinese and other Asian ports.

We was expecting to see a vast increase in Ivory smuggled from African nations to China the number one trade route through to more prominent Asian nations, however one was not expecting to view the gargantuan increase  which has seen the African elephant populations decrease instantaneously over a matter of five years that’s shocked ourselves International Animal Rescue Foundation and other environmentalists and non-governmental organisations that are working to preserve this delicate species alongside that of the Rhinoceros.

The patterns of illegal wildlife trafficking in regards to the Elephant species are almost identical to that of the illegal poaching and illegal trading of the African Rhinoceros horn. We have always been aware that customs and excise to border control have been playing a pivotal role within this trade but to what extents yet we still were not fully aware off.

It’s blatantly obvious, that African customs officials are either turning a blind eye, bribed with vast sums of cash or threatened into allowing the Elephant ivory to be contained within shipping containers of which are destined for Asia.

Customs in Asia are also bribed as stipulated within the (EIA) Environmental Investigation Agency documentary report into allowing the ivory to pass through unchecked that is then destined for the black market to the (TCM) Traditional Chinese Medicine market to.

The price for Elephant ivory has rapidly increased due to the decimations of whole parades of Elephants that populate mainly Africa, yet the African and Asian governments are doing little or nothing to halt this current trend that will see the Elephant plunder like that of the Rhinoceros and the Lion populations should it not be contained immediately.

Chinese state owned media have broadcasted documentaries and arrests to seizures made on a grand scale of ivory however we like many other conservationists know to well this a calumniation of the exactitude which China wants you to believe, or being plain simple “pulling the wool over one’s eye’s” which does not wash with ourselves International Animal Rescue Foundation and other conservationists.

Chinese construction workers are gushing into Africa by the plane load to work on the infrastructure, railway construction, roads, hydropower, to general construction of buildings. Since this increase though and identical to that of the rapidly decreasing numbers of the Rhinoceros, the numbers of African Elephants have grossly decreased.

Many migrant workers from China arrive from Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Sichuan, Hunan, Henan, Anhui and Jiangxi Provinces and Shandong Guantang. These states have little economy and hold many poor families that cannot even afford the price of living, most concerning though are the increasing (TCM) Traditional Chinese Medicine markets, ivory and illegal wildlife traders located within these areas.

One would believe then that if 80% of these families are poor and living in infelicitous and impecunious conditions then how they can possibly afford to reside and work in Africa never mind purchasing the air fare tickets.

Well that’s were Asian organised crime syndicates fall into the loop that own and run most if not all of these poverty stricken areas. Asian gangs purchase the tickets for individuals to travel to Africa from which are not just in Africa to aid in construction work, but to also aid the poachers that are filling the Chinese markets up with Elephant ivory plus other illegally smuggled wildlife parts.

The (EIA) Environmental Investigation Agency investigated this theory of which is now the most likely cause for the decimating population levels of the African elephants and Rhinoceros to date. We have known for many years now that construction workers are to blame for the increased poaching levels as well as other conservationists knowing this to.

Construction workers are connected or related to these dangerous Asian gangs that rule Asian necessitous stricken areas which would give reason to believe where to sequester poaching syndicates, poachers, to identifying the location within shipping ports in Africa where smuggled ivory is being concealed ready to ship out to the Asia.


Isolating these areas immediately to initiate counter surveillance would be beneficial in now halting the barbaric slaughter to homing in on those that are heavily involved within the illegal exporting of 90% of African Elephant ivory to even Rhinoceros horn of which would see a substantial decrease in trade, and poaching, to more voluminous levels of arrests which in turn would also increase a moralistic atmosphere within the conservation world and Anti-Poaching Units too. Only 10% of ivory in China is “legal”

Elephant populations vary from African states that are threatened by human and Elephant conflict, habitual loss as of over population, construction and their migratory routes being disturbed to destroyed, Elephants are also hunted for their meat along with illegal hunting and then poaching. The start of 2012 in Bouba National Park saw a prodigious three hundred Elephants illegally poached in Cameroon that’s forty less then that for the whole of the 2011 period of Rhinoceros poached in South Africa.

With more than twelve thousand Elephants poached in Africa each year then this gives reason to now push for a temporary to unabbreviated moratorium on hunting that would fiercely decrease poaching levels plus decrease the corruptive trade of trophy hunting from which most Chinese citizens that hunt do not keep the trophies as they were intended for, ending up on the ivory black market.

The African Elephant population count is quoted as six hundred and ninety thousand that falls under the “vunerable” status on the (IUCN) list, International Union for Conservation of Nature but unfortunately with the Asian Elephant residing in nations that have no animal abuse laws plus being rich in the illegal and non-illegal ivory sales then sadly the Asian Elephant is numbered at a depressing thirty two thousand that’s listed on the (IUCN) list as endangered.

In 1990 a global treaty legalised the sale of Elephant tusks however banning the sale of ivory that saw one hundred and seventy six nations sign the global treaty done little to quell poaching, in 2011 though the poaching rates really kicked off.

Large numbers of seizures is not halting the onslaught or the opportunist taking these million year old gentle giants down. Opportunist poachers can wipe out a whole parade/herd to just one or two leaving the babies to fend for themselves or latch on to another herd that may or may not always want the baby of which has to be cared for or dies a slow death from malnutrition, dehydration, or infection. From the 1930’s to 1940’s there was a copious population of three to five “million” Elephants that stretched the African continent from the Mediterranean right through to the Sothern tip, unfortunately in the 1950s when trophy hunting was the all-time rage Elephant numbers dropped drastically.

From the 1980’s there was a tremendous one hundred thousand Elephants brutally slain “every year”.  Kenya saw the vastest decrease in herd population of an eye watering 85% drop between 1973 and 1989.

2012 is now crisis point that will see the entire African and Asian Elephant population obliterated within the next five to ten years which would be another great big five banished that is Africa’s heritage unless action is taken immediately to cease the onslaught. Sales in ivory have accumulated over the years due to the diminishing levels of parades.

Religious faiths across Asia value ivory and are willing to pay for it. In China, demand has been met with the construction of major factories to process and produce religious icons. 2011 saw thirty four and a half tons of ivory seized by law enforcement and wildlife management yet China is openly flaunting this trade underneath the noses of International Animal Rescue Foundation and other angered and frustrated environmentalists that are battling to preserve these three to five ton mammals.

International Animal Rescue Foundation is appalled at Tanzania’s approach to now approach (CITES) Convention on Trade in Endangered Species in downgrading the safety of the Elephant as well as holding a one of sale of all seized ivory, this is a smack in the face to all of us that are fighting to preserve their species populations that would also uproot and push all the delicate work that we and others have carried out to preserve this gentle giant. Please view the link here to the story published this month, 2012. http://www.guardian.co.uk/environment/2012/oct/09/tanzania-sell-ivory-stockpile  Although Tanzania states the proceeds would be used primarily for Elephant conservation why one would merely then approach (CITES) to then down grade their level of safety for we do not know?

“It’s ludicrous for Tanzania to even consider applying for permission to cash in on its stockpile - dumping more than 100 tonnes of ivory onto the market will only serve to further confuse consumers as to the legal status of ivory, stimulating fresh demand, spurring the black market and leading to more poaching.”

Ivory sales in China have sky rocketed from 2011 – 2012 of which buyers are lied to that the ivory is an Elephant tooth (of which it is) that falls “naturally” from the Elephants face (which is a blatant devious lie) to increase sales and fool the purchaser.

The same stories and folk tales are told about the Rhinoceros horn thus again fooling those that are approached mainly by sellers in Chinese and Vietnamese hospitals offering them a FAKE cure for cancer, Human immunodeficiency virus, diabetes, (EDS) erectile dysfunction syndrome, dermatitis, arthritis, psoriasis, (NDD) neurological degenerative diseases, (STI) sexually transmitted infections, hyper-tension and more. Rhinoceros horn does not cure any illness, it never has nor never will (FACT).

Poachers use an array of sophisticated to primitive weapons to bring the Elephants down from which have their faces hacked of, heads decapitated to gain better removal of the tusks. (RPG) rocket propelled grenade launchers have been used to high calibre rifles, AK47s, hand grenades, (IED) Improvised explosive devices (primitive handmade mines) that blow the legs of an elephant, axes, chain saws, machetes, and again (M99) – veterinary tranquilisers if they (the Elephants) are in highly protected zones.

International Animal Rescue Foundation has also noticed many sales of ivory online, although many sites are being kept confidential so that all information once gained via investigation is sent to Interpol’s Environmental Crimes unit.  Please view the sites below.





http://www.gzmama.com/thread-1770445-1-1.html (please view the chopsticks, as this is a must have necessity within China, which was said the entire population of African Elephants would not even be able to keep up with this growing demand)

http://beijing.edeng.cn/jiedaotupian/55258489.html (this dealer has since been reported to INTERPOL as he was caught by our counter intelligence team (Operation Trojan Horse) selling Rhinoceros horn.

http://club.pchome.net/thread_6_36_5347273__.html (this dealer we have since reported all findings and contact details as of them selling raw unprocessed Elephant ivory that appeared to be recently poached or smuggled into to China)






Please view the documentary video below on National Geo-Graphics interview with the (EIA) Environmental Investigation Agency please also note that although International Animal Rescue Foundation is an extremely secretive organisation choosing only certain “individuals” to work with this is due to serious organised crime that is not your normal domesticated animal abuse.

We work day and night effortlessly to preserve animal welfare, higher animal mortality, create awareness and education, climatological and meteorology research, and more. International Animal Rescue Foundation boasts now some 1.3 million supporters however what we adore to clout more on are those that we aid in putting behind bars that are involved in the senseless and barbaric slaughter of our wildlife.

International Animal Rescue Foundation will be launching soon this month (October) its first ever fundraising drive since founded. The fundraising drive we are very proud and excited about of which will be ploughing funds into South Africa were they are needed for the following.

  • Conservation preservation
  • Botanical preservation and upkeep
  • Awareness and education worldwide
  • Agriculture and reserve security
  • Repairing the Kruger National Park fence
  • The construction of a ranger school
  • Advanced ranger security equipment
  • Secure airwave communication devices
  • Drones
  • Narcotics and wildlife trained canine unit
  • Anti-poacher recruitment from inside the European Union to aid African APU
  • African wildlife social adult education gatherings
  • Purchasing of a fixed wing aircraft of which we hope to donate to an African APU
  • Marine research and preservation
  • Endangered species preservation
  • After school clubs
  • Media awareness
  • Security control
  • Pamphlet and distribution throughout the European Union

Plus much more

For more information please email us at info@international-animalrescue-foundation.org.uk

A Sustainable Lie - Rhinoceros Racketeering

A Sustainable lie

The Republic of South Africa holds the largest populations of Rhinoceros in the world to date, and as we are moving nearer to the Cop (16) summit that will be heard in Bangkok on 3rd March 2013 we now as the Rhinoceros protectors and their only hope for freedom must take evasive action to ensure that our Rhinoceros will not become exploited in a free for all, for greed, and ancient Asian and middle east counterfeit pharmaceuticals and culture that has spanned back over one thousand years.

International Animal Rescue Foundation and other conservation teams has been ploughing the way forwards now showing the world and its vast supportive network the cruel, barbaric and narcissistic trend that has seen thousands of African Rhinoceros wiped out by Asian and middle eastern poachers that have become more sophisticated and intelligent in their ways of illegally obtaining what is just Keratin and a mixture of phosphorus, nitrogen, and other non-medicinal chemical properties, better known as the Rhinoceros horn.

Rhinoceros horn is worth more than its weight in gold and since the illegal Rhinoceros slaughtering increased from 2007 although documented back to roughly 2000. Legal profiteering of the Rhinoceros is now seen as a quick monetary gain for farmers and outfitters that have made millions of dollars via this lucrative trade that we must now put an end to.

We are no longer fighting a war here with just the poachers we are fighting a war with hunters and farmers that we know are using the just legitimate sales of Rhinoceros as a front for the Traditional Chinese Medicine market of which we call animal exploitation for the sake of greed that is a sustainable and compulsive lie spun by famers and hunters in “some” Rhinoceros and animal activists groups plus online media and non-media propaganda all over Africa and Europe alone.

International Animal Rescue Foundations Investigations Unit that launched (OTH) Operation Trojan Horse has for the past year although only made public in May investigated many “individuals” and lucrative deals along with farmers that have seen many Rhinoceros sold to the hunting market or over the border to hunt. Counter surveillance in Hanoi and Saigon, Vietnam, has also seen vast amounts of Rhinoceros horn on sale in these hot zones even though the (DEA) Department of Environmental Affairs has withheld all hunting permits to Vietnamese hunters, which therefore then raises the question as to how these horns that we know are illegally smuggled out of Africa via poaching and legitimate hunting is ending up on these Vietnamese markets of which the Vietnamese government is acting ignorantly into halting and increasing arrest rates of this highly destructive yet illegal trade.

Just to reiterate the law once again as it seems to be falling upon deaf ears in Vietnam, China and other parts of Asia, Rhinoceros horn is banned by the Convention in International Trade of Endangered Species (CITES)  along with this the ban on all hunting permits in regards to Vietnamese hunters is also “proscribed” as of the 2012 Department of Environment and Affairs (DEA) transcript made public this year 2012 as of the high poaching rates and the vast illegal usage of Rhinoceros horn the full document can be read here http://www.environment.gov.za/?q=content/molewa_rhinopoaching_briefingat_krugerpark

Subaqueous and silentious investigations are now being steeped up due to the increased illegal market trade of Rhinoceros horn in Asia that also includes the purchasing and decimating of Rhinoceros in South Africa which includes sales over the border.

Evidence has portrayed that hunters, farmers, rangers and veterinary staff are becoming more known to law enforcement agencies in and outside of Africa that has seen increased numbers of arrests to convictions although the exact number including names and what positions they worked at will not be fully known until the end of the year or if we decide to obtain the freedom of Information act from the South African Government.

Reams of data of which International Animal Rescue Foundation has displayed below shows the number of Rhinoceros that’s being sold just from various farms to mostly “hunting organisations” or as one better knows them Safaris that are frequented by thousands of tourists/hunters all over the world every year and of which we will see more in the summer coming that we are now increasingly concerned about raising the question that we have known all along but stayed laconic on as to not raise awareness whilst on-going investigations proceed.

Demand for the horn in Asia is not yet fully known although we have seen strange activity of which could point to a decrease in demand via the usage of synthetic man made horn which is even more harmful to humans than good.  The inside of the synthetic man made horn is filled with tissue paper or sawdust of which the purchaser is not aware of until thousands of dollars have been handed over and the user then cuts the synthetic man made article. By that time the counterfeit dealer has long gone with thousands of dollars.

As humorous as this may sound to some it raises the question though of how important it is to now undertake the much needed census population count on the Rhinoceros in South Africa that International Animal Rescue Foundation has lobbied the South African Government on since February 2012 and if the usage of counterfeit synthetic man made horn is widely being used of which (OTH) Operation Trojan Horse has reported an increase in arrests on then too this also raises eyebrows on whether there is a vast decrease in Rhinoceros population in South Africa that would then pinpoint now why more private reserves are being targeted to even more arrests being made as of opportunists going to great lengths to obtain that much needed fake non-medicinal horn. Arrests have shot up in Hanoi and Saigon the “hot zones” from which the synthetic man made horn has been sold. Please view link http://www.rhinoresourcecenter.com/pdf_files/132/1321179326.pdf the link explains the lucrative trade in synthetic and non-synthetic Rhinoceros horn.

News just in has also now seen a massive arrest October 2012 compromising four Rhinoceros horns three large front and one rear back from a Vietnamese hunting official of which shows in the document that the horns where non-mounted. The investigative authorities are now trying to trace the location of and/or geographical location using DNA analysis please view link here http://thethaovanhoa.vn/374N20121003145209748T132/co-can-cu-de-dieu-tra-dai-gia-mat-sung-te-giac.htm Rhinoceros horn is also as we advertised before this media page “did” the selling of horn online which is ILLEGAL - http://www.bing.com/images/search?q=east+african+rhino+medicine+pics+&view=detail&id=75BDB100CA875D72A0873BF9B47B292B36698481&first=121&FORM=IDFRIR

Another site selling Rhinoceros horn http://www.bing.com/images/search?q=White+Rhino+Horn+For+Sale&view=detail&id=28B312B365A516857D912474DB4E6BABC236394A&FORM=IDFRIR

Moving on to the sustainability of Rhinoceros, this we are now outright quoting is a complete lie and front for the lucrative and increased poaching operations. Operation Trojan Horse is sending back much data to us of purchasers and users of Rhinoceros horn that have been made in Hanoi, Saigon and China of which these horns where taken of the mounts and used in (TCM).

Pic above was recently placed upon the internet offering this horn for sale, all details have been passed to Interpol.

Please view the data below on why now International Animal Rescue Foundation is asking for a moratorium on hunting temporally to then an outright ban, we have explained the use of a “temporary moratorium” so we can prove to the Department of Environment and Affairs plus South African government that this will and can work thus not damaging nor altering the economic or monetary conservation trade.

Hunting Africa we have noticed to be selling recently vast quantities of Rhinoceros to many people and over border reserves/buyers of which sees the Rhinoceros hunted. This is a big loophole that still sees Vietnamese and Chinese then going to bordering nations that then sees the Rhinoceros hunted legitimately (Please note Chinese hunters are not banned “yet” from hunting. Although the trophy is chipped and a (DNA) sample taken it does not under no circumstances halt the illegal wildlife trade not just in Rhinoceros but other horned animals to. As you can see in this link http://hunting-africa.co.za/  that a “Johan Welgemoed” is the number one kingpin here he has on sale for 2012 over sixty specimens and if one does a random check through the classified adverts you can view just how lucrative the Rhinoceros sales are. Please view the links below and the brief detailed analysis that I have inputted next to each link.

http://hunting-africa.co.za/?s=white+rhino+cow+for+sale&sa=search&cat=0 (Six Rhinoceros sold from April to July)

http://hunting-africa.co.za/?s=Rhino+bull+for+sale&sa=search&cat=0 (Ten Rhinoceros from April to August)

http://hunting-africa.co.za/ads/madikwe-white-rhino-for-sale/ (Six or more Rhinoceros sold here again)

Buyers seeking Rhinoceros trophies http://www.rhinoconservation.org/2010/07/22/taxidermists-warn-against-suspicious-buyers-seeking-rhino-horn-trophies/

Mr Johan Welgemoed then goes on to state this in the freely obtainable article that’s available on Google South Africa –

Hi Amanda, BJ, Douglas and the others – Thanks for your emails:

We don’t shoot rhino, we sell them.

We don’t subscribe to the Green Hunting of Rhino either (That is where hunters dart Rhinos for the hunting experience).

ALSO, with enquiries from overseas for Rhino sales, we say NO. It is normally very obvious where they will end up… (Posting will be as bad as poaching is these cases).

Financial: Rhinos with horns sell for more than without – so more horn (by the inch) will be better. Also with age, mature animals rather than very young ones.

Thanks for caring.


Johan Welgemoed

Please do “note” what Mr Welgemoed states “We don’t shoot rhino, we sell them.

We don’t subscribe to the Green Hunting of Rhino either (That is where hunters dart Rhinos for the hunting experience).”

This is a ridiculous and absurd claim of which he knows where and to whom the Rhinoceros are going to or do we need to spell that out to a little clearer for all to view. Please view link here http://vnmade.com/?p=15092 This blog goes on to state exactly what we International Animal Rescue Foundation has stated that since the Vietnamese permits where withdrawn Rhinoceros poaching has rocketed http://saverhino.blogspot.co.uk/2011/10/bureaucratic-pitfalls-for-rhino-farmers.html  (please note though we do not support the “legalised” selling of Rhinoceros horn “should it be made legal” that is in state vaults but more ask government to now destroy it by incinerating it thus sending out a message to Asia that Rhinoceros horn is not medicine and poaching will not be tolerated.

Another media statement made by Green Planet states;

This week, the South African media reported that some game farmers and reserve owners have allegedly been killing their own rhinos and claiming the rhinos were “poached” — and then selling the horns on the black market.

Of course, game farmer Dawie Groenewald was mentioned in the IOL/ Cape Times revelation, since the bodies of 20 dehorned rhinos were found in a mass grave on his property shortly after his 2010 arrest.

The South African Hunters and Game Conservation Association’s deputy president, Gerhard Verdoorn, also told the Cape Times about “a suspicious case in KwaZulu-Natal where a game farm owner did not want police to investigate the dehorning of one of his rhinos and had warned his staff members not to talk about the incident”.

But it’s not only the private rhino owners who are willing to make a killing by killing. Back in March 2010, a Carte Blanche episode revealed that a well-known predator breeder in South Africa obtained a permit to euthanize 20 lions so he could sell their bones. (South Africa has managed to capitalize on the scarcity of tigers by supplying lion bones as a substitute for tiger bones in traditional Chinese medicine and “tiger bone wine” — a Chinese luxury tonic.)

And then there’s game farmer Marnus Steyl, who (allegedly) hired Thai prostitutes to pose as trophy hunters to kill rhinos on his property. Steyl is (allegedly) linked to the lion bone trade as well. However, a Hawks’ spokesperson told Eyewitness News that they do not want “farmers to be painted with the same brush [as poachers] “.

Meanwhile, R11 million (US $1,331,077) in assets belonging to South African game farmer and convicted rhino horn dealer Jacques Els have been seized. The assets are “believed to have been acquired through criminal activities” and the seizure includes his Thabazimbi property.

Els began serving his eight-year sentence earlier this month. As of July 17th, at least 281 rhinos have been massacred for their horns this year in South Africa.

Another rhino horn dealer sentenced

A South African court sentenced Chinese national Xiaja Chen to eight years in prison for illegal possession of rhino horns, elephant tusks, and leopard skins.

Chen — who was arrested in May along with four accomplices — claimed he obtained the rhino horns so he could smuggle them to China for his cancer-stricken uncle, according to Beeld.

Then on the 14th march 2012 it was reported http://www.rhinoconservation.org/2012/03/14/south-africa-game-farmer-found-guilty-of-rhino-horn-crime/ that another game farmer had been found guilty of Rhinoceros horn crime.

Supply and demand are brought into equilibrium by the price of $40000/kg. Above that price, volumes sought decline below it, price sellers are reluctant to sell. Thus, there were about 940 horns sold last year 2011 for an average price of $40000/kg at the retail level. Assuming the average weight per horn was 4kg, and then 3760kg was sold for $150m at the retail level and $75m (R600m) at the wholesale price.

With the price having increased strongly in recent years along with other commodities, it is probable that speculators are buying and hoarding horn in the expectation of selling it at higher prices in the future (John Hume being one).

It has been estimated that 300,800 Traditional Chinese Medicine patients used Rhinoceros horn that was supplied to them by their (TCM) practitioner, adding to that of 3008kg was sold into the medicinal market. That then gives the “estimated sum” of usage although as stipulated above the demand can never be assessed through as of the pure commodious amounts of sellers and Traditional Chinese Medicine markets.  Concluding this small but significant amount of data it has shown International Animal Rescue Foundation the following points since Vietnamese permits have been banned.

i.            Poaching has dramatically increased all over the South African parks, farms and reserves.

ii.            Rhinoceros trophy hunting has increased over the border along with poaching.

iii.            Rhinoceros sales have vastly increased from the moment Vietnamese permits where banned from farmers selling mainly the White Rhinoceros (Ceratotherium simum) too mainly over the border buyers or inland purchasers.

iv.            More farmers have been arrested or found guilty of poaching thus indicating that they are the number one kingpins selling to make a lucrative quick profit of a Rhinoceros.

International Animal Rescue Foundation will be asking Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species and the Department of Environment and Affairs to;

  1. Ban on all sales of White Rhinoceros (Ceratotherium simum) with immediate effect.
  2. Move the White Rhinoceros up further too critically endangered on the (CITES) annex.
  3. Implantation of a full Rhinoceros population census with witnesses present.
  4. Ploughing funds into the border fences being repaired that Edna Molowea stated was not finically possible – please view link http://www.environment.gov.za/?q=content/molewa_rhinopoaching_briefingat_krugerpark Please view (paragraph five) International Animal Rescue Foundation knows that this is a week area we of which we ourselves have viewed, so by integrating and proceeding with a copious (SAF) campaign Support Awareness Funding  we can then ensure with the help of all other organisations, African and non-African civilians that this prime area that see poachers gain access can be repaired, maintained and security stepped up thus seeing a decrease in Rhinoceros poaching and other illegal ground and avian activity.
  5. As quoted in news reports in regards to a polygraph test being introduced then we International Animal Rescue Foundation supports this greatly thus again seeing a decrease in, in-house corruption within SANparks and reserves.
  6. Funding and Awareness in to more Anti-Poaching units being drafted in and utilized.
  7. Government to now adapt the methods of poisoning the horn therefore sending home the message to Asia that Rhinoceros poaching will not be tolerated at all upon South African soil.
  8. Information sent to all ports land and sea to increase their security, even a possible funding initiative plus commercial, poster and canvasing campaign.

International Animal Rescue Foundations Counter Investigations Unit that has in place working to save the Rhinoceros an elite team of investigators,  investigating and reporting all illegal activity in Hanoi, Saigon, and other districts in Vietnam and China along with monitoring online activity working to in South Africa with (APU) Anti-Poaching Units.

We co-operate with INTERPOLS ENVIRONMENTAL CRIMES UNIT in ensuring that as soon as investigative reports are concluded on the ground and via online activity then these reports with picture and video evidence will be passed on hopefully seeing the Vietnamese and Chinese governmental law enforcement agencies working together with INTERPOL to crack down on anyone that has illegally purchased Rhinoceros horn or other wildlife animal parts to randomly monitoring anyone in the areas of CHINA and other ASIAN and MIDDLE EASTERN nations to ensure that “trophies” are kept at just that.

All other activities that involve the protection of African wildlife are kept confidential however we do advise that should you know or see anyone trading in Rhinoceros horn to poaching or illegally hunting or suspicious activity to please report to us at info@international-animalrescue-foundation.org.uk OR INTERPOL http://www.interpol.int/Forms/EnvironmentalCrime

Please keep signing the petition and now let’s move the fight forwards to save the last of South Africans prehistoric gentle dinosaurs.

International Animal Rescue Foundation